tagAnalKendra's Ass Ch. 03

Kendra's Ass Ch. 03


There was a knock on the door at 8 PM. Kendra walked in, wearing tight black pants and it was clear she had a thing riding up her butt. On top she was wearing a black tank top that definietly showed off her nice cleavage. Tina fixed Kendra a rum & coke and asked Kendra is she was ready for the nights festivities. Kendra nodded in approval.

Tina then asked Kendra what she thought of yesterdays threesome and what to expect for tonight. Kendra replied, "I have been wet all day thinking about yesterday and tonight."

Tina who was wearing just a t-shirt and a thing satdown on the couch with Kendra and asked herif her first anal sex experience was really with me the other day. Kendra Nodded yes. Tina also asked if the first time she was ever with a woman, was yesterday. Kendra also noddedyes again.

At this point i emerged from the bathroom, buck naked with a colossal hard on. Knowing full well wha the night had in store, I was ready to roll. Kendra's guests would not be over for about 30 minutes and I wanted her pussy and ass kept fresh. But, i definietly wated to feel her blow job again and shoot a lot of sperm into her stomach so i walked up in front of Kendra, stuck my dick in front of her and gently pushed her forward so Kendra would realize what was expected.

Kendra gave me a violent blow job, sucking my cock hard and vsiously. Deep throating the hthing and using her hand to jerk my shaft, her tounge was in coantant motion and her lips were sucking my cock so hard. it was alsmot as if she was thristy for my cum. Tina meanwhile, satdown between my legs and leaned up and sucked my balls.

It did not take long after that for my hips to buck, Kendra buried her face down into my pubic hairas I fired a hot load of cum down her throat. She swallowed most of it, but iwas a potent load so some dripped out of the corner of her mouth. Tina immediatley got up and licked my cum off of Kendra's face and smiled at her.

Just then a knock on the door occured. It was time. We blind folded Kendra because we did not want her to know what was going on. At this point, five of our friends walked in: Larry, Tony, Mike, Dave and Steve all entered. Tina handed them all a beer as they walked in.

Kendra was sitting there, still fully clothed but blind folded. Just before Tina closeed the door, one more guest rolled in, whom I did not recognize, but figured I knew who it was. He just sat down in the corner.

I stated, " Guys, this here is Kendra. She is the slut bang whore who runs this apartment complex who tried to rip Tina and I off. When I called her bluff she decided to blow me, and even let me fuck her in the ass and cum in her pussy. She is enagaged and her fiance lives in the complex. To make along story short I have some evidence that Kendra would liek so in order to earn it she has agreed to fuck all five of you silly tonight. The rules are simple...any hole goes. Fuck her wear you want, cum where you want and DO NOT use protection.

With that said, Larry walked up to Kendra, lifted her up and ripped her tank top off. Kendra was smart and not wearing a bra. Larry literally threw Kendra on the ground, lifted her skirt and started to tounge fuck her pussy. As Larry ate out her Pussy, Steve dropped his pants and revelaed a rather small Penis (5 inches) kneeld over Kendras face and buried his dick between her lips.

Tony and Mike each started sucking on one of Kendra's nipples and Dave was now naked and stuck his dick in Kendra's ahnd. Dave was about 7 inches long, but very skinny. Kendra immediatly started giving hima hand job. Larry, at this point figured Kendra was wet enough so he unzipped his fly and plopped out his 11 inch dick.

Larry motioned to the boys it was time to move. So while the rest of them undressed, Larry lied down and helped himslef into kendra's asshole after he quickly lubed his cock up. Kendra, whose skirt was now around her waist, was riding Larry's cock with her ass. Dave took the opportunity to split Kendra's pussy in half and the two of them dped her Kendra very quickly screamed that she was cumming.

As kendra screamed Tony dipped his cock into kendr'as mouth and the whore had all three holes filled. I could not take any more, so I grabbed tina, bent her over on her hands and knees so she could watch kendra get banged and started fucking her doggy style. Larry started to buck his hips and screamed as he busted a nut up Kendra's ass.

Larry slid out of Kendra and you could see cum oozing out of her ass. Dave fell backwards and pulled Kendra with him so she was now riding his cock. Feeling herself sit on 11 inches of man hood, Kendra came again just as Mike scooted behind her and slid his dick into her asshole.

Tony meanwhile pulled his dick out of Kendra's mouth, and jerked off his spunk right onto her face and shot cum on her face and in her hair. Steve took tony's place, but not before kendra used a finger to slide the cum from her face to her mouth.

