tagGay MaleKeon Ch. 03

Keon Ch. 03


I was sitting between Keon and Percy in the front seat of the car, naked except for sheer, pink panties with my hands inside their shorts holding their scrotums. Their balls were heavy in my small hands.

We'd been driving over three-hours when we saw a 'Rest Area -- 2 Miles' sign. Keon pulled my head to his and kissed me on the lips.

"Caress our pricks—make them hard for that pretty mouth of yours," he commanded.

My own penis became semi-erect, pressing deliciously against the sensual material of the panties. I hated that I responded this way whenever Keon spoke crudely to me.

My fingers nimbly ran the length of their cocks. I stroked and caressed their flesh and soon coaxed them into full erections. Keon turned the car onto the off-ramp for the 'Rest Area' as I began to stroke their rigid shafts.

Keon parked beside a car where a family of four were outside, stretching their legs. Their children looked to be about nine or ten years old.

"Suck my cock, faggot," Keon ordered.

There was no hesitation anymore on my part. I was completely resigned to my fate.

There was no other choice but to obey Keon and perform whatever sex act he desired, and his desires were many and often; he was extremely libidinous—it was common for him to achieve nine or ten erections every day which either Percy or me would relieve.

I knew the family couldn't see me lower my head to take his cockhead in my mouth through the one-way glass on Keon's car. I had to release Percy's cock so I could massage Keon's large balls while I sucked and stroked his long shaft.

Percy's hands glided over my naked flesh, caressing my shoulders, chest and thighs. He paid special attention to my breasts and nipples; rolling and pinching the hard little points between his fingers causing my cock to throb inside my panties and eliciting deep moans of pleasure from me.

Percy knew what drove me wild with lust and did his best to help me endure the sucking. Keon's cock stretched my mouth wide-open, and Percy's skilled hands made me forget about my aching jaw.

My own cock was hard as a rock now, and Percy would occasionally grip it in his hand and squeeze it through the panties sending jolts of pleasure shooting throughout my body.

Much to my chagrin, and to Keon's delight, we discovered early-on that I became extremely excited whenever I had a hard cock in my mouth or bottom. Keon would say my excitement was proof that I was a faggot who loved hard cocks. I couldn't dispute him since my own body seemed to prove him right.

When Keon said, "FASTER" my hand rapidly stroked his shaft as I furiously bobbed my head up-and-down his throbbing cock.

I felt Keon's hand on the back of my head, holding my head in place and forcing more of his prick into my mouth, and I knew he was about to cum so I flattened my tongue over his slit and waited for his gushing fluids. I felt his balls contract in my hand.


I slurped-up and swallowed his foul-tasting spunk. His jism coated my tongue and, as usual, I concentrated on not gagging on his nasty fluids.

Percy told me later that when Keon was in the throes of orgasm, and shouting his pleasure, the mother of the children next to us must have heard him through the closed windows because she gave a startled look at our car then hurriedly packed the kids and her husband inside and they made a hasty retreat away from us.

We guessed the woman had personal experience with the sounds of a man's excitement during ejaculation.

I lifted my head and fixed Keon's slacks and shorts but did not fasten his belt: I knew at some point he would have me hold his balls for him when we resumed traveling.

He patted me on the head and said, "Good job, sweetie, your cocksucking has improved 100% over the last two weeks...why don't you suck-off your boyfriend now...."

Of course it was a command and not a question, but it was an order I loved to hear. I immediately buried my head in Percy's crotch. His manly aroma thrilled my senses. I found his smell intoxicating, and better yet, I loved the taste of his cock.

It had only been a couple days since Keon began referring to Percy as "my boyfriend", and I couldn't refute his assessment. I guess it had become obvious to them both that I loved servicing Percy's cock, and it was becoming clear to me, and maybe to them as well, that I had a crush on him.

I wasn't ready, just yet, to admit that I could possibly be in love with a man.

He was kind, attentive and very caring towards me. I had no idea how he felt about me, but the fact that he was near me all the time made my ordeal with Keon so much easier to endure.

Keon was back on the freeway and I was very careful with Percy's cock in my mouth. The slightest bump in the road could have caused my teeth to hurt his most sensitive flesh.

