tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKelly and the Nerds Ch. 01

Kelly and the Nerds Ch. 01


Kelly stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. She dabbed the towel across her young firm body. Her blonde hair was wet and sticking to the tops of her breasts. They were pretty breasts, not incredibly large but very plump and firm. Since they were only 18 yr old breasts they also stood up nicely on their own. Kelly lifted them and looked in the mirror. She did like them, she was very proud of them. They had served her well in high school. They looked especially nice in a cheerleader sweater. She remembered seeing the faces as she cheered. She loved it when they watched her.

She dried her hair a little bit with the towel and then wrapped it over her head in a "girl turban". She looked at her body. She ran her hands over her nipples and felt them harden. She moved down her tight tummy and then over her powerful thighs. She was in very good shape, she worked very hard at her cheering, she had to if she was going to make the college team.

She was very nervous about that, the tryouts were in a couple of weeks and she would die if she didn't make it. She had been at college for three weeks and she felt invisible. Yes, she was a pretty girl and got lots of looks but everyone around here acted like she didn't exist. She was not used to this, she had been the "queen" in high school. Head cheerleader, prom queen, you name it and she was it. Kelly had gotten quite used to being the queen and was struggling with the whole "lowly freshman" thing. She desperately needed to have that kind of status again but she was having trouble getting in with the cool crowd. Hell, she was having trouble even figuring out where the cool crowd was around here.

She would have never chosen this college for herself but she did get a full ride for her grades. She was a smart girl and had no problem with academics, even though she was so totally not interested. She laughed as she thought about all the kids who busted their ass to get a B and she would coast in without studying and whip out an A without even trying. The short skirts and clingy tops helped but not many people realized she was also incredibly smart. She knew no one here at this school. Her roommate, Amanda, seemed very nice and she had proven to be very valuable so far. That's how she got the invite to the party, after all.

The party was going to be at Ryan Patrick's house. She didn't know him but she had seen him and he was gorgeous. Not only was he gorgeous but he was president of the most prestigious fraternity on campus. She had also heard his parents were loaded. She was very excited to go to this party, maybe she would finally get in with the "in" crowd and get noticed. She felt a little tingle in her thighs and ran her fingers over her smooth crotch. She felt her little nub and shivered a little as she touched it. Her body was quivering and she thought she might have to relieve herself before she left tonight or she may not be able to focus. Maybe this would be the night? Maybe she would finally meet the guy who was worthy to take her cherry. Yes, her body was pure, not so much because of any high moral values but more because she had not found a suitable high school boy she thought deserved it. Could Ryan be the one? She closed her eyes and pinched her little clit.

"Kelly, you gonna take forever in there?" She heard her roommate's voice.

Her eyes popped open and she grabbed her robe. Amanda seemed really cool. She was also a junior which Kelly liked. She already knew a lot about the school and was proving to be very useful in her quest to be noticed. She was not as pretty as Kelly but incredibly cute and perky.

"Sorry, I just got out of the shower, I'm coming out." Kelly responded, a little disoriented.

"Thanks, honey, I have to pee really bad." Amanda answered.

Kelly wrapped the robe around her pulsing body and opened the door. Amanda was standing there in her black lace bra and panties. Well, bra yes, but those panties were not much more than a little patch of cloth as Kelly stared at her roommate.

"What were you doing in there, rubbing one out?" Amanda said and giggled.

Fear ripped through Kelly as Amanda pushed her aside and pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet. Kelly noticed that she was shaved also, well, if she was going to wear such small panties she had better. Kelly heard her clear her throat and looked at her.

"I love you baby, but do you mind?" Amanda said.

Kelly realized she was still standing in the doorway and staring as Amanda was trying to go to the bathroom.

"Oh, I am so sorry." Kelly said, a little panicked, and closed the door.

Amanda smiled and shook her head. Freshman, she thought, and smiled again. She did like Kelly, she was drop dead gorgeous and Amanda liked the looks she got when she was walking with her. She knew they were looking at Kelly but she didn't care, she had a good imagination. She also liked how Kelly was so naïve, she thought she was so cool and sophisticated but she had freshman pasted across her pretty forehead and everyone could see it. Her bladder opened and she closed her eyes in pure relief.