So now Kendra was riding Dave's cock mIke was really holding her hips and punding her ass hard. As Kendra sucked off Steve. Slowly Mike annoucned that he was fucking Kendra's ass so hard there was some blood, but just as he said that kendra came again. Meanwhile Larry was getting hard again and Tony walked over to see if Tina would suck hima bit until he got hard. She looekd at me and I gave her approval. Our mystery man was hard as a rock but not moving.

Mike and Dave both started grunting. Mike's thick dick was flying in and out of Kendra's bloody butt and Dave was literally splitting Kendra in half with every stroke. Kendra came again and squirted her clit all over Dave just as Dave and Mike both came deep inside of her. Tina , seeing all three of them cum, clenched her pussy ahrd and came all ovr my cock just as I fill ed her up with a big load of cum. MIke pulled out of Kendra's ass, as dave slid her off his cock. Lying on her Back, Steve slipped his little dick in to Kendra's pussy. "Kendra stated, "God if I di not know any mbetter I would suggest my little dick fiance was fucking me."

Meanwhile, larry walked over Kendra's head and straddled her face and literally forced her to lick his ass. Gaging she tried to refuse but Larry weighed 260 lbs and literally just opened his ass onto her mouth so she did as she was told. Meanwhile, I leaned down to Tina and started tossing her salad as she blew Tony Harder.

Tony was hard as a rock just as Steve annoucned he was cumming and pulled his dick out of Kendra's pussy to cover her with cum.

Tony pulled out of tina's mouth and went and stuck his dick in Knedra's pussy. Larry and Mike meanwhile were now each getting a bj from kendra as she alternated. Tina tunerd around ad started getting me hard again by blowing me. I toold all the boys to make sure they did not cum as I had an idea.

AT this point, Steve started jerking himself off ass Dve started to fuck Tina's pussy to get good and worked uyp. One I could tell everone washard I said for everyone to circle around Kendra.

Kendra was overly excited, still blindfolded but wsa cumming almsot every mintue was rubbing her clit as the six os uf circle jerked around her. I told the boys when they felt they were ready to cum to stick there dick in her pussy and give one shot of cum in her pussy then pull out and shoot th rest anywhere on her they wanted.

Steve went first, because he was about to blow and yelledas he shot into her cunt and then pulled out and shot the rest of his junk on her face. He leaned into her and called her a cum covered slut. Then made Kendra Lick his ass as Larry moved in and came in her pussy as well Lary decided to cover her big tits wih the rest of his cum but at least told Steve to move so he did not get any on him.

Tony was next and shot a bit in her pussy before pulling out and adding his cum to Kendra's face. Tina, all worked up straddled Tina's Face as I fucked Kendra's pussy. Tina's thickk clit shot a wad of hot pussy juice and covered Kendra's face, jsut as I shot off my sperm deep into kendra's pussy. I pulled out and shot some on Kendra's tits before cumming on her face.

Mike quickly stuck his dick balls deep into kensra's pussy and came instantly, then pulled out and used the rest of his cum as shampp for kendra's hair.

Dave was last and decided to impale Kendra's ass as she was laying downa nd blood covered his cock as he fucked her pussy hard. Kendra came again just as Dave pulled out and skipped cumming in her pussy and just covered Kendra in cum.

All of us feeling good..looked over as the now naked stanger walked up. He kneeled down between Kendra's pussy and stuck his dick in her. Kendra made a face knowing almost instaly who it was. He fucked her pretty ard for about 90 seconds and pulled his cock out and fucked her ass. Fucking her hard she screamed as she came again. He pluleld out of her ass and made her ATM (ass to mouth) him and shot his spunk down her throat. She looked to be gagging from the taste he held her head in place making her taste her own bloody covered shit.

Standing up he looked hard at the slut beneath him and stareted to pee on her. WHile peeing he kneeled to her mouth, pried her mouth opena nd peed in her mouth. As he did this he pulle dher blind fold off as she seemed like she saw a ghost when she came face to face with Lucas. Her fiance whi just fucked her in the ass, made her suck her own shit off his dick and then peed in her mouth. He took her hand, looked at her ring and said, "Were through." he took her ring off her finger. Got dressed and left. Tina pulled Kendra;s skirt off her and now Kendra was naked.

The six of us guys lifted Kendra up and carried her over to the door and thre her out of the apartment. leaving Kendra covered in cum, possibly pregnant, with a bloody butt and pee in her mouth. She had to figure out where to go, and how to get home as the rest of us got drunk.

When the boys left later, Kendra was no where to be found. Tina kissed thanking me for reinvigerating our sex life. I kissed her back and told her I got a taste of her ass before but hnow I wanted to fuck it. She walked over to the table, bent ovre spread her cheeks and said, "Fuck me in the ass baby."

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