tagGroup SexKelsey's World Ch. 15

Kelsey's World Ch. 15


Brie and Charity loved teaching at the elementary school. They were only a week in, but both felt comfortable, like they were meant to be there. There had been a lot of turnover in faculty over the last few years, mostly due to retirements, so a fairly large portion of the staff was younger people, including two young men.

Justin taught fourth grade, and Adam was the gym teacher. They were friendly to each other, but had never sat and talked in the faculty lounge the way the women teachers often did. That changed when Brie and Charity were hired.

"How's it goin', Adam?" Justin asked, with a knowing smile. "We didn't used to see you up here much."

Adam filled his coffee cup and sat at the table with Justin. They were the only ones in the lounge. "Yeah. The scenery improved, I guess."

"You're tellin' me!" Justin said.

They chatted a while, both of them trying to feel the other one out, wondering which of the two new teachers they were interested in. Justin, it turned out, had an eye for Brie. That was fine with Adam. Charity turned his head from the moment he saw her.

After a few days of casual conversation in the lounge Charity caught on that Adam had gone to a Christian school when he was growing up, much like the one she'd attended, and that he was still a churchgoer. She'd been wanting to find a church to go to, so she could stop lying to her father about it. Adam's invitation to join him for a Sunday service was a bit more girlfriendy than she was comfortable with, but she liked him, so she agreed to give it a try.

She drove herself to the small church, about ten miles from the house. The congregation seemed nice, and the service was pretty much what she expected. It felt good to her to be back in God's fold.

After the service Adam introduced her to a few people and they shook some hands. It was a beautiful morning and neither one of them seemed to be in a hurry to leave, so they walked around the grounds, settling at a picnic table beside a lovely garden.

"So, you and Brie are close friends, I take it? You guys live together?"

"Yes," Charity said. "With another friend of ours. We rented a nice house on a quiet country road."

"Quiet, huh? So no wild parties?"

Charity fought back a smile, but a little smirk made it through. "Girls don't tell," she said.

Adam smiled. He loved that Charity was a little mysterious. He sensed a sexy spirit hiding under her innocent look.

"What does your other friend do? Is she a teacher?"

"Kelsey? No, she's a commercial artist. She works in advertising."

"Well, Brie's certainly nice. I'd love to meet Kelsey. Maybe we could all go out for drinks sometime?"

"Oh. Yeah. Maybe," Charity said. She knew letting Adam meet Kelsey was dangerous, especially if they were all drinking. They'd all end up back at the house fucking their brains out, and she wasn't sure if she was ready for that with a colleague from school.

Just thinking about it made Charity horny. She was pathological when it came to sexual desire. When her horny switch was flipped, it was pretty near impossible to turn it off.

She asked Adam about the kids at school, thinking it would clear her mind, but the cute little dimply lines on his cheeks were conspiring against her. Adam couldn't help but see the look in her eyes. It was sexy as hell, but she was obviously fighting it. He decided to go for broke.

"I've had a dream the last couple of weeks," he said, his dimples in full cute mode. "It involves you. It's a sweet, soft kiss, that feels like sunshine." He glanced up at the sun, and back at Charity. "It sounds corny, but...it's just kinda weird how it's all so near."

Charity was thoroughly swept away by the handsome, romantic man, but she nervously avoided eye contact. She glanced at his unpretentious Sunday clothes, wondering what was under them. "You want to kiss me?"

He reached for her hand and their mouths joined. It was a sweet, soft kiss all right, at least at first, but it blossomed into a full-on lusty tongue fest. As it burned on, Charity hiked up her knee-length dress and straddled Adam's thighs. She shouldn't have done it, because there was no turning back at that point. Adam's hard lump joined the fray. Charity's lacy panties ground hard against it as her tongue lapped in his mouth. The garden was hidden from the church and the parking lot, so Charity took the only step she could under the circumstances — she opened Adam's pants, freed his nice cock and rode him to a burning, sun-dappled orgasm.

"Shhiiit!" Adam sighed. "That was so much better than my dream."

"God you feel good!" Charity said, still grinding slowly with Adam's cock inside her.

"You told me you were a churchgoer, but I'm not sure you understand what this place is for," Adam said, smirking at the sexy girl on his lap.

"Fellowship, right?" she said, breathing out the words ever so sexily. She felt like unzipping her dress and really going for it, but the sound of a car door snapped them both back to reality. She dismounted, her tight pussy making Adam groan as it reluctantly let go of him. "I better clean that up a little," she said, dropping to her knees on the warm grass. She sucked in the softening cock, gave it a few swirls of her tongue, and tucked it into Adam's pants.

