tagGroup SexKelly Celebrates Freedom Ch. 04

Kelly Celebrates Freedom Ch. 04


It was a few weeks after I had got my piercings that I heard from Cathy, it was not news I was happy to hear. She and Jake were not returning till August and The Gumshoe was closed till they returned. They invited me to Australia to stay with them, but with my job it was just not practical.

So after all this initial excitement and getting my body bits pierced for them (not that I minded), I felt let down. I had spent the last few weeks anticipating their return and reacquainting myself with the Gumshoe. I had only my vibrator and fingers to accompany the DVDs of my experiences with Mr Quin, at the Gumshoe, although I had been going back to playing in chat rooms.

I had met a number of people on the chat rooms, but had never followed up their suggestions of a face to face meeting. The cyber sex had always been rough and ready and gone to all sorts of extremes .. so I needed to be careful. This recent explosion of sexuality had made me less cautious, or rather more needful and the subsequent drought of activity was making me crawl up the wall. I continued to remain calm and play on line, but on line orgasms just don't cut it, after what I had been through.

There were a number of regular guys I had shared with, as well as the daily one offs. With my regulars (makes me sound like a whore), I shared much of what had happened to me recently and even a few photos, but with my face masked, to maintain anonymity.

My call from Cathy had been at about 07.00 in the evening and to relieve my annoyance I went on line straight away. My frustration grew as I played with guy after guy, some of whom -- the non regulars would suddenly leave as they reached their climax. I just hoped they were more considerate of their wives needs in the real world.

I was talking to one of my regulars at around 10.00, who realised that something was up. I explained how horny I was and how let down I felt by Cathy and Jake, as well as the on line wasters. His on line handle was Bitchblaster -- which was what had first got me to latch on to him, his real name was John .

We moved on from serious chat to sensuous / erotic / horny chat and I had soon removed my vibrator from the desk draw beside my PC. As I played with my clit and slipped the vibrator in and out of my pussy, John told me how he wanted to take me, force his cock in my mouth, force fuck me, I reached a crescendo.

He asked me how I felt and it was good, but I still needed a good hard fucking and was as horny as hell. My cunt had taken over my mind and if John had been there with me, I would have jumped him there and then.

"Here is how it is." He said "We live about 20 minutes away from each other." We had discussed which districts we lived in previously, but not exact addresses. "Its 10.30, I have a lock up, 10 minutes away from you on the Industrial Estate off the main street, I want you to be there at mid night and we'll "sort you out". How's that sound?"

I asked what he meant by "sort you out.". "Lets say, your fantasies will be explored", he replied. I had not picked up on "we'll".

Normally, I would have refused, too dangerous, a stranger, but this added to my excitement and sexual tension tonight. He gave me the details of where to meet him. I was sitting at my PC, surrounded by my clothes, except for my silk black hold ups, which I had not removed during the evening. I typed that I had better get dressed, but he said assertively, "No, come as you are, just wear a coat, for the journey!".

By the time we had agreed arrangements, "safe words", etc, it was almost time to go. My ardour had dropped a little, with nerves, but I decided to see it through. Just in case anything should happen, I put as much information as I had about John on a piece of paper and put this on the notice board in my kitchen, I then phoned my work phone and left a voice mail message with the details. Fortunately only I ever listened to my voice mails.

At 11.50, I left home wearing my raincoat, which still had cum stains on the inside from when I had been with Mr Quin, and my black hold ups, had combed my hair and added make up. This was the first time that I had been out for sex since my piercing, which had now healed, but I had not had a chance to be waxed, so there was a light down of pubic hair, trimmed close to my pubis.

I took the Mondeo and had told John to expect it, I did not want some innocent girl being taken, through mistaken identity. Even if John had seen photos of my face in normal shots, it would be hard to explain if the police were involved and anyway if anyone was going to be taken by force tonight it was me!

I entered the Industrial Estate and soon found the lock up, it was at the far end of the Estate on the corner, at the end of a row. It was quiet, no sign of life, I thought I must have been early or rather John late, I really did not want to be standing here waiting, if he had got cold feet and decided not to show. I may want to be forced, but in a controlled way and not by some blokes passing by, after a night on the piss.

Just in case, I went to the door and knocked quietly, whispering "John, its me, I'm here."

