tagIncest/TabooKendra and Cole

Kendra and Cole


I'll definitely be thrown back in the streets when my husband, Joe, discovers that I'm sleeping with his twenty-year-old son. I never meant for it to happen, it just happened, and even though we agreed to make it a once-off thing the first time Cole and I fucked, we're not getting enough of each other.

Now we can't stop it, because we're enjoying it, and we can't help it.

Cole is a spoiled brat and he doesn't want to get a job. He gets to stay back at home with me and the rest of the furniture, and we have sex three or four times a day. He takes me in the morning, the afternoon, and in the evening, just like someone on a prescription of pain pills. He's my sex tool now, and I use his cock in me, on me, or any other way I like, and there's nothing his father can do about it. Well, at least for now.

Sometimes you just know when a man has an excruciating desire to unleash his mighty cock and plunge it inside of your pussy to give both of you a wonderful time. The reason could be the often sage and intuitive voice you hear in your head, telling you things whenever you perceive something not proven yet. I had a friend who always liked talking about the feeling she got, down in the pit of her stomach—the metaphorical gut feeling. Sometimes it could just be pure logic and common sense. In my and Cole's case, it couldn't be one of the above. It was all the above.

He was an undeniably horny young man. His constant and ravening stares at my body, particularly my big ass and tits, made his secret desires clear. When he didn't do that, I always got the vibe that he could fuck me if the opportunity were to present itself. He needed to fuck me, but despite his desperate need for that, which I could bet that it frequently made him stroke his cock while having fantasises of us fucking, he just was too timid to ever have the balls to make the first move and initiate a sexual relationship between us.

So during my days of tolerable sexual frustrations, when fucking any other man, especially my husband's own son, wasn't, and couldn't even be in the realm of possibility, Cole did nothing, but pine to have his cock all up inside of me, probably not as often as I ended up making him do, but who knows? Perhaps it was far much more than that.

When the situation changed on the day my sex deprivation finally became intolerable and made me feel like I was possibly going to die if I wasn't going to have sex within the hour, Cole's availability, my knowledge of his secret crush on me, and my decision to cheat with someone who just wanted to fuck me and nothing else, made him an obvious choice. He was the best candidate for the job. I just missed having a cock stuffed up inside of my pussy and rubbing against its walls, making them wet while relieving the tingles I frequently felt on them because of my uneventful sex life. There really was no better choice, other than getting myself a cock which belonged to a young man who I certainly knew that he constantly dreamt of giving it to me.

Considering that there surely were going to be more times I was going to need a cock when it was going to be just the two of us around, the fact that I assumed and believed that fucking Cole was just going to happen once, still remains a mystery, though. There actually were more reasons we weren't going to stop after just one encounter, and each one of them made my assumption that I was only going to fuck Cole once, more ridiculous. Anyway, that's neither here nor there.

What only matters is we're fucking and it absolutely is swell while we are at it, and it all started with an unintended pensive gaze at Cole while he was cleaning the pool. I was relaxing on a sunlounger at the back of the house near the pool, catching some rays while reading a magazine. He showed up moments earlier to clean tree leaves out of the pool, and that was one chore he was always going to be happy to do at the house because he loved swimming and didn't mind the frequent work he put in to do that.

As I kept gazing at him, I started getting mesmerised by how the muscles of his hands flexed while he was working something as simple as a net. He had such huge biceps and triceps. Even the muscles on his forearms were huge, too. I couldn't figure out if he was just ignoring me, or if his work was engaging enough to keep him from noticing that I was gazing at him, but as my eyes kept following him around as he made sure that he wasn't going to leave even a single leaf floating inside the pool, he never returned my gaze, or showed any sign he knew that my eyes were on him—intently looking at his flexing and pussy-wetting muscles.

Within a second after I felt blood rushing down to my crotch, my clit and my labia were getting engorged. It kept getting worse, and as my clit kept getting swollen, I felt my juices start to trickle down my canal, making each nerve inside of my pussy alive as I increasingly got wet. After my clit got fully swollen, it started feeling pleasantly warm between my thighs, and for a moment, I put my right hand between them to touch myself on the lips of my already sopping wet pussy.

