Kelly & Haley's Summer Ch. 07


"Get on all fours slut," Kelly command, as Haley passed her the strap on she had just used on Kelly pussy and asshole. The librarian did as she was told; getting down on all fours, praying that she would be allowed to orgasm and pee. Kelly softly ran her hands all over the librarian's hot flesh. The slave shocked at the tenderness of her actions. Kelly then pulled the soaked panties to one side and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy, giving it a lick, before handing it to Haley to do the same. "Beg me to fuck you brains out, fuck slut," Kelly said her voice husky.

"Please mistress fuck me, fuck my worthless cunt, it belongs to you to do with as you wish. Please mistress fuck me I need it so bad, I'm such a fucking degenerate whore." Kelly's hart filled with pride at her slave's declaration, she was happy beyond words, as she slowly sled the strap on into the librarian's pussy. The strap on sliding easily into her wet pussy, the women, almost cumming then and there, the only reason she didn't was the command of her mistress and the thought of what would happen to her if she disobeyed. Kelly began to thrust the strap-on into the librarian deeper and deeper, fucking her faster and faster, her hands at her hips as she slammed into her slave. Kelly, alternating her strokes, sliding the whole length into the librarian, and then fucking her with short strong strokes. Kelly brought one hand down to the slave's clit, as she began to rub her hard bud thought the tight wet material of her panties.

"Do you need to cum, bitch, do you need to pee," Kelly asked in-between grunts.

"Please mistress," was all the librarian could say, her mind almost lost completely to the world.

"Do it now then slut," Kelly commanded. The women, compiling instantaneously, her orgasm-shattering trough her body, at the same time her bladder released itself completely. Her piss jetting out of her pussy covering her panties completely, hitting Kelly's hand as she rubbed her clit, her urine cascading down on to the white sheets below her, as they turned to deep yellow. All trough this Kelly continued to fuck her brains out, as promised, the strap-on slamming into her pussy hard and fast, as her fingers blurred across her clit, the librarians piss coating Kelly as well. The slave lost count of her orgasms in the end; all she knew was that she had been fulfilled unlike never before, as she passed out into complete blackness.

The librarian was eventually woken up by a series of hard slaps to her ass. "Come on bitch were not finished yet, not by a long shot," Kelly said as the slave woke up. "Now slut have you ever been fucked in the ass."

"No mistress," the librarian said as the cobwebs lifted from her brain.

"Well then I get to take your anal virginity then don't I whore," Kelly said looking down at her slave sternly. "Lift your ass into the air bitch," Kelly commanded. The librarian did so, pushing her knees under her, raising her ass in to the air, as she once again got up on all fours. Kelly smacked her ass hard, "just your knees bitch, I want your face resting in the sheets," the librarian lowered her arms as commanded, resting her face in the sheets were she had just pissed on. The sunder realization of just how low she had sunk hit her as she realized how much she loved the smell and feel of her own piss at her face. Kelly stood behind her slave and ran her hand gently over the librarian's ass, gently sliding her finger over her asshole, but not penetrating her. Kelly turned to Haley and said matter-of-factly, "were going to have to give this whore an enema," Haley nodding along. The librarian was equally parts shocked and aroused, the thought of an enema, frightening her, but the trust she now felt in her mistress reassured her.

Haley sat in front of the slave spreading her legs, pushing her pussy to the librarian's face, "eat my mistress out whore," Kelly said. The slave taken aback for a second, as the realization that Kelly was like herself a slave to another, the thought of what these two might do to one another turned her on immensely and she dived into Haley's wet pussy, her tongue licking every inch of her bald pussy. Kelly was by now ready to apply the enema, the slave gasped as she felt a small thin tube pushed into her asshole. Kelly pushed the plunger down slowly, the cold water forcing its way into the slave's bowels. The librarian shrived and her eyes widened as the cold water was pushed into her bowels, only Haley's hand at the back of head pushing her face back to her pussy brought her back to reality. Kelly eventually finished, having pushed a liter of cold water into her slaves rectum. The slave felt her bowels filled to the fullest, as her ass tried to expel the water within her, she had to clench her ass hard to stop the water inside her jetting out. "How does that feel whore," Kelly said remembering how her first enema felt just yesterday.

She didn't know what it was, the pressure on her ass to expel, the coldness the fullness, the sheer depravity of the act, but it felt good, the librarian could feel her pussy juices running down her stocking clad legs. "It feels good mistress," her lips smeared with Haley's pussy juices.

"I know it does whore," Kelly said, Haley gave the two slave girls a chuckle as she pulled the librarian's face back down to her pussy, holding her tightly to her wetness. "Don't you fucking dare let a drop spill slut, not until I command it."

"Yes mistress," she said muffled by Haley's pussy. Kelly then had a very nasty wonderful though, she wanted to test the limits of her slave, she was really liking that thought now, her slave. She wanted to fill her to bursting point, she wanted to test both her slave and in a way herself.

