Ken Ch. 04


"Good job Ken. You handled yourself just as I hoped you would. Now I want you to take me home and love me."

"My home, or yours?"

"My home is closer. Turn around and look carefully at the wall behind you." Ken looked but saw nothing unusual. Then a section of paneling slid sideways revealing a steel elevator door. Without any apparent call or control button. Then the steel door slid sideways revealing a plush elevator interior. One wall had a TV screen showing them sitting at their table. "Welcome to my home, Ken. This is the front door. Just so you'll feel secure, The steel elevator door is armor plate."

Ken stood to help Lou from her chair and they entered the elevator. The door silently slid closed and the car smoothly started to rise. it seemed like a long way up, but there were no floor markers. When Ken looked at Lou to ask about the controls, he noticed the remote in her hand.

Lou laughed. "Did you think I was using magic to drive this thing?" When it stopped, and the door slid open, they were in a luxury penthouse apartment. To your left you'll find a living room and a dining room. To your right is my bedroom. I'll show you around the rest of the place later. Right now, let's go play a little. My pussy needs some attention. She got all wet from watching you and wanting you tonight. This is a tough business and she gets neglected way too much. I hope you won't be too busy to spend a little time with me. Arriving in the palatial bedroom, Lou showed Ken a small closet with a white terry cloth robe.

You won't need the robe, Ken. I like to see who I'm doing. I hope you do too. Ken was already half undressed. "You can use the empty hangars. I want to see all of you stark assed naked just like you were born."

" Wanna play in the hot tub for a while? I'll get pussy all rinsed and natural for you. I can tell that you were born with a talent for eating pussy and I need a lot of that tonight. I love sucking cock too. So I won't let you down either. I got wet just watching Jane anticipating her first professional experience. She'll be a little sore tomorrow and a little tired for a day or so, but I want to taste that pretty little pink pussy of hers as soon as she's able to enjoy it."

Lou took Ken by his hand and led him to a special alcove adjacent to the bathroom that contained a hot tub built to seat 4 people. A switch activated an electric cover panel that folded neatly between the tub and the far wall. "You like?"

"Lou, you are amazing! But do you ever have four people in it?"

"Sometimes I share with another couple. Sometimes I like 3 men. Sometimes 3 women are fun." Once you decide to avoid attachments, you can do whatever feels good at the time. Most of the time, I prefer just one partner at a time though because I enjoy the intimacy "

Ken helped Lou into the tub and climbed in after her. He sat down next to her with his thighs touching hers, put his arm around her neck, and held her tit with his dangling hand. He soon began massaging her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Ken knew he was pleasing her when he heard her moan. He placed his other hand on her cheek and lightly kissed her lips. The kiss grew into a dance of tongues.

Lou moved to seat herself on Ken's lap. She took his cock in her hand and teased her clit with it for a long time. "Oh honey it feels so nice to just relax. and feel the closeness of your sweet cock in no big rush to stuff it into me. I get a lot of sex. Some night I'd like to sleep with you without any sex at all, and just cuddle all night. Not tonight though." Lou moved Ken's cock down a little until the head started to enter her. "Oh yes, Baby! You feel so good to me. That's it. Tease me just a little with it. Oh yeah, that's sooo nice. I want it so bad. Now! Push it in, all of it, all at once, all the way. Lou bit her lip. Now hold it there just as hard as you can. Lou began to tremble as a powerful climax began to build. Now Baby! Give it to me hard and fast! Cum as soon as you're ready, and I'll be right there with you.

Ken could not have held off for a moment. His balls were boiling. He began spurting just as Lou came on with the full force of a woman in heat. They held each other for a long time as they came down. Ken kissed her and sucked her nipples. Lou got up first and took Ken by the hand. Let's take a shower then move this back into my bed. Housekeeping will clean the tub in the morning.

"Oh yeah, Lou lie down on that bed! Oh no! I want you on your tummy. I want your backside, all of it. I'm going to make you feel like just like a pussy cat, my pussy cat."

Ken Rubbed Lou's ass cheeks and kissed the back of her neck, nibbling sucking and licking at her tender spots. His strong hands kneaded at the lovely spots at the tops of her ass cheeks right where the sciatic nerve crosses over the hip joint. He relished the feel of her ass rising up to welcome the sensation just like that of a house cat welcoming her tom. He kissed his way down Lou's back on each side of her spine igniting all of her nerves along the way. Ken spent extra time at the small of her back and then bit her ass cheeks where he had been rubbing. Lou moaned out loud and humped her ass up into his face. At long last he reached the smooth silky soft skin at the junction of her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs.

