tagIncest/TabooKelly Joins The Club Ch. 03

Kelly Joins The Club Ch. 03


My mother Eileen sat back in the whicker armchair, smiling happily and fingering her pussy as she watched my brother Simon licking my wife Kelly's cunt while being simultaneously arse licked by our father Howard. Dad's tongue was so far up Simon's hole, he was practically eating the pink-puckered anus with all the aplomb he could muster and Simon was only too happy to let our father go on rimming him for as long as dad wanted to.

"Yeah, dad, lick that arse," Simon said, momentarily looking up from licking Kelly's cunt to speak, "I love it so much."

"We love watching it, too," said my wife, smiling at me and gasping with pleasure as Simon plunged his hot wet tongue deep inside her again and resumed running it up and down the groove of her juicy sweaty slit, "don't we, Philip?"

"We certainly do," I said, my cock rock hard with excitement, smiling at Simon who somehow managed to reach over his shoulder to press dad's head up closer to his hole with his hand while not breaking his oral grip on Kelly's gash, "aren't you just pleased to be a member of the club now, sweetheart?"

"I don't need to answer that," said Kelly, succinctly and I silently reprimanded myself for making such a silly remark when the answer was obvious for everybody to see.

Kelly treated me to a look of friendly reproach as she rubbed her busty tits together with her hands while her pussy dripped with excitement as Simon increased the pressure, licking and sucking longer and harder than he had before, enjoying the sweet feminine taste of the nectar gushing forth from her tasty pussy. I was so turned on watching the expert way my brother was treating my wife's cunt to a first-class service that I had to slow down the pace of my wanking for fear I might shoot my losd too soon.

Kelly and I had married some twenty-four hours earlier and, after the reception had ended and the final guests had gone on their way, the family welcoming committee were holding a very special private party to accept Kelly into the fold, the departed guests totally oblivious to what we were about to get up to. All of us had assembled in The Room - our very own sex dungeon deep in the basement of our detached house in north London - and were happily celebrating my bride's newly acquired membership of the Hutchinson Family Sex Club.

"Oh boy," mum said, as Simon munched hungrily on Kelly's clit, displaying all the skill he had learnt from many licks of mum's pussy during the many foursomes mum, dad, Simon and I had enjoyed over the years, while Kelly spread her legs wider, opening her hole to its mazimum extent for all and sundry to gawp at, the hallmark of the true exhibitionist and allowing my brother's tongue as much access as possible to the most glorious intimate part of my wife's body.

Simon was making such a meal of Kelly's pussy, he obviously thought he had died and gone to heaven and didn't even gasp when dad spat some spit into my sibling's arsehole and worked it in with long fatherly fingers, prepartory to fucking his youngest son.

"This is just fantastic, the best gangbang we've ever had," mum said, as she watched her husband fingering her son's arsehole, "now that Kelly's joined us."

"Yeah, mum," I said, standing next to her, my hard cock throbbing in my hand, "she's loving every minute."

"I certainly am," said Kelly, who never said no to having her pussy licked and was pleased that she now had not one but three men and one woman to plunder it with their experienced talented tongues.

"So am I," said Simon, looking up again to speak before once more burying his head deep in my wife's cunt, my brother far from finished and determined to extract as much pleasure from Kelly's sodden vagina and the sweet-tasting syrupy liquid emanating from it.

Kelly had already been licked and fucked by her new father-in-law earlier during the first hour of her welcoming party and was now only too happy to offer her pussy to her new brother-in-law. Simon, another member of the family sex club who could never say no, was demonstrating a tremendous amount of expertise as he lapped at Kelly's twat, breathing in the heady aroma of her womanhood and enjoying the combined taste of Kelly's juices and the congealing remains of dad's spunk.

"You certainly are," said mum in reply to Simon, gazing with a mother's pride at her new daughter-in-law writhing and squirming to the onslaught of her youngest son's tongue while dad stuck out his equally hot tongue and began to run it up and down the crack of Simon's arse. Still Simon did not give up his grip on Kelly's cunt, he had waited a long time to get his tongue round my wife's clit, I had after all been going out with her for five years before we married, and my brother was not going to relinquish his tongue from her pussy just yet, not now that Kelly was, literally, handing it to him on a plate.

