tagBDSMKerin Gets Her Limitations

Kerin Gets Her Limitations


I woke up with Kerin still sleeping soundly in my arms. I managed to look at my watch and noticed that it was almost 3:00 PM. We had been asleep for a few hours already. I gently woke Kerin up by kissing her face and nibbling on her neck. She let out a light moan and smiled without opening her eyes. Then she spoke, her English accent making me melt "Mmmmm, Master, I feel so comfortable in your arms."

I smiled and kissed her lips. "I am glad you feel comfortable Love, but it is time to wake up sleepyhead. We have many things to discuss this afternoon and evening." I ran my hands through her hair as she opened her eyes and started to stretch her legs in my lap. She finally stopped stretching and kissed me as she tried to stand on her own. I held her hips as she gained her footing.

"We can discuss anything you desire Master, but first, may I use the restroom?" she asked.

I pointed the direction to the bathroom as I replied, "Over there Love, second door on the right. Make sure you clean yourself well. You never know what desires I may have in the next few hours. I winked at her as she smiled back at me. She turned and headed towards the bathroom.

I tended the fire and prepared some fresh fruits for us as she was in the bathroom. I also prepared us some tea. I placed two glasses and the bowl of fruit onto an ornately scribed platter that read in script letters "To Be Submissive Is Heavenly, To Serve Your Master Is Divine" I placed it on the small table in front of the sofa.

Kerin returned a few minutes later carrying the towel she used to dry herself off with. She noticed the platter of tea and fruit on the table and smiled. She draped the towel over a chair and without saying a word, she knelt down in front of me between the sofa and the table and wrapped her arms around my knee. I leaned down and kissed her as I reached into the bowl and took a slice of apple from the bowl. I bit the slice and then held the rest of it out for Kerin. She looked at me and smiled a vixen sort of smile and then licked the piece of apple without taking her eyes off me. I grinned as she then pulled the piece out of my fingers and ate it.

"Master, I would have prepared this platter for us if had you told me to do so," she said.

"I know Love," I replied. "I will not always be wanting you to serve on me hand and foot Babe. I will also like to spoil you at times."

She smiled and kissed my knee. "I will surely enjoy when you spoil me Master."

"Kerin," I started, "We have to discuss something about the group now. My collaring you may sort of complicate things for you and the rest of the group. See, I don't want to share you with anyone my Love. There are some Masters and Mistresses that will take advantage of you if my intentions with you are not clear. With that in mind, I need to impose some restrictions on you with the group."

She looked at me with some concern. "What do you mean Master? Would they not respect that I am under your care and guidance?" she coyly asked.

I replied to her, "Unfortunately Love, most angels are considered group property unless otherwise stated by the Master or Mistress who collars them. For this reason, I am going to make up a card that you will show to other Masters or Mistresses should they be calling on your services and I not be around. It will have my signature on it and they should respect that."

Her face showed a sigh of relief as I said that. "What will be on this card Master?"

I spotted a small notebook and a pen on the nightstand and told Kerin to retrieve it for me. She rose and retrieved the notebook and returned without a word. I took them from her as she settled back on her knees in front of me.

I started to write and jotted down and opening statement. I then read it aloud to Kerin. "My Master and leash holder is Sir Derrick. He is my True Love, Guardian and Protector! He has asked me to provide this card to anyone requesting anything from me. This card describes my Limitations and Restrictions."

She smiled as I finished reading. "Straight and to the point it is Master" she said.

I started off by writing that I am her one and only Master. She is not to be included in sex play without my permission. I also stated that she is not to be punished in any manner from anyone, except me. She does not be put in her place as she already knows where her place is -- By my side!

I had to come up with a safeword for her. I looked around the room for something significant but could not find anything. Then I remembered that the name of the manor was Orchid. I asked Kerin, "How about 'orchid' for your safeword my Love?"

She thought about it for a second and replied, "That is a lovely word Master. After all, we did consummate our relationship here in this lovely manor.

I wrote down 'orchid' as her safeword and closed the writing by having all problems taken up with me.

After I finished writing, I handed Kerin the notebook and let her read it. She read it carefully and then looked at me and smiled. She then said in a concerned voice, "These limitations are pretty clear Master. What do I do if someone does not want to abide by them?"

"There are not many Masters or Mistresses that will not respect that card My Love. I will tell you who they are and you are to avoid them at all costs. If for some reason you are not able to avoid them you will use your safeword. If they still do not cease, they will face my wrath should anything happen to you." I paused as I let that statement sink in. I then continued, "I will also introduce you to a couple of Masters and Mistresses who are my closest friends in the group. You will be able to trust and seek them out for protection when I am not there."

