tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersKen and Ayala Ch. 02

Ken and Ayala Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Exploration

I opened my eyes, drowsily, drunk with her scent and the warmth of her body snuggled up close to mine. As I looked over at her, she looked so calm, so peaceful, so fulfilled as her head rested on my shoulder, her face nestled against my chest. The sunlight crept in through her living room window and gently painted her olive skin and raven hair, outlining the curves of her body all the way down to her slender, muscular legs. Her legs were interlaced with mine, her body seeming to fit perfectly with my body, like two unique puzzle pieces that had finally found their perfect match.

She was, absolutely and without a doubt, the most beautiful sight I had ever woken up to on a Saturday morning.

I glanced over at her living room clock. "12:41 pm." Okay, so, Saturday AFTERNOON. Wow, we really must have tired each other out last night, I thought to myself . . . I was so glad that I got ditched by Tasha and Jim yesterday night. Going downtown with the two of them would have been so boring, compared to my unplanned dinner date with Ayala and just hanging out at her apartment afterwards. Well, maybe a little more than just hanging out.

After we made love yesterday, Ayala and I had slept peacefully on her couch, so comfortable in each other's arms that we never made it to the bedroom. I remained on the inside part of the couch and she lay on the side closer to the edge, my head resting on a side pillow, and her head resting and fitting perfectly on my shoulder.

I just lay there and looked at her for the longest time, still amazed by what I saw. Eventually, I brushed my fingers back and forth against the outside of Ayala's left thigh gently, softly caressing her leg with a touch of tender affection. She responded to my touch by nuzzling up to my neck and wrapping her left leg closer and tighter around my own.

"Mmmmm, g'morning baby . . ." she purred, sleepily. A gentle smile appeared on her face, her eyes still closed.

"G'morning, you beautiful girl," I responded, smiling right back at her.

As she pressed her left thigh closer into me, it pressed on my cock and made me gasp slightly. She peeked at me out of her right eye, trying to observe my reaction to her movements. "Mmmmm," I softly moaned, as I could feel her own cock resting against my thigh as well. It was still such a new feeling to me, to have someone's cock resting against my body . . . and it was a very welcome sensation. A complete surprise to a guy who knew he was straight his entire life. But definitely a good surprise.

Feeling her cock against my skin, hardening and growing, made my cock respond in kind to her touch. It brought back a flashback of what all had happened last night that had brought me to be in her arms right now . . .

. . . my discovery that Ayala was a transsexual, first by her telling me and then by her showing me . . .

. . . her realization that my feelings for her were strong enough to overcome my hesitance and fear towards being with a transgendered woman . . .

. . . our mutual joy at the discovery that my body actually lusted for Ayala's cock as much as it did for every other part of her feminine, alluring form . . .

. . . her desire to penetrate me with her throbbing, feminine cock . . .

. . . my indescribable pleasure and sense of . . . completion, and a fulfillment I had never felt before . . . at having myself filled and invaded by Ayala . . .

. . . our mind-shattering orgasms and subsequent collapse into each other's loving arms.

Wow. I remembered it all. And I was so glad for all of it. I made a mental note of having to thank Jim and Tasha for ditching me and leaving me to find this beautiful, perfect girl.

"Baby, what chu thinkin' 'bout, what is it that's got you smilin' so big?" Ayala inquired, with a look of devilish curiosity on her face.

"You, babe. Just you. And how glad I am to have discovered you last night." I kissed her on the forehead.

"Mmmmm. Ken, I'm so glad too . . . never felt so good, so safe in someone's arms before. I've never just laid in bed – or on the couch! – with someone all night long, just holding each other. It's so good. I just want to lay here, with you, all the time, and explore each other." She nuzzled up closer to me, if that were possible.

"Or at least until we get hungry, huh?" I joked.

