tagLoving WivesKennywood Picnic

Kennywood Picnic


I saw that the park's restroom had one of those steel-tub urinals. I hated using them. Three guys were there 'doing their business' while reading the graffiti scratched above on the wall. One of the fellows decided that he did not need to hold his bull-rope cock, as he left it dangle in front of him. (There was nothing worse than an out-of-control penis at an open trough.) Space was available between them for me, but I chose to use an abutting booth.

"For a good time, call Jane," I overheard one of them read from the wall.

"Janie is here, today. She's wearing a red halter top, with her tits hanging out," another said, and I had to listen as they went on.

"You mean, Plain Jane, who loved sucking cock? She gave me my first blowjob."

"Your only blowjob, Jim, who are you kidding?"

"Fuck you, John, with your big cock. We all know that she loved sucking your monster. How many times did she blow you?"

"Every, fucking, day," John bragged, "We used to ride around town in my truck, and Jane played with my dick the whole while. Two or three times a night, she would blow me."

"Did you ever fuck her, John?"

"No, and yes," he replied, "If you remember, Jane said that she was saving herself for her wedding day. She wanted my cock in her pussy, but it was not until after her honeymoon did she let me fuck her. She married a country hick, and they lived some fifty miles north of here. It was when she returned to visit her mom, that she stopped by the station to say hello. I pumped more than just gasoline for her that day."

"You jag-off, you fucked her after she married the poor bastard," his friend accused.

"She told me how disappointed she was with her husband's puny prick. Jane said that she faked every orgasm on their honeymoon. I took her into the back room and showed her my big cock, again. She wanted to see it. She then asked if she could stroke it--just until it becomes hard--she said. Jane tried to restrain herself, but you know how horny she got. That girl begged me for my cock. Jane got down on her knees and gave me a nice long-lasting blowjob."

"Janie was the best at making it last," one of the others recollected.

"She kept my cock on the edge, for a massive blast of cum," the third fellow added.

John continued while he washed his hands, "Anyway, I put a new tire on her car, so she had an excuse to her husband that she got a flat and had to stay overnight. We fucked all that night. Jane tried to make up for all the lost time without a big hard cock in her pussy. She kept screaming and creaming over my fat dick. I have not seen her since last year, but you say that you saw her here at the picnic, today? Maybe, we could get her into Jimmy's van. I bet we can get her to blow us, and she might fuck for all of us, too," he said as they walked out.

Can you guess which hick husband, with a puny prick, had a wife named Jane? I remembered when she told me about the flat tire. I saw the new one on her car and believed her.

My wife and I were at Kennywood Park, one of the oldest amusement parks in North America. Three roller coasters were a definite to ride (The Racer, Jack Rabbit, and the Thunderbolt all had wooden framework and rail track). I went to Kennywood every year for the school picnic, and up until the tenth grade, it was with my mom. It broke her heart, when I told her that I could not take her with me, anymore.

Jane went to a different high school, but it was during our schools' senior-year picnic at Kennywood Park that I met my future wife. We dated that summer and attended the same state university in the fall. I fell in love with Jane. (She gave me my first blowjob, too.) We have been married for a little more than a year.

After we rode the Ferris wheel and visited Noah's Ark, Jane pulled on a cotton candy while she waited outside of the restroom. Upon exiting, I saw Big John rapping to my wife. I hid unnoticed behind a tree. They chatted briefly, before he put his arm around Jane and walked her aside. Once cornered, John kissed my receptive spouse on the lips. He maneuvered her hand and placed it on the prominent lump in his pants. She shook her head and said no, but not before a quick feel. He pretended to beg, but Jane shrugged, as if to imply there was nowhere for her to do his bidding. John pointed toward the parking lot and his two friends. I saw her in denial, as I read her lips say, "No way."

John, again, directed my wife's attention to the obvious erection that bulged in his pants. She glanced toward the entrance of the men's room, before she pawed at his pulsating crotch. John smiled as he pulled down his zipper, and I saw Jane's hand slide into his opened fly. She closed her eyes, while she felt his hard cock and squeezed it inside of his slacks. It was more than a few minutes that she lovingly fondled it. John groped roughly at her breast, while she responded sensuously and humped on his thigh. He then whispered something in her ear. Jane checked to see if I was coming, before she nodded with shameless excitement to an apparent seedy request.

