tagFetishKelly and Lara

Kelly and Lara


The following is based on a true story. The names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.


Okay, so roughly a year ago, I went down to Tijuana with a buddy of mine with hopes of getting some hot Latina tail. I myself had just come out of a two year relationship (the bitch took an oath of abstinence and ended up shagging her goddamn psychology professor) so as you can imagine, I was frustrated, flustered and wanted nothing more than to stick my member into someone's quivering mound.

I brought my buddy, Jeff along with me. I hate going to these places alone and when you have a close friend with you, you can work as a team. So we get to Tijuana and we hit the clubs. Rejection after rejection. All the girls we talk to are either dykes, have boyfriends or are total bitches. Jeff mentioned to me in passing that I was perhaps trying too hard.

Okay, so at around 1am, we hit this quiet bar to take a break from it all (to drown my sorrows away). We sit there in this seedy bar, slamming down beers, eating peanuts and watching ESPN. At one point in the evening, Jeff wonders off... he just disappears. I had no idea where he went, I even began to think that maybe he had ditched me.

An hour passes and he finally shows up, telling me that he found two 'babes' that "wanted to party with us". Instantly I began thinking, 'my buddy hired some crusty middle aged hoars'. But I was wrong. In fact these girls were from the States and seemed to be hell bent on having a good time.

The blonde's name was Kelly and the brunette's name was Laura.

Kelly was a little shorter than me at 5'7. She was toned, had beautiful olive skin and bright blue eyes (so blue that it even seemed like she had no pigmentation.... but still pretty hot).

Jeff called 'dibs' on Laura, so I was stuck with Kelly.... Which was fine by me. Kelly was wearing a black leather mini, with a tight black tube top, showing off her flat stomach. She was amazing! She had a stomach like a swimmer, a diamond belly button ring and a lower back tattoo of a dragon.... She oooozed sex appeal and instantly, I was overcome with extreme shyness. She was so damn intimidating.

Laura was wearing a tight military singlet (showing off her bronzed muscular shoulders) and a short jean skirt. Clearly, Laura was much hotter. Laura had the body of a goddess, tanned, toned (in all the right places). She was a massive bitch, she towered over all of us, she was fucking tall. She had these long toned legs that just seemed to go on and on. She had a tattoo of a butterfly on her right shoulder blade and was wearing a pair of glasses on the night.

Jeff was a confident guy, he didn't seem at all intimidated by their oozing sexuality. He just dove right in, turning on the charm. In a way, he was talking me up to Kelly (given the fact that I was saying very little). In retrospect, he probably didn't need to. They were both very drunk and would have done anything he asked them to. We didn't have to work at it at all.

So, one thing led to another and we eventually ended up in their hotel room. Sitting around the television chatting. Jeff sat on one sofa with Laura. And I sat on the other sofa with Kelly.

We talked about bullshit basically, just to kill the silence in the room. Jeff turned the conversation around to sex and we all started talking about our former lovers and 'what turns us on' etc.. Jeff had quite a few stories, so did Kelly. Laura was reluctant to 'go into detail' telling us that she didn't want us to "think I'm a slut".... She probably was. It ended up being totally embarrassing for me though as, I didn't really have any sex stories at all. The last girl I had had sex with was my high school sweetheart and that was well over five years ago.....

When it finally came my turn to tell a 'sex story' I told them "a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell".... I think that comment earned a little respect from both of em. But Jeff knew the truth, I was inexperienced and shy.

Kelly was really into me, I could sense it. The way she was looking at me. The conversation eventually died and we just ended up looking at each other. It was awkward for a minute or two. I stared into Kelly's blue eyes. Oh my god! she was incredibly hot. That's when we heard smooching noises coming from the sofa adjacent to us.

I looked over at Jeff and Laura, only to see that they were locked in each others arms in a heavy make out session. I had never seen anything so incredibly erotic.