The front of my panties were soaked with pre-cum, and when Keon leaned over and gripped my throbbing prick and began stroking it, I could no longer contain myself. I increased my speed and tempo on Percy's cock; deep groans of pleasure came from his throat, and his hips began pumping his cock further into my mouth.

Suddenly, I felt his cockhead expand in my mouth; he cried out and unloaded his balls into my greedily sucking mouth. I swallowed every drop of his delicious cream.

Keon's skillful hand coaxed my own balls to erupt—I flooded my panties with cum. I felt Keon's hand reach inside my panties—he scooped-up as much of my cum as he could and presented his hand to my mouth.

He said to me: "Clean my hand with your lips and tongue." It wasn't the first time he forced me to taste my own cum.

I laid my head against Keon's shoulder and drifted off to sleep as I held their balls in my hands. I wanted to rest my head against Percy but it might have made Keon mad.

To my way of thinking, holding another man's balls was the ultimate degradation and act of total humiliation and submission.

I wondered to myself: How in the world had I become such a weak-willed pussyboy?

In my slumber, I dreamed Percy and I were on a white, sandy beach enjoying a hot sun and cold margaritas. There was no Keon, just me and my boyfriend.

Keon's shoulder jerked as he pulled the car off the road onto an off-ramp causing me to awake from my sleep. He drove a few blocks then turned into a motel parking lot and stopped at the motel office.

Before Keon left the car he said to Percy: "Get our little cuntboy get dressed...."

Percy leaned over the seat and retrieved my clothes.

"Are you alright, Johnny?" Percy asked as he gazed into my eyes while he helped me dress. His question touched me deeply; I took it as a sign that he cared about me. My heart warmed with joy.

I smiled at him: "I'm fine—as long as I'm with you...."

I wanted to take him in my arms and kiss him and hold onto him. For an instant I thought he felt the same way, but Keon was coming out of the motel office.

He was chuckling to himself when he got into the car.

"You should have seen the look on her face when I told her there were three of us, and all we needed was one king-sized bed...." he laughed.

I'd seen that look before. When Keon took me shopping for panties, a salesgirl approached and asked if she could help us. Keon smiled and asked her: "How do you think he'd look wearing these?" He then handed me panties and said, "Sweetie, hold these up to your waist...." The salesgirl quickly turned her horror-stricken face and walked briskly away from us.

We were given a room at the far end of the building.

After showering, Keon told Percy and me to get on our knees; his cock was hard—again.

Percy was in front sucking and massaging his cock. I was underneath with my lips pressed tightly to his anus while my tongue pushed into his asshole, lathering the walls of his rectum.

It was difficult breathing in this position, and every breath I took the foul aroma from his asshole permeated my nose and mind. Luckily, I benefitted from Percy's skill as a cocksucker, and I didn't have to lick Keon's asshole very long.

After dinner at a restaurant next to the motel, we returned to the room, stripped naked, and with me in the middle of the bed between them, I performed whatever sex acts Keon demanded.

As usual, my own cock throbbed and ached and begged for attention but their pleasure always came first. So to speak....

Finally, after Percy delivered a large load of cum in my ass, Keon had me sit on his lap with my back towards him, and I bounced up-and-down on his cock. Keon loved the feel of Percy's slick jism in my ass.

To my surprise, Keon ordered Percy to suck my cock as he fucked me in the ass. This was a first: Percy had never sucked me before.

I was in heaven the moment he took my hardness in his mouth. His lips and tongue were incredible. I felt as though Percy truly wanted to give me as much pleasure as he could. And he did.

The double-delight of sliding up-and-down Keon's cock, and Percy's expert mouthing of my trembling prick gave me a fantastic orgasm. My body shook and gyrated out of control as I pumped hot loads of cum down Percy's throat.

Keon and I cried out at the same time. He filled my asshole with another huge load of his spunk.

I briefly thought how appalled the desk clerk would be if she'd heard our screams of pleasure.

Keon shook me awake the next morning so I could give him his morning blowjob. He claimed this was his favorite of the day.

He would always say: "Yes...there's nothing more invigorating than shooting your wad into a pretty boy's mouth first thing in the morning."

Lucky for me, he made me suck Percy, too. I loved it when Percy was the last to cum in my mouth; his jism was ambrosia compared to Keons, and left a pleasant after-taste.

