tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKelly Ann's Starring Role Ch. 01

Kelly Ann's Starring Role Ch. 01


It sounds like a cliché, but it's absolutely true: Kelly Ann Peters had it all.

Kelly Ann was a stunning redhead, slim but put together in all the right places. A 34B top coupled teamed with a deceptively cute ass and her perfectly toned legs which went on forever. She looked great in shorts, but awesome in a miniskirt. She worked that body well, sliding her hips too and fro, magnetizing the gazes of guys in tantalizing way only girls with a special gift could accomplish.

A flirt since her teenage years, the now 22-year-old had snatched the heart of James B. Jackson. Young Mr. Jackson wasn't a looker, a football star or a brain. Yet he had what every girl wanted: good old fashioned American cash. The son of the wealthiest man in Middleburg --- a place where wealth was merely an adjective measured in degrees --- James had the pick of the best women from miles around, and he used them for as long as HE wanted and then discarded them like yesterday's wrinkled newspaper. Everyone knew he wasn't about to settle down. He had a pick of the litter. And for every girl he dumped, scores awaited his call.

That is, until he met the desirable, virginal Kelly Ann Peters.

The girl was the crème du la crème of area ladies, and James set out to conquer her and all her sensual charms. Kelly, though, was a bit old fashioned, and had ideas of a long-term, not short-term relationship. Oh, she took his call, dated him and was paraded around to all the best restaurants and savoir faire functions.

After several dates she'd neck with James, swapping spit with the rich boy, but never giving in to his carnal desires. Oh, she promised she would, "one day", but left him with a hurting case of blue balls date after date. Her rejection of his advances only made Kelly Ann more desirable to the high society boy.

Oh, he would leave their dates with a hard-on, only to have it taken care of by a more willing girl on the sly.

Yet when he finally arrived home he wasn't thinking of the girl who put out for him in the back seat of his BMW or no-tell motel. Rather, it was the Mount Everest of area women, Kelly Ann Peters.

Her plan worked, as the dapper, manly James decided to settle down with Kelly. Why not? He figured she'd be the trophy wife, and banging her would be a crowning achievement. The wedding date was set, the honeymoon paid for by James' father, and the down payment on their first house was complete. All that was left was the royal wedding.

Kelly was euphoric, a princess who would be marrying her king and living her dream. It wouldn't be long before she bagged the sparkling new Mercedes, the mornings at the spa and afternoons at the club.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, Kelly was days away from a perfect life.

All I had was an explicit video tape.

Uh huh, a much younger Kelly Ann Peters was the star of a X rated movie, filmed when she was 18, drunk, and in the mood for adventure. That adventure meant sex, a whole lot of raunchy sex.

I know all about her adventure in stardom, you see, because not only did I shoot much of the video, but I also had one of the lead scenes with the girl.

It happened so innocently.

Kelly Ann was a close friend of my sister Tara, a frequent visitor to our home. Being 18 months older than the flirtatious two girls, I'd spend weekend nights hanging out with them in our basement, playing pool and sneaking drinks from my dad's bar. Oh, I dated, but there were times when hanging out at home was a lot more pleasing on the eyes than getting shot down by a prim and proper girl.

As it happened, Tara had a crush on my friend Jimmy, a frequent visitor to the basement pool table sessions that included several of my friends.

After months of hanging out, the two clicked one night and slipped upstairs for a make-out session. I know, because I accidentally caught them in a touchy, feely lover's embrace. It became a regular occurrence, Jimmy coming over, he and Tara slipping to a quiet rendezvous, the rest of us playing pool.

One Saturday night the expected happened, Tara and Jimmy slipped away, leaving the rest of us laughing and teasing and, after a bit, drinking. Kelly Ann was hitting the liquor cabinet early that night, especially after Tara disappeared with Jimmy for their full contact love-wrestling bout. Don, Tom and I were not hesitant to fill her glass whenever it was less than half full.

Soon, she was slurring words, laughing at inane jokes and becoming friendlier as the night went on. Nobody was complaining. Heck, she was not only pleasing to look at as well as fun to be with. Unlike a lot of pretty girls, she actually liked being with us geeks. We played game after game of nine ball and drank drink after drink, and soon Kelly Ann was slurring her words and wobbling around the table.

Being the gentlemen we were we shut her off from any more liquor...until she'd give each of us a kiss. I know it was corny, but, hey, it worked. Soon the soused girl was swapping spit with three horny guys before we'd refill her glass. Kisses graduated to little feels as she'd earn shots, and soon those shots were taken by the guys as well...from a shot glass conveniently placed between Kelly's ample breasts.

We were all laughing and having a great time when Kelly wondered out loud what Tara and Jimmy were up to.

"Bet they're making out," guessed Tom.

"Maybe even more than that," chimed in Don.

Kelly listened and nodded her head, taking another long draw of her adult beverage of choice this evening, Grey Goose Vodka and cranberry juice.

Seconds later the guys were stopped in their tracks by the trembling voice of the young woman. "I bet she has his cock out," slurred Kelly Ann with certainty.

She looked at us, one by one, then lowered her head and shocked us with a low-voiced statement: "I bet he has a big one."

