tagLoving WivesKelly Teases and Pleases Us Both

Kelly Teases and Pleases Us Both


I have always gotten very hot hearing about Kelly's past lovers. I just love the thought of her getting all hot and satisfied by someone. Kelly has had 7 other lovers before me; I am her husband of 20 years. I am her second husband; the first Dave lasted only 5 years.

Kelly had a one year hot affair while married to Dave, (obsessions of a married woman). We often lay together in bed with her telling about these exploits with her lover during that year. It made me hot thinking of her being unfaithful and getting her fill of her lover when she yearned for it. It would get us both excited and then would be followed by hot sex.

We talked and she admitted that it also made her hot talking about her past affair, but neither of us wanted another in our bed. Don't get me wrong it was fun talking about it, but neither wanted to cross that bridge. I often asked her if she had the opportunity to tag her past flame if she would, she would tease me by saying maybe.

It was rare when we would even see Jim, her one year fling. We lived about fifty miles away and didn't run in the same social circles. Jim was a safe fantasy for us; he was never around, only in her memories and in our hot conversations in the sack.

Kelly's cousin was getting married last fall and Kelly was going to help with things including making the wedding cake. Kelly went out to her cousins a couple of times to get details on the cake stuff and other details. The last time she was there she came in contact with Jim.

Jim had recently been left by his wife and was living with his sister and was the groom's cousin. Kelly said that they talked for an hour or so. I was somewhat thrilled and somewhat nervous about her contact with him. I teased her and asked if that all she had done. Kelly punched me in the arm and said you wish. We talked about him that night in bed and as usual we got heated up and had hot sex.

Kelly said she was so over him and his meat 22 years ago that he didn't even faze her. It was still a couple of weeks until the wedding, so I brought him up a lot in bed. It sure made me hot thinking about her being with him so long ago. I didn't intend to bring him to the forefront of her mind; I just couldn't help with my sexual thoughts.

The weekend of the wedding finally arrived. We went to the wedding and then the reception. With Kelly making the wedding cake she needed help setting it up and would also be cutting and serving it later. It was no surprise that Jim offered to help her set up all the stuff. I was talking with a couple of old friends but also kept an eye on Kelly and Jim.

The reception was in full swing and Kelly started serving cake, once complete she again came and sat with me. Judy said she was running out to change out of her dress and Kelly said she'd join her and left around 9:30. Around the same time I was asked to go and get some ice and more cups. It was 20 minutes to and from the grocery store and I was happy to get out of the smoke anyway.

It was around 10:30 when I got back. I iced down the kegs and set up the cups and had just walked out back to the dumpster up throw away the trash when Jim and Kelly pulled up in his truck around 10:45. I stayed out of the site, and watched them talking for a few minutes and then walked back inside. I was thinking how the hell do you leave to change clothes with a female cousin and then come back with the guy, that was a lover 22 years ago??

I stood near the back of the room to watch her enter. It was no surprise that she came in the front alone and Jim came in the side door. I thought that seemed very interesting that they would think to come in separate doors. I stayed at the back of the room to watch her, she looked around and noticing me, she made a beeline for me.

I got a sloppy wet kiss and a big hug. She said she was horny and she missed me, she also seemed stoned. The alarm bells were really going off, because she had stated that she always got extremely horny when she was high. In our twenty years of marriage we had never gotten high.

I was thinking many thoughts, and I stressed to myself that she said she wouldn't ever bed him again. I mean these were just hot topics we talked about in bed.................right?? By 11:30 PM we left for the hour drive home.

I hadn't let the cat out of the bag; I think I was both scared and excited as hell. I wanted her to have been naughty with him, and I also was scared that she may have. We weren't five miles down the road when she started rubbing my hard on through my jeans. I asked if she had a good time and she said yes, and added that she was waiting for a better time at home.

The road home was two lane country roads that demanded my full attention. Kelly was trying to fish my cock out to suck it, I already had a wet spot were she was sucking and blowing on it threw my jeans. I told Kelly that she needed to chill until we got home, because it would do her no good to distract me and then wind up in the ditch.

I told Kelly to sit back and recline her seat and play with herself. She used to do this a lot early in our marriage, but she hasn't been willing to in the last 10 years or so. Soon her jeans were around her ankles and absent were her panties. She had two fingers inside her gooey pussy and was working one over her clit. I asked where her panties were and she aid she left them off when she changed. As she slid her fingers in and out she was so wickedly wet that the sweet smell and sound of her wetness assaulted my senses.

I knew that either she super horny or her pussy may have already been used. I told myself that it was just all my imagination; she was just stoned and horny. She brought herself off twice and then pulled my hand over to feel how wet she was. She then sucked my fingers clean and then placed her fingers in my mouth to suck clean. I was hornier than a two headed Billy goat.

Kelly finally drifted off into a slumber as I finished the remainder of the drive. I opened her door at the house and watched as she pulled up her jeans to walk inside. I am glad our kids are grown and gone, as she was all over me once inside the house. She started shedding clothes at the door headed for the bedroom.