Once we finished breakfast we drove a few hours then Keon made another 'Rest Area' stop. His insatiable appetite for sex never ceased to amaze me. And again, I serviced his cock first then Percy's.

I noticed that my mouth and jaw didn't ache afterwards; they were finally becoming accustomed to being stretched wide for long periods of time.

I was also becoming aware of my own increasing desires. Every time I had one of their cocks in my hands or mouth or ass, my own cock grew rigid and begged for attention.

I'd never had so many hard-on's in my life, but Keon would allow me to orgasm only once or twice a day.

My body and mind were seething cauldrons of pent-up sexual desire. I now looked forward to pleasuring Keon with hopes he would permit me to cum, as well. Orgasms were now far more important to me than common sense and logic.

A sense of excitement overcame all three of us as we drove through our nation's capitol. I'd never been to D.C. before and looked forward to seeing all the historical sites.

The traffic seemed crazy as we made our way through the city. I drank in all the sights and sounds.

Keon turned into a gated community and showed the security guard his identification. We were soon unloading the car into a beautiful house, secluded by hundreds of trees and dense shrubbery.

The inside of the house looked vaguely familiar then it occurred to me it was almost identical to Keon's house back home. When we went into the bedroom Percy and I looked at each other in amazement: it was completely the same as the other house.

Almost the same that is: the master bathroom contained something I'd never seen before--a bidet. It wasn't long before Keon taught me how to squat over the bidet to wash his semen from my asshole.

"My father is a traditionalist...." Was all Keon said when we asked why the two houses were so much alike.

My hopes of exploring Washington D.C. were quickly crushed. Keon announced I wasn't allowed outside the house during daylight hours.

"I don't want the sunshine to damage your white flesh...." is all he said.

From what? Sunburn? I wondered.

And just as he had commanded at the old house, I was to wear panties-only. That rule was reasonable: I enjoyed traipsing about the house nearly-naked.

Percy was to wear only his short boxers, unless he went out to do the shopping. Percy was to do all the grocery shopping, and I was to clean the house every day. I was feeling more-and-more like Keon's personal slave.

I cursed myself for being so weak and fearful. Even though I now acknowledged and embraced my newfound sexuality, I was terrified by the reactions of my family and friends to the photos and videos of me and Keon and Percy in the bedroom. There was no way I could subject my mom and dad to those images. I would continue to do Keon's bidding.

There was an exercise room in the house and Keon immediately established a strict regimen I had to follow every day: Hundreds of sit-ups to flatten my slightly bulging belly; and a strange device where I gripped handles and pushed them away from my body then back again. He said my chest needed 'definition'—whatever that was.

Keon personally took charge of another aspect of my conditioning: three times a day, I would sit on his lap with my back to him, and he would reach around me and take my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and violently twist and pull them until they were aching and swollen. This always reduced me to a sobbing wreck.

He told me I would appreciate the final result. He said I would have another erogenous zone that would get me sexually excited. I didn't care about his explanation; I just wanted the pain to stop.

The first two weeks were a living hell: we were constantly under Keon's tyrannical control and it was wearing on my nerves. Percy remained silent but he was visibly upset, too.

One day I whispered in Percy's ear, "I thought he had a job here—when the hell is he going to work?"

Percy allowed himself a small smile and said, "Tomorrow—he'll be working afternoons and some evenings, too." Then he winked at me.

My spirits soared at the prospect of being alone with Percy.

The next morning Percy and I were all smiles, and we were very agreeable: "Yes, Keon"---"Yes, Keon."

We waited excitedly for his departure. Then suddenly the doorbell rang and Keon went to the front door. Percy and I looked at each other and frowned.

We were both thinking the same thing: we hadn't had any visitors since we moved here—who the hell could this be?

Keon returned with a huge black man, and announced with a smile: "Boys, this is Makbar—he is from Africa and he will be your 'babysitter' while I am at work...he doesn't speak English but I have given him explicit instructions on his job duties...namely to ensure you two perform your chores, and well...to keep you faggots from engaging in your favorite activity..."

Percy and I were absolutely crushed. The air was thick with our disappointment.

The man, Makbar, gave me the creeps—he stared at me with a menacing leer on his face. I noticed he was holding a black briefcase and wondered why—he certainly was no businessman.