"I think we can get some more in that ass of yours slut," Kelly said looking into Haley's eyes, who smiled wildly back to her, egger to see this new twist. Kelly filed the plunger device with another liter of cold water, pushing down on the plunger filling the slave once more. Her bowels expanding filling with water, Kelly slowly fucking her with the nozzle, sliding it back and forth. "If you like that slut wait until I push my strap-on into your asshole," Kelly said. The librarian's mind racing at the thought, the feeling of the water rushing into her, the nozzle slowly running in and out of her tight asshole, she could only imagine what it would be like to be penetrated back there, the thought arousing her more then she thought it would. Kelly now determined to see just how far she could take this, started to push in another liter of water into the librarian's bowels, watching as her white ass cheeks trembled as she tried to hold the water in. Haley now squirming on the librarian's face, as her tongue pushed deep into her pussy. Kelly reaching her hand down to her slave's stomach, feeling how it had expanded, she gently pushed down on her bloated belly. The librarian gasped into Haley's pussy, feeling the added pressure of Kelly's hand pushing down on her, the water in her bowels almost escaping. Kelly again filled her once more, and again, five liters of cold water in the slave's ass, her belly now bloated greatly, she almost looked like she was in the early stages of pregnancy.

"Please mistress I need to shit it out, please mistress, it's too much, I can't hold it in any longer," the librarian pleaded with her teen tormentor.

Kelly looked on with a large smile on her face knowing that Haley would want to try this out on he ass later. "You can and will whore, any way I have something that will help," Kelly said taking a bright red three-inch wide butt plug. In one quick motion she pulled the tube out and pressed the plug to her slave's ass. Quickly she pressed the well-lubricated plug into the librarian's asshole, the bulbous head fully enclosed within her tight hole, which closed tightly around the invader trapping the five liter's of cold water in her asshole. "You like that whore, you like that plug trapping the water in your rectum," Kelly said again pressing down on the slaves belly, increasing the pressure within her. "I think I should fill that pussy up now," Kelly said her hand stroking across the slave's pussy teasing her cruelly.

"Please mistress, I need my cunt filled as well as my asshole," the idea of have her pussy stuffed while the enema stayed trapped in her rectum, thrilled her incredibly. Haley was now on the point of cumming herself, although for once she felt it was best not to. She raised her hips up slightly and pushed the librarian's face into her asshole, her soft wet tongue sliding into her tight little hole. Kelly began to run her hand across hr slave's pussy quicker now, occasionally dipping her fingers into her wet hole, coating her hand with the librarian's juices. Slowly Kelly pushed two fingers into her slave, pushing them deep into her pussy. She slowly withdrew them and pushed in a third then a fourth. "Thank you mistress" the librarian said, before she went back to assaulting Haley's asshole with her tongue.

"Oh, I'm not done yet whore" Kelly said twisting her four fingers around within the librarian's wet hole, sliding them out until just her tips were held within her pussy. "I'm going to fist that cunt, bitch; I'm going to shove my whole hand up that wet cunt of yours." The librarian was now panting heavily, into Haley's spread open asshole, as she slid her tongue in and out of her tight hole. The thought of her teen mistresses fist penetrating her fully made her wetter and wetter. Kelly closed her hand into a fist and began to push down on her slave's pussy, twisting her hand as she did, her fist began to push into her hole, little by little until her whole fist was imbedded within her pussy. "That's it whore take my fist in your cunt," Kelly shouted as she began, slowly at first, pull and push her fist in and out of the librarian's pussy.

"Thank you mistress, please fist-fuck me harder," the slave managed to say as she felt her orgasm building up within her fast. Kelly began to do just that, ramming her fist into the slave's pussy harder and harder. The librarian now almost at the point of coming the pressure in bowels, her pussy stuffed, her tongue buried in Haley's asshole.

"Cum, bitch," Kelly, commanded, as she continued to slam into the librarian's stretched pussy. As if on command the librarian orgasmed hard, Haley being the girl she was took this as the opportunity to piss on her face as she continued to tongue her asshole. Kelly kept slamming into her pussy with her fist, causing the poor librarian to cum over and over. Just as she felt she was going to pass out completely, the librarian felt the plug being removed form her asshole; no longer able to keep hold of the water in her bowels she let her enema squirt out of her ass. Kelly still fisting her slave held up a bucket to collect the water. The librarian now had her most powerful of orgasms, her tongue in Haley's asshole, as she pissed onto her face, Kelly fisting her pussy the water bursting forth form her rectum, then as the pleasure became to much her mind over stimulated, she passed out completely.

When she finally came to, she was laying face down on the bed, spread eagle, her face still resting in the spot were she had pissed onto the sheets, Haley's urine now mixed in with her own. Her wrists and ankles now tied to the bedposts tightly. "I think I'll de flower that asshole of yours now whore, but first I want to hear you beg for it, you nasty fucking slut', Kelly said.

"Please mistress fuck my ass, take my anal virginity. Do with me as you will, I'm your slave, ill do anything you desire. Please mistress, I'm such a sick denigrate whore. Treat me as your fuck slut, your fuck toy, take me however you wish, I belong to you." The librarian spoke the words with passion, truly believing every thing she said, knowing that whatever her mistress would do to her it would bring her pleasure unlike any she had felt before.