Kelly pulled a set of white lace panties and bra out of her drawer. They were small and sheer and very lacy. The bra also pushed her breasts up a bit and made them look even bigger. She slipped the panties up her long legs and noticed that she still had a little tan as the white material slid up her thighs. The material was sheer but she still couldn't see her pussy. She was not a slut, after all. She slid the bra on and snapped the front clasp. She arranged her boobs a little and looked in the mirror. She loved her breasts. She giggled and went to her closet.

She flipped through some dresses. It was a little hot tonight so it would have to be something light. She also wanted to make an impression so it had to be something cute. She saw her yellow sundress and her eyes lit up. She loved that dress, it was short but not slutty short. It allowed a small glimpse of thigh, kinda like a teaser. It had wide shoulder straps but the v-neck fell exactly in the perfect spot for her body. You could see a glimpse of cleavage but not too much. She slipped the dress over her arms and it slid easily over her tight body. She spun around and loved the way the skirt flared a little. She looked very cute, she thought of Ryan and she took a deep breath. Was she really ready? What if he saw her and was all over her? Was she ready to give herself to him? She got a little nervous but then the tingle in her crotch gave her the answer.

The bathroom door opened and Amanda walked out. Kelly looked over.

"You are so fucking cute. I could just eat you up." Amanda said and giggled.

Kelly froze, was Amanda gay? What did she mean by that? Oh shit, she had never even thought of that. There were no gay people in her small town, well, none that she knew of.

"Relax baby, I'm not going to jump you. A little homophobe there?" Amanda said, a little sarcastically.

Kelly was speechless, she just looked at Amanda. She had reacted a little too much at her statement and now she felt like she had hurt Amanda's feelings.

"I'm not gay either. But if you walk around too much looking like that I may have to think about it." Amanda said and smiled.

Kelly's eyes opened wide again and Amanda laughed.

"You are such a freshman, calm down. Don't tell me you have never played around with another girl." Amanda said.

Kelly hadn't ever done anything with another girl and really hadn't even considered it. She knew a lot of her girlfriends had played around but she was never in that situation. She got more nervous as Amanda started walking towards her. Amanda stopped in front of her and put her hands on both sides of Kelly's head. She felt her pushing her blonde hair over her right ear.

"So innocent, you are really a marvel. I didn't think there were any more of you around. You aren't a virgin too, are you?" Amanda said and ran her finger across Kelly's cheek.

Kelly nodded her head.

"Oh my God, you have got to be kidding me. How did you manage that looking like this?" Amanda said and pulled back a little to look at Kelly.

Kelly shrugged her shoulders. Amanda moved closer and kissed Kelly on the forehead and she felt a little shiver run through her body. Amanda kissed the tip of her nose and then brushed her lips across Kelly's. Kelly's heart felt like it stopped and then Amanda kissed her a little harder. Kelly opened her mouth slightly from instinct and Amanda's tongue slipped into her mouth. She felt Amanda touch her own tongue and her instincts took over. They wrapped their tongues around each other and then Amanda pulled back. Kelly stood there in shock.

"You are so much fun to play with." Amanda laughed and walked past her, slapping her tight butt as she moved past.

Kelly didn't know what to do, she had always felt like she was in total control of all situations. That's what a queen was supposed to do. But now she was standing in her dorm room in shock. She had really enjoyed that kiss. Was she a lesbian? Her mind was racing in all directions.

Amanda walked out of the bathroom, totally dressed. Kelly snapped out of her trance and wondered how she had missed seeing her get dressed. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a tight button up shirt. Kelly could see a nice cleavage shot over the two open buttons. Kelly thought she looked incredibly cute. Shit! She was looking at another girl and thinking she was cute. Maybe she was gay? Kelly's thoughts started flying around again.

"C'mon, freshman, let's get out of here. It's time to party." Amanda said and opened the door.

Ryan Patrick walked through the living room. The party was kicking up, the house was about half full and the scenery was improving quickly. The women were hot and the skin was showing. He loved college. He looked around and wondered which of these lovelies would be spreading her legs for him in a few hours. He loved this part of the evening, like a kid in a candy store. A pretty little brunette smiled at him. What was her name again? He thought she looked familiar, had he fucked her before? He would have to go find out, he didn't like to retrace his steps, there was way too much fresh pussy around for that.

