tagIncest/TabooKelly Joins The Club Ch. 02

Kelly Joins The Club Ch. 02


My brother Simon and I stood stroking our hard throbbing cocks as we watched my wife Kelly posting up and down on our father Howard's stiff pole. I'd married Kelly some twelve hours earlier and, after a fantastic reception and the departure of our guests, mum, dad, Simon and I were throwing a very special private party in The Room to welcome the new member of our family into the fold.

The Room is the most sacred part of our family home, in an affluent suburb north of London, well equipped with all the accouterments necessary for the wholehearted enjoyment of the hottest sex it is possible to get. Mum, dad, Simon and I have had some really exciting times there in the past few years, ever since my brother and I were old enough to be allowed to participate, and we all knew that the happy times would continue unabated and, furthermore, be even more fun-filled now that Kelly had joined our regular daily gangbangs.

"That's it, dad," I said, as Kelly once again spread her legs as wide as she could to give everyone a perfect view of the seriously hardcore penetration, "she's loving every second."

As if to confirm the point, Kelly's grunts grew louder as dad pushed his prick deeper into her tight greasy quim, finding my wife's G-spot and pressing the head of his formidable prick hard up against it. Now that Kelly had acclimatised herself to the pistoning, her greedy pussy became slicker and dad's cock went in easier until it was completely enveloped by Kelly's all-conquering love box.

"Go on dad, harder," I said, my hand flying up and down the shaft of my cock as my excitement increased, matching my brother's strokes of his cock every inch of the way, "you don't have to worry about banging her up, she's on the pill."

Simon, masturbating alongside me, somehow managed to drag his eyes away from the action to glance over his shoulder at our mother Eileen who was sitting on the sofa, fingering her fanny intently. With our back to mum, I didn't even have to look to sense her smiling at Simon and I as she ogled our naked arses, both of us quite happy for her to do so.

"Don't sit there by yourself, mum," Simon said, "why don't you bring those lovely tits and that juicy pussy of yours over here and join us?"

"Yeah, fuck me, dad," said Kelly, before mum could reply and Simon quickly turned his head back over his shoulder, anxious not to miss anymore of the intense scene going on directly in front of us. Dad's cock was now firmly embedded in my wife's tight greasy cunt as he gave his daughter-in-law a right royal welcome to our family sex club.

Kelly was rubbing her tits together as she extracted the maximum smount of sexual gratification with every thrust of dad's cock, her eyes shut tight, but conscious of the fact her husband and brother-in-law were watching and putting on a tremendous live porno show for us, better than anything the sex industry can produce in the pornographic world of adult movies.

Simon had hardly been able to take his eyes off my wife's tits from the moment I had stripped her of her bra, his tongue was almost hanging out of his hot wet mouth as he watched the gorgeous jugs bouncing jubilantly below Kelly's neck and increasing the pace of his wanking as his excitement grew stronger by the second.

As for dad, he was well into his stride now, giving it everything he had, his heavy balls slapping against the insides of Kelly's spread legs, bouncing and rebounding against them and his breath becoming shallower by the second. It was an absolute joy to watch my wife getting fucked by my father as he welcomed her to the family, concentrating all his efforts on ensuring that Kelly would be left in no possible doubt whatsoever that she was now well and truly a most valued and fully paid-up member of the Hutchinson family sex club.

It was now well into the early hours of the morning, the day after the wedding, a Sunday which meant we could go on sucking and fucking until sheer exhaustion finally got the better of us since none of us had to get up for work. Most of us hate Mondays and, as far as we were concerned, it could stay away for as long as it liked.

Mum had acquiesced to Simon's suggestion and had shifted her body off the sofa and was now kneeling down behind us to inspect our undraped arses in close-up, even though she has done so countless times before. Mum is a real lover of male buttocks and ogling those of her own sons is a huge turn-on for her, as it is for us knowing that she derives so much pleasure from the visual delights of our bums.

Mum reached out her hands, stroking my bare bum with her right and Simon's with her left. Kelly was still screaming like a thing demented, her cries echoing around The Room, but since this is deep in the basement of the detached house, none of the neighbours can hear us which means that, happily, everyone is free to scream and shout their heads off as long and as loudly as they like. For all we know, too, there could be another secret family orgy going on next door, doubtful, of course, that two incestuous families should end up as neighbours but you never know what goes on behind closed doors, do you?

Dad was gasping for air as he kept up the pressure on Kelly's pussy as mum slid down onto her knees in front of Simon and I and, from ogling our arses, now began to gaze lovingly on our fat rods, which were both pointing up to the ceiling, so hard they looked as if they had both been cast in stone.