Suddenly, from the side of the lock up, two men rushed at me, I was slammed face first on to my car bonnet, one held me down and leant forward, "don't ever call me John, bitch". I felt the second man holding me from behind, roughly he pushed up my coat revealing my ass and pussy, he kicked my legs apart and thrust his hand between my legs. There was no subtlety his fingers were not trying to make me wet, just loosen the opening a bit, that said it needed very little to get my juices flowing again and his wet fingers were presented to my mouth, as I felt the tip of his cock against my pussy. Not caring how wet I was wet (did John assume I would be or did his friend just not care), he thrust in. As I was being fucked, John raised me off the bonnet and undid my coat and pulled it off. There I was in the open, on the front of my car, stark bullock naked being fucked. John took my arms and cuffed them behind my back. The thrusting behind me was getting harder and faster, he dug his nails into my back and ran them down, drawing a strange feeling of pain and sexual enjoyment, as his breath began to race, and his thrusts became faster, he withdrew.

"Plenty of time to fill that with cream he said."

He knelt down and pushed my legs apart as he began to kiss and lick my vulva. His tongue was expert, slipping between my ass and my pussy, while his finger played with my clit and clit ring. The new sensation of the ring being tugged and tweaked, set me off into a series of mini orgasms. His tongue was then replaced by fingers slipping in and out of my ass, it was not long before he was thrusting all fingers to his knuckle, something else that was hurting but enjoyable at the same time.

Lying half face down half on my side, I looked up and John was on the phone, he turned to me, whilst unconsciously tugging, at my nipple ring, under me.

"My friend is on the phone and I have invited him to come over, but he wants a personal invitation from "The Slut", before he'll come, with some friends. Tell him." and he put the phone by my ear.

"Please come over". I whispered.

John slapped my buttock, it stung and pulled hard on the nipple ring, the surprise of it made me scream. "Its not a tea party, tell him who you are and why you want him and his friends to come over."

"Please come over, I am Kelly and I want you to fuck me".

Again, I received a slap on my buttock and this time the ring was dropped and he grabbed my nipple between forefinger and thumb. The phone was taken away from my ear. I was flipped over on my back on the car, at an angle across the bonnet. His friend standing up and stepping back. He slapped me across my pussy, sending a mixture of pain and excitement through me.

"Sorry mate, she seems a bit reticent about what she wants, so you won't be able to come". Said John, "it's a shame, she's a nice piece of meat, but she don't want you!"

I looked up, "Please", I whispered. As the phone was put to my ear, the other guy was again at my pussy and ass, with his fingers and it was taking all of my will power not to come.


"So bitch, do we get some?"

"Yes, I am a dirty fucking slut, I want your cocks and your cum!"

"You'll get some, Kelly and more, where do you want to be fucked?"

"Every where, please, My cunt!" My pussy! My ass, My mouth!!!"

"Yeah and we're gonna cum and piss all over you -- right bitch."

As I heard piss, I recoiled, I was shocked.

"Right bitch!"

Before I could answer the phone was removed from my ear.

"See you, soon".

I tried to protest, but I was pulled back on the hood of the car. My head was off the edge, John had dropped his pants and pushed my head back, so that he could feed his cock into my mouth, and it needed to be fed, it was semi erect and was already big in length, although girth was average. As he entered my mouth his fingers first played, then pulled on my nipple ring. It felt strange, pushing a wave of ecstasy through my body, seeing this the second guy stood up repositioned himself and began thrusting into my cunt taking Johns cue and pulled my clit ring, there was no subtlety, he was tugging quite hard, but it still sent electric through me. The pair of them were using my piercings like the reigns of a horse while they rode me. With my hands behind me there was little I could do to join in, bucking my hips and moving my head.

The two of them going at me, the playing with my rings and the frustration of the last few weeks soon weld up in me and as I ,involuntarily, started to thrash on the car, both partners also increased their pace, quickly all three of us came in tandem, the two guys withdrawing and coming over me. Once again I had a face covered in cum and this time my pussy lips and butt.

John used my coat to wipe my face, as he said he did not want to taste that goo, when he kissed or licked me. As we came down from the high of orgasm, We were caught in the glare of headlights.

"Hi guys.", waved John.

Five guys jumped out of the car. They eyed me up and down, like a pack of lions. Nervously I smiled at them.

