tagIncest/TabooKenny and His Cousins Ch. 02

Kenny and His Cousins Ch. 02



Eve could tell something was up with her cousins, as they all sat down to breakfast, because none of them seemed to be able to look one another in the eyes.

What she didn't know was that last night, Jan had left the room where she' Eve and Penny had been sleeping (because Penny's snoring was keeping her awake), and asked Kenny, Penny's brother, if she could stay in his room. Jan noticed he had an erection and, partly to cover her own embarrassment, teased him a bit, which led to him cumming in his briefs.

They finally went to sleep, but she woke up in the middle of the night to find he was spooning her in his sleep, rutting at the back of her panties with his cock, her t-shirt tangled up on her upper body so that her left breast was covered and her right breast was bare. She couldn't think of any way to stop him without waking him up and embarrassing both of them again, and she really didn't want him to stop, so she ground back against him, cumming twice before he soaked his briefs once again.

Somewhere along the line she'd pulled off the t-shirt, because it was getting so uncomfortable, intending to put it back on properly before she fell back asleep.

But she never did so whatever else, Kenny probably saw her naked boobs this morning.

Kenny and Penny had run into one another in the hallway at 6am. Kenny was wearing only his briefs, something he'd never done outside of his bedroom, and the head of his cock had been sticking out of the waistband. It was the first cock Penny had ever seen, and she'd openly stared at it.

Now, after breakfast, things seemed a little less awkward Jan and Kenny went into another room and talked for a while, but Eve was still happy the girls had plans to spend the day at the mall.

The mall in Penny and Kenny's town was much larger (and cooler) than anything near Eve's or Jan's homes, and Eve and Penny wanted (needed!) new wardrobes befitting their upcoming status as college freshpersons (Jan, while only a month or two older had made the "cutoff" and had already finished her first year at college).

Armed with their parents' credit cards, the girls swept through the mall's clothing stores as if they were an invading army. Ready for a break, heading for the food court, they passed a Victoria's Secret. "I need to get something from there," Eve said quietly. "I don't even care what, really: I just want to be a girl who owns something from Victoria's Secret."

"Me too," Penny said. "Nothing slutty, just... sexy."


Both girls noticed that Jan hadn't said anything; but they were queued up at Cinnabon now, so the rest of the discussion had to wait.

Seated at the table, Penny said to Jan "I bet Big College Girl has all sorts of sexy clothing."

"Some, anyway. No thongs. Nothing's worth how uncomfortable they are. And nothing weird like crotchless panties or fur-lined bras. You know what I like? Really pretty nighties."

"Sexy stuff?"

"Not all of it. Most of it is short, girly stuff, babydolls and the like. You can wear that around the dorm and nobody thinks you're trying to seduce your roommates."

"And the rest?" Eve asked.

Jan smiled. "I have this one outfit, clingy, almost see-through, with just a little push-up right here," she said, gesturing at the underside of her breasts. "Made my boyfriend go nuts."

"Maybe someday I'll have a boyfriend," Penny said sadly.

"Oh, you know you will," Jan said. "What about that Danny guy you told us about?"

"That lasted about a month, and I think we were together more because we both needed a prom date than anything else. We probably didn't kiss more than a dozen times and the furthest we ever went was right after prom when he slipped his hand under my gown and grabbed at my bare tit."

Eve and Jan laughed, and then Eve said "I shouldn't laugh: I never even got felt up. Sometimes I think I'm going to die an old maid, never having seen a penis."

Now Penny laughed, and Eve said, "Yeah, bitch, have you ever seen one?"

"Well... part of one."

"Part of one?" Jan asked.

"Don't ask," Penny said. "Seriously, don't ask."

"You two are just breaking my heart," Jan said. "As soon as we finish here, we're all going to VC. You're going to get yourself some cute nighties -- no more sleeping in your brother's old t-shirts -- and at least one that's going to make your boyfriends cum just from looking at you."

"Jan!" Eve said.

"No, you two are off to college soon, and you're both going to have boyfriends before you know it, but the first step is loosening up some. Trust me, I've been through this."


They came home with the station wagon trunk filled with clothing: jeans, skirts, blouses, t's, hot bikinis (end-of-season sales), cute nighties they could wear around the dorm, and hot nighties that would be for boyfriends' eyes only. They all suspected this would be the last time they'd be given free rein with their parents' credit cards for a while, but it was worth it.


They knocked on my door around 10:30, while I was just lying on my bed, vegging out, and listening to the rain beat against the window. "Yeah?"

"You wanna see what we bought at Victoria's Secret?" Jan asked. I could hear Penny and Eve arguing with her.

"Are you bullshitting me?" I didn't want to see my sister and cousins wearing slutty clothing.

Or maybe I did. But I shouldn't.

Shit. My dick didn't know whether to go up or down at the thought.

"Don't get all excited," Jan said, "these are just normal pj's."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I said, "but come in if you want."

