tagNonHumanKept For Observation

Kept For Observation


The sweltering evening heat was unbearable. A fine sheen of sweat glistened on Casey's young body as she aimlessly stared out her window. This heat wave had taken a toll on her. She has always hated coming to this part of the state to visit her family in the summers. As a lovely 20 year-old girl, Casey required more entertainment than anything a small house near the woods could provide.

"They can't even afford a damn pool," Casey quietly complained to herself.

Then she suddenly had a revelation. Casey remembered her cousin mentioning a small creek not too far in the forest where the locals went for a dip. She stepped away from the open window and wiped the moisture from her legs and bare midsection. She began rummaging through her travel bags for her swimsuit.

Aha! She found it! She held up the slinky top and bottoms. Her mother would kill her if she found out Casey wore a thong in public. Casey quickly stripped out of her shorts and bra, leaving them in a heap on the floor. She admired herself in the full-length mirror. The bright orange and white stripes accented her ebony skin perfectly.

"The perfect bikini," Casey thought to herself. "Damn, I look good in this."

Casey turned and viewed her thong encased ass. Her succulent bubble butt seemed to be carved out of marble. It was round, firm, and unblemished. Casey put on a pair of denim cutoffs and a t-shirt to cover herself up. She headed out in a adventurous mood.

"...And where do you think you're headed?" Casey's mother questioned.

"Nowhere mama, I'm just heading to the creek for a swim." Casey replied. "It's just too damn hot in this house."

"Are you going with friends?"

"Yeah, I'm meeting them there," Casey lied.

"OK then baby, don't be too late now." Her mother said as she hugged her tightly.

With that, Casey was out the door and headed into the woods. She walked for about 15 minutes on the uneven dirt path before seeing another human being. She finally saw a young couple frolicking on the path.

"You guys just get back from the creek?" Casey asked noticing their wet clothes clinging to their bodies.

"Yeah, it's just down the path another five minutes or so," The boy replied.

He stared hungrily at Casey's budding chest. She has small, but round and perky tits. They were dying to be let out of the tight fabric of her tank top. Casey noticed the young boy's erection protruding within his trunks.

"Awesome, thanks guys," Casey said politely.

Casey looked back as they parted ways and caught the boy's staring back at her luscious ass. His eyes were as wide as saucers as he couldn't fathom how an ass like that existed. She just gave a devilish smile back at him.

Casey continued on the path until she saw the creek. It looked just like something out of a story book. There were some large rocks on one side where you can jump off of and the whole clearing was surrounded by trees and bushes. The water shimmered in the sunset. To Casey's surprise, there were no other souls to be found.

She sat down on a small rock and began removing her shoes, then her shorts, and finally, her tank top. Casey's body shimmered in the light as she stretched out, finally feeling relief from a cool breeze. Suddenly, a wicked thought entered her mind. Casey coyly looked around the clearing and shouted out to see if anybody was there. She slowly slid down her bottoms and kicked them off. Her bare pussy now on display for the world to see. Casey untied her top and let it fall off her body.

Her pert little breasts jiggled as she ran and dove into the cool water.

"Ahh, finally get to cool off after being in that godforsaken sauna of a house for two straight days," Casey thought.

She surfaced for air and walked out of the water. She headed for the elevated side of the creek to use the rope. As she was rearing back, she stopped to look around. Casey was almost disappointed when she saw that there was still nobody at the creek but her. Her pussy had started to moisten with arousal.

SPLASH! Casey was exhilarated as she dove in. After about 30 minutes of swimming, night had fallen. It was almost pitch black out as Casey decided to leave. She dove in one last time and as she was going to surface, she noticed something odd. The surface was brightly lit with a white light. Her head broke the plane of the water and she realized the whole creek was suddenly lit up!

Casey rushed to her clothes, covering her bare breasts. She barely made it halfway before she began to be lifted off the dirt. Casey was floating!

"HELP ME! SOMEBODY HELP!" Casey screamed.

Her naked body was struggling against the light or whatever was pulling her up. Her efforts were a waste as she merely kept ascending into the light. Suddenly, everything went dark.

Chapter 2

Casey awoke and looked around groggily. Nothing looked familiar to her. The dim lights in the room offered no evidence to where she was. She felt the cool air on her nipples and pussy lips. Panic finally set in as she began yelling for help. Her arms and legs writhed to get her free.

"OH MY GOD," Casey thought. "I'm tied up spread eagle on this thing."

She continued to scream her lungs out for what seemed forever.

Suddenly, an open doorway appeared and a shadowy figure walked in. Casey's body tensed with panic and struggled and screamed even harder than before.

"Do not struggle, you will only hurt yourself... It is pointless," said a voice from the shadows.

Three more shadowy figures walked through the doorway and approached Casey along with the one already present. Casey could make out the shape of their bodies now. The strangers were very tall, very lanky, and looked oddly smooth for humans.

"You freaks stay the hell away from me!" Casey yelled at them. "Don't you lay a hand on me!"

"We mean you no harm, we only wish to observe you," said one of the shadowy figures.

