Kelly Ann's Starring Role Ch. 02


Kelly Ann asked what I was doing, and I told her.

"Don't worry, Kelly Ann, I won't get it near your pussy."

She relaxed, looking beautiful with cum on her ass.

I massaged her back, letting the sticky cum dry, and whispered that the sex had been incredible. Reminding her that we still had a little more to go to complete our agreement, I assured her that once the next step was completed she'd get the tape and any copy and her life could move on into the land of being the trophy wife of a rich man.

"Do we have to, you know, on my wedding day? How about we get together the night before when he's out at a bachelor party. That would be very appropriate don't you think? Me sucking you off while he's out drinking and looking at strippers or whatever?"

"No, Kelly Ann, your wedding day. I mean unless you want to do both?"

Kelly Ann said no, once was enough of a risk, and agreed we would work something out on that special day in June. I reminded her that she would have to figure out how to accomplish the task, but that I wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Can't we call it even? You took my cherry today, Please?"

"Kelly Ann, you knew the deal. Now I want to make sure you remember that deal, because as much as I enjoyed today you haven't paid the debt," I sternly said, noting the cum had dried on her pretty ass. "Now, come over here and clean me off and you can go home."

Resigned, Kelly Ann moved around on the bed and sucked on my dick again, cleaning off the residue from the rubber as well as her own juices from earlier in our sex session. She looked beautiful sucking on my cock and I couldn't help but get hard once again.

"Okay, that's enough," said the girl.

"Wrong, Kelly, keep sucking."

She did, bobbing her head slowly.

"Have you sucked his cock Kelly?"

She nodded her head. "But I don't let him cum in my mouth, and you can't either. I don't do that."

At least not yet, I thought. But I didn't want to press things at this point, thinking that the deal for a wedding day blowjob would be the perfect time to shoot in her mouth. Maybe minutes before she kissed her beau.

I rocked in and out of her mouth, getting higher and higher. Her mouth was fantastic, and soon that familiar surge began. Kelly Ann moved her mouth off my cock knowingly, and I shot my sauce all over her pretty face.

She was a pretty sight, as she reached over for her panties and wiped off the residue of my cum blast. "You are so bad, Jon, but I will remember our deal."

Thinking of the photos and video, I nodded my head affirmative.

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