Jan was wearing what looked like a short-dress that ended midway between her waist and her knees: really no shorter than the t-shirt she'd worn the night before, but more form-fitting.

Eve's was a two-piece, blue-and-white striped: the top was cropped, ending just above her navel, and the bottoms were very brief boy-shorts.

I knew I shouldn't think it but Penny's outfit was pretty damn sexy: a pink sleeveless top that didn't come down far enough to completely cover what looked like matching string bikini bottoms. I guess I'd seen more exposed skin on girls at the beach, but... wow.

"We're not going to show you the really hot stuff, obviously," Jan said, "but I told the girls these are perfectly fine to wear around the house, or in the dorm at school. What do you think?"

I have a feeling Jan was fucking with me a bit: Penny's outfit was pretty brief to be wearing around the house when her older brother was home -- but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing her wearing it now and again.

God, what a perv I'd become after one night of dry-humping my cousin in my sleep!

"Uh... yeah, you all look nice. Nothing wrong with any of those pj's."

"Thanks," Jan said cheerily. "I knew you'd back me up." And then they all left, and I thought very improper thoughts about the amounts of Penny and Eve's asses I could see.

A few minutes alter I was online chatting with Angie, my online girlfriend. "Can I ask you a kind of weird question? A girl question?"

"This isn't some facts-of-life thing, is it? LOL"

"God no."


"What's, yknow, normal for girls to wear as pj's around the house? My sister's always had one idea, kinda conservative, and my girl-cousin is trying to convince her to be more..."


"LESS conservative. Okay, I just saw half of her ass, and it weirded me out a bit."


"Not helpful Ang"

"Wanna see what I'M wearing?"

"Hell ya." Remember, I hadn't seen any photo of her yet. I was just hoping she wasn't a 45-year-old guy named Stan.

The screen remained quiet for about five minutes. Just when I started to think we'd been disconnected, a photo popped up. Angie's face wasn't in it (I could understand her caution), but I could see she was wearing a white babydoll nightie, almost thin enough to see through. I could easily make out the darkness of her nipples, and even the fact that her pubes were partly shaved.

"You like? :)"

"Holy shit, yeah!!!" Just then there was a flash of lightning followed by a crack of thunder. "Just had a lightning boom," I typed. "I thought for a second it was my heart reacting to your photo."

"LOL! We're getting the same sort of weather, so we should probably shut down our computers. Promise me something, though."

"Name it."

"When you get into bed, jerk off thinking about my photo." Wow. We'd flirted a bit before, but neither of us had ever said anything that sexual before.

"I was already planning on it, Ang," I told her truthfully.

We logged off. I undressed and I was just about to switch off the lights and climb into bed when another lightning/thunder combo, much fiercer than the last one, shook the house and caused the lights to flicker.

Moments later, a knock on my door. "Kenny?" It was Eve. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," I said, forgetting for a moment that I was down to my underwear. Oh well, everybody else had seen me like this already. And I guess Angie will probably want some quid pro quo the next time we chat. "Sorry about this," I said when Eve came in, referring to my state of undress.

She seemed not to have noticed. "I'm... uh... scared of lightning, Can you keep me company for a while?"

"Sure thing." She might not have noticed I was in my underwear, but I was certainly aware that she was wearing tight, brief bottoms and a top that didn't cover much more than her tits. Between that and just having seen Angela's photo, I was struggling to keep from sprouting a massive and very embarrassing boner.

And by Herculean effort I might have won that struggle -- I tried to take Eve's mind off the storm by asking her questions about the courses she was taking first semester -- but then the outside sky lit up again, followed by another crack of thunder. She shrieked, and began shivering.

I put my arms around her to calm her, and pointed out this one wasn't as bad as the one before, which meant the worst of the storm was over. "I hate s-s-storms," she said.

"I know," I told her, lightly stroking her back, hoping it would help soothe her.

"Nice," she said softly. "C-could you give me a light back rub? That might help. Settle me."

"Sure thing."

I let go of her and she stretched out face down on my bed. Her perfect little ass was giving me very uncousinlike thoughts again.

Since the lower half of her back was uncovered, I started there, lightly massaging the small of her back, carefully avoiding contact with her pajama bottoms. I worked my way slowly up, and could hear the occasional soft sigh that told me she was relaxing.

When I finally reached the bottom edge of her pajama top, I swept my fingers an inch or so underneath, without moving the top itself, then pulled my fingers back out, figuring the massage was over.

"Keep going," she said softly.

I began working my hands up her upper back, through her top. "No, under."

I ran my fingers back under the bottom edge of her top, extending them as far as I could without lifting the top at all. "Mmmm, that's nice, more."

I carefully pushed her top up a couple of inches, exposing more of her back, and continued the massage. When I got to the seam of her top again, she lifted her body slightly to allow me to push it up a little more. I could tell that in front, it was no longer covering the very bottoms of her breasts (though I couldn't see them, since she was lying front-down).

