tagRomanceKenny Ch. 06-07

Kenny Ch. 06-07


Chapter 6

After the excitement of the attempted break in, Ken's life at the lodge settled into a routine. Ken started each day with morning exercises. After that he would do the landscaping. Every day he expanded the cleared areas by a little more. The lodge occupied a little less than 5 acres just south of Point Lobos on Hwy 1. On Hwy 1 meant that you entered the half mile of curvy driveway on the Hwy. The neighbor to the south was a winery, and the one to the north grew apples and peaches and kept bees. The right of way for the lodge split the two properties. To the west was a riding and boarding stable with horses wandering the pastures.

The Kubota had just about every attachment available and proved to be invaluable in caring for the place. There was even a log splitter powered by the Power Take Off (PTO) on the tractor. There was a pile of dead trees back behind the barn left over from when the lodge had been a going concern. Much of the wood was rotten and useless for firewood, but the chipper attachment turned it into good mulch.

Ken enjoyed the work and the time spent alone allowed him to reflect on his life. He still missed his little girl, but for the first time he had the hope that he would see her again. The lodge was looking better all the time and Marta expressed her satisfaction in many ways. For one thing, she gave Ken a $200 a week raise. When he protested that it was too much, she countered that all the work that he had done would have cost her a lot more than she was paying him if she had to contract the work out.

Ken was also responsible for making repairs to the cabins and the main house. He even worked as a chimney sweep making sure that the fireplaces in the cabins would be safe to use again. He learned many new skills, such as setting tile and installing wood flooring, thanks to the folks at Home Depot. By the end of the second month that he had been there, all of the units were ready for occupancy and all the public areas were clean and trimmed.

Ken himself was also clean and trimmed. The diet and exercise had taken away over 50 lbs of flab and turned a lot of the rest into muscle. He didn't realize it yet, but Ken had turned into a hunk.

He had also put his mechanical skills to work. Selena and Consuela drove a 1999 Cavalier and had been having trouble with it. Selena complained that the car would stop sometimes, and then start back up an hour later as if nothing had happened. It finally happened one day as she was coming home and Ken attached a tow dolly to the truck and brought the car back to the lodge. He found that the problem was with the fuel pump. The pump itself was fine, but the fusible links would pop when they got hot. Changing the links did no good; the power requirements were just more than the circuit could handle. He finally put in new wire one size larger than the original and ran it directly from the battery all the way to the connector under the back seat. He couldn't find an empty fuse circuit that would work with the key, so he put in a toggle switch under the dash and an in-line fuse for safety. The driver would have to switch on the fuel pump before starting the car, and turn it off after stopping. This had the side effect of making the car almost impossible to steal. The thief would have to know about the switch to get the car to run. Of course, no one wanted to steal an old Cavalier.

He also had to put on a new power steering pump and alternator on the truck and change the oil in it and Selena's and Marcia's cars as well. The Mercedes was serviced by the dealer; if Ken touched it the warranty would be void.

The lawyers kept Ken and the sisters up to date. They had an investigator watching Belinda and her family to see if there would be any way to wrest custody of Mallory from her. The discovery of her attempted deceit with the payments from Ken caused the judge to reinstitute Ken's visitation privileges, but the investigator wanted him to wait a while before he saw the little girl. They wanted to set it up so that he would be able to take the girl home with him and keep her there. They expected Belinda to make a big mistake; they just had to give her time. Ken was all for that result, but the waiting was torture for him.

Consuela was able to go to the dances and clubs to try to find a young man of her own. She went out on a few dates and seemed to be doing alright. She and Ken occasionally interacted around the lodge, and finally became friends. There was a distance between them that they both wanted to keep though. Consuela still did not approve of Ken's affair with the sisters, and Ken did not want to get too close to a woman who had been hurt so much and had such a fiery temper.

The situation with Marta and Marcia continued. Every second or third night one of the two would visit with Ken. Marcia always spent the night, while Marta still would not. Both women were very happy with Ken and with the result of their scheme. Ken, on the other hand, was beginning to feel uncomfortable with how things were going.