"Wow, that's a sexy piece of meat, we're gonna have fun tonight boys."

One of them came over to me and grabbed my head, pushing his face to mine, he gave me a long hard French kiss. Each of the other guys did the same, grabbing a bit of tit as they did while John and his friend spread my legs and played with my pussy and ass.

When they all had had their kissing they asked me if that was nice, well it was, so I nodded, they laughed and I was suddenly covered in flying spittle. "You liked that so much have some more." shouted John, as he joined in. My face and hair was covered in spit, they were accurate, I realised with out being told that I should lick it up as far as my tongue could reach.

"here or in the lock up?" Asked John.

"Lock up, its better equipped."

"Lets go in!".

They lifted me off the car boot and took me into the lock up, inside I was pushed to my knees, "suck this bitch!". Still cuffed, I could only use my head, my tongue ran up and down this cock. The others, at first stood around watching, whilst removing their clothing. Then whilst my mouth worked on the cock in front of me, I felt hands feeling my breasts, my buttocks and pussy. My piercings were obviously proving a novelty, as they were being tweaked and pulled raising my levels of ecstasy. Soon the fingers were moving from my clit into my pussy and my ass.

Not knowing what had gone on before one voice shouted, "She's well loose back here, we ain't done anything yet, but baby its gonna get even looser, but I think you probably don't mind that do you, aye slut."

My head was pushed off the cock in front and held an inch or two away, my mouth opened, whilst, he tossed himself, after a few strokes my face and mouth received its second load of the night. He spurted and spurted, I tried to drink as much as I could, but some dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin.

The guys had carried a couple of crates of booze, beer, whisky, vodka. I was used to drinking spirits, so when they presented a bottle of vodka to my lips, I had no problem taking a few gulps. They meanwhile were drinking beer and whisky. Two of them picked me off the floor, the cuffs were undone and my arms pulled in front and recuffed. They were then raised above my head. I had not noticed, but there was a pulley system on the ceiling and the cuffs were slipped over a hook. The pulley then raised me of the floor, so I was standing on tip toes.

The guys carried on watching me, John reached to the work bench, the vodka was giving me a warm feeling all over, his hand came up and he held a rope with a frayed end. He just watched me! Moving round and round.

Two of the guys grabbed my legs and raised them of the floor, spreading them. A chain was pulled from the wall on either side of me, a leather cuff was put on each ankle and I was hung from the ceiling legs splayed.

John stroked my breasts with the end of the rope, the excitement in the room was high, just the feeling of the rope on my nipples made me breath hard. In previous conversations I had revealed that I wanted to be flagellated , but not too hard! The stroking and expectation were turning me on, my moans were enhanced by the alcohol, some one had come up behind me and was positioning their cock against my ass. It easily slipped in, I gasped, this new position gave it great depth, as he bounced me up and down, John brought the rope down on my breasts, hard, it reverberated through my body and felt as good as I had imagined.

"Count each strike and say thank you."

I did as I was told, I could see out of the corner of my eye each guy, five of them stroking their members. And with each strike, the thrust up my ass was harder and harder, until the 25 th stroke and he came, gushing into me. My breasts were bright red from their beating, John moved round behind me, someone else moved in front, he poured more vodka down my throat, gratefully received. He put his arm round me, held my buttocks, lifted me and dropped me down on his cock. As he thrust, my back and buttocks were being flayed, this time there was no counting, just shouting from the guys .. come on bitch, take it bitch, whip the bitch were shouted through my haze of sexual abandonment and alcohol. There was very little I could do chained, as I was and soon the thrusting reached a climax and I was filled with more cum, I could feel it dripping out of my pussy, down my ass and on to the floor.

He was replaced by another guy at my pussy the flagellation had stopped, John took a beer bottle and while my pussy was fucked from the front, it was inserted up my ass, this was obviously amusing as the guys were all laughing at the sight.

I noticed John was on the phone, but ignored it.

Whilst, the fucking was great my arms were beginning to hurt, which a couple of the guys must have recognised, once my current penetrator had finished they released my legs, raised me off the hook above. As I tried to stand my stiff legs, gave way and I was gently lowered to the floor, my handcuffs removed.

