tagGay MaleKenny the Cum Dump Ch. 01

Kenny the Cum Dump Ch. 01


It was a warm spring day. I was walking with a buddy, named Tim, that I often went down on lately. We were walking to a liquor store to grab some brews and blunt wraps, puffing on a blunt on the way. By the time we were almost there, I was already sky high and horny as fuck. There was a wash and large field we had to cross to get there. It was faster than walking on the streets.

"Fuck man, I'm horny!" I said as we approached the wash. "I need my mouth filled!"

"You know I'm always down to fill your mouth, but we're almost here." He responded.

"I know." I said sadly. I stopped and looked in the wash. There was a bridge that the road ran over the wash a little bit down.

"Hey! What about over there?" I asked him.

"Somebody's gonna see us though. I don't know if I am comfortable with this." He said sort of nervously.

"Nobody will see us. If we go under that bridge we will be out of sight." I explained.

"Okay, okay. Make it quick though." He said.

We walked down the wash over to the bridge. You could hear the occasional car pass over. It was dirty under the bridge, there was trash on the ground from the road above and slightly damp. Yet, I didn't care. I pushed him softly against the wall of the bridge and dropped to a squat in front of him.

"Make sure you do this fast." He reiterated.

"Yeah, yeah. I got you." I confirmed to him as I started to unbuckle his belt.

I was excited and being in public made me more excited. I could already feel my dick growing in my pants. I unbuttoned his pants all the way down (they were button fly). He was free balling so his soft 5 inch dick popped out. I pulled his pants down to his knees. I could already feel the heat and smell from his gorgeous package. He was completely shaven and cut. My heart was pounding in my throat from excitement. I grabbed his limp dick and pulled it up from his large sagging balls. They were moist from sweat.

I wet my lips and begin to kiss and lick where his sack and dick meet. The taste was amazing, It made my dick spring up like a jack in the box. I licked the length of his growing cock, up and down several times. I moved down and sucked his sagging sack into my mouth, I licked his smooth sack and I sucked it in. I started to stroke his cock and I sucked his left nut into my mouth. I licked it all around with my wet, warm mouth. Then, I moved to his right nut. After, licking both of his nuts, getting them nice and wet, I turned my focus to his growing beautiful cock. I licked it all over with my wet tongue. It tasted so good it made my mouth was extremely wet.

His cock was rock hard now. It was slightly longer than 8 inches, thick and curved slightly to his left. As I licked and slobbered all over his cock I could see a drop of precum form at his piss hole. I stick my tongue out and milk as much as I can onto my tongue as I looked up at him. I moaned when I felt it hit my tongue and I could taste the delicious preview of what I was going to get later. I swallowed his juice and stroked his cock, just looking at it. The sun glistened of the purple head. I absolutely loved his cock.

I opened my mouth and pushed it over the head of his cock and closed it. I licked all around the head, especially underneath. I could feel it twitching in my mouth. I pushed my head further down his cock, still massaging the bottom of him with my tongue until he hit the back of my throat and pulled up. That was only about a third the way down. I continued to do that, slowly picking up the pace. He was breathing hard and moaning slightly. I grabbed his wet balls with one hand and massaged them and grabbed his throbbing hard dick with the other. I stroked him in a twisting motion in sync with my bobbing head.

"Oh yeah, keep doing that." He commanded.

"Mmmmm" I moaned loudly with my mouth full.

"Fuck yeah. soon, I am going to give you a huge reward. I can feel it." He told me.

That made my cock twitch like crazy. It was aching to be pleasured, but it would have to wait as I had an amazing penis to pleasure first. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and rubbed and slapped it on my lips and tongue. I could feel his silky smooth skin. It felt great, I rubbed his wet cock all over my face, and moaned as I did. I moved down to his balls and kissed and licked them. They hung slightly higher than before. I lick the length of his cock a couple times before putting it back in my mouth. I pushed my head down until he began to fill my throat. Every time I would go down, I would push it further and further in until I was almost all the way down.

He then grabbed the back of my head and started to hump my face. I rubbed his abs as he began to pump my face. He did it with increasing speed and strength. I was moaning and scratching his abs as he fucked my throat. I pulled back gasping for air than immediately shoved it back in my mouth for more. Eventually, I could feel his balls slapping my chin. I grabbed his hips to help him fuck my face. I could hear him moaning louder. I know he was going to cum soon.

After another minute of him filing my throat he puled his dripping cock out of my mouth and started stroking fast. I opened my mouth with my tongue out and head tilted back, ready to accept his cum. Ready to be his cum dump. He twitched slightly and pointed it toward my mouth. I moaned in anticipation. Then, I felt the first shot hit the back of my throat. I held back my gag as the next two shots hit my tongue and lips. It was if time slowed down. The next couple shots hit my chin and cheek. Each shot was still shooting with force. The next two made it right into my mouth. I moaned as he covered my mouth and face with his cum. Then his cock started dripping with thick globs of semen. He hovered his cock right over my tongue and dripped and good 4 big globs onto my tongue which fell back into my throat. I wrapped my mouth around his head and sucked with all my force. Trying to get all of his delicious, warm, salty seed in my mouth.

I bobbed on the tip of his cock, sucking until his cock started to go limp. I puled it out and wiped the cum on my chin and cheek into my mouth with his smooth cock. I showed him his giant load he shot into my mouth then swallowed. It took three gulps to get all of it down. I licked, sucked and kissed his balls, telling them thank you for the gift. I stood up dick hard as it could be.

"Now swallow your load." He commanded me.

I didn't say a word. I whipped my dick out and started stroking. It only took seconds before I came. I put my hand out and came into it. I came almost as much as him, I couldn't keep it all in my hand. After the last shot, I put my hand up to my mouth and slurped in all up. I swallowed and licked the rest out of my hand. We pulled up our pants and began to walk out of the bridge.

"Okay, now lets get faded." He said.

"Then later where gonna do this again, right?" I asked, "But this time, I really want to take my time worshiping your cock."

"Oh, I'm gonna have something special for you tonight." He told me.

My heart jumped. "Oooo, what is it?" I asked eagerly.

"Just wait you'll love it." He answered.

To be continued...

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