I would have loved to have gone in and terrorized her body, but the dogs still needed to be put out for the bedtime business. I could hear her in the bedroom calling me (come on baby, I am so hot). The dogs finally came in, hell I almost got a dog's tail in the door I was so anxious.

I stripped down as I entered the bedroom and climbed in beside her. I am normally the Alpha personality in bed, but that was far from the case tonight. She climbed on top of me and rubbed her wet pussy all over my cock, while she necked on me and I squeezed her big C cup tits. Kelly started moving down me trailing kisses down my chest and stomach.

Kelly was always good at blowing me, I have always been very hard to get off by blow job but she was great at it. She normally gags if she takes me all the way in her mouth, but through gagging and all she couldn't get enough. My god, she was trying to swallow my cock and balls and all. I tried to pull her around for a 69, my favorite but she told me to just enjoy.

I asked what got her so worked up, she didn't answer, she only moaned as she devoured my cock. I asked her when she got stoned tonight. She said her and Judy smoked a joint on the way to get changed. I told her if this is the way she acted after getting stoned; I would buy her a bag. I then asked her where they went to change.

She continued sucking my cock as I questioned her. I asked her again where she went to change And she finally said Judy's house. I asked her what took her so long, she said that they had talked and then Judy had to run an errand for the Bride. Well then how did you get back? She continues sucking my cock and wouldn't answer. I put my hand on the back of her head and held her down on my cock until she struggled to get some air. As she raised her head to get air, I asked her again how she got back. Her brother brought me back.

It was now making sense; Judy and Jim were brother and sister. I played dumb as she went down my shaft again. I asked her who her brother was and she just bobbed up and down my cock faster. Kelly always liked to tease me and I always get hot, because she knows exactly how to push my buttons. Kelly who is her brother? Kelly just continued to blow me and wouldn't answer. I knew that she had told me that one of Jim's favorite things was when she would blow him years ago.

Kelly, you are going to make me come! Baby, I want to come in your sweet pussy, not in your mouth. She just kept up going faster and faster.

Kelly, will I be the first to come in your mouth tonight. She just moaned and held herself down my length as I invaded her throat.

Kelly am I going to be the first to come in your mouth tonight. She raised her head gasping for breath as she stroked my cock with her hand.

Yes you are, she finally said as she engulfed my cock as I started flooding her mouth with my come. I had both of my hands on my the back of my wife's head as I ground my cock into mouth and my cum flowed straight down her throat. I was still hard as a rock as she slowly teased me by stroking my cock as her head laid on my leg staring up into my eyes.

After what seemed like an eternity she slowly climber up me again trailing kisses. She stopped and started sucking my nipples as her hand continued stroking my cock. Always teasing me she finally climbed aboard and rubbed the helmet of my cock back and forth through her wet pussy lips.

Come on baby, ride me, I have wanted you all night. She looked into my eyes and asked playfully, you have wanted me all night? Yes Baby I have, now ride me.

She then said you aren't the only person who wanted me tonight. I asked her if Jim wanted her too................MmmHmmm.

All along she was masturbating herself with the helmet of my cock. Was he as hot for you as me..................... MmmHmmm. Did you want to do something for him...................MmmHmmm.

Would you have liked to have sucked his big dick, and then felt him come down your throat..............MmmHmmm . I was now shaking with my desire and nerves, as she reached her orgasm she threw her head back and mashed my cockhead against her clit as she tried to prolong her bliss. She lay down on top of me as we kissed. I grabbed her big tight nice ass (fat bottom girls make the world go around) and ground my cock against her as she moaned and road against my cock that was between us.

God baby, I wish you would have sucked his big dick that would have been so fucking hot.......... MmmHmm.

She rose back up and grabbed my cock and started rubbing the head against her clit again.

You think you could have handled me sucking his cock? Oh hell yes baby that would have been so fucking hot.

What if he had wanted more?

Kelly did you want him to fuck you again..................... MmmHmm.

I wish you had done something with him that would have been so HOT!!!


What did you do baby, did you tease him and make him want what he lost so long ago...... MmmHmmm.

He caught my changing and I only had my panties on.

Kelly stop rubbing my cock I am going to come.

She let go of my cock and started rubbing her clit. She quickly brought herself off as she was so fucking hot and excited.

Kelly said they started making out and it quickly got very heated. Jim took off her panties and started licking her hardened clit. Kelly then said she pushed him away and started sucking his cock.

She had grabbed my cock and started rubbing it against her clit again.

Kelly, you're lying to me, you said I was the first to come in your mouth tonight.............. MmmHmm.

You didn't get him off then..................................................... Oh yes, I got him off!

She slammed her extremely wet and loose pussy down my cock and shouted.

I rode the hell out of him and he filled my pussy with his come, can you feel it Baby??

She rode me hard and fast, she was all stretched out by his big cock and was so slippery I barely could feel her.

I was so turned on that I lasted about fifteen strokes as she said come on Baby come in like Jim did!!

I blasted like what felt like a gallon of cum!!

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