I leaned down and kissed Kerin on the lips. "Are those limitations alright with you My Love, or would you like them re-worded in any way?" I asked.

Kerin shook her head, "No Master, your words are clear enough. I couldn't have said it better myself. I am glad that you do want to share me with others. I only want to be devoted to you."

I smiled gratefully. "Good," I replied. "I will print this on a card that you can carry in your handbag or pocket. You will have a copy in the morning." I tossed the notebook aside and then leaned forward. "Now I will tell you about our rules" I said.

Kerin placed her arms on my knees and looked up at me to listen intently.

I started. "Rule number one. Whenever we are here at the manor, the galleries, shops or the garden, you are to address as me as Master. If you fail to address me properly while we are on these premises, you will receive a spanking consisting of five swats with this leather bound wooden paddle." I reached behind one of the sofa cushions and produced my paddle to show it to her.

She looked at the paddle with some concern in her eyes. She then put her head down as she said, "Oh that will be easy Master."

I slapped the paddle against my hand and then replaced it behind the cushion. "Rule number two. You are never to wear knickers or a bra unless I specifically tell you to wear them. If I find you break this rule, you will receive ten swats from the paddle I just showed you."

"Master?" she questioned.

"Yes my Love?" I answered.

"Forgive me Master, but why ten swats for an underwear infraction and only five for misaddressing you?" she asked.

"I can make it ten for each if you wish my Love," I stated.

"Oh no Master! I do not wish that" she quickly replied as she reached down and rubbed her ass with one hand.

"The answer is simple my Love. You belong to me. Mind, body and soul. Your body is for my pleasure. You never know when I might want to use it. When I decide to have you, I want as little as possible in the way of clothing for you to remove" I told her.

"I understand Master" she said smiling. "I will try not to break those rules."

"In fact my Love, it is quite good that you are wearing nothing at the moment," I said. "Please go over to the bed and lay face down with your arms and legs spread."

Kerin stood up and flashed me a little vixen smile. She walked over to the bed, throwing her hips from side to side as she walked. I was mesmerized by the curves of her hips and her soft, sexy ass. She looked back at me before laying on the bed in the position I instructed. I noticed a small look of curiosity on her face as she did so.

Once she was positioned and I was satisfied, I got up off the sofa and walked over to the bed. I opened a drawer on the bedside stand and reached in and took out a set of ankle and wrist bracelets. I then proceeded to put them on Kerin. She tensed up as I started to put them on."What are you going to do with me Master?" she asked with a hint of excitement in her voice.

"Shhhhhh Baby," I told her. "Just relax while I bind you to the bed."

She didn't reply but I felt her relax as I finished putting the bracelets on. I then reached back into the drawer and pulled out a small coil of rope. It was actually four ropes coiled together. I separated them and tied one end of each rope around the bedposts. I then tied the other ends of the ropes to each of her bracelets, taking up the slack enough so that her arms and legs were suspended in the air in a reverse crab style. I looked between her legs and saw her pussy was already dripping wet.

"This excites you my Love?" I asked her as I finished the last knot.

"Oh yes Master. I can feel my pussy is getting moist and starting to tingle already. I am curious as to what you are going to do to me while I am sort of suspended like this."

I checked all of her bracelets to make sure they were secure and not hurting her. I then traced my fingers over the curves of her soft ass. I gently traced around the small bruises on her ass from yesterday's spankings. She winced a little bit as I began to massage her ass with both of my hands, but then relaxed as she realized that I was not going to hurt her. I massaged the small of her back to help release some of the pressure caused by the semi-suspended position she was in. She moaned at my every touch as I kneaded her skin.

I slid my left hand down in between her legs and rubbed it across the golden tuft of her mound. She bit her lip and moaned out, "Ohh Master. That feels so good. I love how you touch me Master."

I spoke to her in a very quiet and soothing voice, "Baby, I am going to play with your pussy with my tongue and a vibrator. While I do so, I want you to concentrate on not letting yourself orgasm until I tell you to do so. Do you think you can handle that?"

"I will try Master," she replied. "I have never tried to not let myself cum before. I don't know if I can do it Master."

"You will concentrate on it," I told her in a firmer voice. "If you cum before I allow you to do so, you will get five swats from the paddle."

She gulped hard and whimpered out "I will cum when you tell me to Master, I promise."

I went to the bedside stand and opened another drawer. Inside this drawer were a few dildos, a butt plug and a couple of vibrators of various shapes and sizes. I selected a six inch vibrator and went back to the bed.