Before I could compose myself, Kelly leaped onto my lap and stuck her tongue as far down my throat as she could. This was paradise, it was the most erotic and sensual moment of my life. This is things you normally read about in penthouse forum. After twenty minutes of our make out session, Kelly stopped. She got up off me and stood before me, smiling devilishly.

I looked over at Jeff and there was Laura, already in that position: On her knees between his legs. That's when it struck me, they were going to blow us..... "OH GOD YES!!!!" I began thinking. Christ, I was so goddman excited that I almost busted in my pants. Kelly knelt down before me, smiling. She started rubbing my leg, she started licking her lips..... that's when we heard a freakish scream from Laura.

We both looked over, to see what the commotion was.

It was the size of Jeff's Johnson. I guess it startled her.

Jeff was.... well, he was blessed (in a manner of speaking). His cock was huge, at least eight inches long and as thick as a coke can. Laura could hardly contain herself. She started giggling in delight. Her excitement was heightened. I looked at Jeff, he was sitting back proudly, grinning from ear to ear. He knew what he had and he knew he was 'king dick'. He knew that both of the ladies would buckle at the knees and fall in admiration of it.

I must admit, I was feeling a little inadequate in comparison. Excitement was quickly replaced by fear and extreme nervousness. In compassion to my own member, the difference would be quite significant. Quite significant indeed. These feelings of inadequacy began racing through me and I felt my cock deflate and retract inside of me, like a frightened turtle. Talk about performance anxiety!

To my horror, Kelly was less interested in me and more interested in getting a closer look at my friends rock hard cock. She crawled away from me, over to Jeff, joining Laura between his legs. All I could do was sit there and watch with a knot in my stomach.

They were both in awe. 'ooing' and 'ahhing'. Kelly and Laura began whispering something to each other, this seemed to go on forever. This was followed by laughter, immature, nervous, girlish laughter. Laura reached out and grabbed a hold of Jeff's cock with both hands. Kelly reached out and grabbed the tip of his cock, slightly rubbing it. They were both looking up at him in admiration.

I sat there, powerless.

"You have a beautiful cock" Kelly complimented

"Cock of a god!" Laura added.

More laughter, nervous giggly laughter.

"Hey, you got your own cock to play with Kelly!" Laura protested.

I could tell that Kelly wanted to stay and 'play' with Jeff and Laura. "Awww! Come-on! there's more than enough cock for both of us!!" Kelly pouted. This was followed by more laughter. They all turned and looked at me.... I must've looked so pathetic! I had this sad look on my face, a look that said 'I have nothing to offer, I'm a looser'.

Perhaps feeling sorry for me, Kelly let go of Jeff's monster and slowly crawled over to me, between my legs.

Laura and Jeff resumed their 'private session'.

Kelly was fixated on me now. Although I was delighted that she'd turned her attention back to me, I was mortified about how small my flaccid member would be compared to Jeff's freakish erect monster.

Slowly she tugged at my zipper. "Lift your ass" she told me. I did as she requested. In one swift move, she grabbed a hold of my trousers and my shorts and yanked them down to my ankles.

She was speechless.... Her mood changed. She stared down at my boyish soft little pee pee for what seemed like an eternity. Then, slowly, she looked up at me.

I cant exactly describe the look on her face. She looked..... well, she looked pissed off. disappointed and angry. I myself was overcome with a sudden case of loss and shame, embarrassment and sorrow.

"Does it get bigger?" she asked me.

I looked down and to my horror, my 'little guy' was gone. In hiding. Lost in the thick nest of my pubic hair. My little pink cock tip, just jutting out, no bigger than a quarter. I must've looked so goddamn silly.

I looked up at her with pleading eyes. "I'm so sorry. Really I am."

Kelly sat back, folding her arms, impatient.

"So, does it get bigger?" she asked again, impatiently.