"What the hell kind of sick people are you?" she said, tears now streaming down her face.

"This is bullshit! Let me go now!"

"We will not treat you poorly," another of the figures responded.

They had now surrounded her and she could almost make out features on them. The strangers looked human but something was off. Suddenly, whatever Casey was attached to rotated and she was flat on her back. It was an operating table! Sheer terror was rushing through her body and she redoubled her efforts to escape.

One of the strangers placed its hand on her stomach to calm her. Its smooth skin had a purple tint and felt rubbery. It revealed its face to her.

"Holy shit, your aliens! Where am I? Am I on your planet?" Casey began to question. "Take me home now!"

It spoke to her gently, "Miss, you are on our ship. As I said earlier, we mean you no harm. We just need you to calm yourself before causing any damage."

Casey finally gave in and stopped struggling on the table. The alien stranger motioned to the others to show themselves and suddenly the room lit up. She finally was face to face with all her captors. They all had different shades of purple tint to their skin. The faces almost looked human aside from black eyes that were larger than human ones. They didn't have noses either.

"My name is Rho, I am a test subject like you... This is Phi, he is the scientist supreme aboard this vessel and those are his assistants," the first alien said.

The scientists all had lab coats on and Rho was wearing silver space pants that clung to his legs. She could make out his muscles and even a large bulge where a normal humans penis would be.

"We are here to test your species for evolutionary purposes." Rho said. "What is your name?"

Rho pressed a button and the restraints were lifted from her wrists and ankles. Casey immediately attempted to cover her bare body parts.

"My name is Casey, what do you want with me?" she trembled.

"We are using you as a specimen to study mating in your species and to see if we can cross breed between our two species," said Phi.

A hole in the floor opened and a small cart with what seemed to be medical supplies and instruments floated up. Phi and his team urged her to relax as they began to measure her limbs and body parts. The instruments were cold and intruding. The scientists input all of her collected data into their computers and left. Rho helped her down from the table and told her the situation.

"You will not be with us long, but we will make your stay comfortable. We will take time to administer tests and then release you." he said.

"Rho! Please continue with the examination," a voice urged him on.

"What else is left?" Casey questioned. "You guys have already prodded my naked ass with everything you have!"

Rho took a step back and slid his skin tight pants down his thin legs. Casey was almost become more comfortable with each passing second. She gazed at his slight body up and down. He wasn't bad looking for a lanky purple alien. Casey's eyes suddenly stopped and affixed to his penis.

"As you can see, our species are similar in many ways," Rho said as he motioned to his dangling cock.

He seemed to be average length but had a disproportionately bubbled head. She almost wanted to laugh at how skinny it was. His balls on the other hand were massive. Each one was low-hanging and just a bit bigger than a golf ball.

"Please, feel at ease to do what you want with me," Rho encouraged, implying that some type of intercourse was to occur.

Casey reluctantly grabbed his thin shaft and stroked it. It felt scaly. A small blob of foggy goo accumulated from the tip.

"That secretion is to aid in lubrication," He informed her. "It is perfectly edible and actually healthy."

Casey massaged the goo onto his alien prick as it pulsated in her hand. It finally reached full hardness yet to her disappointment, the alien erection remained the same length and girth. Rho gently pushed her back on to table and laid her down.

"Begin the process Rho," echoed the voice again.

Rho pulled out a tube from the table and squeezed it over her vagina. A thick blue gel coated her ebony pussy lips. Rho massaged it into her skin. Casey began feeling that familiar tingling in her pussy as it immediately became the wettest it had ever become. Casey had no idea what the hell was going on but it seemed that her body was enjoying it.

Rho slowly but easily slid his thin dick into her awaiting pussy. Casey almost felt bad for him as should couldn't feel him at all inside her. He held his position and seemed to be waiting for something.

Casey could feel and odd pulse from his cock while it was inside her.

"UGH!" Casey grunted suddenly. "What the fuck is going on?!?!"

Casey looked down to see Rho slightly pull out of her and she watched his continue begin growing inside of her. It seemed like it would never stop. Casey felt stuffed. He extracted his newly huge member from her yearning cunt.

Casey looked at it and her eyes expanded to the size of dinner plates. He was utterly massive! The shaft almost doubled in size and the girth was almost as fat as her arm. It looked almost like a scaly version of a human penis with a slight lump on the top of the shaft, at about the halfway point. Casey was now yearning for his alien cock while it jutted out from his body and glistened in the bright lights.

"How did that happen?" Casey asked.

"I am a shape shifter, I am somewhat rare in my species. This is why they chose me, I can change my body and its parts to better suit my partners," Rho explained.

He placed the bulbous head of his throbbing tool on her pussy lips. Rho lurched in and buried about four inches of his scaled member into her, stopping just before the lump. Casey let out an audible gasp. She felt stuffed to the hilt already.

"Our studies show your species seems to enjoy this adaptation to my phallic part," Rho referred to his lump.

He stabbed more of his foreign cock into her.

Casey could barely speak now.


