tagLesbian SexKelly and Brooke Ch. 02

Kelly and Brooke Ch. 02


I would recommend you read Chapter 1 first, if you haven't already, to get a better understanding of the story so far. I appreciate any and all feedback. More to come soon...

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Brooke woke up a few hours later feeling wonderfully rested and relaxed. She stretched out languidly, the cool sheets feeling fantastic on her bare skin. A smile crossed her face as she remembered the things she and Kelly had just done. It had felt so soft and smooth and so very different than being with a guy.

Part of her couldn't believe how far things had gone; after all, she had never even fantasied about being with another woman. But the other part of her wanted more, wanted to make Kelly scream with pleasure.

She closed her eyes and thought about how soft Kelly's skin had felt against her own and the waves of excitement that had rushed through her whenever she had kissed the blonde's warm, supple lips. Brooke immediately felt her nipples harden in response and groaned silently to herself.

She looked over at Kelly; her long blonde hair was tousled and spread out over her pillow, her lips parted slightly as she took shallow breaths. Her face was flawless with smooth tan skin and perfect features; she looked so beautiful that Brooke felt her heart ache. She wasn't sure what their relationship was exactly, but in that moment, Brooke knew with certainty that her feelings for the pretty blonde were more than physical.

She didn't care that Kelly was a woman or that they hadn't known each other for very long, being with Kelly felt right and Brooke knew, without reservation, that she wanted to continue exploring this new relationship.

She quietly got up, careful not to wake Kelly, and quickly showered. She put on her short silk robe, dried her hair and with a growling stomach, went to make dinner.

Kelly woke up alone and naked in bed. Thoughts of Brooke touching and kissing her flooded her head and she smiled at the memory as she stretched out. She had loved hearing Brooke's moans and whimpers when the sexy brunette came in her arms. She felt the sheet rub against her breasts and moaned quietly as she remembered the feeling of Brooke's moist lips closing around her aching nipple.

She would have loved nothing more than to drag Brooke back to bed and continue where they had left off, but her growling stomach told her otherwise. She threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and hair. When she went to the kitchen she saw Brooke standing by the oven in a very short, very sexy robe. She smiled and felt her heart beat a little faster as she started walking towards the brunette.

While she was standing at the oven, Brooke felt Kelly come up behind her. Her heart quickened just feeling Kelly's body so close to hers.

The blonde placed her hands lightly on Brooke's hips and started kissing her neck. Kelly's lips were incredibly soft and warm and Brooke moaned in delight.

"Mmmmm, hey sexy," she purred as she leaned back affectionately into Kelly's warm body.

Kelly smiled and replied, "Hey you. Mmmm, what smells so good?"

"Just a stir-fry, nothing fancy," Brooke answered.

"Mmm, sounds fantastic. My stomach is growling I'm so hungry. I guess I really worked up an appetite," Kelly answered, as she playfully pinched Brooke's behind.

As they ate, Kelly couldn't keep her eyes off Brooke. She had put her dark hair up into a ponytail, showing off her pretty face and really drawing attention to her gorgeous blue eyes. She looked innocent and sexy at the same time.

Kelly was in awe; not only was Brooke gorgeous on the outside, she had a great personality as well. She was fun, smart, generous and she treated everyone with kindness. Kelly was really, really thankful that she had walked into that coffee shop when she did.

Moving her gaze down Brooke's smooth, oh so kissable neck, she noticed that her robe had fallen partly open, revealing a good portion of her luscious breast. Kelly's thoughts drifted back to when she had been sucking on those firm nipples and she unconsciously licked her lips. She felt her own nipples harden with her sudden arousal and wished the robe would fall all the way open so she could get another glimpse at the brunette's smooth, tan breasts.

"Wow," Kelly beamed after they were done. "That was delicious sweetie. A great lover and a great cook, you have so many talents."

Brooke laughed modestly and Kelly leaned in for a kiss, moaning as soon as she felt Brooke's supple lips touch hers. They both pulled back and when Brooke smiled at her, Kelly's heart clenched in her chest.

As they cleaned up Kelly used every opportunity to touch Brooke; rubbing up against her as she walked by or brushing her arm over her chest as she reached across her. At one point Brooke caught her hand and pulled her in for a kiss. It was a playful kiss as their tongues chased each other from one mouth to the other.

"So, what do you wanna do tonight?" Brooke asked as she pulled back and rubbed Kelly's cheek with her thumb.