"Yeah," said dad as he removed his tongue from Simon's arsehole after a long hard incestuous rimming and speaking in full agreement with mum, "and he's going to enjoy this even more," he added, tugging on his cock and signifying his intention to fuck Simon's arsehole.

I tugged harder on my cock, too, as my excitement mounted, it was just so hot watching my wife happily allowing my brother to lick her cunt while dad prepared to piston him with his fat paternal prick. Later on, Simon and I would return the compliment on dad as well as fucking mum and Kelly - indeed, Kelly had, as I just said, already had the pleasure of her father-in-law inside her - but for now I was happy to bide my time and watch as the party gained momentum.

Kelly was happy to bide her time, too, though she was eagerly looking forward to watching mum fuck her menfolk with a variety of her strap-ons, many of which decorated the walls of The Room. I knew, too, that Kelly wouldn't say no to fucking our arseholes as well, the dildos being the first things she had touched as soon as she'd entered The Room after our wedding reception. There was also a double-ended dildo in our possession which I was determined to watch my mother and my wife having some fun with before we all ended up too exhausted to continue.

"Here, honey," said mum to dad, producing a tube of KY as if by magic and throwing it across to dad which he caught expertly, proceeding thence to unscrew the cap and squeeze a liberal supply of the gel over the fingers of his right hand, then smearing it over his cock.

Mum quickly dropped to her knees in front of me, my hard cock standing up proudly in front of her admiring eyes as dad finished greasing his cock and started to smear the KY into Simon's arsehole. As always, I felt no embarrassment standing there naked in front of my mother with my cock standing to attention, just an overwhelming sense of pride and happiness that Simon and I share such a loving and special relationship with her - and dad, too.

Kelly pushed Simon's head gently away and smiled at her brother-in-law. "That was wonderful, Simon," she said, "you're as good a cunt licker as your brother. But I've just got to watch you taking it up the arse from your dad."

"Be my guest," said Simon who, like all of us, loved being fucked in front of an enthusiastic audience, having inherited our parents' hardcore exhibitionistic skills that were part and parcel of a pornographic-style club like ours. I've heard it through the grapevine that lots of orgies, incestuous or otherwise, only take place with a porno film on in the background, something I've never fully understood. Why would anyone want to watch a bunch of strangers, sexy and excellent performers though they might be, on a t.v. screen when, like us, it is possible to make an enjoy our own explicit entertainment?

That said, I was, like Kelly, dying to watch Simon getting fucked by dad, even though, of course, I've seen dad fucking Simon plenty of times before, as he has me and we him. Nevertheless, I wasn't going to miss witnessing the latest pounding of Simon's arsehole, which was gaping open and twitching with anticipation as my brother reached round with his hands and parted his cheeks, perfectly honed by frequent trips to the gym and playing football regularly for a local non-league side, as he waited patiently for the incestuous invasion.

Mum feasted her eyes on her youngest son's terrifically exposed arsehole which he winked before us, stretching the long thin lines that had formed on the walls of his crack, while the large head of my proud prick was peeping in and out of my foreskin as I wanked in front of my family, Kelly moving to sit in the chair recently vacated by mum.

As Kelly inserted two fingers of her right hand up her cunt, mum began slurping her tongue around my big sweaty balls but watching her husband intently out of the corners of her eyes as he placed the head of his cock between Simon's buns. Kelly's smile was growing wider by the second as she continued playing with herself while simultaneously observing her new family in hot, hardcore action.

"This is just fantastic," Kelly kept saying, "thank you so much for letting me join your club."

"The pleasure's ours, sweetheart," I replied, "I can hardly believe we're married now and that, at long last, you're able to participate."

"Wouldn't have married you if it meant missing out on this," giggled Kelly, grinning as I turned my gaze back down on mum and smiled at her.

"Go down on my balls, mum," I said, "you always lick them real good."

"I've had lots of practice," mum replied, smiling up at me, twerling my nuts around in her hand as she examined for a few moments what she was about to put into her mouth. It wouldn't be the first time mum had treated me to some really hot oral sex and it certainly wouldn't be the last but mum always liked to have a good look at things first since she enjoyed seeing our bodies just as much as she did giving them her undivided attention.

