tagMatureKenny: Coming of Age

Kenny: Coming of Age


Vicki writhed on the bed as the large dildo filled her tight puss. "Oh, yes, Henry, yes. Fuck me good." And visions of the handsome Texan filled her mind as she pumped the warm wand harder and faster until it brought her to a lovely orgasm.

God she missed having a man to satisfy her needs.

When she had come down from her delightful high, she slipped the dildo out of her satisfied cunt and carried it to the bathroom. She washed it and dried it lovingly before kissing it playfully, putting it in its sleeve and putting it in the drawer. Then she showered, careful not to wet her hair.

After toweling dry, she gazed into her full-length dressing mirror and searched for any gray in her mop of curly black hair. Satisfied, she straightened and studied the vision before her. Her skin was smooth and clear and almost the white of fine porcelain. Exercise and diet were keeping any signs of love handles at bay around her tiny waist. Her breasts were small and she ran her hands up over her ribs cage to cup them and lift them. "Would you like to kiss my titties, Henry?" she teased the mirror. And she laughed because she knew the answer would be a resounding 'yes.'

Her first lover had convinced her that big, hard nipples were attractive enough to compensate for her small size. And she knew that her hands and lips and puss were all the appeal she needed for a good sex life. Her hips and slender legs gave her an almost girlish appearance and the well-trimmed strip of black curls above her pouting mound had always attracted the appreciation of her lovers. She wondered if Henry would like it, if he ever got to see it. She smiled at her image and began to dress for her appointment.

Henry had looked at the house twice and was bringing his wife to make the final decision. Vicki didn't need the money, but a sale would make her feel good and would help the agency. She hadn't met Henry's wife, but he was a real stud. A stud with an eye for her petite beauty. He'd managed to brush against her a couple of times when they were touring the house last week, and his comments told her he would like to see more of her. Her session with the dildo would help her keep him at arm's length, she hoped.

She put on black thong panties and a bra that held her small breasts high on her chest. Her bright blue suit was businesslike and still very feminine.

She retouched her makeup and found her purse in the kitchen. She was almost out the door when the phone rang. "Damn," she muttered, and she considered leaving it unanswered. Then she thought it might be Henry with a change of plans and reached for the handset.


"Mrs. Adams?" a youthful voice asked.


"Hi. This is Kenny Crawford. Gee, it's good to hear your voice."

"Oh, hi, Kenny, it's been a long time."

"Too long." He hesitated. "I hate to bother you, but is Tom there?"

"I'm sorry, Kenny. He's gone back to Boston for some fraternity business before school starts. Is there something I can help with?" She felt her pulse quicken.

"Well, I've just come to town to find an apartment before summer school starts and I thought I might crash with Tommy while I hunt, but I'll find a motel."

"Now just a minute, Kenny," her mind was working furiously. "Go on and look for an apartment, but don't make any commitments until we can talk. In the meantime, you can bunk in Tommy's room so you don't need a motel."

"That sounds great, Mrs. Adams, but I really don't want to put you out."

"It's no bother for me, Kenny, I'd love to have you bring me up to date on you and your family." She thought for a minute. "For that matter, why don't you come for dinner tonight and I can settle you in Tommy's apartment this evening."

"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely. I'll see you about seven."

"I'd love it," he gushed. "See you at seven."

As she dashed to her car, Vicki's mind was full of memories about the handsome young Kenny. He was Tommy's best friend in high school and the boys spent a lot of time in her pool. He was so handsome and well built that she hadn't been able to resist fantasizing about taking him to bed. A real crush. She smiled as she realized that her nipples were straining against her bra and she had completely put Henry out of her mind. She was also conscious of the warm feeling between her thighs.

Her meeting with Henry and his wife, Caroline, had been more than satisfactory. Caroline had loved the house and they made a bid on the spot. The statuesque Caroline has also confided Henry's appreciation for Vicki's winning smile and girlish figure. Her comments and touches promised that they could be more than just agent and customer. Vicki had been amused when Caroline playfully cautioned her to be careful of Henry since he had 'a thing' for tiny women. Vicki had playfully replied that Henry had best be careful himself since she had 'a thing' for big, handsome men.