"Hmm. How about we grab a glass of wine and head out to the hot tub?" Kelly answered.

"Ooooh, great idea," Brooke beamed before they went to put on their bathing suits.

Kelly went to her room and stripped off her clothes. She put her hair into a ponytail and wrapped a towel around her naked body. She loved soaking naked in the hot tub with nothing between her body and the hot water, it was incredibly relaxing.

After pouring two glasses of wine, Kelly went out to the balcony to pull off the cover. As she got in and sat back, she sighed in pleasure, the water was so soothing on her skin. She heard Brooke open the door and watched as the brunette gracefully climbed over the side and joined her in the tub.

They relaxed and sipped their wine for a while talking about work, past relationships, family and friends. Kelly felt as if she had known Brooke her entire life and was already totally comfortable around her. She also found that the more she learned about Brooke and her life, the more she liked.

When she caught Brooke stealing glances at her chest on several occasions, Kelly found herself trembling slightly under her stare. She secretly loved the rush she got from teasing the sexy brunette and planned to do more of it.

After a while she noticed that Brooke kept rubbing a spot between her shoulder and her neck and was wincing.

"What's wrong?" she asked curiously.

"I think I slept funny last night, my neck is killing me," Brooke answered with another wince.

"Here, let me rub it for you," Kelly said as she moved in behind Brooke.

As she began to rub Brooke's shoulder and neck Brooke started to moan, telling Kelly how good it felt. After a few minutes she titled her head to the side, opening her neck up to Kelly. Her skin looked so tempting that Kelly couldn't help herself. She brought her lips to Brooke's neck and lightly began kissing her wet skin and using her tongue to slowly make a trail up to her ear. She felt much more confident knowing that Brooke's reservations about being with her were gone.

While she licked and nibbled on Brooke's ear, Kelly started to rub her own, now painfully hard, nipples against Brooke's back. The combination of the wine, the soothing water and being so close to Brooke had Kelly's senses on overload. She felt dizzy with pleasure. Without even thinking about it, she brought her hands up, untied Brooke's bikini top and placed it on the side of the hot tub.

"Mmmmm," Brooke moaned when she felt the water on her bare breasts.

Kelly continued to kiss and lick Brooke's neck while she slowly moved her hand down Brooke's chest until she was cupping her firm breast. Brooke moaned loudly and arched her back, pushing further into Kelly's hand.

"You like that?" Kelly asked as licked Brooke's ear.

"Mmmm hmmmm," Brooke purred. "I love when you play with my tits baby."

When Brooke turned her head slightly, Kelly watched her lick her pink lips, leaving them wet and utterly kissable. As if under a spell, Kelly moved forward and ever so lightly brought her lips to Brooke's. She gently kissed her luscious bottom lip and then moved up to do the same to the top one, moulding their mouths together.

Kelly felt, more than heard, Brooke voice her arousal and the vibration radiated from her mouth through her entire body. Wanting more, Kelly used the tip of her tongue to caress Brooke's lips. With the softest touch, she traced them with her tongue, leaving them glistening in the dim light. Kelly's pussy was aching between her legs and she hoped that Brooke was as turned on as she was.

Kissing Brooke was becoming more and more familiar and Kelly could honestly say that Brooke was by far the best kisser she had ever been with. Her touch was feathery soft and gentle and her lips tasted so sweet and addicting. Kelly had never been so turned on by simply kissing; but with Brooke, each kiss ignited something so incredibly intense inside her, she could barely control her excitement.

Brooke copied Kelly's actions and soon they were both tenderly kissing and licking each others lips while Kelly continued to pinch and rub Brooke's stiff nipples.

Brooke had never been kissed and teased like this before and she found her body growing more excited with every touch of Kelly's tongue. The way Kelly was sensuously caressing her mouth with her tongue had Brooke's pussy absolutely aching with need. She could feel Kelly's hard nipples rubbing against her back, but when she tried to turn around to give them attention, Kelly held her in place.

Brooke started whimpering with frustration, but Kelly was in a teasing mood and ignored her. She slowly traced her hand down along Brooke's flat stomach and into her bottoms. She felt Brooke gasp into her mouth when her fingers slide under the material. She placed her entire hand over Brooke's hot sex and pressed her middle finger into Brooke's slit. She smiled in satisfaction when she found that Brooke was drenched.

