Kelly Monaco


He's sitting in his room alone studying for exams when his cell vibrates again. He's annoyed because it's been ringing all night. He picks up the phone and sees that caller ID is blocked again. As he looks at the screen the icon for messages pops up so he checks in. He hears a soft feminine voice giggling then she says, "Hi, this is Kelly Monaco and I know you're home. Why won't you answer the phoooone?" She holds the "oh" in the word and never has it sounded so sexy. "Well I can't wait anymore. I'm coming up."

He's not sure of the name he heard and so he presses replay. Just as he hears the words "Kelly Monaco" there's a knock at his door. He opens to see the real Kelly Monaco standing there before him. She's wearing a black shawl wrapped around her shoulders, tight black jeans, and high patent leather boots. As she strides into the room with confidence she pushes a large modeling portfolio into his hands. "Put that someplace for me, will you dear?"

Kelly walks into the middle of the room and spins around as she tosses the shawl over a chair. She drops an expensive looking leather bag to the floor and smiles at him over her shoulder. Her shapely rear is pointing at him and she leans forward slightly. He can see the smooth supple skin on her waist above the tight pants. Covering her shoulders is an angora white sweater jacket he recognizes from a photo layout he's studied endlessly. He gulps with nervousness as she laughs realizing he's recognized the jacket. "I knew you were a fan," she squeals with pleasure.

Kelly skips back across the room and taking his hands leads him to the couch. She strides around the apartment as if she lived there. "What are you doing here?" he manages to sputter.

"Don't get any ideas. I'm just here for a little while; my driver and limo are waiting downstairs." She giggles enticingly and goes on as they sit facing each other on the couch. Kelly is still holding both his hands. "You see a girl can't help but be curious about what men think about her, so I took a peek at some of the internet stuff about me." His eyes are running up and down her body. She's still in the white sweater and underneath is a tight black shirt that covers to just below her firm round breasts. Just under the edge of the open sweater he sees two erect nipples pushing out through the clothes.

She's sitting in front of him cross-legged and he watches her flat supple belly as she laughs. "A lot of the stuff was just icky and dumb, but on this one message board I kept reading the sweetest things about myself and they were from the same guy. So I just had to see if the guy is as wonderful as his words."

"Well, am I?" he asked hopefully. "We'll see," Kelly laughs. "Oh, wait, I want to show you something." She jumps up and crosses back to the door to retrieve the modeling portfolio he had dropped on the floor. She bends at the waist to lift it and he's admiring her great ass. She looks up at him and smiles and gives her rear a little shake. Then with a giggle she stands quickly and her long dark hair flies up and back.

Back on the couch she's sitting snuggly against him with the modeling portfolio in her lap She pertly undoes the ties and opens to the first large photo. "I want your opinion of these." He looks down to see the first shot of a spread he's never seen before. There's a shot of Kelly in a sheer white negligee. She has one leg kneeling on a bed and standing next to her is Nikki Schieler who's wearing powder blue panties and bra. "Oh, this was fantastic," Kelly squeals.

"We were trying a new way to do a shoot here. The cameras were all set up around the bed and loaded with tons of film and they were set to keep going off while we posed. So there was nobody around and we really went wild." Kelly proceeds to narrate the action as she flips through the shots.

"I was dressed first ... Opps, I guess I mean undressed. And when I saw Nikki come towards me I got real excited." In the shot Nikki's breasts looked like scoops of ice-cream in the blue bra. In the next frame Kelly was actually licking her lips. Nikki looked excited too. Kelly glances at the man as she turns to the next photo. Now Nikki and Kelly were hugging. Next they were laying on the bed together and Nikki was shot as she started to slide Kelly's negligee down off her shoulders.

Kelly is grinning at his reaction to the erotic photos and each one is more revealing. In the next photo one of her breasts was out now and you could see the other nipple poking through the sheer material. Both were rock hard. Nikki was caught on film putting her hand under the exposed breast and gently caressing the base. Kelly looked like she was quivering and tingling all over. Another shot showed Kelly beginning to squirm out her outfit, and Nikki was pushing up the bottom to reveal the brunette's bush so the sheer fabric was gathered around her waist as her round breasts seemed to swell. These were not the typical girl on girl photos from Playboy.