I was sitting with my legs towards Cole. We currently were facing the same direction. His back was to me, so what my hand did to my pussy was something he didn't, and essentially couldn't notice, but still I concealed my hand with the magazine I was reading. If he were to suddenly turn around and look at my crotch, all he was going to notice was a magazine covering a hand. I was certain that he wasn't going to realise that the hand was feeling up my tickling and engorged pussy.

Slightly rubbing two fingers in a circular motion, I began pleasuring myself a few moments later, and silent moans began escaping my mouth. I was still facing his back, often stealing glances at his flexing muscles, and it didn't take much time to figure out that if I were to continue doing what I was doing to my inflamed pussy, an orgasm was surely going to hit me and make me do something that was going to expose the depraved actions I was currently engrossed with.

After feeling like I had to stop, my burning pussy refused to let me do that. It needed me to keep touching it. It needed me to splay my thighs wider to allow my hand more room to rub my finger on it. Within a moment, I found myself doing that, spreading fingers wide to make them rub a greater part of my swollen cunt lips, and with my thumb, I put intense pressure on my clit until I couldn't take it anymore, starved of a moan.

The side of our rectangular pool Cole was working on, was one of its longest sides, and without slowing down with the rubbing, I looked up to check his progress because I hadn't yet decided to make him notice what I was doing to my pussy because of his flexing muscles. He was about two thirds of the way across the side he was working on, and he still had his back to me, not paying attention to me, so I kept working a nice rhythm, rubbing my swollen cunt, opening my thighs some more with each rub. Before I knew it, I was starting to get carried away again.

"Is everything okay?" Cole, the man with the flexing muscles I was thinking of in a trance I'd just started having with my eyes lightly shut, and whose cock I hadn't yet realised that my subconscious mind was increasingly making me pine for, suddenly asked that as if he knew what was going on.

The magazine I was reading earlier, was still covering the hand that was rubbing my pussy through the fabric of my dress and panties, and since the first moment Cole showed up to clean the pool, that was the first time I got the acknowledgement that he was aware of the fact that I was a breathing human being sitting close by as he went about, doing his work. Thinking that he was going to keep ignoring me, and wasn't going to look back at me before he finished the side he was working on, made me close my eyes a few seconds before the moment he finally decided to turn his head. I thought I was going to have a minute or two before I had to worry about him suddenly looking at me. Although I got it wrong on that one, I didn't have to worry about him because I was certain that he wasn't going to make a fuss about it if he'd actually realised what was going on underneath the magazine that was covering my hand. I had to check if he really knew, though.

"Yes, everything is okay," I replied with a calculated voice that didn't give away anything, and as I looked at his face to watch his reaction to my statement, he nodded convincingly.

That made me realise that his question wasn't a result of him suddenly becoming aware of the possibility that I was on a mission to rub myself to a decent orgasm while he had his back to me. What I'd just figured out was followed by a feeling that something else, not even remotely related to what I was doing to myself, and which I didn't care to inquire before he looked ahead again to continue his work, had made him ask the question I replied a few seconds earlier.

Half a minute later, he was still cleaning the same side of the pool he'd been on for the past few minutes. He was about to be done with that side when a sudden angry wind blew past the backyard, depositing more leaves everywhere he'd already worked on. I let out a little sound of sympathy as he despondently shook his head. That, and an equally sympathetic apology delivered with love and regret, eased his exasperation and the doleful look on his face as he moved back to the other end of the side he was on, to start over.

I tried to imagine his disappointment as he began doing the work again, but that was suddenly disrupted by a voice in my head, which told me that the wind had just bought me a few minutes to continue rubbing my burning cooch as Cole worked with his back to me again, since he'd just started redoing the same side he'd been on for the past few minutes.

Thrilled by my gain through his misfortune, I failed to resist the temptation, and if I wasn't wearing a dress that day, with the way I was sitting, still facing Cole's back with my crotch concealed enough, I knew at that moment I would've found a way to surreptitiously slide my hand inside my creamed thong, and spread out my inflamed labia before fucking a finger or two inside me to see if that could help me get a quick orgasm.