"Such beautiful cocks," my mother said, as she twerled the big meat sticks in her hands and fondled our balls which, we were all aware, would very soon explode with their latest helpings of sex juice.

"You've seen them both before, mum," I laughed, "they're what you and dad created."

Mum smiled up at me, the beautiful smile that never fails to make my heart melt and bring out a fresh wave of love for her as, I am sure, it does for Simon.

"That don't matter," said mum, "you are both so handsome and horny and I'm really proud to be your mother."

"We're proud to be your sons, mum," said Simon, smiling at me, "ain't we, Philip?"

"Fucking well are," I replied, "and we're ..."

I was going to say how proud we were to be our father's sons too but dad's sudden shout cut off my words. Mum, Simon and I turned to watch as dad pulled his cock out of Kelly's cunt and immediately shot his load, the sperm spraying like a fountain out into the atmosphere, not one but several thick spurts that ran down the shaft of his cock while Kelly gave herself a simultaneous round of orgasms, her eyes shut tight as her body shuddered with shameless excitement.

"Aaagh!" cried dad, as he unloaded one long spurt after another, some of the goo landing at the entrance to Kelly's pussy while the rest ran down the shaft of his prick, "oh, fucking hell!"

"Good one, dad?" I asked, a silly question since it was obvious to all and sundry that dad was milking every second as he reached the zenith of his achievements.

"I think we can now say that Kelly is very much a member of the family," giggled mum as her husband and daughter-in-law descended from the Alpine-like heights of their respective orgasms and folded themselves into each other's arms. I smiled at my father, delighted for him that he had derived so much pleasure fucking my wife and he looked up and gave me a knowing smile, nodding his head in silent agreement.

"Now," said mum, smiling up at Simon and I, "let's see what we can do about these, shall we?" she went on, tugging on our cocks.

"Give Philip a suck, mum," Simon said, "after all, you've already given me several blowjobs since Kelly's welcome party started."

"Thanks, bruv," I said, smiling gratefully at him and leaning forward to kiss him on the lips, a snog which he eagerly returned. That is what is so nice about our family, no jealousy, no competition, we just get on with things and make sure that everybody has a fucking good time.

After Simon and I broke the kiss, I peeled back my foreskin for the umpteenth time and I heard a low whistle emanate from dad as his eyes again took in my exposed knobhead, slick and greasy with pre-cum. Kelly had been dozing quietly in dad's arms but the sound of him whistling brought her round and she opened her eyes and smiled as she too fixed her eyes on the well-rounded juicy head of her husband's aroused prick which remained rock hard and, happily, with no signs of an imminent flagging.

"Here mum," I said, pointing the fat rod towards her, "suck on this."

"This I gotta see," said Kelly, manouvering herself off the bed and kneeling down next to mum to get a closer look. Dad climbed off the bed too and stood next to Simon, he had very quickly recovered from his recent orgasm and his cock was well on its way to a full erection as dad started coaxing it back to its proper aroused state, alongside Simon whose cock, like mine, had remained rock hard throughout the proceedings. Dad and Simon stood together wanking their father and son pricks while Kelly, on her knees next to us, leaned in closer as my mother and I put on a hot blowjob show for the assembled company.

Mum opened her mouth as wide as she could and, wasting no further time, I slid my proud pole inside, all eight inches of it, until the head nudged the back of her throat. Kelly was beside herself with excitement as she watched her mother-in-law sucking her husband while dad and Simon turned their heads to each other and began to snog, snaking their tongues deep into each others' mouths.

My mother's mouth felt so good round my cock that I had to summon all the willpower my years of experience have taught me not to shoot my load down her throat there and then. Mum was sucking long and hard, her cheeks puffing out as they had when she'd sucked Simon earlier at Kelly's welcoming party, as the head of my cock pushed against them. I glanced across at dad and Simon to see that my father and brother had relinquished their tongues from each other's mouths and dad was now on his knees with Simon's cock deep in his mouth.

"Oh, this is so hot," said Kelly, rubbing her tits with one hand and sticking her fingers up her pussy with the other, "I've dreamed of this moment for so long. I've always wanted to see a hot incest family in action. I'm so pleased I'm now a member of such a loving family."

"We're pleased you are, too," said Simon, still being blowjobbed by dad.

"Enjoying the show, sweetheart?" I said, smiling at Kelly as I somehow managed to drag my eyes away from the mesmerising sight of my brother on the receiving end of another of dad's blowjobs, as equally hot and exciting as the ones mum bestows.

"I fucking well am," said Kelly, "two brothers getting sucked by their parents, it's like watching a hardcore porn film."

"Better than that," I said, "this is the real thing."

"Sure fucking is," said my brother, placing his hands on dad's head, now thoroughly enjoying being sucked by our father as he had done earlier by our mother. "And I want to have a nice suck of Kelly's tits later, too."

