tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKelly and the Nerds Ch. 02

Kelly and the Nerds Ch. 02


(This is part two of a series and will make much more sense if you read them in order.)


Ryan looked at the blonde and marveled at her perfection. Gordon and Doug were going to owe him a few school papers for this. He glanced over her shoulder and the little brunette looked like a demon. Her eyes were thin slits and her mouth was tight. He smiled at her and he saw her relax a bit. Yes, he was going to do her hard tonight but he knew he would be seeing the pretty face of this blonde as he fucked her.

"Ryan, where is your bathroom?" Amanda said and broke the awkward silence.

"Down the hallway on the left." Ryan said.

"Thanks, c'mon Kelly" Amanda said and grabbed Kelly's hand.

Kelly felt herself being pulled down the hall and then they scrambled into the bathroom. Amanda closed the door and Kelly leaned against it. Amanda pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties and sat down. Kelly heard the tinkle of the water.

"Kelly, you really have to be careful with Ryan." Amanda said.

"Why? He is so hot." Kelly said.

"Yes, he is hot but he's a dick. You are just a piece of meat to him. You will have a great night and then he will forget about you. You don't want that." Amanda said.

Kelly tried to clear her head and listen. She felt herself relaxing and thought about what Amanda said. Did she really want to give it up to Ryan? It would make her popular or would it? Would she be better off teasing him and making him chase her? Would that make her more popular as the girl who didn't fall right into bed with Ryan? Hmm, she thought about that and then felt the intense need to pee hit her.

"Shit, Amanda, I gotta go bad." Kelly said and put her hand over her pussy.

Amanda stood up and pulled up her panties.

"All yours, honey." Amanda said and flushed.

Kelly jumped over the toilet, ripped her panties down and sat down just in time before her bladder started to empty.

"That cheap beer they have goes right through you." Amanda said and laughed.

Kelly wasn't sure if she had ever felt such pleasure as she felt her bladder empty. She stood up and pulled up her panties. She was starting to feel a little dizzy. She would have to hold off on the beer.

Amanda fixed her hair and then opened the door, pulling Kelly out. They walked back into the room and saw Ryan talking to the cute brunette again. She was laughing and he had his hand on her back. Kelly felt a little tinge of jealousy and then Amanda's warning made sense. Ryan had felt her bare ass minutes before and now he was on to the next girl in the time it took her to pee. He was a whore and now she knew how she would use him. She loved teasing, it came so easy. She caught his eye for a second and then looked back to Amanda. The game begins, she thought.

Gordon thought a walk in the fresh air would help him but he was wrong. He watched the blonde bitch walk back into the room and his fury returned. She was laughing and tossing her hair. It brought back horrible memories from high school and how all the "pretty" girls laughed at him. Yeah, until they needed him, then he was their best friend. Well, for a little while until they finished using him and then the laughter was back. He stared at the blonde girl. Yes, he would make her pay tonight, he would make them all pay.

"Gordon, you want another beer?" Doug asked.

"Yeah, thanks." Gordon answered and felt his anger drop a bit.

He had to be careful and focus his feelings. He was mad but only at her, he had to remember that. He turned and took the glass of beer from Doug. There really were a lot of pretty girls around here as he noticed the girl in the red dress walk by. Her breasts were huge, he wasn't sure if she even had a face.

"Holy Christ, those are humongous. I would love to see them. You sure about the blonde?" Doug said, confident that that was a silly question.

"Yes, they are humongous, and yes, I am sure. Maybe next time buddy, I am sure she will be around. We do have four more years of this." Gordon said and smiled at Doug.

Doug smiled back and felt his cock harden when he thought of four years of looking at girls like this. This was going to be fun.

"True, my friend." Doug said and lifted his glass.

Ryan walked back into the room and saw Gordon and Doug. He had to get this over with, he wanted to bury his cock into the brunette soon. If he did it soon enough he may be able to recover to nail another girl before the night was through.

"Hey guys." Ryan said and walked close to them, whispering.

"Listen, I am going to get her outside. She is going to start getting dizzy soon. When that happens I will set her down in a lounge by the pool and come back into the house. You guys have about 20 minutes to get her away from there before she is out completely. You can use the pool house." Ryan whispered to them.

"What do you mean by completely?" Gordon asked.