One Friday evening after dinner he sat down with the women and talked to them about it.

"Marcia, Marta, there is no way that I can express my thanks for all that you have done for me. You were correct Marcia that I was ready to end it all that day you saw me at the mall. You saved me with your kindness. I love working here for you and Marta and I feel a large amount of satisfaction when I complete another task to improve the lodge. You have also made me feel much better about myself with the nights we have spent together. The problem I am having is with those nights."

"What is it Kenny?" Marta asked, "Are we not coming over often enough, or maybe too often?"

"No Marta, it is not that. My problem is the way things are going; I kind of feel like I am being used. You never ask me to come to the main house, and we don't go out in public on dates or anything; it's like you are ashamed to be seen with me. It's even shown by how you address me; my name is Ken, not Kenny. I'm not saying this correctly, but something is missing. I know that I could never hope to have beautiful women like you to love me, but I am missing the romance I expected. The sex is great, but it's not enough somehow. I love living here, but I need the romance and the chance that the woman I am with will be with me forever. You have taught me many things to include that Belinda was a huge mistake and I can find someone to love me. I wouldn't have believed that two months ago, and there is no way I can thank you enough for what you have done."

The sisters were stunned by this, but they didn't have a chance to respond. Before they could say anything there was the sound of a horn honking repeatedly outside the house.

Ken immediately jumped up and on his way out of the room he grabbed a police baton from the table near the door. After the attempted break-in he had gotten several more batons and made sure that one was available wherever he was. He even had one in a holster on the tractor. The guns Marta's husband had were out and available as well, but Ken was hesitant to use them. He could control what happened with his baton, but once you fired a gun there was no taking it back. He and both women had done target practice to make sure they were familiar with the weapons, but he still trusted his night stick best.

"Grab a pistol and back me up Marta. I don't know what is going on, but that was Consuela's horn and it sounds like trouble."

Ken did not wait for a response as he quietly stepped out of the back door without turning on a light. No need to announce his presence before he was aware of the situation.

What he saw when he stepped out into the night was the cavalier pulled up in front of the cabins and a new model mustang stopped behind it. There was a man beside the cavalier and as Ken approached the man's right arm rose with what appeared to be a tire iron in it, and then he smashed in the driver's window on the cavalier.

"Get out of there bitch! You can't tease me all night and then just take off. No half-breed slut is going to make a fool out of Donny Drake."

While he was talking the man was reaching in through the broken window trying to open the door. He had to stop as Ken arrived and used his baton to get the man's attention with a hard poke in the kidney. That maneuver had worker well the last time it was needed, but not so good this time.

Drake spun around to his left and swung the tire iron, hitting Ken in the left shoulder. Instantly Ken's whole left arm went numb, but he ignored it and aimed a strike at Drake's jaw. Drake brought up his left arm to block so Ken shifted his aim a bit and was able to catch Drake on the elbow, right on the tip of the ulna. Drake was not going to use that arm again right away; but he was already swinging the tire iron again and aiming at Ken's head.

Ken brought the night stick back and spun it so that it lay along his forearm. He then used it to block the tire iron. The iron bounced off of the baton and Ken swung the butt of the stick at Drake's head and hit him on the temple. The belligerent man fell to the ground, out cold.

Consuela had already thrown herself across the console into the passenger's seat trying to get away from her assailant, so she exited the car from the far side and ran around the vehicle to throw herself up against Ken, sobbing hysterically. Ken winced as she wrapped her arms around him and jarred his damaged left arm, but he showed no signs of pain as he pulled the crying woman closer with his right arm.

"It's okay Consuela, he can't hurt you now. Take it easy, you're safe." Turning to Marta, who was standing off to the side pointing her gun at the man on the ground, Ken said, "Keep an eye on him Marta, don't let him get up. If he tries to stand, shoot him in the leg; that'll stop him." He then looked over at Selena, who was standing in the doorway to her cabin. "Please call the police Selena, and an ambulance. It's going to be a long night, and probably another long day."

Ken stepped over to the walkway in the front of the cabins, pulling Consuela along with him, and sat down with her on a bench.