Keon walked to me and whispered in my ear: "Sweetie, you're especially going to love Makbar...I have given him permission to use your hands and mouth anyway he wants...if you refuse or become difficult, I told him he could beat the shit out of you...."

The hair on the back of my neck stood straight; I began to tremble and shake. I had never felt so afraid in my life.

He continued: "...he's not allowed to fuck you—his monster-cock would rip you apart...besides, I want to keep your pussy tight for my own enjoyment..."

Then his dark eyes narrowed and stared hard into my eyes—they seemed to burrow deep inside my skull: "Do you understand me, faggot? Tell me you are going to obey Makbar?"

The smallness of my voice startled me as I softly said in abject resignation: "Y-Yes, Keon...I will obey Makbar..."

Keon left for work with a triumphant smile on his face.

The huge, brute-of-a-man followed me around the house as I performed my cleaning duties; his brown eyes never straying from my nearly-naked flesh.

From time-to-time he openly reached down and rubbed his penis through his slacks. The bulge in his crotch continued to grow larger, but he remained silent, intently watching my every move.

My nerves were on edge; I knew at some point he would have me service him, and I was wishing I could just get it over and be done with it.

I had finished vacuuming the living room when he abruptly ordered Percy to sit in the large leather chair facing the television.

He opened the mystery briefcase and removed what looked to be handcuffs. He quickly and deftly cuffed Percy's wrists together then his ankles as well. He proceeded to strap Percy to the chair immobilizing him; Percy wouldn't be able to get off the chair no matter how hard he tried.

He then switched on the television and barked at Percy, "YOU STAY", as if Percy had a choice. Then he grabbed my hand in his and said with a twisted smile on his face: "WE MAKE LOVE."

My heart caught in my throat; I was so terrified I couldn't speak. He pulled me along as we left the room. I was able to turn my head one last time to see Percy watching us in horror with tears dripping from his beautiful blue eyes.

He led me down a hallway leading to the guest bedrooms. We entered a large bedroom; it was nearly identical to Keon's room. He sat on the edge of a king-sized bed while I stood before him. He reached inside the waistband of my panties and yanked them down my legs.

He brought the crotch of the panties to his nose and sniffed them; then deeply inhaled. It was the most perverse thing I'd ever seen.

"SPREAD LEGS," he shouted. I opened my legs wider but it wasn't enough for him. He pushed my legs as far apart as they could go.

"HANDS BEHIND HEAD ON NECK," he commanded. His English was far better than Keon had said.

I stood totally naked and exposed with hands clasped behind my neck; he could do whatever he wanted with me.

His huge paws stroked my chest and belly then my thighs and legs. He cupped my scrotum in one massive hand while his fingers rolled my balls.

He pinched my limp penis between two fingers and said, "TINY PENIS—GOOD."

I was too humiliated already from his intimate inspection to feel anymore shame or embarrassment.

He made a motion with his hand for me to turn around then he continued his exploration of my body. I had to admit that when he wanted, he had a very gentle and soothing touch.

He began to massage my asscheeks. A large finger strayed between my open cheeks and pressed against my perineum. He slowly rubbed the area from my perineum to my anus. His large finger pushed against my anus and I involuntarily pulled away from it.

"YOU STAY STILL---I TEACH YOU." He said then got up off the bed.

He opened his briefcase and brought out what looked to be a small stick, but when he unfolded the stick it was probably four-feet in length. He stood behind and to one side of me.

I heard the stick whistling through the air and then it landed on my asscheek. I howled in pain and protest.

"BAMBOO..." he announced, "...WILL TEACH YOU FAST."

He gave me hard, measured strokes with his bamboo cane first on one asscheek then he moved and beat my other cheek. I held out as long as I could before I broke down sobbing loudly, pleading with him to stop.

"NO TALK," he shouted and continued with the beating. Tears flowed freely down my face as I bit my lip to keep from crying out.

When he finished, my body was trembling and shaking. My asscheeks were on fire. He left me standing there sobbing quietly as he folded and packed-away the instrument of my torture.

When he snapped his fingers and pointed at the bed and said, "LIE DOWN," I moved as fast as I could. From that point on I knew I would obey his every command without question or hesitation. I would never pull away from his touches again.

The cool silk sheets helped soothe my burning bottom.

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