tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKelly's Thursday Night Frustartion

Kelly's Thursday Night Frustartion


It was Thursdays evening, Kelly had just returned from the gym. She had stripped off her shorts and sports bra pouring a glass of wine waiting for Gary to get home, he had already texted her saying he would be working late. It had been well over a week since Kelly had heard from Alex and was beginning to think he was done with her.

She wanted to get out and show off; she had become addicted to the attention. She thought maybe a trip to Sonic was in order; there were usually car shows on Thursday evening there. She had a handful of her own boob, teasing her tightening nipple thinking about what to wear or not wear in her case.

She was startled when phone rang and it was Kari the lady she had went to dinner with and dancing a few weeks earlier. Kari told her what a great time they had out that night and asked is they would be available to go out Saturday night. They had been invited to a private party at a close friend's estate down on the river and knew that she and Gary would have a great time; apparently the host got wind of the show at the bar and wanted to see you for himself, "I am sure that was Gary's doing" she laughed.

Kelly ask what the party was for and Kari told her it was just a few friends getting together to party, drink and dance. Kari told her there are usually no more than a few hundred people at these parties. Kelly's heart skipped a beat knowing Kari was a show off; enjoyed stripping her friends to show them off as well. Kelly told Kari she will ask Gary if he wanted to go, Kari told her that she had already taken care of that. Bob had called him earlier and said it was up to you and that he was enjoying the new wife he got, so we will pick you guys up around 6:00 Saturday night.

Oh and wear something sexy, there will be a bunch of guys there for us to tease. Kelly told her she didn't really have anything else that was sexy like her black dress, Kari said "no problem when we pick you up I'll bring you a little cocktail dress I know you will be drop dead in it."

Kelly's mind almost exploded as she thought about the invitation; only adding to her excitement to be exposed and seen by others. Her hand moving back to her big boob; pinching her right nipple bringing it to attention. She closed her eyes moaning softly. "I know girls, let's go for a ride." Kelly grabbed one of Gary's shirts waiting to be washed outside the laundry room, pulling it on she didn't even button it as she grabbed her purse on the way out the door.

She could feel it opening up as she walked to the curb toward her car. Getting in she doesn't bother to cover up. Kelly headed towards the Sonic taking a left on the secondary road toward town. Her hand sliding down between her legs as she sat back bringing her hips forward, the shirt had dropped down off her shoulder, her 32D boob in total view should anyone look in. As she neared the interstate, the sonic was just past it, she turned onto the North bound on the ramp heading down the interstate instead of the Sonic, trying desperately to get herself off but she needed more. Three exits later and she was exiting, she had seen the signs almost every day; "LIONS DEN."

She came to a stop in the parking lot, looking around only 14... 15 cars, mostly trucks. She reached down buttoning up the bottom four buttons, leaving plenty of room to show off her cleavage and a good bit of boobs. She stuffed her debit card in the shirt pocket and headed inside. She could feel her boobs swaying as she walked across the parking lot. She was tempted to release a few more of the buttons but waited.

Once inside she was greeted by toys, outfits, lubes, movies and several men staring at her. She headed for the toy section, handling several of the rubberized toys hanging from the wall. A few guys had moved over to watch her, trying not to be too obvious, but yeah. Reaching at some of the higher ones, she knew the shirt was too long to expose her ass but it did make her boobs slip in and out. A young girl finally came over, "can I help you ma'am," she had a bit of a Georgia accent, probably from the near by college. She was dressed in one of the stores outfits; micro mini skirt, cropped button up top, hose and heels. Her long brown hair was pulled into two pony tails, and her black ripped glasses just made her look perfect.

"Ah, Yes, Well, ah" Kelly stumbled a bit.

"Its ok" the girl said, "you just looking for a little adventure maybe? Nice shirt by the way."

Kelly smiled at her, "well yeah maybe a toy and" looks the girl up and down "A new outfit?"

She reaches up and hands Kelly a 10 inch red rubber dildo, "I like this one, not to big yet filling" she giggled. Kelly takes it from her smiling, imagining riding the interstate using it.

Come on this way, the girl leads her to the clothing area. The men watch her as she carry's the dildo and follows the tall brunette across the store. She can feel her nipples are hard as rocks under the shirt. "So what do you have in mind, something like what I'm wearing maybe" she asks.

