Kelly and Brooke Ch. 02


"God Brooke, you're so tight and hot. I love fucking you with my fingers baby."

Brooke started panting again, "Oh I love it too. Ohhhh...harder, please, fuck me harder Kel."

So Kelly increased her pace and pumped her fingers harder. Then she curled them up in Brooke's pussy and stroked her as she bent her head and started sucking her clit.

Brooke's hips lifted off the bed and she cried out, "Ohhh Fuck....oh fuck...KELLY!!! I'm cumming again...oh god OH GODDD!!!!!"

Kelly felt Brooke's pussy clenching around her fingers and was thrilled that she was able to bring the pretty brunette so much pleasure. She helped Brooke ride out her orgasm and come down from her high; then withdrew her fingers and brought them up to her mouth.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned as she sucked off Brooke's juice.

She opened her eyes to find Brooke watching her and smiling through half lids. She cuddled up next to the gorgeous brunette and kissed her softly.

"Kelly, I've's never been that good. Thank you," Brooke said a few moments later with tears in her eyes.

Kelly felt her heart tighten and she couldn't help but tear up too.

"You're welcome sweetie," she answered and leaned in to kiss Brooke.

Brooke was on cloud nine; she had never felt anything as incredible as Kelly's mouth had felt on her pussy. She desperately wanted to give Kelly the same pleasure in return but had no idea what to do, she had never even thought of going down on another woman before.

While she was terrified that she would do something wrong and embarrass herself, she realized that the need to please Kelly outweighed her nervousness. She remembered what Kelly had told her before; to just do whatever you would like done to yourself.

As they kissed and explored each others mouths, Brooke ran her hand up and down Kelly's back and down to her ass, marvelling at how soft Kelly's skin was. She was still getting used to the smooth feeling of another woman's body and whispered her delight to the blonde.

"Mmmm, I love your body Kel. You're so soft and smooth."

She brought her hand up and rubbed Kelly's breast, making sure to avoid her sensitive nipple. She kissed along the blonde's jaw and moved her lips up to her ear and bit down gently.

"My turn," she whispered to her blonde lover, hoping Kelly couldn't detect how nervous she was.

"Brooke," Kelly started. "You don't have to sweetie."

It was obvious to Kelly how nervous Brooke was and she didn't want Brooke to do anything because she felt obligated in some way. She wanted Brooke to want to do it on her own.

Brooke smiled at Kelly and stroked her cheek, "I want to Kel. I really, really want to."

With that said, Brooke brought her lips down to Kelly's breasts and started licking and kissing the smooth flesh. She used her lips, her tongue and her teeth to tease and Kelly started squirming as she tried to get her nipple into Brooke's mouth. Smirking at her, Brooke pushed Kelly gently onto her back.

Looking up at Kelly from her breast, Brooke brought her right hand down to the blonde's pussy. She ran her finger up Kelly's slit, gathering her juice, and then rubbed it all over Kelly's hard, long nipple.

Kelly looked on in shock as Brooke proceeded to lean down and gently suck the juice off her nipple.

"Ahhhhh...oh Brooke..oh yes," Kelly purred as Brooke's mouth closed over her sensitive tip. "Oh suck harder're lips feel so fucking good."

Brooke felt her nerves easing with Kelly's encouragements. She sucked harder, ringing the blonde's breast and using her tongue to tease the nipple. She couldn't believe how good Kelly tasted and wanted more of the sweet juice. She wanted to lick Kelly's sweet pussy and drink her up. The thought made her stomach flutter and she moaned her excitement into Kelly's breast. Feeling much more confident, she got up off the bed.

Kelly looked at her confused. "Where are you going?" the blonde asked in disappointment.

Smiling, Brooke walked and stood on the side of the bed and told Kelly to scoot over and hang her legs over the side. When she did, Brooke got on her knees and started kissing Kelly's inner thighs, teasing with her tongue. She couldn't take her eyes off Kelly's pussy. It was swollen and pink and soaked with her juices. Brooke's stomach had butterflies she was so nervous, but the thought of licking Kelly's vagina was making her so horny she was fuelled on.

Kelly was so turned on by the sight of Brooke's beautiful face so close to her pulsing sex. But she could sense Brooke was still a bit scared and wanted to help calm her nerves a bit.

Running her finger along her dripping pussy, she looked at Brooke and asked, "Do you see how wet you've made me?"

Kelly saw the lust in Brooke's eyes and shivered slightly, her pussy dripping even more.

Brooke put Kelly's legs over her shoulders and nodded, looking right at her pussy.

"Mmmm hmmm. I can see you're juice running right out of your little hole. Do you want me to lick it up for you?" Brooke asked, from between the blonde legs.

Kelly nodded and got up on her elbows to watch as Brooke leaned her head in, closed her eyes and softly kissed her pussy.

