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Kenyan Holiday


It all happened last year when my wife and I went on holiday to Kenya. A fabulous winter break in Mombasa at a beautiful all inclusive hotel on the Indian Ocean.

I had always wanted to watch her with a black man but she would never agree, we have played with other men, (well she has and I watch) but only white men. I had always hoped but she never would. However as I am about to tell you that all changed just before we left the hotel for home.

All week I had watch the staff at the hotel eye up Jan in her white bikini especially when wet as it showed her breast off well and if you were lucky that she was shaven smooth. Our waiter, James, in the restaurant had always been particularly attentive, working hard during the week to get a good tip. Jan had liked the attention and we had chatted to him about his family and guessed he was doing well on tips etc to support them. Jan wanted not only to tip him but send something for his kids so James ended up arranging to come to our room after he finished work on our last night.

Jan had packed our things as we had an early departure and was having a shower when James knocked on the door. I answered and let him in making sure Jan knew he was in the room, she cam out wrapped in a small towel just big enough to cover her but was very sexy. Her body still wet with droplets of water on her tanned shoulders, her short auburn hair still dripping and her long well tanned legs glistening as she walked barefoot across the room from the bath room to greet James.

She seemed very relaxed being covered in so little, happily chatting to James and giving him some gifts for his children. As they talked I watched James, he was looking her over, occasionally glancing at me to see if I was watching, on one occasion as he looked at me I winked, and he grinned. He had obviously been in this situation before as he started to ask Jan about us and had we enjoyed our holiday, had we had fun. When I asked if I could take a picture of him and Jan as a memento of the holiday he smiled and said of course placing his large black arm around her shoulder and his hand on her bare skin. The contrast made me feel the knot in my stomach the excited and scared one, not knowing where this might go James and Jan smile for the camera, then James asked how Jan felt being photographed with him wearing just a towel? She looked at him and said "ok why?" She then turning to me almost asking me with her face if I minded, I just winked smile and she gave me one of her sexy naughty smiles, we both knew this unspoken exchange gave her permission to do what ever she wanted.

Jan turned to James and asked him how he felt about being photographed with a near naked woman? He replied he enjoyed sexy white wives and didn't mind being photographed, especially by their husbands. He asked her if she had anything on under the towel. She replied no with a grin and he said prove it, drop the towel now. This took me back as it wasn't a request, more an order and without even looking at me she pulled the towel away from her dropping it on the floor, and standing hands by her side, looking down submissively. James smiled and looked Jan up and down, then turning to me asked if I was ok? I nodded and he said good. He added that I could take any pictures I wanted but to not get in his way, again I nodded acknowledging his dominance over us both.

Jan never moved as he walked round her, as if inspecting a new acquisition. James asked if she was ok, she nodded, he asked what she wanted. Jan replied she wanted to please him. James wanted to be sure he asked her who she wanted to please, she answered by saying she wanted to please him. What about your husband James asked, Jan told him that I liked to watch and that I had said she should have a black man but that she had not wanted to before. He asked did she want one now? She nodded, he asked if she was sure, she said yes she was and wanted the man to be James and that she would do her best to please him.

I was getting excited by now, there was my wife standing naked in front of our waiter, telling him she wanted to please him, that she wanted him. So excited I had to readjust my trousers to remain comfortable. James noticed this and told Jan that he could see I enjoyed her being with other men and asked her how many other men I had seen her with. She replied a few, he grinned and asked if I was always got to watch, she said not always but that she never lied about being with anyone. He asked who makes the decision as to if I watched, she replied the man and her. James asked if she wanted me to watch, she told him it was up to him. James looked at me and smiled, I wondered if he would let me. He told me I could watch, take photos but that I must not get near them unless asked and that I was to be naked the whole time!

Well I didn't even wait, my clothes were soon in a pile and I waited to see what would happen. James now had two white guests in their room both naked and he was still fully clothed. He turned back to Jan and told her to kneel in front of him, undo his zip and see what was in store for her. She did as she was told without question never looking at me but smiled as his cock came into view, large black and semi erect, she held it slowly feeling what it was like, then leant forward and licked the tip, then slowly around the head before taking it in her mouth. I always loved watching her with someone's cock in her mouth but this was extra horny as it was a black cock. As she sucked James slipped off his shirt, then dropped his trousers, Jan never once stopped pleasuring his now very erect cock.

James stroked her short hair then placed his hand firmly behind her head and started to fuck her mouth. I could see her slightly struggle to cope but she never objected and let him use her mouth. James commented that she was a good sub slut wife, and that he was enjoying her throat. He then pulled out Jan gasping for breath as he flipped her on the bed and bent down to lick her pussy, Jan loves being licked and teased orally and James soon had her writhing on the bed. He pulled his head away and asked what she wanted next; Jan said she needed to be fucked. James smiled and climbed on her, I moved to the foot of the bed and watched as he rubbed his cock up and down her slit. I know this teases Jan and soon she was begging him to put it in her. James seemed to take great delight in teasing her asking her what she wanted putting in where. She said she wanted his cock in her pussy. He told her he had a black cock and she had a married white cunt. He stared at her still rubbing and teasing until she asked him to put his black cock in her married white cunt.

As soon as she said it he pushed his cock in her hard, I knew she would be wet but she still gasped as he went in. I watched as he started to slowly pump in and out building speed, Jan's face was a picture, she loved being fuck like this and soon she was nearing orgasm. She came with shuddering guttural moan that I love to hear and James still kept fucking her hard. Suddenly James was grunting and Jan came again too as he came, she wrapped her legs round his arse pulling his cock into her, their bodies now glistening with sweat.

James pulled out and wiped his cock on the bed sheet as Jan just laid there legs apart with a happy smile. James looked at me as he pulled his trousers on and asked if I had enjoyed it. I nodded and he turned to Jan and asked if she enjoyed her first black cock? Jan said she had and thanked James licking her lips as she said it, I know this means she really did enjoy it and would love to have him again. James apologised that he had to go as he was expected home, thanked us for the gifts and quietly left the room. I got on the bed and hugged Jan and asked her if she was OK, she smiled and said thanks and we drifted off to sleep. What a fantastic end to the holiday, although I wished it had happened earlier!

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