Mum swiped her tongue around my balls for a good five minutes, at one stage managing to swallow both testicles at once by cramming my entire scrotum into her mouth before opening it and quickly taking me inside, sucking hard on my thick rod. My mouth watered and my body started tingling as the big head worked its way over the hot maternal tongue before nestling securely at the back of mum's throat and where I was happy for it to take up residence for as long as my doting loving mother wanted it to.

"Oh yeah, mum, that feels fucking great," I said, each suck mum gave me managing to be better than the last, her cock-sucking technique proving once again how adept she was and is at improving on every one, "please suck my cock."

"She is," said Kelly, stating the blindingly obvious and giggling again and I smiled across at my wife who smiled back, delighted to be a witness for the very first time to her husband getting sucked by his mother.

I groaned as mum, her excitement growing by the second, upped the pressure on my cock with her hot maternal tongue, sucking as if she had never sucked me off before and employing all the excitement and enthusiasm of a twenty years old. Mum is always happy when she's got a nice big cock in her mouth, be it mine, my dad's or my brother's and she always gave her heart and soul to every scintillating flick of her tongue as she worked it up and down my shaft and licked the head, savouring the salty masculine taste of pre-cum emerging from my pee hole.

My big balls, still wet with mum's saliva after having been inside her mouth for so long, slapped like conkers against her chin as mum expertly sucked and choked on my stiff pole as if the end of the world was nigh while Kelly was happily and busily pleasuring herself with several of her fingers now inserted deep in her beautifully trim cunt. The Room resounded to the joys of a kinky perverted family lost in the joys of some really hot taboo sex, my moans of pleasure as mum continued to suck me mingling with Simon's grunts as dad slowly but surely slid his stiff pole into my brother's arsehole.

"I couldn't wish for a happier welcome party," my wife said as Simon began pushing his arse back to meet every expert thrust of dad's formidable cock, "I'm so pleased I'm now a fully paid-up member of the club."

"You certainly are, darling," I said to Kelly, running my hands through mum's soft hair where, happily, no grey had yet appeared, as she continued to suck long and hard, every now and then the head of my cock puffing out her face cheeks as it hit the sides and mum gagged with excitement, reaching round with her hands to clasp my buttocks to draw me in even closer.

I love my mother more than I do life itself and the feel of her gentle carefree hands on my bare arse, her forefinger deftly exploring my crack, were, as always, so nice and this, combined with her bringing all her cocksucking skills to the fore as she made love again to my aroused prick, had me exerting all the willpower I had in my possession not to shoot my load in her mouth too soon.

Simon let out a loud growl as dad started to up the pressure on his arse and Kelly's mouth drooled as she watched the hard cock that had recently been deep inside her cunt now disappearing rapidly inside my brother. Simon looked back over his shoulder as the head of dad's cock nudged against his sphincter, my brother's face covered in sweat and a look of pride and happiness upon it as he took every inch of dad's incestuous prick, smiling his family and thrilled that we all seemed to be enjoying the show. Which, of course, we were.

"Like what you see?" Simon said as dad plowed into him right up to the balls which slapped with a steady rythmic sound against the spread walls of my brother's buttocks, while dad glowed with paternal pride as he gave himself and Simon the maximum amount of gay anal pleasure.

As always, dad could hardly believe how efficiently Simon was able to accommodate his big cock, surrendering the tight young hole with effortless ease in the best porn star tradition, and there was a general nodding of heads and mumbling of agreement with Simon's remark.

With Kelly's welcome party now in full swing, the five members of the Hutchinson family felt yet again that we were the only people on the planet. Society may frown on what we were doing but that's their problem; as far as we were concerned, the activities we were enjoyingthere and then in The Room were borne out of our true and undyling love for each other.

For the duration of the party, therefore, the world and its woes were put on a backburner as we simply forgot all our worries, fear over payment of the mortgage thanks to the credit crunch and pondering who the next London mayor would be, for instance, and just got on with enjoying ourselves in the only way we knew how, with lots of hot taboo sex of the incestuous kind.

What was going on outside our house, and more specifically The Room, was of no interest to us whatsoever at that moment in time as I hauled mum to her feet and gazed lovingly at the firm jugs that had fed both Simon and I when we were babies, a time when mum could hardly have envisaged that we would both still be sucking her tits twenty or more years later.