"I gave her enough to pretty much knock her out. The stuff affects people differently but she is pretty little so it will probably wipe her out. Once she gets dizzy though she will pretty much do whatever you say. Get her away from the pool and she is all yours." Ryan said.

Doug's cock almost exploded out of his pants and Gordon got an evil smile on his face.

"Got it captain and thank you Ryan." Gordon said.

"You guys owe me huge, she is prime." Ryan said.

"No problem." Gordon responded.

Doug knew he would be writing a few papers to pay for this girl but he looked at her again and decided it would be well worth it. Ryan walked away from them and Gordon and Doug left the house out the back door.

Kelly's head was still swirling. Fuck, she thought, that bourbon was kicking her ass. She was still standing but she was having trouble making out the conversation. She felt an arm on her back and looked up to see Ryan. He was still gorgeous and she giggled.

"How are you doing, sweetie." Ryan whispered in her ear and slid his hand over her ass.

Kelly giggled and felt his hand. She pushed back a little and he squeezed. Her head was foggy but she could feel this.

"Do you want to come outside and get some air?" Ryan whispered in her ear.

How did he know she needed some air? He was a mindreader too as well as being the hottest guy in the world?

"Yeah, I do need to clear my head. I think that depth charge is wiping me out." Kelly said to him.

"Yeah, they have a tendency to do that, especially your first one." He said and bit her ear gently.

Kelly felt and heard herself moan when he bit her ear. This guy was good. She hadn't even realized he was squeezing her ass. She felt him take her hand and she followed him out of the room. She looked back to see Amanda frowning at her.

The cool night air was refreshing to Kelly and cleared her head a little. The pool was gorgeous, there were a lot of people around it. Kelly noticed the pool light was on and the water looked beautiful. She felt a hand on her back leading her towards a lounge. She turned to see Ryan's face just inches from hers. He kissed her and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. His tongue gently roamed her mouth and his hands squeezed her ass. She could feel her dress pulling up in the back as he hugged her. She didn't care where she was, she was totally into him and whatever he wanted to do with her. He broke the kiss and looked at her.

Ryan could not believe how hot this girl was and yet so innocent and naïve. She was truly a freshman and normally one of his favorite types of snacks. Those guys were going to owe him huge for this one.

"How are you feeling now, sweetie?" Ryan asked her.

Kelly's eyes opened and she saw Ryan in front of her.

"I feel great." She said, her words starting to slur a little.

Ryan knew he had to hurry. She would not last much longer. He placed her down on the lounge and she leaned back. He looked down to see a perfect pair of thighs as her sundress pulled up a little. He pushed it up even further so her entire thighs were on display. He noticed a couple of the guys looking. He knew they would do nothing more than look, as far as they were concerned she was his. It was good to be king.

"Baby girl, you wait right here. I will be right back." Ryan whispered to her.

"Ok, don't be long." Kelly said and stretched her arms over her head.

Ryan shook his head and walked back to the deck. The crowd around the pool was suddenly very aware of the cute blonde on the lounge. The guys could only imagine the fun Ryan was going to have nailing her tonight and the girls all wished they were her right now. Ryan hurried to the deck and saw Gordon and Doug waiting.

"Guys, you have to be quick, she is fading fast. Go and tell her you are there to bring her to me. You can use the pool house. Remember the light switches are on the right as you go in. Turn them both on and you will have heat." Ryan said.

Ryan was barely finished talking before the two guys were on their way. He chuckled a little at them and wished them luck. He turned to go and find the little freshman brunette. He needed some pussy soon.

Gordon looked down at the lovely blonde. God, she was perfect. He saw her boobs rising and falling slowly as they pushed the fabric of her dress. Most of her thighs were showing as her dress had pulled way up and they were one of the greatest things he had ever seen. They were tan and smooth but they also looked firm and powerful. He could not wait to touch them but he knew he needed to be patient. He kneeled next to her ear.

"Honey, you have to get up. Ryan is waiting for you." He whispered in her ear.

Kelly heard a whisper and opened her eyes. She saw a guy she didn't recognize but he had said something about Ryan.

"Ryan, where?" She mumbled.

"We will take you to him." Gordon said and grabbed her hand.

Kelly looked at the guy holding her hand and smiled.

"Thank you. You are very sweet." She said and Gordon felt his cock fill with blood and get rock hard.