Ryan saw Gordon and Doug enter the room and he walked over to them. They were looking around like they had never seen so many women in one place. He laughed, they were such dorks but he liked them. They were brilliant and he did like the grades he got when they wrote his papers. He knew they were looking to score tonight but he could not imagine any of these girls agreeing to hook up with either of them. That's why he had the pills, he had promised them some pussy if they delivered his term paper on Christianity in the Middle Ages. They had delivered and he would too. He touched the pills in his shirt pocket and approached the two nerds.

"Gordon, Doug, glad you could come. Welcome." Ryan said and high-fived each of them.

Ryan heard the giggles behind him. He knew everyone was amazed that he even talked to these two but he was confident and secure enough in his status that everyone actually considered it charity work and that made him compassionate as well as cool. He whispered in Gordon's ear.

"So, any of these honeys interest you yet?" Ryan said and laughed.

"Holy shit, they are all gorgeous." Gordon stammered and pushed up his frame glasses.

"But we don't have a shot with any of these girls." Doug said.

Ryan looked at Doug. The poor guy had glasses so thick his eyes looked huge. He did feel a little sorry for them because Doug was right. He smiled and was glad he thought to bring the pills. He never welched on a promise. Now he just needed to figure out which girl he wouldn't feel too bad about delivering to them.

"Buddy, don't you worry. I promised you some pussy and you will get it tonight." Ryan said softly.

Gordon and Doug bounced a little and adjusted their pants. Ryan turned to see the cute little brunette looking at him again.

"Guys, mill about and I will catch up with you later. Try to score a little action on your own and if you need help I will step in." Ryan said and patted Gordon on the shoulder.

"Thanks Ryan, you are great." Gordon said.

Turns out he hadn't fucked the little brunette. She was a freshman but he had fucked her older sister. That was why she looked so familiar. He looked at her pretty face and perky little boobs pushing on her halter top. She would do just fine and he felt his cock shiver as he imagined getting between her legs. She giggled at a not-so-funny joke and her boobs jiggled. Yes, she would do just fine.

Kelly walked on the sidewalk up to the house and concentrated hard on not falling off her yellow heels. She didn't wear heels too often but she liked the way her legs looked when she did so she made the sacrifice. She could hear the music coming from the house and she could feel herself getting excited. Amanda opened the door and waved her in. Kelly stepped into the foyer of a beautiful home and was amazed as she looked around at all the beautiful furniture and walls. She would love to live in a house this beautiful. She felt someone touch her shoulder and she looked down.

"Freshman, can you try and act a little like you belong here?" Amanda said .

Crap! She was acting like a complete idiot. She looked quickly around and hoped no one had noticed her yet. She didn't think so and she smiled back at Amanda.

"Sorry." She whispered.

"Don't worry about it. C'mon, I'll introduce you to Ryan." Amanda said and grabbed her hand.

Kelly tried to protest but she was being pulled through the room towards a group of people. Amanda stopped next to an absolutely gorgeous guy and Kelly froze. She tried to breathe slowly. The guy was talking to a cute, dark-haired girl and she was laughing.

"Ryan?" Amanda said and the boy turned.

"Mandy, how are you?" Ryan said and hugged her.

Kelly saw his hands grab Amanda's ass and squeeze. He lifted her off the ground and then put her down, running his hands up her sides and then to the side of her face. He held her face and kissed her gently on the lips. Kelly felt her thighs tingle again, he was so hot.

"Ryan, I want you to meet my roommate Kelly." Amanda said as she caught her breath.

Ryan looked at her and Kelly saw his face light up. He took her hand and kissed it lightly. Kelly saw the dark-haired girl's face turn evil. She looked back at Ryan.

"Wonderful to meet you, sweet Kelly." Ryan said in a smooth voice as he immediately thought of what her pretty face would look like with his cock stuck in it.

Yes, this girl was entirely fuckable. He wondered if he should change his plans for the night. The brunette was cute but this girl was breathtaking. He glanced down and saw her boobs. Yes, breathtaking. He looked back up at her face.

"You are quite a treasure." Ryan said and Kelly felt her breath stick in her throat.

"Ok, stud. Back off and let the girl walk around a little while before you put her over your shoulder." Amanda said and pushed Ryan.