This all might be relaxing Eve, but it was having the opposite effect on me: my cock was straining so hard against my briefs, it was almost painful. Every so often it would brush against Eve's upper leg or ass as I rubbed her back, and I hoped she didn't realize what it was.

I was so tempted to pull off my briefs and free it -- Eve had her head down and her eyes closed and wouldn't see it -- but she'd certainly know if a bare cock were brushing against her body.

"Please don't stop," she said softly as I reached the bottom of her pajama shirt again; and she raised her hands in case I had any doubt she wanted me to slip the shirt over her head.

I still couldn't see anything I shouldn't, but my cousin was lying on my bed in front of me wearing nothing but a small pair pajama bottoms. It was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen in my life.

Impulsively, I leaned down and kissed her right between her shoulder blades.

"Oh!" she said

"Is that alright?" I asked.

"It just surprised me. It felt nice. Really nice. Will you do it again?"

"Sure," I said, and kissed her softly in the same spot.

"Nice," she repeated softly.

I slowly kissed my way down her back and when I got to her pajama bottoms, I pulled down the waistband and inch or so and planted my final kiss just above the crack of her ass.

"Oh. That was naughty. And silly. And nice."

"Was it okay?"

"Yeah, I liked it."

Followed by the awkward "what if anything happens next?" moment.

Finally Eve said "Kenny?"


"Anything... else you'd like to kiss?"

"Eve, are you serious about that?"

She hesitated for just a moment, then turned over onto her back.

She was biting her lower lip. I could see she was nervous about this. I had a feeling she'd never shown her breasts to any guy before. "Wow," I said. "They're perfect."

She smiled. I leaned down and I'm sure she thought I was going to kiss or suck her breasts, but instead I kissed her on the mouth. "Is that alright?" I asked afterward.

"It was perfect," she said.

Then I moved down to her breasts.

I'd kissed and sucked women's breasts before, but I'd never been this turned on by it before: maybe because this was so unexpected, maybe because Eve was my cousin and it was so taboo.

By now, I'd stopped caring that my cock, straining more than ever against my briefs, kept brushing against Eve's mostly-bare leg.

Moaning softly as her nipples grew hard and sensitive under my tongue, she reached down and closed her right hand gently around my cock. I stopped moving; otherwise, I'd have cum right then and there. "I want to see it," she said.

I climbed off the bed, and slipped my briefs down my legs. My cock stood straight out, and I have to admit I was proud that Eve's first sight of a cock was mine, and so hard.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me back onto the bed. When I was on my back, she brought her face just above my cock and said, excitedly, "I want to try sucking it. Can I suck it?"

I nodded, and she took my cock into her mouth -- well, about half of it anyway, because she'd never done this before -- and began to suck. I reached over and grabbed both of her breasts,

Honestly she had no idea what she was doing other than the basics, but it hardly mattered: I'd been moments away from cumming for at least the last half hour, and it didn't take more than a minute before I was spurting like crazy into Eve's mouth. She started to gag, spitting out cum all over the place, also laughing giddily. "That was cool, that was so cool, my first blow job." And then more seriously: "Kenny, I'm not ready to fuck, not today anyway, but I need to cum before I go nuts."

"Lie down," I told her. She did, and I pulled her pajama bottoms off of her, exposing her virgin pussy to me. It occurred to me that I probably could have persuaded her to let me sink my still-hard cock into her, but I respected her wishes. Besides, she probably never wanted to lose her virginity to her cousin.

I brought my mouth to her pussy, and began licking her slit. She was incredibly wet, thick cream oozing out of her pussy lips almost as if she'd just been fucked, wetter than any girl I'd been with before. Her whole body started buckling under me as she seemed to have a series of small orgasms (I guess I wasn't the only one who'd been on the verge of cumming).

When she stopped twitching with each lick, I moved to her clit, now swollen and hard, and sucked it gently while brushing against it with my tongue. She screamed. She brought her hand to her mouth to muffle it almost immediately -- but if Penny and Jan were awake, they certain knew what we were up to.

I withdrew my face from her crotch and we lay side-by-side, facing one another. We both had my cum all over our chests, and her face was still flushed from her first sex act with a boy. I pulled her close, mashing her breasts against my chest, and we kissed. As the kiss became more passionate, my hands went to her ass, and as I held her tightly, my cock mashed up against her pussy.

The next thing I knew we'd rolled over and I was on top of her, the shaft of my cock sliding between her slick pussy lips. We both knew we shouldn't, but I kept sliding it up and down, getting harder with each stroke, both of us groaning a little, both of us hoping my cock would "accidentally" slip deep into her pussy.

If she would have said "I changed my mind, fuck me," I'd have done it without a moment's hesitation -- but she didn't, so I rolled us back over onto our sides and, still holding one another, we eventually fell asleep.

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