Kelly swung her legs over the edge of the lounge and tried to stand up. She felt really woozy. She would have to remember to avoid those depth charges in the future. She felt a hand on her back, stopping her from falling back on the lounge. The hand pushed her up and then she felt it slide around her waist. She looked at the guy again.

"Thank you again." She said.

"No problem, sweetheart. Can you walk?" Gordon said.

"Sure, I can walk anywhere with you." Kelly said and giggled.

Gordon took a deep breath and fought back the urge to drop this girl and fuck her right here.

"Here we go." Gordon said and started walking her towards the pool house.

Kelly walked along with the guy, oblivious to anyone else around her. He was taking her to Ryan. She wondered if he was going to take her cherry. Would she become a woman tonight? She did not know how right she was.

Gordon saw the pool house off in the dark. There was a small light next to the door. He led the girl, she was walking pretty good but she was still stumbling occasionally.

"Doug, go get the door." Gordon ordered.

Doug scampered ahead and pushed open the door. Gordon looked back and no one was paying them any attention. He was amazed how all of these people couldn't care less about this kind of situation. Ryan had a great group of friends but right now he didn't care. He looked down and saw her boobs bouncing beneath her dress. He could not wait to get into the pool house.

Doug watched Gordon move the girl though the door and then hit both of the light switches. He saw the room light up and what did Ryan say about that second light? Oh yeah, the heat. He thought that was a little strange and would be very surprised to know that that switch turned on the video camera not the heat.

He closed the door as they went through. He saw Gordon drop the girl on the bed. Her body hit and bounced slightly, her breasts jiggling and her legs falling free. She lay there very still as Doug stared at her perfect thighs and the small white patch of panty he could see under her dress.

Gordon stepped back to look at her. They were going to have a good time tonight. He saw her eyes flutter a little and try to open. She looked at him and he saw her trying to focus. He smiled at her.

"Are you ready to get fucked tonight, baby girl?" He said to her.

He saw the quick look of panic cross her face and her eyes flutter again. He knelt down next to her head.

"We are going to fuck you six ways to Sunday and you can't do anything about it. What do you think about that?" Gordon said in a soft voice.

Kelly heard something about Sunday and wondered when Ryan was going to get here. She was very tired, maybe she would take a little nap and wait for him. She closed her eyes and the room went dark and silent.

Doug walked over to the bed and sat down. Gordon was staring at her.

"So Gordon, what do we do now?" Doug said.

"Anything we want buddy." Gordon said and smiled.

Doug looked down at her again and he knew he needed to touch those boobs. He reached out and pressed gently. They were really soft and he grabbed a handful of her right boob. It felt so full and firm. He had never had anything so lovely in his hands before. He squeezed again then started to massage it slowly. He noticed her dress had a bunch of buttons down the front. Two of them were undone and the rest looked they were pretty much decoration and had never been undone. He reached down and started to loosen them. Each button revealed more and more of a beautiful white lace bra. He was amazed, most white bras looked boring but this one was incredible. It was bright white with lace all over it. The cup was sheer as he could make out a darkness that he knew was her nipple. He loosened the last button and opened the dress.

Gordon watched Doug undo the front of her dress. He saw him open the dress and her entire bra was visible in addition to a little bit of smooth skin beneath the bra. He sat on the bed and touched her skin above her left bra cup. It was warm and smooth and so fucking soft. He pushed on it and then ran his hand across the top of her chest. He had never felt anything so wonderful. He ran his hand up to her shoulder and then under her dress strap. He pushed it over her shoulder easily and then down her arm. He lifted her arm and pulled it through the strap. He took her soft hand and admired her fingers. They were little and delicate. She had on light pink nail polish and it was perfect. He would enjoy getting a picture of this hand around his cock later. His pants got a little tighter.

Doug watched his friend pull her dress strap off her left arm. He pulled the right one down the same way and now her dress was bunched up at her waist. Her stomach was very pretty. He ran his hand over it and pushed the dress down farther and saw her little bellybutton. He put his finger in it and then around it slowly. Her stomach was firm and tight. He loved that, he hated that little bulge of fat a lot of the girls walked around with nowadays. Some guys thought it was sexy but he preferred a tight, firm stomach, just like this goddess in front of him at the moment.

