tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKelly's "The Office"

Kelly's "The Office"


I had such a bad morning. My sisters were all up in my bathroom and I totally wanted to pull their hair out. I finally got them out by shouting I could see Justin Bieber down the street.

When I finally got to the office, Erin said good morning to me. She is always cheerful and happy and most of the time it's okay because she gives me lots of compliments and stuff but after Ryan told her he wanted to sleep with her and she thought it was a joke, I've been kind of irritated by her stupidity. We've been trying to get her into a threesome for months now. It's the only reason I started talking to her in the first place, and with all the compliments she throws me I kind of thought that she would be into it.

I went back to the annex and Ryan was waiting there, leaning up against my desk in his adorable glasses and sexy suspenders.

"Hi, baby," I smiled at him and walked over to kiss him on the cheek.

"Yeah, whatever," he responded and then stood up, "listen, I think you should tell Erin we want to sleep with her. I realized she thought it was a joke because it came from me. She thinks she would be betraying you. And I also think she's more into girls than boys."

"Good morning to you, too, Ryan," I answered, prepared to enact one of my pouts until I annoyed him to the point of giving me my way.

Ryan stopped and put his hands on shoulders, "Kelly, don't start pouting. We both know you're just going to pretend to be that way until I promise to take you somewhere expensive for dinner so let's just skip the pout and I'll take you and Erin both somewhere expensive tonight and you can ask her to join us afterwards."

I smiled and leaned in to kiss Ryan on the lips. He kissed me back teasingly, biting my lower lip then sliding his tongue into my mouth. I heard someone coming towards my cubical but I didn't care.

"Woooo-ooooaaah—oooaaah, you two!! This isn't a whore-house it's an office," Michael called out as he walked up to us and stuck his face right up to ours.

Ryan pulled away from me and stepped back from Michael, "What do you want?"

"That's what she said!" Michael laughed at his own dumb joke.

I rolled my eyes and waited for him to spit it out. When he needs something for work, the less you interrupt Michael, the better.

Michael backed off under our stony stares, "Ryan, I need you to forge my signature on some paperwork so I can watch a movie and take my afternoon nap."

Ryan shrugged and followed Michael to his office.

I was left alone to sit down at my desk and log onto Facebook. My sisters had posted some angry messages on my wall about Justin Bieber not really being outside of our house and I deleted those. Then I noticed a new message coming in from Erin.

It read:

Kelly, Are you mad at me? I hope you're not mad at me because Ryan just told me he was taking us both to dinner tonight at a really nice restaurant. I can't wait to hang out with you guys!


I smiled to myself. If she went all day thinking I was mad at her, she'd be more willing to make it up to me after dinner. I ignored the message and went to iTunes to listen to my favorite podcast.

The day went by pretty quickly. I mostly listened to podcasts and watched my favorite movies online. When work was over, I walked by the reception desk and Erin stood up and called out to me, but I just waved at her and smiled and left to get ready for dinner.

Ryan was already in my bedroom when I got home. He knew how to unlock my window from the outside. He must have left work when Michael fell asleep for his nap because he was already dressed and ready to go. He looked really hot and trendy in jeans and an untucked button-up pin-striped cotton shirt.

He didn't say a word when I walked into my room -- just helped me off with my clothes and escorted me into the bathroom where he had run a hot bubble bath for me. He was always doing sweet stuff like this in private, even if he was mean in public.

I stepped into the bath and slid down until I was covered in bubbles up to my shoulders. I leaned back as Ryan poured water over my dark hair. My favorite thing with a bubble bath is Ryan washing my hair and massaging my scalp. He had gotten really good at it lately and didn't even have to take off his clothes anymore. He could do it so gently he wouldn't get a drop on his clothes.

Ryan washed my hair and then my body very gently, running his wet soapy hands over my dark nipples lingeringly. He knew how to tease me enough to get me really excited, but not so I had to tear his clothes of or go insane.

I stepped out of the bathtub and he dried me off slowly and softly. I was so excited about dinner and what we were going to do to Erin that I could barely stand the touch of clothes on my nipples and pussy. I tingled everywhere.