I crawled up onto the bed in between Kerin's outstretched legs. My hands traced up and down the inside of Kerin's creamy thighs. Her pussy was already visibly wet with anticipation. I leaned down and began to kiss the insides of her thighs. Starting down behind her knee on her right leg, I left a trail of kisses and small gentle nibbles up the back of her leg and inside her thigh. When I reached her luscious ass, I ran my tongue up and down her right cheek and over to the middle. I then ran my tongue up and down her crack over her asshole but not touching her pussy. She tried to raise her hips so my tongue would touch her pussy but the way she was suspended did not allow her to do so. I smelled the sweet and musky aroma of her pussy and the faint smells of our love making from previously in the day. I then moved down to the back of her left knee and repeated the entire process over again. By the time my tongue hit her ass the second time, she was already moaning and wanting my tongue in her pussy. Despite knowing it was a futile effort on her part, she kept trying to raise her ass up to make my tongue touch her pussy. She finally gave in and decided to concentrate her efforts on her orgasm.

I reached for the vibrator on the bed and turned it on. I placed the vibrator right on the top of the crack of her ass in between her cheeks. She began to moan louder as she felt the vibrator on her ass. Holding the vibrator with one hand, I leaned my face down in between her legs and began to lick her pussy. I slid my tongue into her spread folds and across her clit. I tasted her sweetness for the first time directly from the source and savored it. I sucked her clit into my mouth and began to run the tip of my tongue all around it and over it. She began to moan louder and her breathing became faster. I felt her pussy throb around my chin and knew she was going to cum any second. I stuck my tongue into her pussy as far as I could and her pussy tightened around my tongue.

I slapped her ass with my other hand as I removed my tongue from her pussy and said, "Remember Baby, do not cum until you are told to."

"Y-y-es Master," she panted in between breaths.

I then took the vibrator and slid it into her pussy with one smooth and quick motion. She convulsed and shook in her binds then let out a very loud high pitched moan. I felt her whole body tense up as she tried very hard to stop her orgasm, but the vibrator was too much. I could tell she was going to cum and she was going to cum very hard. I counted five seconds and then decided to let her cum by saying in a calm voice, "You may cum now Baby. I want to see and taste your sweet juices as you cum."

No sooner than the word "may" came out of my mouth Kerin started cumming. She took in a deep breath and her pussy started to convulse around the vibrator nearly taking it out of my grip. Her whole body shook and she let out a low guttural moaning sound as she started to peak. Her pussy flooded my hand and soaked the sheet under her. I immediately pulled out the vibrator and leaned my face into her pussy, my tongue licking as much of her juices as I could. I sucked her whole pussy into my mouth as her orgasm peaked and kept going. Her breathing became harder and more labored as I kept her cumming. I opened my eyes and looked up her back to see her head moving from side to side as she struggled to breathe. Her moans dwindled down to mere whimpers as she continued to cum. I then sucked her pussy hard for a good two seconds and let her go.

Kerin dropped her head onto the bed and continued to try to catch her breath. Her orgasm waned off and she was finally able to control her breathing. I immediately began to untie her and let her arms and legs down so she could breathe easier. After getting her loose from her binds and the bracelets off, she curled up into a fetal position and didn't say a word. I crawled up behind her and wrapped my arm over her. I kissed her neck and shoulders and caressed her hip with my hand.

After a few moments she finally spoke, "Oh my god Master! I have never had an orgasm that powerful before. I thought I was going to pass out."

I grinned and said, "Baby, you did fine. I knew you would not be able to hold your orgasm back any longer than you did. You will work on that though. The longer you hold your orgasm back, the more fulfilling they become when you finally let them happen. This is a skill that you learn over time. We will continue to work on it."

"Master?" she asked in a concerned voice.

"Yes my Love?" I replied.

"I must confess, I started to allow my orgasm as you started to give me permission to do so. Am I going to get the paddle?" she asked in a very concerned voice.

I chuckled and told her as I gave her a playful swat on her ass, "No my Love. I am not going to punish you for anticipating what I am going to say when you are correct in your assumption."

She giggled as she reached around and grabbed her ass where my hand made contact. "I Love you Master Derrick."

"And I Love you Kerin!"

"Now my Love," I said to her. "Go get yourself cleaned up and dressed. Remember the rules of dress."

"Yes Master, no bra and no knickers," she replied. "Are we going somewhere Master?"

I replied, "Yes my Love. We are going to head to the garden and tell everyone the news. I am ready to break the hearts of a few Masters in the group."

She laughed as she rose off the bed. "And I am ready to break the hearts of the women in the group," she said smugly as she headed towards the bathroom.

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