It was too much for Lou. She growled like a tiger in heat and rolled over trapping Ken's face in her sopping wet pussy. She grabbed his head with her hands and pulled his face into her hot wet cunt, grinding against his face as she came in a tense and trembling orgasm.

Ken seized the opportunity and thrust three fingers deep into her cunt. He felt the roughness of her G-spot and rubbed it hard and fast as he sucked her clit furiously. Lou began to squirt thick streams of her girl cum all over his face, down his neck and all over the bed Ken eased her down gently through three lighter orgasms before gently licking her to a fully sated state of bliss.

The remainder of the night was gentle, slow, and easy fucking. If both didn't know better, it might have been lovemaking. When Lou finally dozed off, it was 6:00 AM.

At 9:00 AM. Ken awoke to the door chime. Lou pressed a button next to the bed and answered. It was an escort with Jane.

Another button unlocked the door. Lou invited Jane to come in and have a seat in the living room until she could come out. "Ken you can stay here and get dressed while I handle business. Since the limo brought us here, I can have the limo drive you, Jane, and Mark home at the same time. Since Lou made no attempt to hide the conversation, Ken overheard the business with Jane. Jane earned a total of $1500 for her nights work. Lou was concerned about how she might feel considering the size of the man she was with. Jane said she was a little sore but not terribly so. She said her man was gentle and gave her time to get used to his size. Jane said that the second time was much easier and that the rest of the night was pure pleasure. Lou gave her a package containing a healing douche and told her that she would be fine in a day or so. Jane thanked Lou for all her help and gave her a big hug.

Mark arrived while Jane and Lou were drinking coffee. Mark earned a total of $2000 for his nights work. Lou said that it was more than his usual fee. However the lady was very satisfied with his efforts. Lou said that she had already taken her fee from their earnings.

Ken was totally astounded that one night of pleasure could be worth that much money. He asked Lou about it. We're wealthy folks here. What is there to do with money when you have way more than enough. It becomes meaningless. We have our charities, and we help out but enough is enough. So we pleasure ourselves with some of it. "Well Ken, You were good. Your going rate will be $1500 a night. This night was an audition. However, this $1000 is a gift from me to you.

Tuesday evening Ken met Alma at the club. She was wearing a white silk and lace formal dress that was slit up the left side to her hip. Golden spike heels glittered at her feet. Her hair was freshly done and hung smoothly down around her shoulders. Ken was glad he wore his blue tailor made suit with a freshly starched white shirt, Blue cut glass cuff links, light blue tie and matching handkerchief. His dark brown leather shoes gleamed with the fresh shine that John gave them. Ken stood as Alma entered on the arm of the maitre de, and greeted her with a kiss on her cheek. "I can't believe what a lucky man I am. You look absolutely gorgeous.

"You look wonderful too, Ken. If you don't mind let's go up to my suite. We can have some food sent up there. I've been waiting days to get you all to myself. Now that you're here, I don't want to share you with all of these folks. From the first moment I saw you with Lou, I wanted you. That want got worse as I waited for this moment."

Ken took Alma's arm and they walked toward the elevator. Lou waved at them and blew Ken a kiss as she circulated among her patrons. Once inside the suite Alma drew Ken into an embrace whispering in his ear, "Please just hold me for a little while. I don't expect you to have feelings for me, but this is the nearest I get to feeling loved. I need that feeling. You feel good against me, so warm and strong. Mmmm, nice and hard down there too." Alma gently rubbed Ken's cock through his pants. Her soft almond eyes gazed up into his. Her soft red lips opened slightly as she tipped her head in expectation of the kiss that she yearned for.

Ken did not make her wait for her kiss either. He pulled her close with his hands on her softly rounded ass, and met her kiss as softly and warmly as she presented it. The kiss grew and their hearts began to pound.

When the kiss broke neither wanted to separate from the embrace. Alma softly kissed Ken around his neck and ears nibbling gently as she did.

Ken had a bit more naked flesh to kiss and enjoyed the feel of Alma's soft shoulders and neck against his lips.