"Mm-hmm, or at least 'til we get hungry." She sighed with mock frustration, then slapped my chest. "You big dork," she complained with a fake angry tone to her voice. She closed her eyes again, rubbing her nose into me.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her close to me, giving her a long hug. Our cocks naturally touched as we drew our bodies together, and I can't describe how amazing it felt. How amazing it felt every single time it happened. The same electricity swept through both of our bodies when we touched cocks . . . we both felt it and sighed together. The two of us just lay there, the lengths of our hardening cocks touching and rubbing against one another. We both made it so that the tips of our cocks were gently touching each other, nuzzling together in the same way we might have rubbed our noses against each other. It was amazingly hot, and yet so sweet and gentle at the same time, in a way that few people could ever feel or understand. I never would have believed that to touch another person's cock with mine would have ever brought me such pleasure . . . just thinking of it in my head made me hot now, whereas a day ago it would have weirded me out, since I had never done it. Touching cocks . . .

"Unngh . . . oh Ken . . . that feels so good . . . what a way to wake up!" sighed Ayala.

"Yeah, babe, I think so too . . ." I replied, as we continued to touch and grind our cocks together, as if we couldn't get enough of this new sensation. "I could get used to this . . ."

Slowly, we started grinding harder, hips bucking as our parts rubbed against each other. We moaned in unison, continuing to grind on each other, holding each other tightly . . . my hand swept down her body, past her abs. I took her cock in my hand and began to stroke her gently. Her hand slipped down and began to do the same with me. We began to pump each other, slowly at first . . . then faster, then faster, moaning together . . . I came first, splattering cum across her stomach and a bit landing on her cock. My cum landing on her cock in turn pushed her over the edge, releasing her warm cum onto my cock and her hand, making my cock jump yet again.

"Ohhhh, yessss . . ." she exclaimed, then brought her fingers up to her lips, seductively licking her fingers and tasting every last drop of my cum on her hands.

Not to be outdone, I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them clean, sucking on each one individually and showing Ayala how much I liked the taste of her hot cum. She grinned.

"I LOVE the way you taste, Ken. God, you sure do drive a girl crazy." Ayala rolled off the couch and walked, naked, into the kitchen. Swinging that cute butt of hers all the way. I was transfixed, yet again.

Honestly, I was just glad this wasn't a workday. I mean, I didn't think either of us were going to get our clothes on anytime soon, much less think about leaving her apartment to go anywhere!

"And where are you going?" I questioned her.

Ayala turned her head and flipped back her hair. "I'm going to take out the waffle maker and the mix so you can start making us some breakfast, Mr. Chef, while I go freshen up. Sound good?"

"Babe, I really don't think you need to freshen up, and I really don't think you oughta leave me alone in the kitchen or with a waffle maker . . . but sure, I guess I'll try and whip us up something. For breakfast at, uh, 2 in the afternoon." I looked again at the clock, couldn't believe it was that late in the day already!

"Oh hush! I'll be right back." With a smile, she disappeared into her bedroom.

I began to put together the waffle mix, and while I worked, I looked around the apartment. Ayala had pictures of her family set up on the living room table and TV stand. Father, mother, and a young woman . . . maybe her sister? . . . and then pictures of other friends and family of hers all across the room. I began to wonder what all Ayala had to go through to get to this point in her life, if her family and friends had supported her, if any of them had reacted with disgust as her ex-boyfriend Greg had, and how Ayala had dealt with it all.

Last night's instance of prejudice by her ex had sparked a protective spirit in me that wasn't about to fade away . . . I had been hurt, too, and although I couldn't know how bad it felt for her, I had an idea. And I wanted to know all about Ayala's life and be there for her. I imagined her life hadn't been easy, and I just wanted to reassure her that I was there for her from here on out. We both had the feeling that we had finally found someone accepting, caring, and real . . . I didn't want to give that up for anything. I only hoped she felt the same way about me.

Ayala also had some kids books laying around in the living room, probably stuff that she was using for her classes and training to become a teacher. It made me smile. The woman in the next room was simultaneously strong and fearless while being soft, girly, and sensitive and so caring for others that she wanted to make a career out of working with kids. She combined strength and resolve with a perfect feminine nature, in her work, in her recreation, and in her sexuality. And it knocked my socks off. Literally.

I heard the shower being turned on. I walked back over to the kitchen, about to start heating up the waffle maker, when I realized that I was still completely naked. Probably a good idea to put something on before I started heating stuff up in the kitchen.