After they parted with hugs Vicki took the bid to her office to keep the process moving. Then she stopped at the store for some wine and small steaks for dinner. When she got home, she went to the garage apartment to make sure it was in good order. She put a couple of bottles of wine and some beer and soft drinks in the fridge. She noticed the stack of videos on the bookshelf and decided to leave them where they were. Satisfied, she went into the house.

She didn't want to overdo it until she determined how far and fast she could go with Kenny, so she fixed a small salad to serve with the steaks, cooled some wine and set places at the kitchen table.

After a shower, she put on a garter belt and black hose. Her black thong went on over the belt and she relived her ancient fantasies of Kenny taking it off. She picked a white skirt that was short enough to reveal her attractive thighs without being too wanton. Her bra was sheer enough to show her dark nipples and she chose a white blouse with enticing cleavage that was transparent enough to highlight her bra. Three-inch black heels completed her outfit. She touched her favorite perfume to her throat and put a drop in the valley between her breasts.

Vicki was in the kitchen when she heard the car. She waited until he rang the bell and struggled to control her excitement as she went to the door. She was pleased to see he was wearing a nice pair of slacks with a well-tailored sportshirt. And he held a bouquet of cut flowers.

"Hi, Kenny," she beamed. "Welcome home." And she put her arms around his neck and stretched up six inches to give him a warm kiss on the lips.

"Gee, Mrs. Adams, it's great to be here. These are for you," he held out the flowers. "You look beautiful," he almost stammered."

She held him around the waist and smiled up at him. "Why thank you, darling, but let's get one thing straight, young man. I may be old enough to be your mother, but I don't want to be reminded, so you're to call me Vicki, or darling, or sweetie. Understood?" His obvious confusion amused her and she whispered, "Or, lover, of course."

Kenny was both surprised and totally flustered, but he readily agreed. "Of course," he seemed to search for a word, then added, "darling."

"That's better, you handsome young stud," she teased. "Now come in the kitchen while I put these beautiful flowers in some water and finish fixing our dinner," and she put her arm around his waist to guide him to the kitchen.

She had put her plate close to his and she managed to brush his leg with hers several times during the meal. He delighted in the contact and even returned it playfully a couple of times. Once she reached across him for some bread and he felt sure she pressed her breast against his arm on purpose. He was lost in the wonder of her beauty and friendliness, and enchanted by her perfume and her delightful posturing.

The conversation covered all the important happenings in their lives and those of their families since his family had moved to Atlanta two years ago.

Kenny couldn't believe this was happening. He'd had a crush on her since the first time Tommy brought him home for a swim. Vicki had been in the pool wearing a one-piece, motherly-modest black suit that went perfectly with her hair and showed off her firm and girlish body, her long and slender legs. And he got hard before Tommy even introduced them. At first his fantasies had been pretty juvenile, lots of kisses and hugs and caresses to faces and arms and back, but not much more. As he grew older and learned more about how men and women relate, his fantasies had become noticeably more sexual and her breasts and other body features much more a part of his daydreams. And, on many occasions, he had eased his frustration with visits to the bathroom where they could be alone together.

Now he was sitting beside her and they were flirting with each other in real life and his cock was screaming because of its confinement. When Vicki rose to get a pie from the fridge he hurriedly rearranged his cock so it could rise more comfortably. They joked together as they finished their dessert.

"Well, darling, I guess I'd better show you to your room so you can get settled in." She hopped up and he was in heaven as she hugged his cheek against her breast. "It's so good to have you back."

Tommy hated for it to end, but he rose and murmured, "It's wonderful to be back. Let me get my bag from the car."

"You may as well move your car over in front of the garage."

Vicki was waiting half way up the steps beside the garage when he came along with his bag. He was in no hurry to catch up because her elevation gave him a marvelous view of the pale flesh of her thighs above the hose and even a glimpse of her hard ass cheeks beneath the skirt.

She climbed slowly, letting her hips wag seductively and showing as much thigh as she could. When she reached the porch at the top of the stairs, Vicki 'accidentally' dropped the key. She looked over her shoulder to make sure Kenny was watching and slowly bent from the waist to retrieve the key. His eyes almost bugged out at the sight of the black thong that hid between her thighs.

"Clumsy," she muttered.

Once inside, Vicki turned and stretched up to put her arms around his neck again. Her breasts flattened against his chest as she kissed him firmly on the mouth, her hard tongue flicking at his lips, and then told him, "I hope you like it, Darling."