"Please tell me this isn't a dream," Adam said. "Can I see you again?"

"You'd better!" Charity said. Her lovely smile nearly melted Adam's heart.

Margie was cutting the grass at the house when Charity returned. Kelsey and Brie were out on the back porch, eating leftover pizza. They were naked, as usual. It had taken a few weeks for everyone to feel comfortable with Margie, and for Margie to get used to the new, naturist tenants. Her boyfriend Ryan used to cut the grass there once in a while, but ever since Kelsey and the girls moved in Margie made sure it was done on her watch. No need to complicate things, she told herself.

Charity took off her Sunday dress as soon as she walked in the door. She joined the girls on the porch, hungry for some food. The drone of the lawnmower hovered in the distance.

"You look happy," Kelsey said. "Is it, like, a new-age church were they get you high or somethin'?"

"Did you fuck him?" Brie asked, wide-eyed. She knew the look on Charity's face.

"Maybe," Charity said, smirking as she bit into her greasy slice.

Kelsey's eyes grew big. "Shit, girl! You fucked the gym teacher?"

Charity's eyes sparkled. "Right behind the church. It was so hot!"

"Fuck!" Brie said. "Now Justin's gonna want it. You know they talk."

"So what's wrong with that? He looks like he's got a big cock."

"Oh my God," Brie said, holding her head in mock anguish. "Where's the Charity I first met. What have we done..."

Charity giggled. "I'm just glad I can tell Daddy I went to church. I won't mention the nice cock out in the garden."

"Is he big?" Brie asked.

"Not really. It felt good, though. I love doin' it outdoors."

"Yeah, girl!" Kelsey said. "Fuckin' Sunday mornin' church fuckin'. That's hard-core!"

Charity smiled. She remembered back to the day she first met Kelsey, in the pool at Brie's father's house. Kelsey called her "hard-core" that day too, because she was drinking straight bourbon.

"So what the fuck, Char?" Brie said. "What now?"

"Does it matter? We'll just see what happens."

Brie couldn't argue with that.

Sunday night, Richie stopped by. Kelsey had asked him too. He'd told her about his interest in nude photography, the kind of artistic nudes that get displayed in galleries. Kelsey had offered to model for him, so he could get his feet wet and see if he really liked that kind of thing.

"Hi, Honey," she said when he arrived. "Bedroom, or do you wanna do it somewhere else?"

"Oh. Yeah, that's good. Whatever you think."

"You get to decide, Honey. If you want to do this, you need to get used to callin' the shots. You're the boss."

"Okay. Um...on your bed, I guess."

"You should get used to keepin' it in your pants, too," Kelsey said. "I mean, if you hire a model, you can't just fuck her."

"Oh. Yeah, I kinda new that."

"Okay, Honey," Kelsey said.

She sashayed her naked ass up the stairs with Richie following. He took his camera out of his bag and mounted the lens that he wanted. Kelsey waited for his direction. She smiled when he took control, guiding her into all the poses he wanted. After a half an hour a big smile lit up her face.

"You're good at this," she said. "I worked with pros. You can do this."

Richie smiled. His dream was to work with naked girls. It was a crazy, adolescent dream, but a few men made it work, shooting for websites or old-fashioned magazines like Playboy. Kelsey made his first time fun, but he knew he needed a whole lot more experience before he'd get anywhere. They worked at it for another hour. It was a good start.

Monday after work Kelsey stopped by Margie's farm. It was just up the road a half a mile, and she'd stopped there before. There was a self-serve organic vegetable stand with the best tomatoes Kelsey had ever tasted, and sweet corn and zucchini and green beans and...

"Oh, hi! Are you Ryan?" Kelsey said. "I'm Kelsey. I live in Billy's house, just over there," she pointed.

"Billy?" Ryan chuckled. "Only someone who looks like you can get away with calling him that."


"Oh yeah. Don't worry about it though. I'm sure he loves it."

"So, you and Margie should come over sometime," Kelsey said. "Brie and Charity would love to meet you."

"Yeah, I'll ask her," Ryan smiled. "That sounds like fun."

"I love your vegetables," Kelsey said, picking out some tomatoes. "They're the biggest, nicest ones I've ever seen."

Ryan smiled. He didn't say anything. He thought back to the promise he made to Margie about staying out of trouble with Kelsey and the girls, but that didn't mean he couldn't dream about the biggest, nicest ones he'd ever seen. And they weren't no tomatoes.

Brie and Charity were home when Kelsey got there. She put the fresh veggies on the counter and told them about Ryan.