"You can have a suck of them now," said Kelly, moving over to stand by the bed and smiling at her brother-in-law with a come-hither look in her eyes.

Simon didn't need any further invitation, he'd been aching to wrap his mouth around my wife's ample breasts for some time and was not going to pass up the chance now. He removed his cock from dad's mouth and dad lead him over to the bed where he positioned his youngest son on his hands and knees. Kelly knelt slightly and leaned in as Simon opened his mouth and began to lap at the jugs, tasting first the right and then the left, sucking hard as he'd learnt to do with mum, and Kelly smiled across at me as Simon went to work.

"Oh Philip," she said, squealing with delight, "your brother is so good at this."

"He's had lots of practice with mum," I said and I smiled down at the lady in question who was still sucking my rod as if there was no tomorrow.

"Your mum has taught him well," said Kelly, sounding immensely pleased. "Don't stop Simon, lick my big titties as long as you want to, they're all yours."

"Both my sons are great tit suckers," said mum, suddenly letting my cock out of her mouth, "and they're great cunt lickers, too."

"Would you like to lick my pussy now, Simon?" said Kelly, some five minutes later after Simon had had a good long slurp of my wife's tits as well as running his hot tongue up and down her cleavage.

"Oh yes please!" cried Simon, who never said no to anything where sex was concerned even though he had had a good munch on my wife's cunt when the party was still at its embryo stage.

"Come on then, sweetie pie," said Kelly, "let me feel that hot tongue of yours deep inside me again. And make sure you live up to your mother's praise."

"I'm sure he will," mumbled my mother, smiling proudly at my brother and giving his arse a little pat with the flat of her hand.

Indeed, Simon was determined not to disappoint my wife as he got himself ready for the tongue-lashing while mum, dad and I watched fascinated as Kelly climbed onto the bed and lay on her back, lifting her legs in the air and spreading them wide. Her hole still looked red raw from the heavy pounding it had recently received from dad but that wasn't going to prevent her from offering it up for inspection by my brother's saliva-encrusted tongue.

"Lick me, Simon," said Kelly, smiling as she surrendered her cunt completely to Simon's oral administrations, "show me again what you can do."

"Yeah, go on, bruv," I said, "show that slut of a wife of mine what a great tongue you have."

"We're all sluts here," said dad, grinning but for once mum and I didn't take any notice of his comments, we were both too eager to watch Simon giving Kelly a long strong dose of cunnilingus.

Simon didn't say a word, he didn't want to waste time speaking, and simply stuck out his tongue and sent it hurtling towards his sister-in-law's pussy. Kelly gasped as Simon once again ran his tongue up and down the long bald slit between her sodden cunt lips, very quickly finding the hard nubbin of her swollen clit with mum, dad and I egging him on with claps and cheers of encouragement.

"Oh yes, Simon," cried Kelly, "your mum is absolutely right. You are a fucking brilliant cunt licker."

"He certaimly is." said mum, beaming with benevolent maternal pride. "He'd win a gold medal if cunt licking was an Olympic sport," she added, giggling as memories of the many times she'd been licked by her youngest son came back to her. I hoped fervently that mum was also remembering all the times I had given her the benefit of my tongue, too.

I was beside myself with pride, as well, I said earlier that most men like seeing their wives in action with other men and I was luckier than most since I got to see my wife in action with not one but two guys who just happened to be my father and brother.

The sight of Simon on the bed with his arse in the air giving his wholehearted attention to my wife's cunt was almost hypnotic, the firm round cheeks of his naked bottom absolutely beautiful sticking up into the air, smooth and hairless and finely honed by regular daily exercise. Dad didn't seem to know which way to look, judging by the way his eyes were darting about all over the place, as Simon reached round and spread his cheeks, exposing the tight pink rosebud of his cute arsehole to everyone in The Room.

"Come and lick my bum, dad," said Simon, momentarily looking round from gorging on Kelly's clit to speak and spreading his cheeks wider so that his arsehole gaped open, twitching with anticipation, "I need a good rimjob."

Mum let my cock fall out of her mouth as the pair of us gathered round to watch. Dad stood and walked across to the bed, his big balls recently drained of their contents swaying from side to side like a pendulum, before positioning himself on his knees behind his youngest son's exposed arsehole. He didn't waste even a tenth of a second more as he opened his mouth and extended his hot wet tongue into the tight sweaty depths of my brother's fuck pit while Simon went back to munching on Kelly's cunt and I began to suck on mum's tits while watching the action on the bed out the corners of my eyes.

The Room was once again resounding to the joys and thrills of a horny kinky and very loving family firmly sticking two fingers up at society's conventions ...

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