After I dressed, Ryan blow-dried my hair for me and then I put on make up and put my hair up in a French twist. Ryan climbed out of my window and pulled his car up to the front of my parent's house and I walked out to meet him. He opened my door for me and we were off to pick up Erin.

When we got to her apartment, she was standing outside on the sidewalk waiting. It was a little chilly out so she was wrapped in knee-length, wool coat. Ryan got out and opened the back door to help her in.

She sat down and bounced up and down in her seat a little.

"Oh, Kelly, I am so excited. This is going to be really fun. You look amazing!"

I turned around to smile at her and noticed that she looked a lot nicer than she ever did in the office. She was wearing diamond earrings and had her hair curled in waves and falling onto her shoulders. She was also wearing a lot more eye make-up and she looked really sexy.

My smile brightened as Ryan got into the driver's seat and looked back at Erin then at me and faced forward to pull away from the curb with a satisfied grin on his face.

"Kelly, you look really beautiful," I said to her. "Do you think so? I knew we were going somewhere fancy and I didn't want to embarrass you," she answered in her sweet insecure voice.

We started chatting about food and wine and trying to guess where Ryan was going to take us. He just sat there in silence smiling like an idiot.

We finally pulled up to valet station of a five star restaurant attached to the nicest hotel within fifty miles of Scranton. Two valets stepped up immediately to our doors to let Erin and me out of the car and Ryan walked around to hold out an arm to each of us. He escorted us inside and once the door was closed behind us, he pulled away to relieve us of our coats.

When he removed Erin's coat, we both enjoyed quite a view. From the front, I could see the deep low-cut front of her dress. I always thought her breasts were somewhat small from what she wore in the office, but now I could see she had ample breasts for her frame and all of her beautiful milky-white cleavage was visible in that deep blue dress. Ryan paused as he lowered her coat so he could enjoy the view of from the open-backed dress side of things. The dress had virtually no back and you could see all the way down to just above her butt.

We both just stood there in awe for a moment. The perfect lighting inside the restaurant made her pale skin glow and I got a little wetter just staring at her breasts. Ryan adjusted himself before handing her coat to the hostess.

I removed my own coat and we followed the hostess. I motioned that Erin should go first so I could enjoy the beautiful sight of her walking away as much as Ryan did.

We followed her to a quiet corner in the back -- a luxurious half-moon shaped leather booth. The table was generously covered in a long table cloth the hid the view from underneath the table from the sight of everyone.

Erin slid in first and I slid in next to her. Ryan slid in after to me so that I was in the middle. Erin turned to face me and I turned to face her. Ryan ordered for us while we sat smiling at each other. While I knew Erin was watching me, I slowly let my gaze fall to her breasts. I leaned in towards her ear and whispered, "Your breasts look good enough to eat!"

It was a bold move that might have scared her away, but she was not as innocent as she seemed and merely giggled in response.

After the waiter left, Ryan turned in towards me, blocking us from view of the restaurant.

"You both look good enough to eat to me," he said. He was good at ordering while being fully aware of my movements and conversations with others.

Ryan pressed his chest into my back since I was still facing Erin. He put his hand on my shoulder, catching my shoulder strap with his finger and slowly slid it down my arm. I was worried we were moving to fast, but Erin sat mesmerized, watching the front right side of my gown drop to reveal the top of my right breast. Ryan stopped just short of revealing my nipple to Erin's view and she bit her lip as if waiting anxiously for the money shot. She didn't get it -- not yet.

The wine was poured at our table and she grabbed her glass a little awkwardly and downed the whole thing in one gulp. The waiter poured her another glass which she sipped more slowly.

The waiter discreetly pulled the sheer black curtain of our booth closed behind him after he poured our wine and delivered the appetizer which was a decadent fruit and cheese tray with chocolate for dipping the fruit in.

I reached over to the tray, letting my gown slip a little further, giving Erin the opportunity to peak inside my dress and see my nipple briefly as a picked up a deep red strawberry and dipped it in the chocolate. I leaned back against the booth and reached over and fed the chocolate-covered berry to Erin. She ate it slowly, savoring the sweet juicy flavor of the strawberry with the chocolate.