"Oh my God, Honey, I need you so very much. Please lets get undressed and into my bed. I want to feel you deep inside of me. Lou says you're very good at foreplay. I don't need any of that nor do I want it right now. I just want you inside of me. I want to feel you cum deep in me just as soon as you can. Don't worry, Baby, I'll be right there with you.

Both eagerly helped each other undress by the bedside. Alma jumped up onto the bed, laid back and said, "Please grab some towels, Ken I don't want to soak the bed before we're done laying on it and I'm already starting to drip.

Ken grabbed two towels and rolled onto the bed with them.

"Quick, put them under me. This first. Alma handed Ken a pillow which he promptly stuffed under her ass as she raised it as high as she could for him. She raised again while he spread the towel under her covering the pillow.

Ken leaned on his elbow and gazed over Alma's body and face openly admiring her beauty. "Baby, you are so beautiful that I need to taste you now." He kissed each of her nipples then sucked each one before he kissed and licked his way down to her neatly trimmed pussy. "Mmmm. You smell nice. He slid his arms under her thighs and parted her with his hands, then pushed his tongue deep into her love tunnel. Then he licked in and out just as hard as he could.

Alma took his head in her hands and groaned her approval.

Ken moved his roving tongue up to her clit and sucked it into his mouth. He felt her jump a little and heard her gasp as he sucked it and pressed it against the roof of his mouth with his tongue.

Alma moaned softly as she rubbed Ken's blond hair with the palms of her hands. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was in love. She whispered, "Oohh, Baby, it's soooo good, sooo right, sooo nice! Oh yeah, just like that. Oohh God yes, I love it so much. Oohh yes, it's beautiful! Ohh Ken, Baby, I could so easily fall hopelessly in love with you. Oh yes! Oh yes! I'm going to cum! OH YES! OH MY GOD YES! YES! YES! Alma stiffened and squeezed Ken's head between her thighs as her orgasm took her over the edge and into the heavenly abyss of post coital bliss.

Ken softly licked her throbbing clit as she came down from her little trip to heaven, then licked and sucked up her sweet juices as they ran from her still trembling body.

Alma relaxed her legs and drew Ken up to lie on top of her. She softly kissed his lips then placed soft butterfly kisses all over his face and neck. Then she held his head between her hands and gazed lovingly into his eyes. "Thank you Ken. That was beautiful. I don't think I've ever enjoyed an orgasm this much in my whole life. You made me feel loved. You are bad though, I told you that I just wanted you to fuck me hard and fast. How did you know what I really wanted when I didn't know myself?"

"When I held you as we came in, You told me that you needed to feel loved. I'm sorry you miss that in your life. I'm very glad that I was able to give you that in a small way." Ken kissed her.

Alma slid her arms around his neck and held him as the kiss deepened into a tongue twisting dueling match. "I need you in me now, lover."

Ken easily slid his hard cock into Alma's hot wet and welcoming cunt. He only had to back up twice to lube before their pubes met.

"Oh yes, Honey, you feel so good inside of me. I could keep you here in me forever."

"Alma, you fit me like a soft warm glove. I'd like to just lie here inside of you forever and not move because I don't want it to end. But it feels so dammed good I have to move some."

Alma giggled and shifted slowly, teasing the hard cock inside of her.

"Oh God!" Ken pulled back just a little then pushed back hard and deep into her, rubbing her swollen clit against his pubic bone.

"Oh shit! I can't hold still." Alma began to thrust her hips.

"Fuck! I can't hold off!" Ken began stroking alma's hot cunt with his hard cock.

Alma began milking his cock with her pussy muscles as she thrust her hips to match his long smooth strokes. "Ohh yes, honey, fuck me." Her thrusts became harder and faster as she began to climb toward her orgasm.

Ken nearly shouted, "Oh yes, Baby, cum for me! Cum!"

"I'm right with you lover! Give it to me! Give it! Oh OOHH! OOOOOOHHHHH!" Alma's legs clamped tight around Ken's ass trying to draw his throbbing cock deeper into her.

"Atta girl! Take it, I'm cumming!" Ken drove into her as hard as he could and held there as he pumped spurt after spurt of his hot thick cum deep inside of her.

"That's it, Lover! Shoot it deep into me! Oh,yeah, Baby, I love feeling you cum deep inside of me

Too soon the mutual orgasm passed and both lay together, still sexually linked, exhausted and recovering from the sensual overload.

"Wow", Ken said, "You are one very hot lady."

