tagRomanceKenny Ch. 02

Kenny Ch. 02


Ken got out to the estate early the next morning; in fact, he was early enough to get a good breakfast from Selena before he was allowed to go out to the barn and start to work.

It took him almost 3 hours before he was confident that he could get the old tractor running. Marta was lying out by the pool in a very small bikini when he found her.

Damn; he thought, the girls at school didn't even wear something that tiny. That is a lot of good looking woman on display.

"Pardon me Mrs. Horne, but I have an estimate of what it will take to get that tractor working again. It may seem like a lot, but it has been sitting neglected for quite a while." He handed her the list he had compiled while attempting to keep his eyes away from the view she presented.

"This is a lot of stuff Kenny. Do you have any idea of how much this will cost? Would it be cheaper to buy another tractor?"

"Like I said ma'am, it seems like a lot, but this shouldn't cost more than a few hundred dollars at the most, and a new or used tractor will run in the thousands. This one is actually in very good shape, it is just that most of the rubber items such as hoses and belts have dry rotted and need replacement. The major items are the battery and starter. The starter is probably what caused it to stop running for your husband. It is pretty easy to fix, but the part is kind of expensive compared to other brands. I can order most of the parts from Autozone, and the Tractor supply store can take care of the rest. Seaside has both stores and it shouldn't take too much to get them. Do you want me to go ahead with the repairs?"

"That sounds good Kenny. Go ahead and call in what you need and I will go with you to get them. Will they fit in the trunk of my Mercedes, or will we need to take the lodge's truck?"

"Your car will be fine ma'am; these things won't take up that much room. How did your husband fuel the tractor ma'am?"

"There is a diesel tank behind the barn, but I don't know the last time it was filled. Why don't you go ahead and check it while I get changed into something less revealing. Selena should have lunch ready and we can eat before we leave."

Ken nodded his head and took off to perform his errand. He found the tank and saw that it had some fuel still in it, and there was a company name and number on the tank. He called them and was told that the diesel in the tank had been put in just six months before and should be okay. They asked if he wanted the tank refilled and he said that he would ask the owner and get back to them.

When he told Marta about the tank she told him to go ahead and have it filled. She said that once he had the tractor fixed it would see a lot of use. After lunch he made the call and then called to order the parts needed to repair the tractor. Everything was in stock and they would just need to bring in the old starter and battery for the core charges. Ken went on out and removed the items and put them in the trunk of the tan Mercedes. He and Marta then drove to Seaside. The casual conversation on the way revealed more about the young man's values and abilities and increased Marta's opinion of him.

When they got back to the house, Marcia and Consuela were in the pool playing with little Stefan. Marta said that she was going to join them and Ken went back to the barn to finish his job. He surprised everyone by driving up to dinner on the Kubota. The old tractor was roaring like new and Ken had even mounted the front end loader on it to show that the hydraulics were working correctly.

"Kenny, that is amazing!" Marta said, "The mechanic I had look at that thing was going to charge me over $1,000 and take two weeks to get it running. You did it in just a few hours and a less than 300 dollars in parts. Does it need anything else done?"

"No ma'am, all it needs now is regular maintenance, and I can come out every couple of weeks to do that for you."

"Well park it in the drive here and go in and get cleaned up for dinner. You can show me how to drive it after we eat."

The meal was another lo-cal low fat wonder with grilled chicken breast and rice pilaf. Ken had never eaten this good in his life. He knew that he would miss it when he went back to his apartment. The good thing was that he was staying the night and would get another of Selena's great breakfasts.

After dinner Marta and Marcia both had a great time learning to drive the tractor around the lodge. Marcia was even able to get Consuela into the fun, to the consternation of Ken. He was very nervous around the Latin beauty.

The Kubota had no headlights, so it was soon time to return it to the barn. Ken retired to the living room with the sisters and they spent the evening watching an old movie.

Ken had never seen "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" and was amazed that his prim and proper history teacher was not scandalized at the story line. He spent most of the evening blushing and trying to hide his growing erection. Both sisters, of course, got a good look at his package despite his futile attempts at camouflage.

When the movie was over Marta turned to the young man, "It has been a wonderful day and we have enjoyed your company this evening Kenny. I hope you don't mind, but we had Consuela take the bag out of your car earlier and put it in your cabin. She'll show you where it is now and we will bid you a good night."

Marcia added, "Sleep well, and we will see you in the morning." She then leaned over and both sisters gave him a kiss on the cheek.

When Ken got over the kisses, Consuela was standing there waiting for him. He rose unsteadily to his feet and followed her trim legs out across the parking area to the row of cabins. Consuela led him to the second one from the left and opened the door.

"This is your cabin Mr. Jacobs. There are towels for you and each cabin has plenty of hot water so you can soak without worrying about it. My mother and I are right next door, and if you need anything just knock. I set you an alarm for a half hour before breakfast so you won't miss it. I hope that you sleep well and I will see you tomorrow."

"Thank you Consuela. Please just call me Ken, Mr. Jacobs is my dad. I'm not much older than you and it feels weird for you to call me that."

"Okay Ken, see you tomorrow."

The next morning over breakfast Marta explained that she wanted Ken to watch the landscape company when they arrived this morning and see if he thought that they were giving her value for the money she was spending on them. What she really wanted was for him to see what the landscapers were doing and find out if he could do it instead. The plan Marcia had come up with was to offer Ken a job that paid much better than the one he had, and get him to live here with them. She hoped that given time the sisters would be able to seduce the young man into taking care of their needs. The first part of the plan called for offering him the job in such a way as for him to not think of it as a gift, but rather as an opportunity.

Ken agreed to watch the workers that morning and give Marta his opinion.

Two hours later she approached him, "What do you say Kenny? Are they doing what I am paying them for?"