"He's really cute, you guys," she said. "He's, like, mid-thirties I guess, but younger looking, you know? I love hippy guys."

"I waved at him on the road once, I think. He looks nice," Brie asked.

"Yeah, he and Margie make a good couple," Kelsey said. "I invited them over sometime. We could have drinks."

"Cool! Our first cocktail party!" Charity said.

"How'd it go at school, Charity?" Kelsey asked. "Did you see Adam?"

"Yeah, I saw him," Charity said.

"She's gonna get herself fired," Brie said, sounding perturbed. "Blowin' the gym teacher in the locker room is not a good idea when you just got hired."

"Shit! Charity, Honey, you shouldn't do that!"

"I know," Charity said. "He just makes me so horny. It's like I can't control it. I don't even know if I want him to be my boyfriend. I just wanna fuck him, you know?"

"Yeah, I've been there," Kelsey said.

"I kinda want to bring him here, for a party or something, so he knows what's what, and then maybe we can just be fuck buddies or something."

"Yeah, we could do that," Kelsey said. "Right, Brie?"

"I don't know. I mean he's cute and all, but...it gets complicated."

"Because of Justin, you mean?" Kelsey asked.

"Yeah," Brie said.

"What if it's not a party? Just invite them both over. I don't have to be here either. You guys can just do a fourway, or whatever happens."

"Maybe," Brie said. She smiled. "I think I'd want you here, though. That way we can blame you if they think we're sluts."

"Hey, I'm willing to take one for the team," Kelsey laughed. "Let me know what you decide. It sounds like fun to me."

Friday night the girls threw their first cocktail party. It was a small affair — Margie and Ryan from down the street, Adam and Justin from Hillydale Elementary School, and Austin. Kelsey told Austin ahead of time it would be a 'clothes on' party. Brie and Charity had come to the conclusion that jumping into a naked free-for-all with Justin and Adam was too much, too soon, so an old-fashioned cocktail party was deemed a good first step.

The guests all arrived at seven o'clock. The drinks flowed freely, right from the start. Margie and Ryan were beer drinkers, and brought some of their homemade brew to share — two jugs of scotch ale.

"Holy shit!" Kelsey said after her first sip. "That's so fuckin' good!"

Margie laughed. Getting to know Kelsey over the last few weeks had been a joy.

"Careful. It's got a kick to it," Ryan said. "That's the strongest one we make, but it's our favorite. Makes a wicked boilermaker, too."

"What's that?" Kelsey asked.

"Add a shot of whiskey to it. The fun way's to drop the shot glass right in and let it all fizz up."

"You haven't heard of that?" Justin asked her. "We used to do those in college."

"Cool!" Kelsey said. "Char and Brie are bourbon girls. That'll work too, right?"

"Sure," Ryan said. "Tequila too."

Margie took Ryan's hand, hoping he could read her mind — slow down, Baby, she said to herself. Let's not get in over our heads.

There was enough ale in the jugs for two tall glasses for each of the guests, into which Kelsey ceremoniously dropped a shot of the desired firewater. Within a half-an-hour everyone had a powerful buzz on, and the drinks continued to flow. A little while later, after two tequila and sevens to wash down the boilermakers, Margie let the cat out of the bag...

"So, how did you guys start with the not wearing clothes thing?"

Adam and Justin were all ears, wondering what Margie was talking about.

"My mom and dad," Kelsey said. "I grew up that way."

Margie looked surprised. "Really? Did you live somewhere...special?"

"No, just over on the other side of town. I went to Hillydale with Brie."

"Wait a minute...you don't wear clothes?" Ryan asked.

"Stop by sometime and find out," Charity said.

"Wait...none of you do?" he asked.

"It's quite a sight, I must say," Margie said. "So you just grew up that way since you were little, huh? Naked with your mom and dad?"

"Yup," Kelsey said.

Ryan, Adam and Justin tried to picture it all. It wasn't too difficult.

"Margie won't let me come over here unsupervised," Ryan said.

"Well, would you let me hang around a house full of naked men?" she asked.

"I guess not," he said.

"What do you do when people come over?" Adam asked Charity.

"It depends on the people."

"When Kelsey's parents come over, do they take off their clothes and hang out with you guys?"

"They haven't really," Kelsey said. "But we haven't lived here too long. We do when we go to their house, though."

"You guys are naked with Kelsey's father?" Adam asked.

"Oh, yeah," Charity said. "We're way used to that. Their friends are cool, too."

"How do I become one of these friends?" Adam smirked.

Charity looked at him with seductive eyes. "Play your cards right, and you might get invited," she said.