I was about to turn around to look for my clothes, but just then Ayala came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. I turned my head and we rubbed noses. "You like sneaking up on me, don't you?"

"Mmmm-hmmm. Makes me feel like I got you, got you under my thumb, wrapped around my fingers," Ayala told me.

With an incredulous look on my face, I replied, "Babe, you had me wrapped around your fingers from the moment you gave me my keys back at the gym." I turned around and hugged her, then held her close. Her breasts lay against my chest, and her head rested against me.

"I believe that," she whispered. "For the first time ever, I believe in what a man's telling me. It's so . . . refreshing . . . and comforting. To know you really mean it."

I let go of the embrace and held Ayala just an arms length away from me, looking straight into her gorgeous brown eyes. "I do mean it, Ayala. I don't know if you felt it, but there's this connection between us . . . even more so after we made love last night . . . and I don't think I could shake it for anything in the world. I don't think I'd ever want to. I just want to be with you, know everything about you."

She gave me a peck on the nose, and we walked into the living room to sit on the couch. I sat down first, and she sat sideways on my lap with her back against the armrest of the couch. I thought I'd ask her about her pictures, but she beat me to the punch and picked up the frame sitting on the coffee table.

"Hey Ken, meet my parents. My dad, Alon, and my mom, Shalva. And there's my sis, Yasmin. She's a cutie, huh?"

"Not as cute as you, beautiful." I kissed Ayala on the cheek and made her giggle.

"Hmm, so you're handsome AND smart . . ." she winked. She looked back at the picture with a distant look on her face.

"What's the matter, babe?" I asked.

"Nothing. Well . . . I guess something. I mean, it's just that I haven't seen my mom or dad since I was seventeen . . . I really miss them. I haven't felt so happy in a long time, until last night, as I had when I was a kid just playing with my sister and being with my parents. Just made me remember them." Ayala's expression showed her sadness, but her eyes betrayed a woman who had cried out her tears through years of anguish over her separation from her family. I didn't know what to tell her to make her feel better . . .

. . . so I pulled her in to me with a hug and held her close to me, allowing her head to rest against my shoulder.

Ayala looked up at me. She had the scared look of a girl who was about to tell me something she never revealed to anyone else. I ran my hand through her hair, moving a few strands away from her eyes so that she could see my face. I mouthed the words, "it's okay," and she nodded her head and looked relieved. She turned back to look at the picture in her hands. Ayala knew that I wanted to hear about her and learn her, which included the story of her family and her past.

"I miss them, Ken. I miss them so much. I moved out when I was seventeen . . . actually, I was kicked out. By my dad. Because he couldn't understand me, what I was doing and how it could possibly be right or moral to be the way I was. He's a religious man; I mean, he isn't orthodox, but he's really a man of values. I thought he would understand, with our family history, that it was wrong to persecute someone because she was different, that it was important not to judge but to try and be open-minded. But he just couldn't. He couldn't understand the life of a transgendered girl, and he definitely couldn't understand why it had to be someone from his own family. So he rejected the idea . . . and me along with it.

"My mom was more sympathetic, but she couldn't stand up to my dad. After that, the only reason I made it was because of the help I got from my sister. Yasmin was so good to me. I ended up living on the streets for a month until she figured out a way to get me into a spare bedroom in a friend's house. I finished out high school, and then Yasmin helped me to apply to college and even get in with a full scholarship. She also helped me become the person I am today. Ayala. The girl you see in front of you now. She even helped me with all the medical treatments I needed with some personal loans, loans that she shielded from our dad so he would never know that she was helping me out.

"I couldn't have been the person I was born to be without her. She even picked out my new name, for a new life . . . Ayala . . . it means 'deer.' She told me that I was as graceful, as soft, and as beautiful as a wild doe, and equally fast and strong. That I could make it in this life and had the spirit to do so. She never stopped believing in me. Never. She's been the only person in my life that's supported me so much, so unconditionally. Up until now, she's the only one that I've ever felt I could trust. . . ." Her voice wavered.

I broke in with my own thoughts. "Ayala . . . I can't begin to imagine all of the things that you've gone through. Since last night, all I've wanted to do is to be with you, to make you happy, and to protect you. To shield you from the loneliness and hurt that I saw in your eyes, the kind that I know of firsthand. To show you that you're not alone anymore, that you have someone to support you now.