"Wow, mum," I said, even though I have had the pleasure of seeing and munching on her breasts many times, "your boobs are so beautiful. Like you."

"Thank you, sweetheart," mum said as I lowered my head and began to caress mum's tits with my tongue, savouring their succulence as I enclosed my mouth around them and sucking as if I had been dying of starvation. Kelly had had enough by now of being a beautiful watcher and was hungry for some more action as she quickly slipped off the chair and knelt down in front of me, opening her mouth and swallowing my cock in one gulp while I started to run my tongue along mum's cleavage, pinching her nipples between my fingers.

"Oh yeah, sweetheart," mum said after I slowed down my earlier enthusiam and instead began to suck like a baby again for several minutes, "your tongue is just as hot as ever but I'd like to feel it in my pussy again," she finished, smiling up at me with a wickedly mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Mum, you're insatiable," I laughed as mum moved back to lie on the bed alongside Simon who was still on his hands and knees taking dad's cock doggie-style up his tight arse with gusto, and Kelly stood and kissed me on the lips after blowjobbing me so that I could taste my own pre-cum on her lips and in her mouth.

"Go and lick your mum's pussy, sweetheart," Kelly said, "she's really up for it."

Indeed, mum was, lying there with her legs spread as wide as possible and exposing the glorious folds of her pussy, the skin and hair slick and matted with her dripping pussy juice. The sodden twat looked just about as tasty as any woman's love box is ever likely to get and, again, a fresh wave of love ran through me, making me tingle again as I knelt down before her and stuck my nose into the gash to have a good long sniff of the hole I and Simon had come into the world from.

"Hurry up, sweetheart," mum said impatiently, "my pussy really needs a nice long lick from that hot tongue of yours. Show me how much you love me."

"I love you very much, mum," I said, overwhelmed by love for her and reaching out a hand to explore the soft folds of her pussy skin before placing my head in the gash. I inhaled the scent of mum's cunt for a few more moments, then I withdrew my nose and stuck out my tongue and bowed to her command, running it up and down the groove between the two soft lips to prove indeed to mum that my love for her knew no bounds.

Mum squealed with pleasure as I pulled her trigger while, alongside her on the bed, Simon's grunts of pleasure grew louder as dad pumped him with all the power he possessed. Kelly walked round and pressed her cunt once more up against Simon's mouth; there was no doubt about it, in the short time she had been a member of our sex club, she had decided that she absolutely adored having her pussy licked by my brother and again it was a joy to watch.

"Lick my pussy, Simon," my wife said, placing her hands on my brother's head, "you are just superb."

Simon was delighted to have his efforts praised so highly and he gagged as he once more stuck out his tongue and began to lap at the matted folds of Kelly's pussy while dad continued to stretch his son's arsehole to its very limits. Having had the pleasure of my father's cock up my arse many times, I knew just what Simon was now going through as dad tore his arsehole to shreds and my brother squealed and squirmed, his arse feeling as if it had been set on fire by the incessant prodding and poking from dad's hard paternal prick.

Dad himself was rocking back and forth on his long middle-aged legs, his body still as slim and athletic as a guy half his age, his grunts of pleasure echoing around The Room to the strains of mum's cries going way over the top as my tongue found her clit, fully engorged and sticking up like a small penis. Kelly was still fingering her pussy, her eyes not wavering from the intensity of the hot action taking place immediately in front of her.

As Simon's grunts and groans joined in unison with mum and dad's,I began to munch hungrily on my mother's hard nub, mum rubbing her recently-sucked tits together and now screaming so hard and loud it was a miracle she didn't damage her voice box. The walls of The Room seemed to shake as my efforts brought on mum's first round of orgasms of the night and I drank her juices thirstily, swallowing every last drop.

A few seconds later, dad pulled out of Simon's arse and groaned as he reached his second orgasm of the night, squirting several large helpings of his paternal sperm over the firm round globes of my brother's butt. The long reams ran down over Simon's beautiful bare bottom to the tops of his legs while another tributary quickly found its way into my brother's arse crack, seeping deeply inbetween the two bubble-like cheeks while dad stood back with his sated cock in his hand, breathing heavily.

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