He led Jane by the hand to the back of the building. I circled around the opposite way to spy on them. Thick shrubs provided cover to hide, and by crouching under the foliage, I saw them from the waist down. That was all I needed to see, for my wife was on her knees with both of her hands wrapped around his big dick.

"Oh Johnny, I missed this beautiful cock. I thought about it everyday. How hard it got, and how you made it stay that way. I need it, again, John."

"All you have to do is meet us in the parking lot. You will have as much cock as you want, Jane."

"No, John, my husband is here. I am not doing it with the others. I am not like that anymore. Besides, there is not enough time."

"Just play with their dicks. They will come in two minutes. You know how they are."

"I can't, not today. Please hurry, John; my husband will be looking for me," she worried and jerked fast on his cock. "Oh, how I want your cock inside me," she yearned as she kissed it. He had a long and thick cock--a ten incher, I'd say--but amazingly, my wife sucked it deep into her throat. Jane's other hand worked between her legs.

"If you do some naughty things for me, my cock will be all yours. Just blow them, but you know, Jane, they all will want to fuck you, too."

"Please, John, don't tempt me. Oh, god, now you have my pussy a sloppy mess. I do want that. I always did."

"Let yourself go. You need to have some summer fun with the whole gang. Your pussy wants all their cocks inside of it."

"That has been my fantasy. I get so horny thinking about it. Oh, I need to come, now," she said and bobbed her head fast on his cock. I knew that Jane watched porn, everyday, and masturbated to videos with gangbangs involved.

"You are making my cock explode. Blow me, Jane. That's it. You are so good to my cock." John grunted as he filled my wife's hot mouth. She swallowed all that she could, but I saw his white cum dripping from her chin.

"I love your big cock, John. I wish I could jerk it and suck on it, all day."

"Stand up," he ordered, and Jane acted without hesitation as if she knew the drill.

"Oh Johnny, make me come, please," she begged and pulled down her panties. My wife exposed her pussy to him with her legs spread apart. She clenched her hands together behind her back and stood poised with anticipation. "Touch it, John. Please?"

"I will make this little pussy come for you, if you take care of my friends. Is that a deal?" John bargained, while his hand circled over her sensitive clit.

"Hmmm, I see them with their hard cocks. I want to blow them. I love cum, so much," Jane foreseen dreamy like, as she reached for her lover's cock, caressed it, and tried to keep it from going down.

"Are you going to suck their dicks, Jane?"

"Yes. I mean, no. Oh, please do me, now. Hurry fuck me, John. I need to come, so bad." I watched her ass cheeks quiver, while he entered his thick fingers deep inside her. Jane's thighs were shaking while she pumped her pussy on his hand. "I beg you, John. It has been so long. Please, make it do it, and like only you can."

"I know what you want, and I will take care of your needs. Trust me. I, once, lined up ten guys for you to blow. Remember? They showered you with cum. You loved that."

"Hmmm," she purred and then admitted, "I was a bad girl. I sucked on so many hard cocks that day."

"How about a repeat show, today? You can blow their nice big dicks, Jane, and maybe this time, fuck for all of them, too."

"You are making me crazy. I do want that, so much, but...Oh, I am so horny, now. Please, make me come, John," she begged. Her knees wobbled, while he fucked into her pussy hard and fast. I heard my wife's juicy cunt slurping on his fingers. "Please, baby, don't stop," she pleaded. Jane then did something I never saw her do, before. "Oh, god, yes, I'm gonna squirt," she panted, "Ooh, Johnny! I'm coming!" She squirted, with her orgasmic juices flowing down her legs and dripping off his wrist to the ground.

I watched it all happen, and I did not say a word.

They again were talking in front of the restrooms. John looked at his watch and held up two fingers. It had to mean two o'clock for another rendezvous to suck his dick, which was only a half hour away. I could tell he enticed her with his friends coming along, for my wife looked toward them and agreed. I made an appearance after he rushed off with his exuberant crew. I wondered if he would spread the word and gather others. A dab of his slippery cum still shined on her breast.

Jane suggested we ride the new Black Widow, which surprised me because she stated at home that she would not be able to handle it. It was a giant spider with stilted legs and a pendulum shaft which swayed to one-hundred-forty feet high. The end of the long shaft had a spinning disc attached where upon the people sat. I was afraid to ride it, too.