She really wanted to drive Brooke crazy and hear the brunette beg for relief so she brought her hand out and slid back across the tub. Brooke was glaring at her in disbelief as Kelly sat up on one of the steps and leaned back against the edge. Her large, full breasts were on display and she seductively spread her legs.

She teasingly bit her lower lip and asked in a sweet, innocent tone, "What's the matter sweetie? Are you horny?"

Brooke couldn't breathe. Couldn't even think straight. She had never seen anything so erotic in her life. Kelly's smooth, tan breasts sat high and round on her chest and were wet and glistening from the water. Her nipples stuck out long and stiff, begging to be sucked. Brooke licked her lips as she watched a drop of water fall from one of them. She knew Kelly was purposely teasing her and she wanted to get even with the sexy blonde. She wanted Kelly to feel just as frustrated and horny as she was.

She slowly moved across the tub between Kelly's legs and rose up, kneeling on the step so she was even with her. Kelly had a sly smile on her face and Brooke couldn't wait to see her panting with need. She caught Kelly's eye and drew their gaze down to their naked breasts, which were inches away from touching. She slowly moved forward until their firm nipples were touching and she heard Kelly gasp.

"Oh God, Brooke," Kelly whined.

Brooke started moving her breasts in slow, small circles, rubbing her tingling nipples all over Kelly's. The combined stimulation of seeing and feeling Kelly's nipples against hers was sending jolts of pleasure directly to Brooke's pussy. She could feel the juice trickling out of her hole. When she looked up, Kelly's eyes were closed and her wet lips were parted as she moaned. Brooke almost came at the sight of Kelly in a state of such pleasure.

Keeping their nipples touching, Brooke leaned in and gave Kelly the same treatment she had given her earlier. She lightly kissed her lips and Kelly's tongue immediately came out for some action. Brooke just kept using her lips to tease Kelly and in response heard groans of frustration from the blonde. Slowly, she brought her tongue out and gently caressed Kelly's lips and tongue.

She sucked firmly on Kelly's bottom lip first, and then moved up to the top, trying to drink up her taste. Once she sensed that Kelly was equally frustrated, she moved to her ear, bit down gently and whispered, "Two can play that game."

When she started to pull back Kelly grabbed her arm and gave her a look that said, 'I want you right now,' and pulled Brooke in for a real kiss. Their mouths opened wide and their tongues came together before their lips even touched. They kissed hungrily for several minutes, whimpering in pleasure as their soft tongues rubbed frantically together.

Kelly pulled away, resting her forehead against Brooke's while they both tried to regain their breath.

"Let's get out," Kelly panted.

Brooke had no objection to that, in fact it was music to her ears. They quickly dried off, shut the hot tub and practically ran inside to Kelly's bedroom. They fell onto the bed, kissing and fondling each other until Kelly found herself on top.

"You make me feel so sexy, Kel," Brooke said between kisses.

"Mmmm, well you are sexy," Kelly answered as she squeezed Brooke's firm breast. "So....so....sexy," she whispered between kisses.

Kelly reached behind Brooke's head and pulled her hair out of her ponytail, running her hands through the silky tresses. She slowly started kissing down Brooke's body, stopping to suck and nibble on her neck. She continued down to Brooke's chest, leaving a wet trail with her tongue.

Bringing her hands up, Kelly started to gently massage Brooke's grapefruit size breasts, drawing moans of pleasure from the brunette. Using her thumb and forefinger she started pinching Brooke's nipples and rolling the tight nubs between them.

"Yessssss," Brooke hissed. "That feels soooo good."

"Mmmm, I know sweetie," Kelly answered with a smile.

She looked down at Brooke's light brown nipples as her fingers continued to squeeze and pull them. They were rock hard and her areolas were bumpy with arousal.

"God Brooke, you're tits are so nice," Kelly groaned.

She licked her lips and brought them down to tenderly suck on Brooke's taut nipples. She loved the feeling of Brooke's hands in her hair and the sounds of her moaning. Using her teeth she bit down gently and when she heard Brooke cry out she used her tongue and lips to stroke the tender nipple soothingly.

"Oh Kelly, you're lips feel so good on my tits baby ...uggghhhhh," Brooke breathed out huskily.

Kelly continued her assault on Brooke's chest and eventually started kissing her way down Brooke's tight stomach, leaving another wet trail with her tongue.

Brooke gasped and her stomach muscles tightened when she felt Kelly's wet tongue tracing patterns down her body.