"You really know how to turn a lady on. I don't know what you do that's so different, but no other man has made me feel the way you do." Alma rolled Ken off of her and went down on him. "I need to taste you. Besides, I need to clean you up and get you ready for more." She kissed the head of his cock and teasingly licked the shaft as Ken held his breath. Then she quickly took him deep into her mouth and began sucking his nearly flaccid cock. Ummm, you taste good but there isn't enough here for me to enjoy. You need to hurry up and make some more for me."

"If you keep doing as you are, you might soon have more than you can handle."

"Oops! That reminds me. Please hand me that towel. I'm dripping both of us. She quickly stuffed the towel between her legs and kept sucking.

Ken just laid back and enjoyed the blow job.

Alma reached down and took Ken's balls in her hand and began massaging his testicles.

Ken moaned as he felt that familiar feeling of his cum start churning in his balls as his orgasm began to build.

Alma released his cock with a popping sound to briefly look up and smile at him. Then she took a testicle into her mouth and sucked it. Then she sucked on his other testicle. When she resumed sucking Ken's cock again. She could feel it begin to throb as his dick head swelled in her mouth.

Ken warned her, "I'm Cumminng!"

Alma answered by sucking harder and faster. She felt the first pulse as Ken began to spurt his cum into her mouth. She swallowed fast to keep pace as he pumped his precious cum into her. Alma was not a wasteful girl. She wanted all of it. After the load ran dry, she released Ken's cock and licked the last droplet that oozed from it. Ummm, "Thank you, Baby, I really enjoyed that. You taste wonderful. Now let's take a shower and order some food. You'll need it because I want more of you."

Alma took control over the shower. Right after they stepped in, she backed up into Ken and rubbed her nice soft round ass right up against his cock.

Ken soaped his hands, then put his arms around Alma and took her 36D's into his soapy hands massaging them until she moaned.

Alma reached back and took Ken's head in her hands pulling him to her shoulder where she turned her head to be kissed. After the kiss she whispered, "I love feeling you against me like this. It feels like you enjoy it too. Would you like to fuck my ass? It's yours if you want it."

"I'd love to take you in your beautiful hot little ass, Alma."

Alma put her hands on the wall and bent forward. "Take me Honey, It's yours"

Ken soaped his cock and Alma's ass thoroughly, then placed the head of his cock against her tight little pucker. With a moderate push, his cockhead slid past her sphincter. A few subsequent thrusts had his tummy pressed tight against Alma's ass cheeks. Ken held still letting Alma get used to his presence. He reached his hand down and began massaging her clit between his two fingers.

Alma groaned, and pushed back against him. "Oh, Lover, you feel so good in there. Oh yeah, rub me just like that. Oh fuck! You've got me so dammad hot I could scream. Just keep fucking me like that. It might take a little while but I'm gonna cum like a fucking tiger when I do."

Ken gradually increased the pace and intensity of his thrusts while doing the same with his manipulation of her clitoris.

Alma matched Ken's pace until she began to climb toward a crashing orgasm. "Fuck! Fuck me hard! Faster!, she screamed. I'm cumminnnngg! Oh my God! AAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Ken held her up with his arms around her waist as her legs sagged. Suddenly she went totally limp. Ken had to lower her gently to the floor before they both fell. He checked her breathing and found it to be steady. So he soaped again and rinsed , then he knelt down beside Alma and held her head until she recovered. "You scared me when you passed out"

"I'm sorry, Ken, Last I remember, I was cumming harder than I ever came in my life. Then everything just faded out."

"Are you okay now? Yes, I think so."

"Good, I'll go get you a robe while you finish cleaning up." Ken dried his self and went to the closet. He put one robe on and brought the other into the bathroom and hung it on the door. Then he took a fresh towel from the top shelf and waited for Alma to finish her shower. When she stepped out, he dried her with the huge fluffy bath towel, took her into his arms and kissed her. Then he playfully slapped her butt and told her to go order some food while he fixed drinks.

The food was great as both expected it would be. Ken could taste Cindy's special sex spices in his coffee and chuckled a little but he welcomed whatever was making him feel rejuvenated.

Ken used his napkin, covered a small belch, and said, "Wow, I'm full."

Alma daintily dabbed her lips, then said, "Me too"

Ken pushed the serving cart out into the hall while Alma called room service to let them know they were finished.

"Are you ready for another drink, Alma?"

"Not right now," Ken. I'd just like to crawl back into bed and cuddle with you for a while."

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