Brooke moaned when she felt the soft warmth of Kelly's pussy on her lips for the first time. She realized she had no idea what to do so she started kissing Kelly's pussy like she would kiss her mouth. She brought her tongue out and softly rubbed it over Kelly's swollen lips and up and down her slit. She felt Kelly's hand gripping her hair and loved it. She felt so naughty.

"Ohhhhhh Brooke....oh that feels amazing sweetie," Kelly moaned as she stroked Brooke's hair.

Brooke couldn't believe she was actually going down on another woman; but this wasn't just anyone, it was a gorgeous blonde who made Brooke's pulse quicken every time she saw her. Who made her feel things she had never felt in her life. A rush of excitement flowed through her and she felt dizzy with lust.

Bringing her tongue down to Kelly's hole, she stuck it in just an inch. She felt juice dripping onto her tongue and brought it into her mouth to taste. It was sweet and tangy and so addicting. She didn't think she could ever get enough. She brought her lips back to Kelly's hole and started gently sucking, slowing increasing the pressure, trying to get as much of Kelly's juice as she could.

Kelly watched Brooke's soft lips and pink tongue tentatively lick between her legs. The brunette was being incredibly gentle and delicate, so unsure of what to do. The effect it was having on Kelly was mind blowing. Every lick and rub of the girl's tongue felt soft and relaxed, slowly drawing out her pleasure. Kelly knew she wouldn't last very long as she watched Brooke smile at the new taste and lean back in for more.

"Oh God Brooke...mmmmm, you know exactly how to eat pussy baby. God your lips feel so fucking good," the blonde encouraged.

Kelly's talking was really turning Brooke on as she ate out the sexy blonde's smooth pussy. Feeling more aggressive, Brooke stuck her tongue right up inside, curling it upwards and stroking.

"Oh shit Brooke, oh God yess...lick me with your soft little tongue," Kelly cried. "Oh ...just like that, oh yesss baby, you're tongue feels amazing. Oh God... suck my clit baby..please suck my clit."

Brooke moved up and took Kelly's clit into her mouth and flicked it back and forth with her tongue while she sucked it. She felt Kelly pull her tightly into her pussy.

Seeing Brooke's pretty face between her legs was exciting Kelly beyond words. Suddenly nothing else mattered, nothing but the gorgeous face and soft tongue between her legs. Everything in her body was centered on it, on the intense pleasure she felt coursing through her. The licking and sucking was overpowering.

"Yes, yes, just like that...ohhhhhh Brooke...oh sweetie..I'm going to cum!!! Oh god... UGHHHHH," she cried throwing her head back.

"That's it Kelly, come on my mouth baby...let me taste you," Brooke encouraged. She locked her eyes with Kelly's as she eagerly sucked her hard clit.

That sent Kelly over the edge.

"OHHH.....I'm cumming, I'm cumminggggg, Brooke!!!! AHHHHH!!!" Kelly cried, as an incredible orgasm tore through her. She arched her back as waves of hot pleasure radiated from her pussy through her entire body.

Every time Kelly thought it was over she would look down and see Brooke eagerly licking and sucking her and she would start climaxing all over again. Brooke's mouth was everywhere; her tongue licking feverishly all over Kelly's engorged skin.

Brooke kept her mouth firmly on Kelly's clit and held on as Kelly rode her third orgasm. She didn't want to stop but when she felt the blonde's body go limp she figured Kelly was drained. Brooke ever so lightly licked up the remaining juices, once again revelling at her sweet taste, and climbed back onto the bed.

She pulled Kelly with her and cuddled up behind the blonde, pulling her tightly into her body. Brooke ran her hands along Kelly's side and nuzzled into her neck. Everything about Kelly was entirely feminine; the smell of her hair, the feel of her soft skin, the touch of her lips.

A few minutes later Brooke finally spoke, "Kelly, that was incredible," she whispered into the blonde's ear. "Was it ok for you?"

Kelly smiled and replied, "Hmmm, you know, I think I'm going to need you to do it again to give an accurate answer."

Kelly started laughing and squirming as Brooke playfully tickled her. She caught Brooke's hand in hers, brought it up to her mouth and kissed it softly.

"Brooke you were amazing, everything about that was amazing," Kelly said with a sigh as she cuddled further into Brooke's warm body.

"Mmmm, I agree," Brooke replied sleepily. "I can't wait to do it again," she said quietly as she stroked Kelly's arm.

Kelly shivered at the thought and had a pretty good idea what she would be dreaming about that night.

"Good night sweetie," Brooke whispered as she softly kissed Kelly's shoulder. She felt closer to Kelly than ever and she wished she could freeze that moment; she felt so comfortable and happy cuddled up to Kelly.

They both were so exhausted they fell asleep within minutes.

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