We just all stared at the girl. None of us knew what to say to that statement.

Then she shocked us once again. "You know, I've never even seen a real cock, I mean, other than a young boys while giving a bath while babysitting. But Tara, um, she's so lucky! She said she might go a little farther tonight."

Three heads and six eyes gazed at Kelly Ann, each of us with a boner bouncing in our underwear as a deafening silence took over the room. We didn't know whether to slither upstairs and voyeur on my sister, or continue to let Kelly Ann babble on in her drunken state.

Tom broke the quiet, taking matters into his own hands. "I'd be happy to show you mine, Kelly Ann."

"Look at this, Kelly Ann," added Don, unzipping his jeans.

He was joking, of course, but when Kelly Ann said "go on" he went for it.

Soon both of my friends were displaying their erect dicks to the wide-eyed woman. Her eyes were riveted on the male flesh. It was a surrealistic session. A quiet came over the room.

"Can I touch?" she demurely asked in a whisper.

Neither boy quarreled with her request, nor Kelly Ann Peters, right before my eyes, reached out and wrapped her fingers around Tom and Don's pulsating dicks. She slowly began to stroke them, almost as if in a trance. She ran each hand along the cocks, feeling all over the pulsating male flesh. Her fingers sort of stroked the boys, and every so often she'd wrap her hands around the dicks and merely held on...like she might at the grocery store when inspecting vegetables or fruit.

Somehow I got the idea to grab my video camera, which just happened to be sitting on the far side of the room.

"This is pretty as a picture," I said, turning on the red light and zooming in on the action.

Kelly Ann was oblivious to it all, stroking the boys slowly, savoring the male meat. My actions apparently eluded each of my friends.

"They are so hard, yet so s-s-soft," slurred the girl, marveling about the boys' dicks. "They feel so powerful, yet they are also so, well, sen..sen...sual."

I sat the camera on a ledge across from the action, taking a quick look through the viewfinder to ensure I was capturing the x-rated acts.

I walked over and unzipped my pants, slipping out my cock. Kelly Ann laughed, saying she only had two hands. Hum, she was sober enough to count to three!

Tom came up with the perfect plan. "You can kiss me while you stroke these guys," said the boy.

I thought they'd make out, but boy, I was surprised. Unbelievably, Kelly Ann slipped to her knees without missing a beat. "I've always wanted to try this, be careful, okay?"

Opening her mouth, Kelly closed her eyes as Tom slipped his rock solid meat into her tongue...accompanied by groans and moans on both of their parts. Her left hand went to my dick, right hand to Don's, and soon the drunken girl was stroking a pair of men while sucking on the knob of another. Her hand felt nothing like mine when I jacked off. It was soft, yet insistent. Watching, my dick felt like it was encased in silk.

She used just the right pressure to bring out a rock-hard erection. Somehow, she was able to stroke and suck at the same time. That took some doing, given her drunken state, but the three guys were anything but embarrassed my the situation. The three of us wouldn't shower together in gym class, yet on this night our dicks were bare as we moaned and groaned to the lovely girl's ministrations.

Tom was either in agony or ecstasy. Kelly Ann worked on my friend like an experienced fellatrix. She alternated kisses with licks and sucks, bringing forth pleading encouragement. Her sucking didn't last long, as it didn't take much time for Tom to wrap his hands around her head and begin a firm rocking that soon resulted in his gasping then shooting ropes of cum into her hungry wet mouth.

Tom had barely finished before Don pushed him aside and replaced his shrinking dick with his own hard sausage. The scene repeated itself, as all of us were unbelievably hot. Don couldn't have lasted two minutes before depositing his semen between her milking lips and along her cheek. .

"Well," she said to me, smiling as she rubbed Don's leftover cum into her face. "Are you next?"

Damn right. I moved in front of the girl, stroked my cock and then directed it to her willing mouth. I will never forget the sensation of her wet lips on my dick. It was unbelievable. Kelly Ann was beautiful. She worked the tip of my cock, and then slowly slid her mouth down my rod.

I couldn't believe we'd taken her oral virginity, well, I guess that was Tom, but hey, who's counting? Being third, her mouth was tired, so she used her hand to jerk me off, all the while kissing the shaft, balls and tip. I rocked and lasted less than the other guys, pulling out my cock at the moment of truth and shooting gobs of sticky sauce onto the beautiful girls' rosy red face.

There was a bit of uneasiness as we zipped up, and Kelly Ann slipped into the basement powder room.

When she emerged, she smiled and said something to the effect that "this will be our little secret, right."

Who were we to argue?

Each of us attempted to date Kelly Ann, only to be rebuffed. "We're friends," she'd say, "and dating ruins friendships."

Ah, I remembered that night like it was yesterday, using it as my source of masturbatory interludes over the next couple years. I copied the tape...it wasn't great, some of it was of the wall as we must have moved out of range, but there was no doubt who the star was. I edited out the dead space, keeping 18 minutes of pure triple-X action. Filing it away, I wondered if I'd ever find a use for it other than nocturnal pleasures.

When I read about the engagement of Kelly Ann and James B. Jackson in the local newspaper, I got an idea of how to use that tape to its best advantage.

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