Kelly looked down at her slave, her face beaming with pride as she heard her words, amazed at how far she had come. "Very good whore, never forget that you are mine, and your place is to do as I command when I command." With that Kelly placed the librarian's cotton panties into her mouth, stuffing them in, gagging her completely. The librarian loving the taste of the piss and pussy juices. Kelly leaned down to her slave running her tongue along her ass crack, from her pussy to her asshole, slowly teasing her, before she drove her tongue into her tight little hole. Withdrawing her tongue replacing it with two fingers, slowly pumping them in and out of her tight back passage. "I think we need some lube," Kelly said, pulling her fingers out of the slave's ass and pushing them into her pussy, coating her digits in the librarian's juices. Bringing her now wet fingers to the slave's asshole, she inserted them in again, using her pussy juices to lubricate her asshole. Kelly slowly began to push her middle finger into the librarian's asshole, finally pushing her middle digit fully into her asshole. Kelly began to slowly pump her finger in and out of the librarian's ass, letting her get used to that. Then she began to insert a second finger in to her tight hole, this time Kelly slide her fingers in quicker and quicker, now more confident in her slave's ability to take it in her ass.

Kelly now stood behind her slave a strap on at her waist, she placed it at the entrance of the librarian's asshole. "Here it comes slut," Kelly said as she pushed the strap-on into the women's asshole, slowly but surly she pressed the length of the plastic cock into her asshole. Eventually she pushed the whole of the nine-inch dildo into the women's freshly cleaned asshole; slowly she began to withdraw the plastic toy. The women moaning loudly into her panty gag as she felt her asshole penetrated fully for the first time. Kelly now began to fuck her in earnest the bond librarian struggling against her binds, as she felt the strap-on push deep into her asshole again. Haley now moving to her pussy, her hand rubbing against her soft flesh as Kelly began to fuck her slave harder and harder. The librarian loving the feeling of having her asshole filled, the piss soaked gag in her mouth only adding to her pleasure. As Kelly began to ram the nine inch long strap-on in and out of her asshole, Haley's fingers running across her pussy, taking her clit in-between her fingers, twisting it as she was fucked, her orgasm soon building. Kelly slamming the think long strap on in and out of asshole, the feeling of pleasure almost too much for the poor librarian now. Kelly knew that her slave was on the point of cumming, started to spank her ass hard as she fucked her. This set the bound slave off her orgasm hitting her hard, the two teen tormentors carried on their assault of her pussy and ass, bringing her more and more pleasure, her orgasm completely taking over her body. The librarian eventually losing count of the number of orgasms she had passing out once more, the feeling of ecstasy too much for her to bear.

When the women finally came to, it was dark outside, the pale light of the moon shimmering out of the window and on to her skin; her binds untied her gag removed. Kelly looking at her, dark eyes alight with desire. "Well slave I think that's enough for one night, were off," Haley standing at her side, her arm wrapping around her own slaves waist.

"Wait mistress, please I don't even know your name," she said her eyes pleading with the teen dominatrix to stay.

Kelly slapped her across her face, "it's mistress to you whore," Kelly said, her face belaying her stern actions. "And don't worry slut will be back, any way I've got some friends who'd love a piece of your ass, I'll be sure to send them over."

"But you don't even know my name."

Kelly, looking deep into her eyes, "you don't have one whore, your just a slave girl," Kelly said with a slight smirk. And with that the two teens were gone. The next day the slave came home, from work desperate for her mistress, to come and abuse her once more, but there was no call. The next day she came home again, her mind now lost in lust as she longed to be taken once more. There was a knock on the door, she ran to it hoping for her mistress.

"Hi, Kelly said she had found a nice new slut," Amanda said as she walked in the door, the slave looking startled as the stranger walked in. "Here's the money, make sure Kelly gets it," Amanda said handing the slave a crisp twenty pound note.

"What," the slave said slight nervously.

"She said twenty pounds for a night with you, guess she hadn't told you, your being whored out slut now get on your knees." She dropped to her knees, seeing her mistress standing over her shoulder, in her minds eye, as she did as the stranger commanded. The slave was left the next the morning her body spent, after the long session of love making with Amanda, the thought of being whored out, both degusting and thrilling, as she went to work she wondered who would knock on her door tonight and what degenerate acts she would be forced to par take in and how much pleasure it would bring her.

More to Cum


Hope you all liked this part of the Kelly and Haley stories, please send me any feedback you have I always love to know what you all think, be it positive or negative. Lastly I wan to open up the stories somewhat, I want readers to send in suggestions for the librarian's future adventures, the more debauched and nasty the better, also if you want to write a story featuring the librarian e-mail me.

"I got a fever running in my blood, don't care if I'm misunderstood, I'm going to shot it up and take my high, I got a feeling it anit going to die, I got to fuck it up and mess around, I got a feeling it anit coming down, I don't care if this is hit or miss, cause when she kissed me it felt like the hit, come on."

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