"I didn't know what to do Ken, he wouldn't leave me alone at the bar; and when I left he must have followed me. I didn't know that he was behind me until just before I got to the drive. When I slowed down to turn, he bumped into my car and honked his horn at me. I was so scared and all I could think to do was to come up her and that you might be able to help me. I locked the doors when I stopped, but I was so scared."

"You did fine Consuela. Beeping your horn let me know that there was trouble. Relax now; it is going to be okay. Mr. Drake there is going to be spending some time in jail for assault. I just hope that he didn't break my arm."

"Your arm? Did he hit you?"

"Yeah, he got in one good one. I got careless and stayed too close to him. I should have stepped back and taken him out when he turned, but he turned the wrong way and took me by surprise. I may have to go to the hospital to have it checked out. It is starting to hurt like hell now."

"I'm sorry Ken, it's all my fault. I was being a selfish bitch and you got hurt because of me. I'll quit going out and just be satisfied as I am. I really am sorry Ken. Thank you for saving me."

"It's okay Consuela; this was not your fault. The arrogant bastard over there on the ground caused this, not you. There is no reason that you should not be able to go out and have fun. Next time though, I'll go along and keep an eye out for trouble."

"You would do that for me?"

"Of course I would Consuela, you are a member of this household and I am responsible for the safety of all of you."

"You can call me Connie, Ken. The nickname sounds more familiar and less formal. Unlike you, I don't mind it."

At that point the police finally showed up. The squad car slid to a stop with the lights blazing and the siren squalling. Thankfully they turned off the siren when they stopped, but the red and blue lights kept strobing.

Ken looked up and there was the same policeman who had given him such a hard time before.

"You again. Who the hell are you; the lone ranger or something? You want to tell me what happened this time?" The officer said with a sneer.

Connie jumped up and jammed herself into the man's face. "That bastard over there followed me home and broke the window of my car trying to get to me." She was waving and pointing over toward her car, "Ken saved me is what happened. He got hurt this time and as soon as the ambulance gets here he is going to the hospital." The whole time Consuela is talking she is pushing forward and the policeman is slowly backing up. The man didn't know what to make of the incensed Latin girl.

He finally had enough and stepped quickly back to give himself room. "All right miss, take it easy. Do you wish to press charges on the man since you are the party who was attacked?"

"Yes I do. He had no reason to come after me. I want to punish him for hurting my friend."

The Ambulance came up the drive then and Connie ran to it and as the EMT got out she grabbed his arm and steered him over to Ken. "He got hit in the arm. It may be broken, so be careful."

"What about the man on the ground?" The confused EMT asked.

"Fuck him! The son of a bitch deserved what he got; take care of Ken first."

Selena and Marcia were standing off to the side watching all of this with a bemused expression.

"What do you think Selena, has she changed her opinion of our hero?" Marcia asked.

"Oh yeah, that's putting it mildly. The problem now is going to be getting Ken to treat her the way she wants him to. I think she suddenly realized that what she was looking for was here all along. This should be fun; painful at times, but fun none the less." Selena said.


Chapter 7

A second patrol car arrived and soon they were taking statements from the three older women. Ken and Donny were loaded into the ambulance. Drake had not recovered consciousness yet and the EMT put in an IV.

Consuela was adamant that she was going in with Ken, so Marcia agreed to take her. Marta was trying to convince the officers that they had no reason to take her pistol. She had not fired it and it was a legal weapon for defense. She was on the phone with her law firm as the ambulance and Marcia's Chrysler left.

Ken rode in the ambulance sitting in the jump seat while the EMTs tried to revive Drake. After a few minutes they were successful and Donny woke up. He was more than a touch disoriented though and had no idea what had happened. Ken was in no hurry to bring the asshole up to date and kept his peace.

When they got to the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula Marcia and Consuela were reunited with Ken. They sat in the crowded waiting room and talked. They were constrained from letting the conversation get too intimate because of the police officer who was standing guard over Ken. Apparently when you have put your fourth man into the hospital you are considered dangerous.

"So tell us Connie, what happened with this guy tonight?" Marcia asked, "What caused him to go ballistic?"