Kelly smiles, "maybe a little less top." She reaches over, "I like this one, its called the Teachers Crush." It's a tiny red plaid skirt, little grader belt, thigh highs and triangle bikini type top.

She looks at Kelly and says "This is the only size the top comes in so I don't know if it will work."

Kelly takes the top from her "yeah looks more like a girl with a body like yours, lets see."

Kelly starts to release the buttons; "Oh we have a dressing room" she points.

Kelly lets her shirt fall open, and then slid off her shoulders onto the floor. "Oh my" the girl says.

"Holy Shit" a guy watching says. Several more move to watch. Kelly has the girl help her with the top standing there other wise nude. The top does conceal her nipples but not much more, she then tugs the little skirt up, its high in the back leaving her ass on display.

The girl says "there are matching panties."

Kelly smiles at her "I don't wear panties anymore." Kelly bends at the waist to pick up the shirt, about to explode, flashing several of the men her puffy lips and asshole "I think I will wear this home" she winks at the girl. The two of them head to the counter to pay and the men ogle her perfect exposed assets.

The girl bags up the rest of the outfit and the dildo, dropping in a few samples of lubricant; "You might need these on the way home."

Kelly hurries to the car, her boobs jiggling from the top, so excited she can't stand it much longer. Opening the door she sits with one leg hanging out on the ground, pulls out the dildo and slides it into her dripping pussy. Kelly uses it like its one of her young victims, burying it as deep and as fast as she can. She watches the front door of the store hoping someone comes out to watch. She has a powerful orgasm leaving it buried inside her. She uses a beach towel to clean up her seat. Just as she closes the door a car pulls into the parking lot. She thinks to herself; "y'all missed a show."

She gets back in the interstate head back towards her original destination, moving the dildo slowly in and out now, talking to herself; "I maybe should at least put the panties on if I'm going to get out the car, why would you want to do that, someone might know me, go to the one over on highway19 then, you know your whole ass will be displayed, that's the plan slut." She passes her exit heading south three more exits down. Her tits still not covered, passing a few trucks she giggles, "Maybe it time for a convertible?" Pulling into the parking lot, it is full of Harleys and a few show cars. She slowly drives past, letting a few get a glimpse of her exposed tits.

She backs into a parking spot on the side parking; all the ordering slots are taken. Slides out her toy, wiping it off with the towel, and then leaves it lying on the seat with the rest of her outfit. She adjusts her top covering her nipples, the top leaves a lot of her big boobs on display. Her hands shaking as she reaches for the door handle.

"Yeah this is a bit much" she thinks to herself. "Fuck it" she swings the door open stepping out. Gives the front of the skirt a little tug down, and then uses her thumbs to slide the skirt down a little more to cover her ass, its well below her hip bones in the front and reaching back she can feel the top of her ass crack showing. She can also feel her ass cheeks exposed at the bottom.

Several people are already looking her way, especially the ones who noticed her driving into the Sonic. She walks towards three guys on Harleys parked at one of the ordering spots, she can feel her big tits swaying, the coolness on her ass cheeks and asks "Do you mind if I order a flurry?"

The men stare at her body, "Sure, go ahead, be my guest" they stammer out. She moves between them and the board; then they get a look at her bare ass.

"Holy Fuck" one of them says.

She places her order then turns back around. "How old are you little girl" one of them asks her. She laughs, "I'm 32, and I'm not a little girl."

"Could have fooled me" one of them says. One of them offers her a seat on his bike while she waits. She gladly accepts, sitting down keeping her thighs together. She adjusts her top, giving them a peek of nipple pretending to fit her top. The guy pulls out his phone; "do you mind" he asks. She picks up his sunglasses and pulls her hair over her face a bit. Then leans back on his bike, this raises her shirt a bit revealing the fact she's not wearing a "G" sting or thong.

He snaps a few then asks her, "you mind putting a foot up on that peg."

She knows what he wants and she asks "Like this?" Spreading her thighs, giving them all a view of her swollen and wet lips.

"Oh Fuck" another says. He snaps a few pics. Kelly then gets up turning around sliding her feet apart and placing her hands on the seat then leans over, knowing her whole ass and lips are showing, she looks back over her shoulder. A few more guys have come over also snapping pic on their phones.