Before he could answer, she turned and moved to the kitchen. "There's some beer and some wine and some soft drinks, Sweetie." She flashed a conspiratorial smile. "If there's something more you want, just ask." She moved back into the main room, her hips swaying. "If any of this stuff is in your way, we can box it up and put it in storage. Pardon the selection of movies, but I'm afraid Tommy confiscated them from his dad's stash."

"No problem."

"Did you find any other apartments you're considering?"

"Not after seeing this."

"And what kind of rents did you find?"

When he mentioned some prices, she nodded. "That sounds about right, but since you'll be providing me a sense of security, I think we can do better." And she named a price.

"I'd be stealing from you," he protested.

"Then you can make it up in other services," she teased.

"How can I argue with that?" he smiled, and she gave him a little kiss.

"In that case, how would you like to offer your landlady some wine, handsome."

He found a bottle opener and some glasses then took a white wine from the fridge and screwed out the cork. When he handed it to her she brushed against him.

"Promise you won't get me drunk," she teased.

"Why would I do that, you lovely lady?" he replied, playing along in this fascinating new game.

"Well, in my fantasies you sometimes do it so you can have your way with me."

Kenny was astounded. "You have fantasies about me?"

"Not for weeks and weeks," she smiled.

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. This beautiful woman had fantasized about him just as he had fantasized about her. It was too good to be true and he wondered if she were teasing him.

"And what did you imagine?"

She smiled at him and took a sip of her wine. Then she took his wine and put both glasses on the coffee table. "Well, if you promise not to laugh, I might tell you."

"I promise! I promise!"

"Okay, then." She held his face in both hands and stretched up to kiss him. He was painfully aware of her breasts against his chest and her tight stomach against his rising cock. He was amazed when he felt her tongue press against his lips. And when he opened his mouth, her tongue darted in to flick at his before she backed away. "To begin with," her breath was getting a little ragged, "after seeing you at the pool, I always wanted to run my hands over your beautiful chest, so I imagined unbuttoning your shirt." He stood enchanted as her tiny fingers opened the buttons of his shirt. He was trembling when she ran her hands over his chest and peeled the shirt off his shoulders. "I even imagined giving you a kiss." And she leaned forward so her lips could touch him here and there on his chest before pinching one hard nipple. She nestled her cheek against his warm flesh. "Better than I imagined," she murmured.

Kenny enjoyed the moment, waiting for more. "And what else did you fantasize?"

"Well, silly boy, when a girl imagines unbuttoning a boy's shirt she surely imagines him unbuttoning hers." And she smiled at him demurely. When he didn't respond, she leaned back, holding his waist, and giggled. "Do I have to do all the work, here?"

Kenny fumbled frantically with the first button, then more surely until all her buttons were open and he could ease the blouse off her shoulders and out of her waistband. He kissed her neck and shoulders and then held her close and ran his hands over her back. He felt eagerly at the strap of her bra.

"Kenny, you little rascal, are you trying to unhook my bra?" She almost laughed at his embarrassment."

"Well," he stammered, "I thought..."

"Oh Kenny, dear, I wasn't scolding," she beamed. "I just thought you should know that this bra fastens in the front." And she leaned back and hooked one thumb under the strip between her bra cups to show him the tiny hooks.

Her smile encouraged him and Kenny quickly unhooked the bra and peeled it away from her pouting breasts. He was fascinated by her penny-sized nipples and delighted that she welcomed his attention.

"And I fantasized that you kissed them and sucked them and squeezed them." Then she moaned softly as he devoted himself to enjoying his first real taste of a woman's breasts while he brought her fantasies to reality.

When he moved to hold her to his chest, he moaned. "You're even more beautiful than I imagined."

Vicki looked up at him. "You imagined me?"

"Oh, yes. Lots of times," he admitted.

"And what did you imagine?" she teased and his blush made her glow.

"Will you promise not to laugh?"

"Oh, yes, darling, I promise."

"Well, I imagined that you wanted me to hold you and kiss you and undress you."

"All the way?"

"That's right."

"And then what?"

"Then we kissed and hugged and touched."

"Did you imagine that I took your shoes and socks off?"

A puzzled look crossed his face. "No, darling. I didn't imagine that."

