tagHumor & SatireKelly & Claire Ch. 03 Pt. 02

Kelly & Claire Ch. 03 Pt. 02


Claire and Kelly cuddled on the bed. They kissed each other gently and rubbed each other's beautiful, young bodies.

Suddenly, in the hall, Dan was conjured out of thin air by the author. Don't ask why he was there or how he got there. He was conjured, dammit. Ok, ok. Dan lived in a parallel dimension. The dimensions accidentally merged and he found himself about to enter what he thought was his own room. Doesn't make sense? Well, you shouldn't be thinking about it anyway. This story is not about thinking! Stop thinking!

Dan entered his room.

Kelly was shocked that a man would just enter her bedroom like that. If we follow the dimension nonsense, this was because Kelly thought she was in her room, which, in another dimension, was Dan's. Right.

Claire was far more shocked. She never expected to get caught like this. She threw as much of Kelly's covers as possible over her naked body.

"What are you doing in my room?" Dan said, very shocked but kind of happy in a "hey, there's two naked chicks making out on my bed" kind of way.

"What are you doing in her room???" Claire demanded. She was incensed. What would happen if her friends or her boyfriend found out she had just been fucked in the ass by a girl? She hadn't even let her boyfriend fuck her in the ass.

"Uh, that's funny, this is my room," said Dan.

"Stop being a pervert and get the fuck out!" Claire screamed.

Kelly had gotten up off the bed. Possessed by some distant calling she mad her way over to Dan.

"I don't see anything wrong with him stumbling in like this" she heard herself saying even though she wanted to slug this pervert for having the nerve to break into her house and try and fuck her and Claire.

Claire, despite all her anger, found herself getting up too. She approached Kelly and Dan and put one arm around each of them. The other two did the same. The three of them stuck out their tongues and kissed. They each sucked on each other's tongue. Then Kelly pushed Claire down on to her knees and got down on her knees herself.

"Action!" yelled the director. Well, actually, he didn't. There really wasn't a director. But Dan certainly felt like he was in a porno. When you stumble upon girls having sex, whether it's in your bedroom or not, they don't just offer to suck you off just for kicks. At least not in Dan's admittedly little amount of experience. So the camera's rolled and Dan felt the girls unzip his pants.

Kelly took his unspectacular dick in her mouth first. Claire licked his balls and Kelly's face. They kissed each other around the head of his shaft. After Claire had deep-throated him too, the two girls stood up. Kelly pushed Claire down on the bed. Kelly got down on her knees and began to eat her out. Dan joined Kelly between Claire's legs.

"Mind if I lend a tongue?" Zing! He was so witty. Kelly wanted to knock him on his ass for being such an idiot. But she couldn't. She grabbed his head and brought it next to hers. They both licked Claire's pussy and kissed each other. Dan rubbed Kelly's ass. Dan then got up and finished taking off his clothes. He was not fat but he wasn't in shape. Both of these girls were way better than him. They were both very fit and well endowed. Why was he worrying about this? What was happening was happening.

Dan lay down on his back and pushed his head in between Kelly's legs. He lapped at her pussy and pushed his thumb on the outside of her asshole. After a lot of moaning on the part of both women, Kelly stood up and got on the bed. She straddled Claire and began to grind her hips against Claire's. Dan stood behind them. First he stuck his meager cock between the two pairs of hips. Kelly and Claire kissed intermittently with great passion. (That's a great big word, that.) Dan then first put his cock into Claire's very wet pussy. He fucked her a few times, fingering Kelly. Then he switched. He stuck his cock into Kelly and finger-banged Claire. Both girls continued grinding their hips. They screamed with passion. Dan tried to grunt manly like. It was pretty funny. But you kinda had to be there.

Soon, they tired of this position. Dan jumped on the bed and lay there with his cock at full salute. The girls wanted to laugh at the size but something made them continue this threesome. Claire mounted Dan and began riding his cock. Kelly grabbed the double tipped dildo again. She put her end in herself and the other one back in Claire's ass. She began to fuck Claire hard as she straddled Dan's legs. She kissed Claire passionate and groped her tits. Claire had never been DPed before. It was great. She let out various yelps.

"OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!" Etc.

"Oh yeah, oh yea!" Dan was saying.

Kelly was moaning softly. "Mmmm, mmmm," she said lounder and louder.