Sliding my hand inside my thong to finger fuck myself wasn't going to happen since I was wearing a dress. The closest I could get to doing something like that was to push aside my thong through my thin dress. That was easily possible. In a stealthy way, too, and in a flash, I pulled up a few inches of my dress and bundled it on my crotch to avoid making it too obvious. After that I pulled aside the crotch of my thong, and in a split-second, the thin fabric of my dress separating my fingers from my wet pussy, got drenched with my juices. And as it got stuck to my pussy after getting wet, it became less effective with making me feel like I was rubbing my cunt through my dress.

It started feeling like I was doing it directly on the flamed pink flesh of my outer labia, and with a slightly forceful push of my middle finger, I managed to inch inside of my pussy. That felt delicious, and before I started inch-fucking myself, I told myself that I had to keep looking at Cole to avoid being caught unaware again. Then off I went again on my mission to rub and excite myself some more while Cole had his back to me. My juices kept soaking my dress some more, and more, as I alternated inch-fucking my finger into me, and rubbing the rest of the pussy, including my clit. As I continued playing with myself, the sensation I was feeling on the walls of my pussy kept escalating, and I also began feeling like pinching my tickling nipples.

"Mm," I found myself moaning that when my rock-hard nipples started tingling in unison with the walls of my pussy. It was louder than all the other silent moans I'd made before, but Cole didn't hear anything. If he did, he was the only man I knew who could resist making any form of reaction to that because my eyes were on him the entire time he was supposed to, at least, flinch to the moan I'd just made. Since I still hadn't decided to make Cole and I actively share the wonderful experience I was having while watching his flexing muscles, I decided to tone things down after I moaned, and that time my burning pussy couldn't stop me from doing what I felt I needed to do.

Cole still had about a minute before switching sides and making it impossible for me to keep him in the dark while I rubbed my pussy with him only a few yards away. As I pondered what my decision to dial it down exactly meant, between completely giving up being naughty while I still had about a minute to continue with Cole's back to me, or being less aggressive with it until I couldn't do it anymore the moment Cole was going to switch sides and not have his back to me, something I hadn't consciously thought about since the moment I became aroused, suddenly hit me.

Cole had a real cock. A young man's cock which was able to stay erect until it shot out sperm, and it definitely was able to stay hard a couple more times after that. As my mind laid it all out for me to understand, I suddenly realised that to quell the fire that was burning the walls of my pussy, I could take care of that with something better than my fingers. I already wasn't fancying the idea of putting up with a vibrator stuffed in a drawer somewhere back in the house. I needed to be penetrated by a real shaft, made of human flesh and muscle. I needed to be fucked real hard and nasty, and get off from that. What had just happened brought up a new target to pleasure my wet pussy with, and since I was already staring at a young virile male who I was confident had a really long and thick cock, just like something I'd just started pining for, I didn't have to search far. Knowing that he couldn't do it himself, and that I had to do that for him, I decided to seduce Cole and fuck him.

Nothing more than a simple seduction trick was all I needed, and I knew he was going to react to my moves just like I wanted. There were no confidence issues there. I perfectly trusted the skills that I had. They were always successful with making every man that I ever used them on to insanely ache for my pussy, and for Cole, one of the best tricks was coming his way.

Since I was wearing a thong, it was going to be a walk in the park. Joe was out of the country on business as usual, and it was just me and Cole alone at home, as was always the case whenever Joe was away. So we were perfectly safe from being caught, but that already didn't matter because I didn't need that to get the confidence to seduce and fuck Cole. Even if Joe was around, I was sure everything still would've happened like I'd just decided.

"Cole, honey, would you stop what you are doing and come here for a sec?" I requested with unnecessary irresistible charm, and he immediately came to me as I got up from the sunlounger, ignorant of the fact that my arousal rendered my legs too weak to carry the weight of my body. I almost tumbled down on my ass, but the situation quickly got manageable before I dropped down, and I didn't have to sit back down afterwards. Gazing at me with bright and eager eyes, which were half impatient to hear what I wanted from him, Cole got the rest of the details, and I knew he was going to easily submit to my forthcoming request. "There is something really important that I want to ask you to do for me, and don't freak out, okay?"