To reward my two heroes, I took their cocks into my hands and alternated between sucking them and tossing them. This evening had seen my mouth get off rather lightly compared to the hammering my breasts, pussy and ass had taken -- this was soon to change.

We had already been here a few hours and some of the guys were thanking John and leaving, as they departed they would ruffle my hair or kiss me and say thanks and goodbye. I felt the party was ending.

There was only John, his original friend and me left, I was fairly covered in cum, from head to foot, once again I was being roasted by the two of them, one in my mouth the other in my pussy. As much as I had enjoyed the evening, I was pleased that it was coming to an end.

At that thought and that moment, I heard the sound of a motorcycle, big engine. It rode straight into the lock up. Two people got of, the first high fived John, "wow man this looks like fun, she sure looks like she's been worked over". The second took off the crash helmet. Hi John, she said, as she fluffed her hair. She was wearing a short leather skirt, calf motor bike boots, a white singlet and a leather jacket. The two of them got a beer each and leant back against the work bench and watched the show, as I continued to suck and be fucked.

The guy behind me came first, his thrusting speeded up and he pulled out and came over my ass. The biker dropped is pants and came over. He chose my ass and despite the working out it had already had this evening, I could feel it, he was that big. The blond, picked up the rope. "What you doing with my man bitch.", she said, before bringing the rope down hard across my back. How could I reply, my mouth was full of cock. I had one hand on my clit, I was rubbing furiously, it only took a couple of strikes with the rope before I came again. Sucking deeply and bucking my hips John came over me -- my face, my hair. He wiped his cock in my hair and went to get a beer. The blond went back to the work bench, leaned back and told the biker to bring me over to her, he withdrew from my ass, grabbed my hair and dragged me over. She leant back splayed her legs and raised her skirt, she wore no panties, exposing her un tended pussy. My few cunt eating experiences had always been with tightly trimmed or bald pussy's so this was a new experience, not that it mattered to me, I just wanted to eat. I could see she was already wet, dripping, but as my tongue touched her labia, I realised that her glow was not from her pussy juices, she had already been fucked that night and her pussy was smeared with cum -- the bikers? Maybe -- who knows in this world. I licked, running my tongue up and down her clit, sucking it in, then running it down to her hole, sticking it right in to get as much juice as I could. I heard the guys crowding round me, as the blond began to shake and her orgasm grow, my own fingers were bringing me to satisfaction, playing with my clit and pushing into my pussy, spurts of come were landing on my back and hair.

As the blond came she screamed and held the back of my head, so that I could not move away, as she came down from the high, she released her bladder and showered my face. Her golden shower shot every where in my face and hair and I drank some down, she released my head and as I looked up her flow struck my red and bruised breasts. She pushed me back, pushed her skirt down leant down and kissed me on the lips, her tongue entering my mouth as she pulled my nipple ring. Each of the guys then stood in front of me.

I was told to hold their pricks and open my mouth, each of them fired their golden liquid into my mouth, I drank as much as I could and the rest ran down my body. As each finished they got dressed and left leaving just John and me.

I was so hyper after all that had gone on, John picked me up and rested me against him, as he gently stroked me bringing me down from my high he kissed me, his fingers straying from my breasts to my pussy, feeling their way through the goo, giving me mini orgasms, then putting his fingers to my mouth, so I could lick him clean. As I came down from my high, I began to be sleepy. John leant me against the side and picked up my piss and cum stained coat -- I must have looked a treat, with my hold ups round my ankles. Before he put the coat on me, he took some pictures with my camera which he fond in the pocket.

It was getting light outside, it must have been about 5 a.m. He lay me down on the floor and whispered that I should sleep off some of the alcohol before going home and avoid main roads. I drifted of and slept till mid day.

I drove home and went to my PC, I had decided that this was getting out of hand and I would need to stop, despite my enjoyment. Tonight had been eye opening and fun, but it could have been dangerous and who knows what could have happened. I was going to delete my links to porn sites and chat rooms, but I just could not do it. My mind said yes my clit said no. I looked through my camera memory and I have to say I look pretty sexy, covered in cum and pee, naked, fluffy pussy and even stockings around my ankles. John had asked for a copy of the pics, so I masked my face and sent a couple to him, knowing he would put them on his blog. I did resolve and my clit agreed, that I would no longer be so reckless and I would only go through known sources, i.e. Cathy or John.

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