The next shots showed Kelly using her fingers on Nikki's shoulder straps and pulling them down her slim white arms. Her beautiful nipples seemed to jump out of their cups, erect and asking to be sucked. Kelly blushes they go through the next few frames. In these pictures Kelly leaned forward and darted her tongue over each in turn.

In all the shots the girls were giggling and laughing. Nikki was stroking up and down Kelly's legs, then she had her fingers between her legs and they lightly brushed against her pussy. Kelly's brown eyes widened and so did Nikki's pretty blue ones. You could tell from the dewy bush that Kelly was getting turned on. Nikki now had her fingers in her mouth and she was giving Kelly a look of longing. Then the fingers were clearly inside of Kelly who looked like she was moaning. Nikki was running her fingers along the brunette's supple skin, heading back into her pussy. She put her other hand around Kelly's neck and leaned in to kiss her.

Meanwhile Kelly used her hands to push Nikki's blue panties below her ass. Then Kelly lifted one of her legs to guide the panties all the way down the blonde's legs. She seemed to moan as Kelly's toes caressed her firm muscles. Then Nikki was caught as she plunged her fingers deep inside the other girl. Kelly looked like she was howling as she lay face up arching her back and lifting her hips to come up to meet Nikki as her fingers swam in my juices. She kept bucking rhythmically against the brunette as she forced her rear into the sheets. She knelt on top of Kelly as the tiny beauty thrashed wildly underneath her, Kelly's long brown hair flying tempestuously her head. Nikki was pumping her hard with her fingers. Her naked breasts seemed to be quivering with each stroke and her throbbing belly glimmered with sweat.

Nikki was driving her tongue down her throat. She arched her back and she was sobbing and groaning; it was clear that these were shots of an authentic Kelly Monaco orgasm. Kelly rolled onto her side; her body glowed from head to toe with sweat and my pussy lips were parted and wet. The sheer white fabric hung dam over her waist and her nipples were blushing red. Her hair curled with dampness and in the last shot she was giving Nikki a sultry smile.

"Ohmigod, these photos are so hot. I'm sorry. I'm sooo embarrassed now!" she says abruptly and sweeps the portfolio of erotic pictures off their lap. She turns to him and puts one hand on his leg and says, "We need to change the subject. Tell me about yourself? Did you read all these books?"

At the same moment he crosses his legs in the hopes of hiding the erection he's had from the photos. But he looks down to find that instead he's squeezing Kelly's soft hand against his throbbing crotch. She sees it too and then their eyes meet. She leans into him and kisses him softly on the lips; her tongue flits out for just a brief second. But then she says, "No, wait!" and pushed herself to the other side of the couch.

She looks at him a long moment and seems to be making a decision. Meanwhile he watches her with a bemused look on his face. There's no point in hiding his erection now. She nods her head and leaps up to find her bag. Pulling out her cell she presses in a call. "Hello, Karen? I'm going to be a little while." Kelly listens then giggles a moment. "Well, he is kind of cute," she says with a stage-whisper looking at the man and grinning. "I won't be too long.' She hangs up with a snap and just as suddenly says, "Don't get any wise ideas, buster." Then she gives him a soft smile. "I'm just here for a visit, remember."

She sits Indian style on the floor in front of the couch. "I know! Let's play a game."

"I don't have any games." "Not even a deck of cards?" While he looks Kelly leans back on her hands and begins to stretch her legs. Her long brown hair hangs under her and she shakes it like a mane. He returns to find her staring up at him with her belly bare and her breasts pushing up through her shirt. "I only know one game," she says seductively. "Great," he responds.

"Oh, goodie," Kelly squeals as she jumps up. "I get the couch. But we have to agree to some rules. This is strip poker and there's no touching." Her voice turns prim and proper for a moment, "Remember, it is just a friendly card game." Then she grins devilishly. "Cut the deck. Quick." She has stretched her body on the couch and greedily takes up a card. "Queen of Hearts. How appropriate. I deal."

Kelly loses the first hand. Laughingly she asks, "Now do the boots each count as a separate garment? No? I didn't think so. Well, here goes." She lays back on the couch and puts one leg straight in the air. Slowly she rolls up the soft leather revealing even through the jeans the shape of her athletic legs. She kicks off the boot and starts on the other one. Then with her legs still in the air she flexes her toes and stretches like a cat. She grabs the tip of her nylons and giving him a long seductive look she slowly pulls them off and tosses them in his face. "This is a bonus for you because you're so sweet."

