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Kelly Ripa, My Mom


My name is Mike Ripa. I am Kelly Ripa's 18 year old son. She had me when she was 18 (she's 36 now), so we've always been pretty close since we are close to the same age. Now, I've always loved my Mom, but at times I get so frustrated with the way she acts and dresses, like she's still a teenager. I mean, what kid would want his mom to dress like a slut all the time? But it was more than just the way she dressed, she really was a slut. She cheated on my dad all the time. I didn't care that much, he was a jerk, but again, what kid would want his mom sleeping with all these guys the same age as him?

I am about 5'11" with blonde hair and green eyes. I play basketball, so I'm in pretty decent shape. I've never had any problems getting the ladies, that's for sure.

Let me tell you what happened just last week. I just graduated a couple of weeks ago with plans to go to USC, so I was taking the summer off. My dad was away on a business trip, so it was just Mom and me. She didn't have any work to do, so we spent a lot of time together. I was sitting on the couch in our front room with some friends, watching TV, when Kelly Ripa, my mother walked in. She was wearing a short white t-shirt that showed off a lot of her tight tummy as well as the obvious black bra she wore under it, and a pair of short, tight black workout shorts. That's it. That's all. To top it all off, her long blonde hair was pulled back into pig tails. Pig tails for crying out loud! Needless to say, my two buddies were speechless for staring, and Mom was totally getting off on it.

"Whatcha boys watching?" she asked in a little girl voice as she squeezed herself in between me and one of my friends. My friends couldn't even answer.

"Nothing," I answered quickly, adding, "The guys were just about to leave." They protested me silently with their glares but grudginly got up and walked out the door.

"Bye boys," Mom said, playing with one of her pig tails. I had had enough.

"AAaarrgh!" I exclaimed after they had closed the door behind them. "I've had it, Mom!"

"What's wrong, sweetie?" she asked innocently.

"Why can't you act your age?" I was almost yelling. "Why can't you act like a Mom? Why do you have to hit on my friends? Why do you have to dress like that?"

"What's wrong with how I dress?" she asked.

"You dress like a..." I couldn't finish it.

"Like what?" she asked, leaning in close to me. "Like what?" I still didn't answer. She leaned in closer. "Like a ssslut?" God she made it sound so sexy. Wait a minute, this was my Mom! "Like a bad girl? Am I a bad girl, Mike?"

What does a son say when his Mom asks him that? I said, "Uhhhhh..." Mom pulled back from me and then got up from the couch. She walked over directly in front of me and then turned around. Her perfect ass was right in front of my face. She bent over at the waist, placing her hands on her knees and arching her back a little. She turned her head back to look at me and said as sexy as can be, "Maybe you should spank this bad girl."

I know I shouldn't have. I know I should have walked away, but all the frustration that had built up inside me was dying to be released. Plus my Mom's perfect tight ass was hovering in front of me in those little black shorts. I raised my hand and spanked, admittedly slightly harder than I meant to, that little round ass. The audible slap resounded through the empty silent house.

"Ooooooooh," Mom moaned. "Again." I spanked her again. And again. And again and again. By this time I had stood up and was standing behind my Mom, spanking her ass over and over again. She moaned and whimpered each time my hand came down. I hadn't even realized that my cock was rising in my pants. Suddenly brimming with lust I jerked down her shorts in one quick motion. Of course, she wasn't wearing any panties. Surprisingly, she didn't protest.

I spanked her again, but lighter this time. I watched the flesh jiggle, ever so slightly since she was in such good shape, when I brought my hand down on my Mom's hot bottom. Overcome, I sat back down on the couch, grabbed my Mom by the waist with both hands, and pulled her back into me. I nuzzled my face into her warm ass crack and began licking her up and down. She began moaning even more intently now, "Oh, oh yeah, Oh God Mike, yesssss!" I found her tight pink asshole and started licking in circles around it. She began bucking her hips back, trying to thrust her ass in my face. Slowly I entered her ass with my tongue. She gasped. I plunged my tongue deeper into her darkness, savoring the taste of her, exploring her ass to the fullest extent.

Suddenly she pulled away, turning around to face me. Overcome with the realization of what I had been doing to my own mother, I said, "I'm sorry Mom. I don't know what got into me," and hung my head in shame.

She lifted my head by my chin and kissed me, not a motherly kiss. Her tongue forced my mouth open and began probing inside, tasting her ass on my tongue. She grabbed the back of my head with both her hands and pulled me into her, while sitting down on my lap. She started grinding on me. I lifted her shirt over her head, and she did the same to me. I removed her bra and began massaging her perfect tits while her hand reached down and felt my 7 inch cock standing at stiff attention. She stood up quickly and pulled off my pants revealing my throbbing member.

There was no question of right or wrong now, only our lust. The fact that it was forbidden, that it was incest only heightened our desire. She knelt before me and took me into her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and started pounding my dick into her mouth. I was face-fucking my own mother! Oh God it was exhilarating, looking into her lust filled eyes as she swallowed my meat again and again. I released her and she stood up and straddled me once more. This time, however, there was nothing between us and she guided my cock into her surprisingly tight pussy.

My hands were all over her body: her waist, her hips, her tits, her neck, her thighs. She was riding my cock all the way up to the apex and then slamming herself down. Now she just started rocking back and forth with my cock so deep inside her pussy. She came three times riding me like that. We were both moaning and grunting in our sweaty passion. "Oh God, Mom!" I exclaimed, "I'm going to cum soon."

"Not in my pussy," she gasped, "Not yet, anyways." She hopped off my cock and climbed onto the couch, bending at the waist over the arm. "You can cum in my ass if you want," she said, looking over her shoulder. I wasted no time in getting up behind her and positioning my cock at the entrance to her tight ass. "Fuck my ass son! Fuck it hard." I needed no more invitation. I plunged my cock in as deep as it would go. Faster and faster, harder and harder. I was hanging on to her hips and pulling her into me as I slammed my balls against her ass again and again. I felt like I was getting close, and she could tell. "Yeah, Mike, fuck me son! Fuck Mommy's tight ass! Oooh yeah! You like fucking your Mommy's ass? Oh, fill Mommy's ass with your thick cum!"

"Oh God MOM!!!!" I came harder than ever before. She pulled away. My cock came out of her ass with an audible "pop." She spun around and took my dick in her mouth, licking and slurping the cum off my prick, tasting her ass on my cock. She stood up and kissed me, again passionately.

"Let's move this into the bedroom," she said.

To Be Continued...

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