Vicki led him to a kitchen chair. She smiled up into his eyes and knelt in front of him. Kenny watched intrigued as she untied his shoes and eased them off before removing his socks. He watched, unbelieving, as she worked to unbuckle his belt and open his zipper. "Did you imagine something like this," she teased as she ran her fingers over the hardness in his boxers giving him a firm squeeze."

"Oh, yes, darling."

Vicki tugged his trousers down to the floor. "Sit down my love," she purred. And, when he was seated, she slipped his trousers off his feet. In a moment she was sitting on his lap straddling his legs with hers, her stomach pressed hard against him. "Hold me, Kenny."

Vicki ran her hands over his arms and shoulders and back and squeezed fiercely at his firm butt and Kenny delighted in mimicking her activities. Their soft moans filled the room. "Oh, I've dreamed about this, lover," she whispered as her lips caressed his chest. "And there's something else I've dreamed about." She slipped off his legs and stood in front of him. She tugged him to his feet and sank to her knees before him. Her fingers quickly tugged his shorts away from his waist and over his stiffening cock and down to his ankles. In a moment the shorts were in the heap with the rest of his clothes and her warm cheek was pressed against his stiff rod. "Beautiful, and bigger than I imagined," she smiled up at him. And her pink tongue peeked out of her lips to touch his heat. Her tiny fingers circled him and began to pump gently. "Delicious," she murmured. Then she was kissing him. And licking him, her tongue fluttering like a butterfly's wings against his tower. She took the head of his rampant cock into her mouth.

"Oh God, Vicki. You'll have me coming in a minute."

She smiled up at him. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Oh no. Please don't stop. I love it."

Then her lips resumed their loving assault on his manhood, licking, kissing, and pinching sucking and caressing.

"Now, my wonderful darling," he almost cried. "I'm cuming."

But, instead of pulling away as he expected she pushed him deeper into her mouth and bobbed her head faster and harder until the jets of his warm cum dashed against the back of her throat and Kenny sagged back onto the chair.

"Oh God, oh god, oh God."

Vicki sat back down on his lap moaning her delight and held him while he recovered. "That was worth waiting for," she purred as she caressed him and kissed his warm flesh.

"God, yes," he agreed.

Her tiny fingers caressed his arms and back. "Would you like to know something else I dreamed of, Darling?"

"Oh yes, sweetheart."

She slid off his legs again and stood before him. She caught the hem of her short skirt and slowly raised it before his adoring eyes. "Would you like to take off my panties?"

Kenny's hands were shaking as he hooked the narrow band at her waist and tugged the black triangle down over her exciting thighs and calves. He raised the wad of cloth to his nose and was in heaven. When the panties were on the floor, Vicki held the skirt up so he could admire her curly landing strip and the warm cheeks of her mound. He could hardly believe he was seeing the hot puss he had dreamed of so many times. Then she sat back on his lap, her skirt still raised, so the warm flesh of her stomach pressed against his recovering cock. Her kisses were deep and wet and delightful. Her breasts flattened against his chest. And her caresses inflamed his hunger.

"I'm so hot. I want you right now. Would you let me fuck you, lover?"

"Oh yes, Darling, but do I need a condom?"

She giggled, "I think we're safe."

He felt her fingers wrap around his rigid tool as she stood up and pressed against him. Then she was lowering her hips and he felt her guide his cock as he sank deeper and deeper into her velvet heat.

"You feel so big, my love. I've wanted you for so long." And he almost cried out as she rose on him, but she didn't leave him. Instead she sank down again, deeper. And she continued her rise and fall, faster and harder, shouting her pleasure until her body shook with her first powerful orgasm. She sat still for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of his hardness inside her. Then she began her worship again.

Kenny was mesmerized by the feel of her silken thighs against his, the sound of her hot ass slapping against his lap, her crooning sobs of excitement and joy as her hot puss gripped him. "You're so hot and so tight and so wonderful, Dearest," he moaned.

"Oh yes, lover," she cried. "Pinch, baby. Pinch, baby." And he pinched the soft skin of her tight ass. "Pinch titty, lover. Pinch titty." And Kenny ran his hand up to find one marble hard nipple and pinch it gently. "Harder, love, pinch my titty hard." And this time his hard pinches and her desperate need brought him to jetting fulfillment as she shook violently over the brink again.

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