She loses the next hand too and the jacket is taken off. Again the cards are not in her favor and she fingers the top button of her jeans. "Tell you what. We'll cut the cards. If you win you get to take my pants off. I win and the pants stay on." Again she loses.

"Oh, shoot!" But her smile seems to say that she was winning. She slowly wiggles toward him and takes his hand and brings it to her belly. She gives him a long sultry gaze as she sucks her thumbnail and with her other hand guides his fingers to the first button. He kneels in front of her as he slowly works the fastener. The jeans are so tight that the top springs open as the button is released. He folds the corners back and touches the supple flesh underneath.

He puts one hand on her rear to steady her as she rocks before him. She has one hand on his shoulder and the other stroking his hair. He starts on the next button and the fabric seems to struggle to open in up and reveal her to him. With the top of the pants opening wider she sways more rhythmically clutching his hair in her hand.

As he opens the last button she gasps, feeling his finger slide under the thong. She pulls his face into her firm belly and guides his hands back up to her waist. He begins to slowly pull the pants down over her hips. The fabric is almost a second skin as it peels away.

His hands glide down her thighs and as he pulls the pants down past her knees she slides down into his lap. She tosses her legs in the air and he pulls the garment away from her ankles. "Remember, it is just a friendly card game." she growls in a low and sultry voice. Then she grins devilishly. "Deal again. Quick."

She giggles as she takes up the cards. She stays in his lap and her shapely little body feels warm and tightly packed as she wiggles and writhes in his arms. She sucks in her breath as she realizes she lost yet again. She squirms in his lap and straightens her legs. She then slips the straps of her shirt off of her shoulders and quickly pushes the shirt down to her waist. Her round and firm breasts spring out and her eyes widened as she sees the pleasure and excitement in his face.

She lifts her rear and slides the shirt under her bottom to push it toward her knees. As she does this her hand brushes against his throbbing erection. The hand pauses there and her lips part with anticipation. She gives them a little lick. Watching his eyes she pulls the shirt all the way off. "I better deal," she breathes huskily.

She sighs as she shows him her next losing hand. She stands up and hooks a thumb on either side of the thong and slowly pushes down. "Wait a sec. It looks like you had six cards. We have to deal over!" she giggles. She jumps on the couch and deals the cards again. . Now she begins to win. "Poor baby," she murmurs as she wriggles back into her tight shirt. When she wins back her jeans she wiggles her tight little ass in his face and laughs. She nods to his swelling erection and says, "I better button these myself."

After she wins her boots again she says, "I'm not ready for these yet. We better stop playing cards now. You know you been hustled don't you? You've been such a good sport." With that she takes his hand and lifts him off the floor.

Kelly's about a foot shorter than him and her face is buried in his chest. She looks up at him hungrily and he bends down to kiss her. She slides her hand down the back of his trousers as they kiss and pulls his erection against her bare belly. He's running his hands up and down her writhing body. Their tongues explore with excitement but she suddenly swallows and pushes him to arms length.

He moans and she moves towards him. "I'm sorry, baby. I don't mean to be a tease. I just want to get to know you." She looks around the room which is filled with books jammed on shelves and piled around the room. Her eyes sparkle with inspiration. "Why don't you read to me?" Her voice rings with exhilaration.

"What do you want to hear?" "I'd love some poetry." "I have John Keats here." She giggles and spreads herself on the couch. Her eyes follow him around the room as he looks for the book. Her lips tremble slightly and she touches her pussy lightly. As he returns with the volume of poems she smiled sexily. "Come sit here so I can put my head on your lap.

She snuggles into his lap with her warm cheek resting on his thighs. She listens to him recite,

Yes, I will be thy priest, and build a fane In some untrodden region of my mind, Where branched thoughts, new grown with pleasant pain, Instead of pines shall murmur in the wind: Far, far around shall those dark-cluster'd trees Fledge the wild-ridged mountains steep by steep; And there by zephyrs, streams, and birds, and bees, The moss-lain Dryads shall be lull'd to sleep; And in the midst of this wide quietness A rosy sanctuary will I dress With the wreath'd trellis of a working brain, With buds, and bells, and stars without a name, With all the gardener Fancy e'er could feign, Who breeding flowers, will never breed the same: And there shall be for thee all soft delight That shadowy thought can win, A bright torch, and a casement ope at night, To let the warm Love in!

