tagGay MaleKeith Ch. 01

Keith Ch. 01


Note: This is my first story, so, it's probably not great. Leave comments on what I can do to improve, as this is going to be an ongoing thing hopefully unless this sucks so much that no one wants to know what happens next.


Keith's teenage years weren't the best.

Mostly because 2 years worth of them was spent in darkness.

A low growl erupted from somewhere around him. The only light was very dim, and hurt your eyes more than the dark did. Then there was the small amount of light that seeped through the crack of the door God-knows-how-far away. He could feel the warmth radiating from hundreds of bodies around him. A thick wall of glass stretched out before him, and he realised, tasting blood in his mouth, how deep into his own lip he'd bitten to stop angry tears pouring down his twenty year old face.

Keith could barely hold back from punching the glass, even though he knew he'd end up breaking his fist.



If he'd not gone into that gay bar, he would have been safe. Even if he had gone in, if he'd avoided the alcohol. Maybe he would've had a chance.

But he didn't.

He just stared at the man a few metres away, leaning on the bar with one hand. Black hair, steel gray eyes, nice ass. Sure there were plenty of guys like that. But not a single one made his cock - or his wolf - stir like that bloke did. He had actually been just about to leave, pissed off with his wolf chiding him for coming, when the man'd strode up to the bar, all attitude. After a few moments Keith had come to his senses and stared into the frothy, golden liquid of his drink with a name he couldn't pronounce. The most alcoholic - and most expensive - drink on the menu. His inner wolf was growling softly at him. He reprimanded him through telepathy.

No way Casanova, he thought, his thoughts going straight to his wolf, if I let you out you and I both know you'll go claiming him over the bar. How the fuck would that look, hmm?

He hadn't realised how close the guy had got, with his silvery white hair - even though he was only eighteen - covering his face in embarrassment and was jolted back to reality when he felt the man's (he assumed it was him) breath against his neck. One hand on his leg, pointing to his erection that he'd been trying to hide. "That for me, sexy?" Keith was panicking but his wolf was loving it. "I think so," he chuckled, as he brushed his fingers against Keith's jeans.

Shit piss fuck! What do I do?! he found himself thinking.

Pfft. Why're you so bloody worked up, eh? You didn't mind when it was James doing it did you? And look what happened.

Keith almost cringed. Almost. James had been his partner before. Keith had so desperately thought it was his mate, enough to convince himself. Then again, that wasn't hard.

He had chosen to show his wolf to James, and Keith swore he'd had a heart attack. The next day Keith found James' stuff gone, and he never saw nor heard of him again, apart from that one text.

Stay the fuck away from me, you freak! If I see you again, I'll call the cops. I'll call the army. I'll call the fucking zoo.

They were sixteen at the time. Very young, yes, and reckless. Only just of age. It took Keith two years to get over him, and for once, his wolf was sympathetic with him. Everything, everything, he saw reminded him of James until eventually his wolf told him to get a fucking grip and go meet someone new, which, he did.

While reminiscing, Keith hadn't noticed the man slamming some money down on the counter to clear his tab. Or dragging him out of the bar. Or into the car, a slick black jag. Only when in the elevator going up to his apartment, with the guy running his hands up and down his back, across his crotch, did he finally begin to register what was going on. He groaned. "By the way, I'm Adam," The man said. "You're going to need my name because I'm gonna make you scream it." Keith very nearly came to that. Jesus Christ, he was either really damn easy to play or this guy was good. Probably both.

The faint "ding" of the elevator was heard to neither of them and only when the doors started to close and Adam slammed his fist against the button that kept 'em open did he grin and lead Keith out. Thank God for small mercies, no one had seen them in the elevator. Almost as soon as the door closed Adam was upon him, and he literally tore through his shirt, shoving him towards the bedroom.

Keith had to admit, he was scared shitless. His wolf was going absolutely insane. He was even more... not scared, worried, as Adam pulled out Keith's member and then his own. He had no idea how many inches but it was huge. Then suddenly he was almost watching himself, as his wolf 'took over', leaning forwards to take Adam's cock into his mouth. He wasn't in were or wolf form, but Keith knew it wasn't him doing it because he'd never done it before.

Now you know what it feels like. To sit on the sidelines. And watch.

He barely heard it but he knew it was his wolf; and it didn't feel in the slightest bit as fun as he thought it would. He couldn't feel his limbs as they were under the possession of his wolf, sucking Adam, and an icy coldness affected the parts of him he could feel.

Fuck you, he thought quietly.

You would if we weren't the same person.

We aren't the same person!

Shows what you know.

Suddenly he felt his wolf snarling bitterly, as Keith took control of his body again just in time to feel spurt after spurt of cum flooding down his throat.

Should've let me finish, his wolf was thinking sadly.

My body, Keith answered, smirking, but the feelings his wolf was transmitting through his thoughts had him seriously worried. Adam had flipped him over and was grabbing a large bottle of lube when a warm, animalistic need flooded his veins and he snarled, snatching it and hurling it across the room. He rolled over and straddled him before shaking like a dog, coarse white fur almost exploding over his body, before his human features were overtaken by the powerful werewolf gene; and the air around him crackled with energy. Adam's eyes bulged with fear as the large, snarling creature sat upon his legs. We're not talking cute little zoo animal, we're talking huge man-wolf. He felt his lower half go numb.

It wasn't Keith anymore, but it was not his wolf either. Neither were on the sidelines, they were 'one', and they both wanted the same thing.

When they entered him, Adam screamed in pain. They knew they should stop; but they couldn't help it and soon he was rocking back and forth despite himself. His hand flew out to hit the 'Call' button on the desk beside him. As Adam's abdominal muscles contracted with his orgasm, Keith came with a guttural cry, and finally aware that his weight was superior to Adam's he shifted to the side, lying on the floor, shrinking to his wolf form. He curled up into a ball, and was just falling asleep when the door flew open. Five brawny men stood in the door and he perked his ears as a funny looking man in a white lab coat walked through the group. His brown hair was combed back and riddled with grey.

"That him?" he asked, gesturing to Keith. Adam nodded and the man murmured something to the men.

Keith's lips pulled back over his teeth, his white fur raised over his hackles. Suddenly, Adam's weight came crashing down upon his back and he cried out in pain, as he tried to wrestle him to the ground. Shifting quickly he threw him into the wall, his gaze stained with disbelief as he looked from him warily to the armed men coming slowly forwards. He backed up against the wall.

What the Hell? His wolf thought as their minds separated. They were still sharing, his wolf was just as aware as he was.

You idiot! Can't you see? The bastard set us up.

Uh, how? He doesn't know us?

Don't ask me. You'd know if I knew, he thought.

He roared in pain as something hit his leg. He looked to see a huge, feathered end of a tranquilizer dart sticking out of his flank. Stumbling forwards he made for Adam, his claws outstretched.

Then Keith passed out, as the men dragged him away.

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