Kelly wondered what it would be like for him to carry her over his shoulder. Kinda taken, like a caveman. She thought that would be lovely.

"I am sorry, I was just taken aback by her beauty." Ryan said a little sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah, drop the lines. C'mon Kelly, let's go find something to drink." Amanda said and took her hand.

Amanda pulled her away and she looked back at Ryan. He was looking at her and just over his shoulder the cute little brunette was shooting daggers out of her eyes. Amanda pulled her around the corner.

"Kelly, you need to watch him." Amanda said.

"No problem, he will be fun to watch." Kelly said and giggled.

"No, idiot, be careful or you will be on our back with your panties hanging off your ankle before you know what hit you." Amanda said.

Kelly saw that image flash across her brain and she felt her crotch get a little warmer.

"Honey, you really don't want to give it up to that whore. That guy has probably fucked every girl in this house." Amanda said and Kelly saw the look of real concern in her eyes.

"Everyone?" Kelly said slowly.

"Yes, everyone." Amanda said and pulled her towards the kitchen.

Amanda had fucked Ryan? Holy shit, she would have to find out about that. They walked into the kitchen and a group of guys were gathered around the keg. They all looked at them as they walked up.

"Guys, can we get a beer?" Amanda said.

"I don't know, what do you think fellas? Keg stand?" One of the guys said to the others and the group cheered.

"C'mon guys, we're wearing skirts." Amanda said in a pleading voice.

"Exactly." The guy answered.

"Aw fuck, fine, pour us four cups." Amanda said and walked up next to the keg.

Kelly watched as they filled four cups and placed them on the table. Then she saw two guys surround Amanda and lift her up over the keg. They turned her upside down and the first guy put the spigot in her mouth. Kelly saw their hands on her thighs and shoulders. Amanda was holding onto the sides of the keg. The first guy pushed the button and the crowd started counting. They got to 8 before Amanda pulled her mouth off and the guys lowered her to the ground, their hands sliding up her thighs and pushing up her skirt. Kelly could see some of the beer had gotten in her hair. Amanda slapped their hands away and reached for the beers but the guys stepped in front of her.

"Hey, I did a keg stand, now give us our beers." Amanda said, irritated.

"Her too." They said and pointed at Kelly.

Her heart stopped and she started shaking her head.

"C'mon guys, she's just a freshman, cut her some slack." Amanda said.

"Then she needs to start practicing." They said.

Kelly saw Amanda walk over to her and stand in front of her.

"Honey, it will be fine. They are harmless. Just drink as much as you can and then pull away. They won't push it." Amanda whispered.

Kelly looked at the guys and then back at Amanda. She wanted them to think she was cool so she stepped up to the keg and smiled. The guys cheered. She felt hands on her thighs and then she was lifted up. They held her shoulders and tilted her. She grabbed the sides of the keg and then panicked as she felt her dress slide down.

She let go with her left hand to try and push it back. The spigot was pushed into her mouth and she felt the beer stat to flow. She moved her left hand back to the keg to get her balance and then her dress fell to the middle of her back.

She tried to drink as fast as she could and heard cheering and counting. They were cheering for her. She didn't notice that her dress had now fallen to her shoulders, helped along by a friendly hand and her little white panties were on display in the middle of the kitchen. She felt them spreading her legs slightly but she kept drinking, determined to prove herself to them. She started feeling dizzy and tried to pull her mouth away. The spigot stayed in until she pulled away hard and felt a surge of beer hit her on the cheek.

They seemed to keep her upside down for an inordinate amount of time and then they lowered her slowly. She felt her heels hit the tile floor and her legs wobbled a little. She steadied herself and then realized her dress was bunched up under her arms, held there by the two guys. She looked around and saw the stares and heard the cheering and pulled it down quickly. Amanda took her hand and pulled her away from the guys. She felt a cold cup of beer put in each hand and followed Amanda out of the room as the cheering continued.

Gordon saw her first and hit Doug in the arm. Doug looked to see an absolutely perfect girl walk into the room. She was blonde and her hair was cascading across her shoulders. Her boobs were pressing the top of her dress and her legs were perfect. Doug felt his erection hit full mast as she walked past. He looked at Gordon.

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