"Not really Mrs. Horne..."

"Kenny! I told you to call me Marta; Mrs. Horne sounds too old. I know that you are just trying to be courteous, and I appreciate it, but I would like to be your friend."

"Sorry Marta. My dad drilled my manners into me with a two by four, and it is hard to break the habit. To answer your question Marta, no, these folks aren't doing nearly enough to justify the cost. There are areas all around that have been left to grow rampant, and they are not really picking up behind themselves. Instead they are using the leaf blowers to hide the debris and allowing it to pile up in the corners. They are acting like they are doing a lot more work than they actually are. To add to that, I saw one of them over at your diesel tank, stealing fuel. I would drop them immediately if I were you."

"Do you think that you could do the work Kenny?"

"Sure Marta, it would take me a couple of days, but there isn't anything I couldn't do. It is all pretty straight forward landscape work. I used to mow lawns and I did more than they are doing for 5 bucks an hour."

"Would you be willing to do this for me? I'll pay you the same as I am them, a thousand a week."

"No Marta, that is way too much for no more than this would take. These guys are ripping you off, I won't do that."

"If you take the job Kenny, there would be a few more parts to it than just the landscape work. You would need to take care of the tractor and truck and expand what is being done now. I want this place to look like it used to so I can rent out the cabins to celebrities and friends. You would also need to keep the cabins in firewood and take care of some of the maintenance and such. What do you say, will you do it?"

"That is way more than I can do on my days off Marta, I don't think that I can do it."

"Oh, well you would have to quit your other job Kenny. There are a couple of benefits too. Room and board are included. You would live in the cabin you are in now, and eat with us. There is one other aspect to the job as well. Marcia and I have been worried lately that we are pretty isolated here, and all we would need is for a druggy or someone to try to rob us. We have a security company on call, but they say that it will take them about thirty minutes to respond this far away, and that won't do us much good. With you here we would all feel a lot safer. My husband had some guns that you could use to protect us. Please say that you will take the job."

Marcia had walked up while they were talking and inserted her thoughts. "Please Kenny; we know that we can trust you to keep us safe. The peace of mind of having you here would do wonders for us. Add to that the fact that we have enjoyed your company the last couple of days and how much more you would be making than you are now and everyone wins. You are being wasted where you are now and the stress of your situation is breaking you down. Admit it, the day I saw you in the mall you were thinking of suicide, weren't you?"

"Well, yeah, but this is too good to be true. Why are you doing this for me?"

Marta spoke up, "Its not just for you Kenny, we make out like bandits too. I get more work done around here without having to pay more, and we get security and the company of a charming young man to boot. Now you think about it and give me an answer when I get back from telling these thieves not to bother coming back. Whether you take the job or not, I'm not giving them any more money."

Marta then strode over to the pickup parked in the driveway, where the supervisor for the landscaping company was sitting and watching his men work. When she got there she started talking to the man, but he immediately began yelling at her and cracked open his door as if to get out.

Ken was standing bemused for a moment trying to ascertain how his luck had turned so far away from the norm, but the shouting caught his attention and when he looked over and saw the door begin to open, he reacted quickly.

The supervisor had just enough time to put one foot on the ground when the truck rocked violently, causing the door to slam against his shin.

"Ow, damn! What the fuck...?" He stopped as he looked across the truck to see a very angry young man with his hands on the top of the passenger door frame. Ken pushed up, and again the door slammed against the man's shin.


"You have been asked to leave, I would suggest that you do so and not yell at the lady again. You have been fired for bad work. Unless you want us to advertise that fact to your other customers you and your men will leave now, and do so quietly."

The man looked like he was about to say something, then changed his mind as the young man slowly pushed his truck about thirty degrees off center. Instead he quickly pulled his leg back in the door, shut it, and blew the horn three times. His men looked up at the sound and started to put their equipment away and prepare to leave. Ken let the truck back down and stepped away. The supervisor started it up and backed around and took off.

Marta ran over to Ken and grabbed him into a big hug. "Oh Kenny, that was fantastic. You've already earned your first week's pay. I was afraid he was going to hit me or something. You scared the shit out of him and made him back down. What made you think of threatening to tell his other customers about how he was working here?"

"He looked like he was thinking about fighting me; I had to make him change his mind. I figure that if he is cheating you, he is probably doing the same thing elsewhere. I gave him a reason to drop it."

"Does this mean that you will take the job?"

"Yes Marta, I'll do it. It still seems too good to be true, but I'd be a fool to miss out on a chance like this. I hope that you don't end up regretting this. I'll give the mall my notice when I go in tomorrow. They'll probably tell me not to bother working out the two weeks, hell they may send me home when I tell them. I still have most of a month before I can get out of my apartment with the deposit, but I might be able to move out of there tomorrow. I'll go ahead and leave my tools in the barn if that is okay with you. I really don't have much more that needs to be moved out."

While they were talking the rest of the workers had packed up and by now they were all gone.

Marta reached up and pulled Ken's head down. She then proceeded to give him a kiss right on the lips. She behaved herself and didn't try for tongue, but she rocked poor Ken's world anyway. No woman or girl had ever done anything like that to him before; not even his wife. Marta felt his automatic reaction against her abdomen and smiled brightly as she pulled away from the boy.

Ken was too shocked to even notice her smile. The feel of her breasts against his chest and the soft lips that had been applied to his took his total concentration. If Belinda had ever kissed him like that they would still be married. He barely had time to get his breath before Marcia arrived and did the exact same thing.

"Wow, what was that for ladies?"

"That was just our way of saying thank you. You were so strong and masterful, that poor sap didn't have a chance." Marta said.

None of the three saw Consuela standing near her cabin, watching them with a sad expression on her lovely face.

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