The lump was pressing on her whole g-spot as waves of pleasure undulated through her pussy. Rho slowly fed the rest of his dark purple meat into her waiting hole until she could fit no more. He had hit the end of her vaginal canal.

"You can't go deeper, it'll hurt me.. a lot," She managed to pant.

Casey looked down just as Rho shrank his penis just an inch so that he was now fully inside her and completely filling her dripping pussy. He began to ream in and out of her in a steady rhythm. She could feel all of his scales and that lump rubbing her insides. The huge lollipop tip just missed her cervix at every full thrust.

Casey was contorting her face with each downstroke. The pleasure was taking her to new extremes. Her legs started to tense as she was reaching orgasm.

"Oh fuck, I'm getting close," Casey warned.

Rho started fucking her faster and faster. Her ebony skin glistened in the lights as her head was thrown back in lust. Casey jaw dropped as she started her powerful orgasm. She couldn't make a sound as she pulled Rho closer and buried his monster deep within her. Casey's gorgeous body contorted in pleasure as waves of muscle undulating orgasm overtook her.

The alien continued thrusting into her slowly as she came down from her orgasm. She noticed one of the lab assistants walked over to her and Rho with a small device that looked like a syringe with a computer attached to it. Rho patted her lower abdomen as if he was looking for something.

"Right here doctor," He pointed out.

"What is going on?" Casey questioned.

Rho pulled his massive alien dick from her depths. Her lips splayed open as he examined her. The other alien typed something into the syringe and swiftly stabbed it into her abdomen where Rho had pointed out. The sharp pain caused Casey to yelp. Her fear returned to her.

"What the fuck just happened?" She demanded. "What did you put in me?"

The assistant held her down and rubbed a warm liquid where he stabbed and the pain went away. Casey could now feel something reacting inside her body. It felt as if her insides were changing.

"It seems that her reproductive system is suitable for our experimentation. Rho, continue to the next phase," echoed a voice.

Casey couldn't explain it but her pussy felt more relaxed than before. Rho had been focusing and Casey watching as his cock grew another 3 inches and got even fatter than before. Her pussy quivered at the visual display before her.

"I... I told you once before, I can't fit anything that big inside of me," Casey warned again.

"The syringe we administered to you will allow me to," Rho said.

Casey was still skeptical. Rho placed his engorged, scaled cock at her pussy slowly pushed it in. Casey was shocked that it fit. He slowly probed deeper and deeper. Casey closed her eyes in ecstasy as his lump rubbed her g-spot again.

"This is the furthest you were able to take before," He pointed out.

Casey peered down to see that three thick inches of scaled alien cock were still left to go. Rho firmly pressed into her. She braced for pain and... nothing. Casey felt him moving into places she never knew existed within her sweet ebony pussy. She looked down and he had fully inserted his monster into her. She could feel the bulge in her abdomen from the huge tip.

Rho began a steady rhythm of fucking deep slow strokes into her. Casey felt as if her lungs were being punctured. It was so incredibly deep inside her pussy. No human could have ever known anything close to what she was feeling now. An orgasm was building deep inside her that she had never felt before.

Casey could only managed to grunt and make inaudible noise as he head slacked limply to the side from the thorough fucking she was receiving.


Her lips clung to his purple prick as it sawed in and out. She had been cumming for a good 30 seconds now and there was no end in sight. Every single muscle in her body was tensing at once. Another powerful wave of spasms overtook her. Her young pussy started gushing out juices around his alien dick as she clawed the steel table. They continued like this for at least another 30 minutes, pushing Casey to her limits.

"Are you ready? I am going to have my own orgasm," Rho said almost expressionless.

Casey shocked her alien captors by pushing Rho away and removing his diamond hard dick from her depths. She knelt on the floor before him and tried to stroke his scaled shaft.

"I can't stop it!" Rho yelled.

Veins appeared through the scales and Rho began shooting his alien cum into her waiting mouth. It was almost like yogurt as one long, continuous stream kept shooting out of his cock. Casey willingly was swallowing his creme colored cum. She was almost drowning before the streamed seemed to weaken.

Rho stroked his purple cock, causing more cum to spurt out. Casey couldn't open her eyes as her whole face was coated with the gooey alien cum. There was just so much. Her whole chest, shoulders, abdomen, and parts of her thighs were covered with the off-white cream.

Rho finally seemed to be finished as he leaned back against the table. His cock withered down to its original scrawny form. Casey was wiping her face. To her own surprise, she was actually wanting more of his sweet tasting cum.

"Regular human cum doesn't taste nearly this good," Casey moaned to him.

Rho sat quietly, almost disappointed that he hadn't completed his objected. Sucking sounds filled the room as Casey was licking her hands and trying to get as much alien cum into her mouth that she could. The thick creme complimented her dark skin beautifully.

"This human specimen didn't react in the same manner as the others, we need to study her further," a voice said. "Prepare a room for her within our ship. Get her cleaned and comfortable."

Casey proudly stood with blotches of alien jizz still on her smooth body. Her nude form walked gracefully to the doorway as two scientists led her away. She had become a science experiment for an alien race.

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