She sighs at the end, hypnotized by the beauty of the words. She turns to him and realizes that he has the book closed and is speaking from memory. She sighs again and turns her face to him and reaches for his belt. She can't look into his eyes and stays focused on undoing the buckle. Then her fingers begin to open his fly. She slowly works the zipper and she seems to shutter as his pants open. She pauses and looks up at him and she sucks her thumb nail demurely. She then licks all her fingers and pushes her hot wet hand into his trousers.

He leans back and groans as the fingers burrow in, searching for his cock. They wrap around the quivering shaft and she slides it out into the air. Leaning into him she works her tongue on the base of the shaft and licks greedily up to the tip. Finally she opens her mouth wide and dives unto his cock trying to get it all down her throat in one gulp. She swallows more of him, digging her fingers into his back.

Her soft brown hair is bouncing lightly as her mouth begins to slurp up and down his shaft. He can barely move and he holds her shoulders and she sucks more franticly. Suddenly she stiffens and shakes as she starts to feel his hot thick juices shoot down into the deepest part of her throat. She gulps and swallows as he comes in hot waves. She's afraid she can't hold it all in but she keeps sucking.

The up and down motion of her head slows but she keeps sucking steadily and tightens her lips as they run along his shaft. She senses that he's finally empty and she releases him with a satisfied smacking noise as her mouth comes off the tip.

"Wow! Where did that come from?" she squeaks. She climbs up into his lap and starts to unbutton his shirt. He shakes himself and looks at this beautiful woman tearing at his clothes. He runs his hand up her sides and works them under her shirt to grab her nipples. She pulls his shirt off and lifts her own so he can get his mouth on her breasts. Her ass is squirming in his lap and driving him insane. He grabs the fabric of her tight fitting shirt and rips it open.

Kelly groans and leans back and pulls him on top of her. As he climbs on her she pushes his pants down around his knees and wraps her legs around him for a moment. They are hugging and rocking and he is struggling to reach down to open her pants. Instead she takes his cock and draws it up between her breasts. She takes his two hands and presses them against her nipples and guides so that he is squeezing her fabulous mounds on his now rock hard shaft. Then her hands grip his ass and guide him up and down. As the tip of his cock touches her chin she licks it quickly with her tongue. As he pulls back she squeezes his ass to thrust him forward.

"Ooh, this is nice," Kelly moans. "But don't go too far yet. I want this to last awhile." They sway in this position for a few more moments and his motions are becoming more frenzied. She is trying to steady him with her hands. "Sssh," she whispers. "Go easy, Easy. Easy." She slowly worms her way out from under him and pats him on his rear. "Look at us, will you," she laughs lustily, :"We're a mess." She rubs his back and tells him to find some candles. "I'll be right back!" she sings out and picking up her bag she skips to the bathroom.

When Kelly steps out of the bathroom she walks into the light of a dozen candles. He's sitting relaxed on the couch in nothing but his boxers. He gasps when he sees her. All she is wearing is that short white angora jacket and a flimsy sheer white mini-slip. She looks at him shyly as she takes tiny slow steps toward the couch.

Kelly stands between his legs and leisurely turns around. With her back to him she slides the jacket off her shoulders and bends down. Her rear wiggles in his face and he presses his cheek against it. She keeps turning and he finds himself facing her pussy. He lifts the white slip and begins to lick her inner thigh.

She pushes away and presses down the slip, but then she slides onto his lap and guides his hungry mouth to her throbbing nipples. He starts to suck and she leans back and moans. Then she begins to groan as she sees another woman enter the room.

The woman is tall and stately, another brunette goddess. She's wearing high-heeled shoes and sheer black knee high stockings. Her tight black leather mini-skirt can barely cover the juicy round plump ass. The leather jacket is open to her navel and her large firm breasts are straining to get out. She surveys the room, taking in the books and her eyes rest on Kelly and the man intertwined on the couch. "Have you been a naughty girl again?" she chuckles.

Kelly moans again but it a moan of pleasure. "That's Karen McDougal," she says huskily, "She likes to pretend she's my driver. She's also a big bully. You've got to help me." Kelly wraps herself around the man and trembles as the taller girl stands over them. "Don't let her hurt me." Kelly moans.

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