We stood at the end of a long line. After waiting a few minutes, Jane asked the couple behind us if they were on this, before. They scared the hell out of her, not to mention, told her it was an hour wait from where we were in the line. Suspiciously, just before two o'clock, my wife made an excuse to me that she was a chicken. She convinced me to go on without her and said to meet her by the Potato Patch at three o'clock. I knew that she was going to the parking lot to blow John and his friends.

The Black Widow started out slow, a nice sway that cooled me after standing so long in line. It rotated with my legs dangling free. Then it went higher and higher; it swooped back and forth with zero gravity-stomach flops at every apex of the swinging pendulum; it spun so fast the park became a blur. The ride operator never listened to me, when I screamed at the top of my lungs, and each time it swung by him, "Stop this motherfucker, now! Oh, god damn it, stop! I am going to kill you--you dirty fuck--stop! Oh shit, please stop this now!" (I hate when little kids hear me curse and see me cry like a baby.)

It was a miracle that I survived. Jimmy's van was not hard to find. There was a tailgate party with all guys outside of it. My wife and John had to be inside. The boys were tossing a football, which struck me that the fall season would be starting soon, and summer was almost over. Jim offered me a beer and bragged how he had a whore in his van. He told me that she was giving blowjobs, while riding hard on his friend's big cock.

"First," he said, "She took off her clothes in an exotic striptease. It was right out here in the parking lot with us crowded around her. My friend, John, talked dirty and told her what to do. Then he made her masturbate in front of everybody. She fingered her pussy to a couple of orgasms. It was hot."

"You're kidding," I acted surprised and remained anonymous.

"No, my man, you missed it," he said, "She blew me and three others, so far. If you're interested, it'll cost you a twenty, and you have to take a number. You would be thirteen. You are not superstitious, are you, dude?"

"No, I am not, but I cannot stay that long. Thanks for the beer," I said.

"Now, hold on a second," he said, "I got a peephole you can watch thru, and that is only one dollar per minute."

"Okay, I will go for that. Here's ten minutes' worth." I had to see.

"No jacking-off on my van, dude," Jim warned.

I shaded my eyes, as I peered thru a small rusted hole in the side of Jimmy's van. I saw Big John sitting naked on an old recliner with the stuffing coming out of its pillows. Jane was nude too and bounced on his lap. My wife looked me in the eye when I blocked daylight that shined thru the hole. She had cum on her face and breasts. A fellow with an enormous cock stood beside the chair, and he fed Jane his clear seeping cum. My lustful spouse worshiped his divine throbbing rod as she jerked and sucked on his dick.

Jane then turned and faced toward John with her ass pointing at me. She plunged down on his big cock, which glistened with my wife's frothy cream. The fellow with the huge cock slapped her ass cheeks hard with his hand. He rubbed his cock over Jane's tight puckered hole, before he eased his monster inside the dark passage. She screamed while he pummeled into her ass. My wife writhed in climactic pleasure while two big cocks fucked her at the same time.

"Oh god, yes, fuck me!" she yelled out, "You were right, John; I love doing this. Ooh, Yes! Get me another cock. Don't stop, please. Harder!"

"I told you that I would take of your needs," John said, as the other fellow busted a nut and shot his load all over my wife's butt.

"Time's up," Jimmy announced.

I wandered aimlessly throughout the park. I had no idea of her promiscuous past or of her legendary oral obsession with numerous men. It shocked me, to say the least, as I witnessed the submissive behavior she showed with John. How easy it was to persuade her with his big cock. I questioned our future together. One thing for sure, before I got serious in another relationship, I was going to check the men's room wall.

Jane sat exhausted, abused, and alone on a bench. She was two hours late, when I saw her on my umpteenth trek past the Potato Patch with hopes that she would show. I worried more than anything else about her safety. My wife apologized for her tardiness and said that she met some old friends. She was drinking with them and time just slipped by her. As for all the dried cum splattered over her entire body, in her hair, and caked in her cleavage, she claimed that someone threw a milk shake on her from one of the rides.

That was an aha moment for me. I recalled that was her same excuse, when I saw Jane in this condition, on the day we first met at this exact spot. I remembered that I bought her a root beer, and she asked me where I was from. Same as then, Jane complained of an upset stomach and wanted to go home.

It was not so much that I was mad. Our sex life was a dud. My thrill was to watch Jane while she masturbated to multiple orgasms. She needed much more than I could offer. I expected her hunger would evolve to other men. I challenged my love for her--enough to let her seek satisfaction elsewhere--and it excited me.

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