"Oh yeah, yes. Of course it does!" I reached down and began fondling myself in an attempt to crack a fat. I was pinching, tweaking, rubbing for all I was worth. She looked at me with obvious remorse; I could tell she felt sorry for me. But I could also tell that, where she once saw a man was now a little boy.

So there I was, my legs wide apart, rubbing my 1inch stub. I looked down at Kelly in desperation. She looked bored. Every so often she'd look over at Laura in jealousy. I must admit, I too was overcome with extreme jealousy. I wished I had a cock as big as Jeff's. It just wasn't fair.

So we were both staring at them in awe. Jeff had his eyes closed arms folded behind his head. All we could hear was 'slurp' 'slurp' 'slurp' 'slurp' as Laura was sucking him for all he was worth.

Laura had taken off her top, her firm little breasts jiggling as her head bobbed up and down.

'slurp' 'slurp' 'slurp' 'slurp' it wasn't fair. It just wasn't fair. I was trying hard to hold back the tears of shame and embarrassment.

I looked down at Kelly who was looking directly at my little pinky dink in disgust. That's when I asked her, "So... how bout helping me out?"

"Help you out? You think if I help you out, you'll grow eight times bigger?" she said coldly.

"Well, how about you take off your top. Show me those beautiful breasts?" I pleaded with her.

"I don't think so." She said coldly.

"But, but, Laura has her top off..." I protested.

I looked over at Laura and Jeff. Laura was attempting to deep throat him! I couldn't believe it! 'slurp' 'gag' 'slurp' 'gag' 'slurp' 'gag' 'slurp' There were both looking deep into each others eyes. Lost in their own world. Jeff was smiling down at her, proudly as if to say 'good girl, take it, take it all'.

I couldn't believe it! She actually managed to get all of his 'man meat' down the back of her throat. She came up for air, coughing. "Good girl" Jeff said, smugly. This caused her to nervously break out into laughter. After she composed herself, she resumed her 'suck job' "Oh yeah! I swear, you're like a fucking hoover! Keep going!" Jeff said.

This incredible sight soon took it's toll and I found myself, sprouting a modest little erection once more. I began thinking that maybe I'd get laid tonight after all! I looked over at Kelly..... but her eyes were fixated on Laura and Jeff.

"Kelly look!" I said to get her attention, "I've sprung to life!!! See?" I was excited, excited that I'd managed to crack a fat under such pressure. I sat there proudly. But she took one look at me and...

She started smiling. Almost mocking me, she said "wow, that's somethin."

Now, I know I'm not a big guy down there but.... that's just mean. My pick stood proudly at just under four inches. It wasn't as long as Jeff's, nor was it as thick.... Nor did it have a darkish tanned brownish colour. Instead, my dicklet was a very light pinkish colour.

She stared at me for a minute. Not saying anything, she sat there with that evil grin on her face.

"So..... how about it?" I asked in desperation.

"How about what?" she said on the verge of laughter.

"How about.... you know? Sucky, sucky?...... you know? A blow job?" I asked.

She started giggling. "Oh, you want me to blow you huh?" she said.

With that she leaned in and literally.... blew me. She blew air on my erect little member. Although it felt fantastic, I was hoping she'd actually give me a fellatio.

I then realised that, yes, she was indeed fucking with me. "God," Kelly started to say "You must never get laid." "Not very often," I admitted

Before I could compose myself she burst out into laughter. Laughter from within, laughter from deep down in her belly. Her face literally went red as he pointed at me and continued to laugh and laugh.

"Laura! Get a load of this guy! Look at it!!! Look!!" Kelly yelled out. Laura and Jeff stoped what they were doing and looked over at me.

Laura also couldn't believe it. She too started laughing at my expense.

It was so incredibly emasculating: Laura on her knees, holding a massive cock with both hands, laughing at my little prick. Jeff shook his head, chuckling "Oh dude! Damn" was all he could say, with his huge pole still being stroked by Laura.

"Is that as big as it gets, I mean is he fully hard?" Laura asked.