"I don't know what happened." Consuela replied, "He has been at the same clubs I have the last 3 weeks, and I danced with him a couple of times. I tried not to do it too often because his hands get too frisky. He asked me out last week and I turned him down. I had enough trouble with his hands on the dance floor; I didn't want to get into a car with him.

"Tonight he wanted to dance again, and I told him that I would, but only if he kept his hands where they belong. He said okay, but as soon as we were dancing he grabbed my behind. I pushed him away and told him not to ask me to dance again. I said that I would not give him another chance. I put him out of my mind and went back to my table. A little later I began to wonder why no one was asking me to dance anymore. Usually when I was there it was normal for me to get several requests and hour, and now there were none."

"Wait a minute," Ken said, "You have been going out to the clubs alone? I thought you were with some friends or something."

"No Ken, I don't have any friends that would go out with me to a club. Mama went along the first couple of times, but she was not comfortable there, so I have left her at home with Stefan since then."

"That is just asking for trouble Connie, from now on I will go along with you, I intend to keep this from happening again."

"Thank you Ken, I accept. Back to tonight. I noticed that suddenly I was not being approached, when I saw Donny intercept a man heading my way. They talked for a moment, and then the man moved away and went back to his seat. Donny was determined to ruin my evening. I got up to leave and decided that from now on I would not go to a club if Donny was there. I got into my car and drove home. He must have followed me, because when I slowed down to turn into the drive, he bumped into my car and started yelling things at me out the window. All I could think of to do was to honk the horn and hope that you would be able to help me."

Marcia spoke up then, "You did good girl, cause help you he did."

An attractive blonde nurse came in then to get Ken. It was time for an X-ray of his arm.

"Hold up there Barb, I need to go along and keep and eye on this guy."

"If you have to Billy, but I thought that he was the good guy. He sure did a number on that other man; Doc says that he has a concussion and that the elbow is shattered. There is going to be a lot of reconstructive surgery needed on it."

"That's what I mean Barb; the Sheriff said that he was a dangerous man and for me to keep him in my sight."

"Wait just a damn minute here Billy," Marcia stood up and grabbed the officer's arm. "You let the man who assaulted our friend run loose and keep a watch on the man who saved her?"

"Just doin' what I'm told to ma'am."

"That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I can guarantee that Ken is not going anywhere. All of his stuff is back at the lodge, and he has to ride back with me. If you aren't going to do anything useful young man, sit down."

The nurse was laughing at the officer's discomfort as she led Ken around the corner and down the hall to a treatment room.

"Poor Billy, he is loyal to a fault, but not the sharpest tack in the box. Just step in here Mr. Jacobs and we'll see how bad that arm is. Can you take your shirt off?"

"No, I can't lift my arm, so I'm afraid that you are going to have to cut the shirt off. Good thing it's just a cheap T-shirt."

"I can do that," Nurse Barb said as she reached into her pocket and extracted a pair of scissors. She pulled the shirt out of the waist band of Ken's jeans on his left side and started cutting up and on into the sleeve.

"Whooee, someone has been working out. My old boyfriend was into body building and he only got this kind of definition when he was preparing for a show. I'll bet your girlfriend likes it a lot. Do you lift weights Mr. Jacobs?" Barb asked as she finished cutting the shirt and pulled it off to hang from the belt on the right side.

"No to both miss. No weights and no girlfriend. All I do is swim and do exercises in the morning. Selena cooks up an excellent diet, and then there is hard work all day. I have a lot of flab to lose."

"Have you looked in a mirror lately? I don't see any flab at all..."

The door suddenly slammed open and hit the nurse in the back, knocking her to the floor.

"There you are asshole!" Cried Donny Drake as he stepped into the room waving a scalpel, "I got a score to settle with you. You, nursie, just stay over there, I'll get to you later. Right now I'm going to cut hero boy here till he cries like a little girl."

Ken grabbed the first thing to hand, a steel bedpan, and spun around with it at arms length. He struck Drake in the temple again, on the same side as before. This time Drake got more that a concussion as his already weakened skull crushed under the impact and the force drove him to the floor behind the door.

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