"Austin, what do you think of it all?" Margie asked, with a twinkle in her smiling eyes. "Are you a budding nudist?"

Austin smiled shyly. "I guess. Not when I'm home with my mom, but..."

"His mom's super cool," Kelsey said.

"So, when do you do it?" Margie asked him.

"Oh, when I'm here. At Kelsey's parent's house. At the parties..."

"This is getting more and more interesting," Margie said. "You guys have nudist parties?"

"You sorta saw one," Kelsey said. "When you brought the cookies."

Margie's eyes grew wide and her smile changed to one of surprise. "You mean when you guys were all...fucking?"

Adam and Justin were speechless. The little get-to-know-you cocktail party was turning out to be utterly fascinating.

Brie and Charity were speechless, too. Kelsey hadn't told them that Margie had seen them all that day.

Kelsey knew secrets were being told that Brie and Charity might not want told. "What do we do, you guys," Kelsey asked them.

"We tell 'em, I guess," Charity said. Brie shrugged her shoulders, wishing she hadn't got drunk so quickly.

"Nobody finds out at school?" she asked Adam and Justin. "Can you keep our secret?"

The two men looked at each other, nodding. They both had a feeling if they kept their mouths shut things might get interesting. "Sure," Adam said. "There's nobody at school I'd want to tell much to anyway, except you guys."

Kelsey let Charity and Brie take the lead, knowing they had the most to lose. Brie got the ball rolling.

"When we graduated from high school we started having parties. I grew up with my dad, and he travels a lot. There's a pool at my house, and lots of privacy. One thing led to another. When you get a bunch of eighteen-year-olds naked, fun things start to happen."

"I wasn't around then. When I got here I fell into it all. I was virgin who didn't have a clue," Charity said, smiling shyly. "Kelsey showed me what life's really like. Her videos kinda blew my mind too."

"Videos?" Margie asked, her eyes as big as saucers.

"I made a bunch of porn to help with my college tuition," Kelsey said. "It's good stuff. I don't know if you guys like that kind of thing, but I can hook you up with passwords if you want."

Margie looked around at everyone. "Well, the guys are being unnaturally polite, but I wouldn't mind having a look."

"Yay!" Ryan said.

"I didn't say anything about letting you see it," Margie smiled.

"Is there naked men in these videos?" Ryan asked Kelsey.

"Is there ever!" Charity said.

"Hey, Baby, fair's fair," Ryan said to Margie. "You watch, I watch."

"Those men don't live next door!" She said. She shook her head, but she was smiling. The whole situation was kind of unbelievable to Margie, but she liked the girls. "Make me another one?" she asked Brie, handing her an empty glass. "I like your drinks. They're stronger than I make 'em."

Justin and Adam didn't know how to continue the conversation, but they were dying too.

"So, porn put you through school?" Adam said. "I've heard about that kind of thing. Did you have to travel to do it?"

"My parents put me through school. I just helped out as much as I could. It was right in the city, just down the hill from campus, in the Warehouse District."

"No shit? Like a real porn place?"

"Yup. T. S. Productions," Kelsey said. "The website's called Tucker's Studio."

"It's super high-class," Charity said. "She won awards in Vegas."

"Oh my God!" Margie said. "Really?"

"Yup," Kelsey said. "Those trips were super fun, gettin' all dressed up and stuff."

"Jesus!" Margie said. She scanned the look on Ryan's face. "Maybe I'm not gonna let you watch!"

"Hey, fair's fair, Baby."

"Here's the next big question," Margie said. "What do I tell dad about all this?"

"Billy?" Kelsey said. "You think he'd mind?"

"I don't know," Margie said. "He's pretty open-minded, but he's pretty protective of his house. You guys are taking good care of it though, so I wouldn't worry about it. Let's just keep him in the dark as long as we can. I'd love to be a fly on the wall the first time he sees you girls naked."

"So, you guys just walk around with no clothes on?" Justin asked. Everyone laughed.

"You'd think a teacher would catch on a little quicker," Adam chuckled.

"Hey, go easy," Justin said. "Those home-brew boilermakers hit me like a ton."

"I know! I'm fuckin' high, Baby!" Kelsey smiled. "It's not gonna be easy keepin' my clothes on. I'm just warning ya."

Ryan smiled. "Ya gotta do what ya gotta do."

Margie kicked him. "Don't you start causin' big trouble!"

"I almost forgot, we got snacks out on the porch," Kelsey said. "Let's go out there."

"Speakin' of high, do you guys smoke?" Ryan asked.

Margie rolled her eyes and smiled. "Oh, yeah, that's just what we need."

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