Sitting back down, very un-lady like one of the girls with the bikers poses with her. Placing a hand over her left boob laughing and having fun. "Damn these are real" she tells everyone. Then slips her hand inside Kelly's top; massaging her firm tit.

A few guys tell her "show us." Kelly giggles "I don't mind." The girl slides the two triangle panels to the sides, guys surrounding her keep taking pics. The young car hop comes up, the guys face turns bright red as he sees Kelly on display, everyone laughs and one of the guys takes Kelly's flurry from him and tips him a $20. Kelly tugs at the strings under her boobs. Someone tells her if that a problem take it off. She laughs covering back up, several guys sigh.

The girl next to her reaches back and pulls the string, "sorry sissy, I love looking at your titties."

The top jumps up under her chin, Kelly laughs and just pulls it over her head, "Minds well." They all sit, chat, ogle, and watch, taking a few more pictures of Kelly as she drinks her Flurry topless and her pussy on display. Kelly is about done and gets the girl to come closer, whispers in her ear.

"Oh hell yeah girlfriend" she tells her. Kelly gets up and takes her hand leading her toward Kelly's car. The guys follow as they go to the back of her car. Kelly slides up on the trunk, lies back and spreads her legs for the girl who immediately goes down on Kelly. Kelly is moaning and moving her hips fucking the girls face, again more pics are being taken, her skirt now up to her waist, the bikini top in her hand as she guides the girl's face where she wants it. Kelly starts to whimper and wiggle, exploding into the girls face with a juicy orgasm. They all laugh and cheer, Kelly slides off the trunk, "thanks I needed that so bad." Kelly kisses her tasting her own juices then slips into her car and leaves.

Her phone rings as she hits the interstate, she looks down to see its Gary. She hits the hands free, "hay baby, wanta meet me and Billys Pub for wings."

She laughs "I just had a Flurry from Sonic and... let me call your back."

She hangs up and hits facetime, "Hay, Oh shit, where is your top?" Gary stammers out.

Kelly laughs reaching over and holds up the top, mostly strings. "Your call, I got this and a skirt."

He pauses "well it is summertime and that's a bikini top, wouldn't be the first time a girl was in there in a bikini top."

She giggles "Your friends will like my skirt."

He fumbles with his phone "Baby I don't care what you wear, I love the new Kelly, see you there."

Twenty minutes later she pulls into the sports bar parking lot, its packed. She backs into a spot in the bank parking lot next doors. Sits back, thinking, "everyone in here knows me." She reaches and feels her wet pussy. Her phone rings, she hits the button, its Gary again, "You coming, we are waiting for you, oh baby put you top on damn" someone grabs the phone.

She sees three faces "OH DAMN KELLY IS TOPLESS" they yell out. Few have seen the new Kelly, especially the ones Gary hangs out with. She laughs "Was about Too" then clicks her phone with her finger and hangs up. She pulls the top back on, adjusts it then pulls the triangles as wide as she can to get a little a little more coverage, for modest of course.

Then thinks, maybe I should wear the whole outfit; tugs the skirt up to her waist, wraps the garter belt around her waist, pulls on the lace topped thigh highs, picks up the panties, thinks and then slides them up over the garter straps and then tugs the tiny skirt back down. She gets out, tugging the skirt down more as best she can, pulls the top back over her left nipple that came out, takes a deep breath and slams the door, heading into the bar. Kelly only took her phone and keys with her. She enjoys the sway of the tits and her bare ass again, knowing everyone is in for a shock!

Standing just outside the door she facetime dials Gary on her phone, he answers. "Hay I just want to let you know I'm just outside, well and I know all your friends are with you so." She holds the phone out and gives him the view of the front of her outfit.

"Oh Shit, is that really you" he asks, knowing it really is her.

"You still want me to come in?" she asks him. The door opens and he steps out, hanging up this phone.

He looks her over, "I don't know what you have done with old Kelly, but I'm glad she is gone, I don't care, I'm not asking, I don't want to know as long as you are coming home to me every night."

She kisses him and tells him "always!" Then hands him her keys and phone to hang on too.

He takes her hand and leads her inside, she walks through the crowded bar as eyes are all locked on her, she hears several "Look at that Ass" as she passes guys, not to mention comments about her overflowing boobs. Gary didn't get a look at the back of the tiny skirt, he had no idea the skirt didn't even cover half her ass cheeks.