"Moo," said the cow. This was his type of thing. Crazy sluttly humans, always providing a good laugh and a little bit of sexual stimulation for the animal kingdom.

Soon Claire came. She let out an ear-shattering scream as her fluids spilled all over Dan's pubic hair. Kelly pulled out the dildo from her pussy and then pulled it out of Claire's ass. Claire got off Dan. Kelly handed Claire her other toy, a strap-on with a little vibrator inside, so as the wearer has fun too. Because, really, it's very important that everyone gets off. I mean, you can't have a threesome without everyone getting off or at least having some mild stimulation. If you don't believe me, ask my goat. He's been there many times.

Now hopefully the strap-on was clean. But we really don't know where it had been. That rhymed. Anyway, if it wasn't clean from the last time Kelly used it, someone could be getting a disease!

The director, I mean Kelly (uh, yeah) told Claire to stand up against the wall with her back to it. The strap-on stuck out invitingly from her waist.

"Want me to suck it?" Kelly asked Dan.

"Actually, no. You don't have to," replied Dan. "I've never understood why that's in lesbian scenes in pornos, you know? It seems like it has no point, unless it's a kind of domination thing. I really don't get what you girls get out of it." Dan continued to rant about how wrong it was. He really found it demeaning.

"Whatever..." Kelly said, demeaningly. You know how it sounds when girls try to dismiss you by using whatever and they sound so stupid. Well that's about the sound of that. "I'll do what I want, jerk!"

"How am I being a jerk?" Dan demanded to know.

Kelly wasn't listening. She was deep-throating the strap-on and Claire was moaning. But at least Claire had that little vibrating thing in her pussy. That made Dan feel better.

Kelly then stood up and mounted the dildo. She moved up and down on. Claire and Kelly fucked and kissed passionately.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" cried Kelly.

Dan moved behind her. He rimmed her ass briefly then he shoved his cock as far in as it would go.

"Fuck me! FUCK ME!" Kelly was yelling louder and louder.

Not a problem, thought Dan as he fucked her in the ass. Kelly loved the DP. Kelly turned her head to the left so the three of them could kiss and suck tongue. After a few minutes Kelly exploded in orgasm.

Everyone moved away from the embrace and Claire through the strap-on next to the double tipped dildo in the bin marked "Dirty Sex Toys." The two girls got down on their knees and started to suck Dan off.

"Hey wait! Eww! Let me at least wash off my dick!" But the two girls wouldn't listen, as they tasted Kelly's ass. Dan came on both their tits because the director had forced him to hold his load for the entire scene. If he had gone before it wouldn't have been so big. Fortunately, it was and the girls were given the pleasure (and it really was a pleasure, what girl doesn't enjoy sucking cum off another's tits?) to lick the cum off each other. When their tongues were properly coated they made out. Then, in the absolute hottest move of the night (why do I know this? Because it was voted on, dammit) Kelly let a drop of Dan's cum slip off her tongue and fall into the waiting mouth of Claire. In slow motion. That was hot.

Just then 'the author' entered the room and began ordering everyone around. How he managed to insert himself in my story is anyone's guess. Everyone objected but found themselves compelled to listen and obey.

"Ok, ready? Ok, you, the girl with the bigger tits. Lie on the floor. Ok, you, the other chick. Take a dump on her chest. Ok, now Mr. pencil-dick. You piss on them."
Now this was little too much, they all thought. But they were beginning to obey.

But in a moment they would all remember for the rest of their lives they saw a flash of a blade and 'the author's' head was on the floor, bleeding profusely. The body followed shortly. 'The real author' said "sorry about that. That's the half of my brain that really shouldn't be let in control of anything. I apologize on behalf of everyone involved in the creation of this story."

"Story they?" they asked in unison.

"Don't worry about it. Here, have some pot to calm you down."

Dan was thrilled he took the pot and put it in the pipe that appeared in his hand. He jumped on the bed and began to smoke up. The girls moved to join him.

"Don't you want to know what happened?" asked Claire.

"Fuck it," said Dan. "I got me some drugs."

They all smoked up and lived happily ever after. As for 'the author,' well he rotted on the floor. 'The real author' went on to right other equally bizarre stories. The cow continued to moo and the director continued to make really trashy, low budget porno for lots of money in return. As for Stan, well Stan became rich and famous but eventually pissed off enough people so that they conspired to bring him down and he ended his life as a bum on the street. Fucking Stan. He was such an asshole.

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That was dumb

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