Kelly slowly slid Brooke's bathing suit off, getting another look at her gorgeous, smooth pussy. She couldn't wait any longer to feel Brooke with her tongue. Settling between the brunette's legs, Kelly spread Brooke's thighs and gazed at her glistening sex. It was swollen and covered with juice and Kelly's mouth watered at the smell of her arousal.

The thought that she would finally get to taste Brooke made her stomach flutter and her own pussy throb with desire. She teasingly licked and kissed along Brooke's inner thigh, from her knee to the crease where her thigh met her pussy. Then she repeated the process on the other side, enjoying the silky feel of Brooke's skin. It was soft and warm and Kelly could easily have spent all night just kissing her legs. But then again, she had a better destination in mind.

Her mouth was inches from Brooke's pussy and as she looked at it she murmured in a husky voice, "You're so sexy Brooke, you're pussy is so pretty and pink and I know you're really tight too. God your soooo wet. You must be really horny."

Brooke was panting when Kelly looked up into her eyes. Smiling, the blonde gave her a wink.

Brooke held her breath; seeing Kelly's pretty face and long blonde hair between her legs was overwhelming. The thought of Kelly's mouth on her pussy was almost enough to make her climax alone. She was desperate, her nipples were on fire and her pussy was literally dripping onto the bed. Kelly's teasing was just too much.

"Kelly, please...," she whimpered.

"Please what sweetie?" Kelly asked innocently.

Brooke gasped and forgot the question as Kelly started blowing lightly on her pussy.

"Tell me what you want," Kelly repeated, her green eyes looking up at Brooke through long lashes.

"Oh God! Please lick me...lick my pussy baby, I'm so wet and so horny. Ughhhh, I need you to lick me and make me come," the brunette begged. Brooke never could have imagined herself being this aroused.

Satisfied with that answer, Kelly smiled and leaned in. As soon as her lips touched Brooke's pussy she was in heaven. Brooke was so hot and slick and so smooth. Kelly stuck her tongue out and started running it all over Brooke's smooth lips, savouring her taste and texture. She licked up her slit right to her clit and gently nudged it with her tongue.

"Mmmmmm Brooke, you taste so fucking good baby," she told her.

She spread Brooke's legs wider and stuck the tip of her tongue into Brooke's tight little hole. She gently started sucking, trying to get more of the brunette's tasty juice.

"OHHH!!! Fuck, Kelly!! Oh God, that feels so good!!" Brooke cried.

Brooke wasn't used to being very vocal during sex but she felt so comfortable with Kelly and what the blonde was doing between her legs felt like nothing she had ever experienced before. None of her boyfriends were ever this good at going down on her. Kelly's lips and tongue were so soft and gentle as she licked every inch from her dripping hole up to her throbbing clit. And the smooth skin of her cheeks felt like warm silk on Brooke's thighs.

Brooke was already right on the edge of what she knew was going to be a mind blowing orgasm. She hadn't been prepared for just how good Kelly's mouth would feel between her legs. She was in another world as she watched the blonde eagerly lick up all her juices.

When Kelly stuck her tongue all the way up Brooke's pussy and started fucking her with her it, Brooke completely lost it.

"Oh God! Oh, oh, YES! Ughhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh!!!! YES, YES, Kelly!!!!!!" she cried as she reached down and pulled Kelly's head tighter to her pussy.

Brooke's back arched off the bed and when her orgasm hit she closed her eyes and saw stars. The pleasure exploding through her body was more intense than anything she had ever felt. Her head thrashed back and forth as the pleasure radiated from her pussy through her entire body.

When Brooke's pussy finally stopped spasming, she felt completely paralyzed. She couldn't move a muscle and she was breathing like she had just run a marathon. She waited for Kelly to come back up so she could kiss and thank her, but Kelly didn't move from between her legs.

Kelly looked up at Brooke and smiled as the dark haired beauty regained her breath. Then Kelly gently started sucking Brooke's pussy lips and heard her suck in a breath. She knew Brooke was probably really sensitive at this point so she made sure to keep the pressure light.

"You taste so good sweetie, I haven't had enough yet," she moaned into Brooke.

"Ohhhh God...Kelly," Brooke whispered.

When Kelly figured Brooke's body was starting to respond to her again, she slipped two fingers into the tight hole and slowly started fucking her. Brooke's pussy walls tightly gripped Kelly's fingers and the brunette felt so hot and slick Kelly could only moan in delight.

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