She had a little chocolate on her lip and I reached up to wipe it away with my index finger and started to put it in my own mouth when she reached out and grabbed my wrist, pulling my finger into her own mouth to suck it for a moment.

My panties were soaking wet by now and I couldn't wait to get her upstairs to the suite I knew Ryan had checked us into before coming to my house to bathe me.

Erin took small opportunities like this all through dinner, working Ryan and I up into a frenzy, but she didn't initiate anything without one of us first making a move. By the time dessert came, I had my hand on the inside of her bare thigh and I was rubbing it up and down, delighting in the soft, warm skin of her leg.

Ryan was leaning back against the booth watching me rub her thigh and waiting to see me pull her dress all the way up to find out what kind of panties she was wearing -- but I didn't pull it up any farther. He could wait until we got to the suite. I was happy enough just rubbing her leg for the moment.

Kelly had been teasing and responding to me all through dinner and I wasn't sure how much longer I could wait to have her but then she leaned in to me and whispered in my ear.

"Let's get out of here. I've got to get this dress off. I've soaked the back of it."

That was all we needed and Ryan summoned our coats to the table while I pulled the strap of my dress up and he helped us out and on with our coats. He held out his arms to us again and this time when we took his arms we both rubbed our breasts into him. He groaned a little and started walking more quickly out of the restaurant exit to the hotel.

He led us straight to the elevators and up to the bridal suite. I smiled at his choice.

When we entered, he removed our coats for us and then motioned us into the bedroom of the suite where he took of his shoes and socks and sat down on the plush arm chair facing the bed.

I thought I was going to have to lead this thing all night, but Erin surprised me and took my shoulders, turning me around so she could unzip my dress. My body tingled in anticipation.

When she reached up to the straps on my shoulders and slid them down my arms until my dress fell to the floor, I thought I would melt. I was finally getting what I wanted.

Erin turned me back around to face her and stared longingly at my dark nipples and full breasts, but she seemed to want to take her time, so she knelt down to the floor and slowly slid my panties off. I stepped out of them and she ran her hands up my legs pulling herself into me as she put her face near my pussy and breathed in deeply.

Ryan watched from the chair, fully clothed, but obviously as hard as a rock in his pants. I smiled at him and he just watched us in complete awe of the show.

Erin stood up slowly; rubbing her cheek up my stomach and over my breasts to my shoulder then kissed me tenderly on the neck. I groaned deeply when her face rubbed over my nipples. I couldn't wait for her to play with them as she had so obviously been dying to do since dinner.

She pulled away and turned her back to me, lifting up her hair. I untied her dress at her neck and the front just fell off and hung at her waist. She walked over to in front of Ryan's chair then turned to face me as she slid her fingers in the waist of the dress and slid it down off of her hips and to the floor. Ryan had a front-row seat to the revelation that Erin was not wearing any panties.

Ryan raised his hand up like he was about to put it on Erin's ass, but she smiled at him over her shoulder and stepped back to me. She took my hand and led me to the bed where I laid down, my dark hair falling over the pillows. Erin went around to the foot of the bed and slid her arms between my ankles and started crawling up the bed between my legs until her face was over my stomach.

She looked up at me as she gently kissed my stomach. I reached out and ran my fingers through who soft curls and smiled. She kissed up my stomach slowly, making me ache so badly for her lips on m tits that I was almost whimpering by the time she got near my breasts.

She stopped for a moment and looked up into my eyes and whispered, "I love you, Kelly. I love you and Ryan."

I moaned my appreciation and tangled my fingers in her hair to finally pull her face down to my nipple. She reached out her tongue first to flick the tip and my body shook with my first orgasm of the night. She laughed softly and flicked it a couple more times. Just as my body stopped shaking she opened her mouth wider and wrapped her lips around my entire areola and sucked hard, still flicking my nipple with her tongue.

I arched my back and pulled her tighter against me with my arms and legs. She sucked and flicked my tittie until my body wracked with another orgasm.