As they get to the guys they all just stare in disbelieve. They knew Kelly had a body under her old lady clothes, but this was beyond anything they had imagined. The top strained to conceal her nipples, her round firm boobs on display. The guys all looking at her short legs up and down, her heels accenting their beauty.

Someone finally tells her to do a turn, as she does her bare back and ass cheeks come into view, her cheeks hiding the thing string making it look as if she not wearing panties. Not pulling the skirt up when she tugged the panties on, the strings are hidden under the tiny skirt; it stops just at her crack. Even Gary stares at his wife's ass and then looks into her eyes as she finishes her turn.

Gary asks for a drink for Kelly, the bartender hands it to her, telling Gary, she drinks for free tonight. The guys offer her a stool, she slides up on it, just the little bit of movement makes her boobs jiggle; the guys all take notice, including Gary. Sitting, the skirt rides up exposing the white front panel of the G String as the strings wrap around her thigh disappearing under the skirt. Before she can finish her first drink a fresh one appears. The twisting to get her drink each time has caused her top to shift a bit, her pink nipples starting to show. Gary not sure what to do keeps quite, the other guys hoping he hasn't noticed.

Several of the regulars are out dancing, mostly the girls. Gary whispers to her, "Go Dance for us."

She says "are you sure," smiling, knowing he wants to show her off. Downing what is left of the third drink, she slides off the bar stool, again her boobs jiggle. She proudly heads out, not caring her ass is totally on display and starts dancing with the other girls, a few recognize her, and they too had never seen this side of her. Two of them give her hugs, ogling her just as the guys had been doing. One of the girls, Annette, in her early 40's, who works at the local Chevy place where Gary buys all their cars, points out her nipple about to come out her top, she smiles and say, "I know!" And keeps dancing with them.

It is not long and her left boob frees itself. The two girls just gawk, not knowing what to think, what to do. Annette looks her over like a hungry cougar, dancing up tight to her grinding her own crotch into Kelly hose cover thigh. Kelly can feel her dampness on her thigh. Annette a good 6 inches taller than Kelly, she runs her hand over Kelly's bare boob giving it a squeeze. Kelly returns the favor and runs her hand up under Annette's skirt and over her ass finding she is not wearing any panties. The two girls just smile at each other.

Kelly just keeps dancing with the girls, bending a bit, and showing off her firm ass to the bar. She now has a huge cheering section. When she turns back around everyone sees her bare nipple. After the song she returns to Gary and his buddies, her nipple still exposed. "How was that," she asks.

All the guys respond how great she looks, her outfit and one even comment on her bare tit, asking if the right one was jealous. She make a fibbed attempt to cover back up, most of her areola still showing. She has handed a drink and a stool is slid over for her to sit on. Sliding up her tiny panties are exposed, and she is sitting a bit un-lady like so they can all see how wet they are, almost transparent.

Even Gary is staring at her mostly naked wife on display. The guys making sure Kelly has a drink in her hand. Kevin, one of Gary's buddies asks if it is time for her to go dance again, all the guys agree and tell her to go. As she starts to get off the stool one of them says, "Get up on the bar!"

They all immediately agree, two of them easily lifting her up onto the bar before she can protest or agree. She now has the whole bars attention as she dances for Gary, smiling down at him. Bending forward a bit shaking her ass at him, this allows her puffy lips to be exposed as the thin sting of the panties parts her lips and then disappears into her ass.

Gary is so excited and so proud of his new wife, he is hoping for a repeat of her primer from the weekend. She blows Gary a kiss as she looks down at him keeping eye contact with him as she turns around to face him and the bar. Both boobs are free from the top, swaying and jiggling to the joy of the men below her.

The men start the "take it off" chat as she dances and bends over for them. She covers her face trying to act shy, then turns and squats; her back to Gary. Her ass to Gary, the thin white string is in the middle of her ass crack and then disappears into her exposed swollen pussy lips. Gary reaches up and pulls the tie behind Kelly's back, releasing her top, not that it was doing any good.

Standing back up and turning around, she pulls the little top over her head and drops it down to Gary. He can only look up in amazement as his topless wife dances like a stripper for his friends and the bar. She massages her big boobs pinching and pulling her nipples for the guys, making them cheer her on even more.

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