Before I could answer Kelly responded by saying "I think so, it's got no more skin left." At that moment, I just wanted to crawl under the rug and die. Then Laura said something that shook me to my very core.

"Come sit next to Jeff," Laura commanded. "I want to see them next to each other" She added.

In utter humiliation, I cupped my crotch and squeezed my legs together. Kelly would have none of it, she pushed my hands out of the way. She then stood up, towering over me.

Kelly then grabbed my dicklette, and pulled me up by it saying "Come on little man, we all have seen your tater tot already, what does it matter now?"

She pushed me down on the sofa, next to Jeff.

Kelly said to Laura, "Okay, now you've had your fun! It's time for me to enjoy a real man." Kelly forced herself between Jeff's legs, pushing Laura out of the way. Laura began to protest, "Hey! No fair! I was here first!"

I felt horrible, no one wanted me at all. Jeff was loving the attention, he started chuckling at my predicament, "girls, there's enough cock for both of you." This caused them to all burst out into laughter.

Upon removing her top, Kelly eagerly went to work on Jeff's massive cock, 'slurp' 'slurp' 'slurp' up and down, up and down she eagerly sucked..... Laura stood there, watching her, grinning, "You're a cock sucking whore!" she laughed, cheering her on.

Laura turned to look at me. I sat there, feeling every little bit helpless and hopeless. Perhaps she felt sorry for me, because next thing I know, Laura is coming in close to me, sitting between my legs.

She reached out and grabbed a hold of my stiff little prick, holding it with her index finger and thumb. "You poor guy! Rock hard! I can't believe it."

Laura was in control now, she looked up at me smiling devilishly. "Can I ask you a question?" she said to me "I guess so." I said, looking over at Jeff's huge dick being worshipped by Kelly, wishing mine was big and strong and manly.

"Do you think your dick gives women any pleasure?" I had had enough of this humiliation. "Please stop this. Its not funny!" I stammered. Laura giggled and kept on tugging on my dicklet. "Just answer the question!"

I sighed, knowing she had me right where she wanted. "No!" She laughed, "No!?" I hesitated, "No! I'm small, I have a little dick"

"awww" she said, mocking me.

She then took my tiny cock completely in her mouth, my little ding-dong was screaming with pleasure, and I kept looking at Jeff's massive veiny penis as Kelly engulfed it.

I whimpered in pleasure, "yikes! Oh my god! Yes!"

Kelly started laughing, with Jeff's cock still in her mouth. That was harsh. Very mean.

Laura took my mini hard-on out of her mouth and said to Kelly "I can fit his whole dick in my mouth, no problem, it's so small."

"Pathetic!" she said to herself.

Laura reached over and with her left hand, she joined Kelly in worshiping Jeff's cock. They were both tugging him, for all he was worth: tugging him with three hands.

Of course, she kept on playing with my dick also: only with two fingers. But all of her attention was on Jeff. She was looking up at him in admiration, they both were. I started to feel like the 'third wheel'. If I wasn't there, it wouldn't make any difference. If I got up and left, no one would have noticed.

I watched the girls playing with his huge tool, every so often, Laura would look at my tiny package with a slight grin.

Then that moment came. The moment where I suddenly felt weak at my knees. The whole scene had taken its toll on my ability 'keep it together'. But I couldn't help it. I started to spurt as Laura continued jerking me. She didn't notice as first, until my warm semen started dribbling over her hand.

Noticing this, she looked at me in disgust, "Ugh! Geez!, you came from a hand-job"

She shook her head in disappointment and turned her full attention to Jeff.

The two girls continued sucking and kissing his massive cock .... until his gigantic dick finally came, almost ten minutes later, plastering their pretty faces with streams of white thick semen.

I assumed the party was over for both of us... to my utter embarrassment: Laura turned to me and said "You can go now. The three of us are gonna have a party and sorry, you're not invited little man. Sorry. Don't let the door hit you on your way out."

True story.... Well, sort of.

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