"Okay, what is it?"

"Let's call it a little game, which nobody else ever has to know about, besides us. I stood up so that you can sit, because it kinda is one of those things that require a person to get details while they are firmly seated on their ass. Okay, I shouldn't start joking around because I have to make sure you understand that we are only going to play this little game just once, today, do you understand that?"

"Yeah, what's the name of the game?" he asked after he was settled where I was seated before, and I was already impatient to get to the next part of my seduction plan.

"I know I promised more details after you are firmly settled on your ass, but I think the name of the game doesn't really matter, and to avoid a potential awkward situation between us in the aftermath, if things get to turn out that way, I want you to promise that you will pretend that what's about to happen didn't happen. Can you do that for me, honey?"

"Yeah, I can do that."

Things were going exactly as I planned, and I couldn't be happier about that. Considering that Cole was a smart young man, I was certain of the fact that despite my unnecessarily vague statements, he'd already put two and two together and was aware of what was going to end up happening between us. The look that was suddenly on his face sold him out.

"Awesome, I'm going to sit on your lap now, and don't worry, the cheeks might be big, but they're soft as feathers."

For half my life, my family made fun of me because I was the one with the biggest ass between my mother and two sisters. Always disclosing the harmless nature of my huge ass cheeks to any and every one I sat on, was now a natural habit.

"I think I'll manage," Cole replied as I settled on him, feeling grateful that most of my panties were thongs. I love the way a thong makes my ass feel free, and since it so happened that the dress I was wearing that day was made of thin fabric, I knew that once I got Cole's cock hard, I was going to feel contact more than the average dressed person could. "If you sit like that you'll give me a cramp. Why not try to move up a little?" Cole said a moment after I sat on his lap, and I grabbed his thigh to move my ass up without losing balance. I slowly slid up his thighs after that, making my way towards his crotch. He gladly invited me to move up towards his baby-maker, and I didn't stop moving my ass until I felt the entire length of his cock trapped underneath my ass.

We both made excited reactions to that as I started grinding on his dick slowly, making it start pulsing to life. Gradually, I felt its hardness increasing as my pussy began to throb insanely again, and once he was hard enough for the wicked trick I had in my mind before I sat on him, I lifted my ass up a little to fit my hand under there.

With a slight hint of a teasing touch, I clutched his dick and moved it to make a larger length lie across his thigh, and the way he held his breath for a moment proved that he found what I'd just done really arousing. When I glanced back at him, I got a visual confirmation when we locked eyes for a moment, exchanging lusty smiles. After breaking eye contact, I moved my hand along my buttcrack to wedge my dress between my ass cheeks, and once my dress got wedged in the crack of my ass, I slowly sat back on Cole's thigh, trapping a chunk of his cock between my cheeks as I settled down.

I started clenching my butt muscles a moment later, making my ass cheeks hug his cock as I did that. He started using his left hand to rub and squeeze my left thigh and part of my left ass cheek as I kept clenching my cheeks on his dick. It kept getting harder until it couldn't fit in my buttcrack. Once that happened, it slid away and went under my ass again. There was no way I could make it fit back between my cheeks with the size it had grown now. The only thing I could do to keep him turned on was to roll it underneath my ass, so I started grinding my ass on it again, rolling it from side to side to keep it hard like I intended.

It did stay hard. Actually, it swelled to its thickest size first before it stayed like that, and soon, I began getting carried away with rolling it underneath my ass. When I finally decided that it was time to move on, I stood up from his lap, gladly looking back at the humongous bulge on his crotch as I did that. He had a huge and noticeable cum stain right next to the huge tip of his cock. When I touched the spot where the head of his dick was on my ass during the time I was grinding on him, I found out it was wet, too. Following that, we looked at each other and flashed each other naughty grins.

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