"It's funny that you talk about family. A couple of years ago, I had a really bad break-up with an old girlfriend – the girl I thought I was going to marry, who betrayed me with one of my friends. It made me stop believing in people, what she had done to me. My parents had never liked her, and all they could say was 'I told you so' so I basically stopped talking to them about it; we sort of grew apart over it. And I stopped talking to my friends about it too, since all of them seemed to think that I should just get over it. But the thing was . . . this was the first girl I had ever thought I'd loved. And absolutely the first person who I'd ever trusted with everything. But she took it all and stabbed me in the back with it. And none of my friends helped me pick up the pieces.

"Ever since then, I've stopped believing in people. I never let myself get too close to anyone, and it seemed to be working out. But, I guess, maybe, you found a chink in my armor, huh? And you touched me somewhere I had never been touched before. Made a connection with me I couldn't fight or deny, and that I welcomed. I hope that you feel the same."

Ayala leaned her head over so that her mouth was next to my ear. "I do, Ken. I do." She ran her finger through her hair to push it out of her eyes, kissed me, then lay her head on my chest.

After a while, she spoke up again. "As long as I know you're with me, my knight in shining armor, then I'll know this connection is real. I can't believe that you feel the way you do, that you can still care for me even though I'm the person I am. It makes me really believe you, and trust you."

"I know . . . I never would have thought that I was capable of feeling this way, but it seems like a stronger feeling with you than I've ever had before with anyone. And I'm not going to take your trust and this connection for granted."

Ayala got up and smiled. "Well then, I think this really is a reason to celebrate, huh? For us to go out to a real dinner and a fun night out on the town and be with each other. What do you think, hot stuff?"

"I think that's an awesome idea. Though honestly, I'd have just as much fun at your old diner and hanging out at this apartment!"

"I know, I'm glad that we met that way – and don't worry, we'll be coming back here afterwards, baby. But a girl does like to go out . . . and it's been a while since I've gone out with someone I could trust, and who was as hot as you!" she exclaimed as she walked towards her bedroom.

Moving seductively over to her bedroom doorway, her curvy body beckoned me. Still nude, she leaned against the side of the doorway with an inviting look on her face.

"Hey, handsome, I was just thinking . . . it's always so hard to wash my back in the shower, especially the morning after such a tough workout." I grinned at her joke, thinking about our "workout" late last night.

As if she could read my thoughts by looking through my eyes, Ayala spoke out, "I meant my tough workout at the gym! But yeah baby, you know of anyone who could help me out?" She flashed me a wicked smile.

"There is a guy that comes to mind . . ." I replied, then practically jumped after her as she shrieked and laughed and tried to run away into her bedroom's bathroom. I grabbed her around the waist before she made it to the shower and hoisted her up while I started to tickle her with one hand. She started laughing hard, then reached her hand back and started tickling me. We both fell to the floor in her bedroom, trying to wrestle each other naked in an all-out, sexually-charged tickle war. I finally managed to pin her hands with one of my arms while tickling her side with another, wrapping my legs around hers to trap her further.

"Nooooooo! Not fair!" she cried out, laughing helplessly and trying to squirm out of my grip.

I stopped tickling her and then knelt in to kiss her as I lay between her legs, her cock pressed against my stomach. Our lips locked, our tongues played, and we didn't stop to come up for air. She pushed up her hips slowly, pressing her cock further against me, and then she started to pull her legs up into the air . . . I could sense that she was opening herself up to me.

I looked at her, right in her eyes. They were inviting, as if to tell me to enter her just as she had entered me last night. As if to tell me that she trusted me to do so, as I had trusted her last night. I reached up to her dresser for the lube that she had used last night, applying it generously without taking my eyes off of her, then lay my cock against her ass, teasing her hole and gently touching her there.

"Uhhhh," I heard as Ayala sharply took in a breath in response to my touch. I took her legs up in my arms and pushed them back a little, so I could begin to penetrate her smoothly with my cock. I saw her own cock throbbing and hardening as she anticipated my next move, which turned me on and made my heart beat faster to see my effect on her.

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