Gordon watched Doug feel her stomach and then reached out and grabbed her left boob. It was incredible. The lace felt wonderful and her breast felt big and firm in his hand. He had to touch the bare skin. He noticed the bra had a front clasp and he touched it. He ran his fingers over the clasp and thought of a gate to heaven. He remembered something and looked at Doug.

"Doug, do you have your cell phone?" Gordon asked. Doug's concentration was broken as he rubbed his hand across a perfect tummy.

"Huh?" He stammered.

"Do you have your cell phone? We need to get some pictures of this." Gordon said.

Doug reached into his pocket, his hard cock making it difficult, and pulled out his new phone. It had a billion megapixel camera and he was dying to see what kind of resolution he was going to get. This was a perfect test case. He lifted it and snapped a picture of her perfect chest.

Gordon slipped his finger under the clasp and opened it slowly. The bra loosened and pulled back, resting loosely across her chest. Gordon picked up the edge of the left cup and pulled it off slowly like a Christmas present. He watched her skin appear and then he saw the darkness of her nipple appear. The nipple was small but it was beautiful. He pulled the rest of the cup off and looked her breast. He touched the nipple gently and felt it respond. It grew a little and the rubbed it more. The nipple hardened immediately from the stimulation and he was amazed. He heard a small moan from her.

Doug looked as he heard the moan. Her head was moving slightly but her eyes were closed. She looked like she was dreaming. He snapped another picture. He reached out and unwrapped his side of the present and now he was looking at two of the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. He had seen lots in movies and books and a couple of times live but they were fleeting. Yes, these were the best he had ever seen. They were not humongous but definitely big enough. The little nipples sat high and he reached out to touch her right breast. He felt it respond under his finger and the pinched it. It hardened quickly and she moaned again.

Gordon stood up and unsnapped his pants. He had to get his cock inside this beauty soon and he didn't really care what hole. He ripped his pants off and then tore off his boxers. His hard cock sprang free and he grabbed it. He couldn't remember if it was ever harder and he felt like he was going to cum by just looking at her. He knelt down next to her head and placed his cock on her lips. He looked at Doug and he heard the click of a picture. He smiled and started sliding his cock across her lips and face. He loved the way her pretty face looked with a cock rubbing over it. He pushed it against her mouth and felt her lips separate slightly. He pushed a little harder and her mouth opened more. His head was inside her warm mouth and he looked down and watched his meat slide deeper into her pretty mouth. His cock was not immensely large but it was big enough to stretch her lips. He loved the way her mouth looked with his cock in it. Doug took another picture.

Doug saw Gordon slide his cock into her face. He thought he saw her eyes flutter a little but he decided he was imagining things. Her nipples were still hard and he touched them both at the same time. He pinched them and heard her moan through the cock in her mouth. He squeezed both breasts and pushed them together, he made a note to slide his cock between these before the night was over. He heard something and looked up to see Gordon drive his cock in her face until his crotch smashed against her face. He saw Gordon's ass clinch and realized he was cumming. He must be pumping the load directly into her stomach.

Gordon pulled back and Doug saw a rope of cum shoot across the bridge of her nose and a large glob hit her in the right eye and pooled there. Doug took a picture of that for sure.

Gordon stepped back and looked at her open mouth with his cum dripping out and the line across her face. Now she was even prettier. Gordon grabbed his soft cock and felt it starting to get hard again. He sat down and grabbed her left breast again. He noticed Doug was dropping his pants. Gordon felt his cock was big but it was really only about 7 inches, he had measured it many times. He felt a little jealous when Doug's boxers dropped and Gordon saw a cock pop out that was at least 9 inches long. It was the longest he had ever seen although all of the cocks he saw were in the school showers and thankfully none of them were hard.

Doug grabbed his hard cock and stroked it slowly. He knew his first load was going to cum quickly, he wondered what he wanted to do with it. He wasn't feeling incredibly creative so he moved to her head and slipped it into her open mouth. It was warm and wet and felt great. He watched her lips stretch again as he fed her his pole. He snapped a picture. He slid it a little deeper, he didn't want to hurt her and he knew if he buried it like Gordon had done he would cut off her air supply. He stopped and saw he had about 4 more inches left. Her face looked strange with her mouth open so wide and a cock sitting in it. He held the camera back a little to get her entire face and clicked.

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