After the second one had subsided she pulled her mouth away and grabbed my tits with both hands and started massaging them and flicking over the tips of my nipples with her thumbs. Then she slid her hands up my shoulders and put her hands on either side of my head, leaning down to kiss me on the lips for the first time. She sucked my lower lip into her mouth and nibbled on it gently. I put my hands on the back of her head and pulled her tighter to my mouth as I slid my tongue into hers.

She moaned as I kissed her deeply and rubbed her back tenderly. I wanted a go at her perky boobs and so I rolled her onto her back until I was on top of her. My upper thigh was between her legs and against her pussy as I kissed her, now on top. She grinded her pussy into my hip and I pulled my head up.

"Be patient, love," I said and she immediately went still.

I kissed her lips softly one last time and then kissed across her jaw line, down her neck and to her shoulder. I stopped hear for a moment and pressed my teeth against her soft skin and sucked her hard, giving her a hickey on her shoulder. She moaned in pleasure and arched her back.

I went down her shoulder across the front of her chest to her boobs and suddenly and immediately devoured her nipple. I sucked it in hard and bit down gently at first but when she bucked and moaned in pleasure I bit down harder, sucking as hard as I could while biting. I pulled away from her now scarlet-red nipple and moved to the other, sucking and biting hard. Her body exploded with her first orgasm of the night and she cried out, "Kelly!" as she came.

When her orgasm subsided, she flipped me over onto my back and quickly scrambled to the foot of the bed where she aggressively spread my legs and bent her face to my inner thighs. She started sucking and giving me hickeys all up and down my thighs, making me squirm.

"Lick my pussy, Erin!"

She ignored me at first; just sucking and kissing my thighs while she rubbed up and down my legs.

"Erin! Lick my pussy, now!" I screamed.

She immediately stopped what she was doing, slid her palms under my ass and bent her lips down to my baby-smooth waxed pussy. She kissed the outer lips at first and then slid her tongue between them down low, sliding her tongue upwards to my clit to open my pussy lips. When she reached my clit with her tongue she wrapped her lips around it and flicked, swirled and frenched my clit with all she had.

I moaned in pleasure and looked over at Ryan, now with his jeans off and his shirt unbuttoned, slowly sliding his hand up and down his long, thick cock. I reached out my hand across the bed towards the chair he was seated in and motioned him to join us.

Erin was completely unaware of Ryan getting up from the chair and losing the rest of his clothing. She was so into eating my pussy and it felt so deliciously wonderful that my moans drowned out the sound of his footsteps over to the bed where he stood behind Erin. As she ate my pussy so expertly, her ass was sticking up in the air and it was nothing for Ryan to put his hands on her waist, position his cock at her entrance and slam his cock all the way into her dripping wet pussy. She moaned into my pussy and she and I both exploded in orgasm as the vibrations of her moan sent me over the edge.

After my orgasm faded, Ryan lifted her up by the waist, still inside of her and pushed her up my body until her breasts where in my face. She cried out as I pulled her chest to me and started sucking and biting her breasts again.

Ryan moved slowly in and out of her at first and then as I felt him pick up speed, I bit down on her nipple, holding it tightly between my teeth as he started ramming into her pussy with all of his strength. The motion was pulling her tit away from my teeth and with the nipple securely between my teeth we had her screaming with intense pleasure.

Ryan started talking, as he does when he's about to have a really intense orgasm.

"Erin, you're pussy is so tight. I love ramming your pussy with my huge cock. Oh, Erin! Oh, Erin! Oh, Erin...."

He rammed her violently hard three more times as he screamed, "FUCK ME!!!"

He shot his cum up inside of her pussy and the spray inside of her caused her to scream out loudly and her body to shake as violently as Ryan and rammed her. They both fell on top of me and shook for a few moments more before their bodies were calm again.

Ryan rolled off of her and lay down along my side, his head resting on the pillow above my head, facing me. Erin slid off of me when I released her nipple and she laid her head on my shoulder curling up against me while we put our arms around each other. Ryan pulled us both against him and we all fell asleep like that, fully satisfied and hoping for more once we had rested.

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