tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKerina's College Humiliation Pt. 01

Kerina's College Humiliation Pt. 01


Chapter 1 - Kerina.

Kerina was from the country. She had done very well in High School, was skipped ahead a year and ended up in College at age 17. Kerina's parent were farmers and weren't very well off financially. The College that Kerina got into was in the city and so the best they could do for her was a shared dorm room.

Kerina was quite a beauty. She was 5'3 with long blonde wavy hair. Slim and pretty with a flat tummy and striking blue-green eyes. She didn't have large breasts, but they were by no means small either. She had had a few boyfriends whilst she was growing up but had never done more than kissing. Usually her relationships had broken up as the guy had wanted more but she wouldn't do it. She attended her local church and was generally well behaved and quiet.

So Kerina moved to the city. She was sharing her small dorm room with an older girl named Lisa. Kerina soon got used to her routine and spent most of her time in class, studying in her room or in the library, swimming laps in the pool occasionally going to the College's girl's church group and sleeping. Kerina really felt the pressure to do well, since she was younger than everyone else there.

In the first three weeks that she was there, the only really unpleasant thing that happened was that one day she was in the cafeteria waiting to buy lunch when this guy walked up behind her and reached around and grabbed her breasts. Kerina had pulled away shocked and embarrassed as he had stood there laughing at her. Kerina was quite upset and had gone straight to the Dean. The Dean had assured her he would work it out and the guy had soon after been suspended.

There was however more to the story. The Dean discovered the guy that had grabbed Kerina was none other than Warren Farthington, son of a rich businessman who contributed largely to the university. The Dean spoke to Warren and told him that unfortunately he, the Dean, had no choice but to suspend Warren as Kerina had a blemish free record and as there had been so many witnesses. If, however, it was to come to light that Kerina was not as well behaved as she appeared to be, well the Dean could reconsider.

Soon after Warren met with a friend of his who also went to the college. A deal was made, money exchanged hands, and Warren also gave his friend a bottle of clear liquid, a wad of notes and Kerina's class timetables. Warren wasn't too happy still, but figured he could handle having a week off.

What followed began on Kerina's 18th birthday


Chapter 2 - The Library

The bell rang. The class got up from their desks, the professor calling out last minute instructions, battling to talk over the rising din of conversation. Kerina quietly packed up her books into her small carry bag. She stood and eased her way into the mass of people heading for the exits.

Kerina was wearing a long white skirt, a blue blouse and sandals and her hair was hanging loose to her mid back. She negotiated her way out of the class and into the main quadrangle at the university. Kerina was feeling pretty good, having just got an excellent mark from a test she had done last week. She was on her way to the school library to study for another test that had now been announced for the end of the week. She was sad she wasn't seeing her family for her birthday for the first time ever, but the excitement of study was really making it a great day for her.

As she walked across and approached the big doors to the library a boy approached her.

"Hey there...how are you ...Kerina isn't it?"

Kerina looked around at a guy, 6'2, with straight short brown hair, brown eyes, wearing jeans and a University t-shirt. "Oh, uh yes...hi....do I know you?" she asked a little uncertainly.

"No, we haven't met, but I am in your class," He said giving a little smile," I actually wanted to ask something."

"What's that?" Kerina asked a little impatiently, wanting to start studying.

"Well the professor in our class said that you had done well in the last test, and I was wondering if we could maybe study together...maybe you could help me out a little?" he asked hopefully.

"Well, I am just going to the library to study now, so I guess...uh, what was your name?"

"Oh sorry, it's Jack," He said smiling.

"Oh, ok, well ok Jack I guess we can study together"

Jack accompanied Kerina into the library and Kerina walked to the back of the large room to some desks that were in a corner behind the bookcases. "I find there are fewer interruptions here," the ever studious Kerina told Jack.

They both started to unpack their books onto the desk.

"Would you like a drink Kerina? I am going to grab some water."

"Sure ok, thanks"

Jack walked over to the water dispenser, which was out of sight from their desk, and filled two plastic cups with the cool water. Glancing around to see that no one was looking at him ( he shouldn't have worried he thought, all the geeks in here have there heads in their books anyway), he took the small vial of clear liquid from his pocket and added a few drops to one cup.

Jack walked back with the two cups and put them on the table. He took a couple of mouthfuls from his and started to open his books. Kerina had her books arranged on the table. "Ok, so where are you up to...."she started when a beeping from Jacks pocket interrupted her.

Jack looked apologetic as he pulled his mobile from his pocket and started talking.

"Hello? What...now? But I...well okay I will be right there..." He slipped the phone back in his pocket.

"Sorry, something important has come up...sorry to muck you around like this Kerina. I have to go."

Kerina sat there watching Jack slip his books back in his bag, "I hope everything is all right?"

"Oh, it's nothing like that; I just told a friend I would help him move when he needed me. Seems like he suddenly decided now was the time. Sorry again, maybe we can do this another time?' Jack said smiling apologetically.

"Oh, sure! No problem." Kerina shook her head at the whirlwind of activity as Jack swept up his bag and disappeared back down the aisles towards the entrance. Soon however, she was once again immersed in her studying. Kerina was reading and taking notes. She reached for the white cup of water Jack had left for her and started to sip it. Soon she had finished it and continued to study.

Jack stood on the other side of the bookcase peering through. He saw Kerina finish the cup and had to struggle not cheer for how smoothly the plan had gone. He watched as she was reading and taking notes, but soon she was rubbing her forehead and squinting to see the writing of the book she was reading. He saw her sit up and blink here eyes and yawn, a puzzled look on her face. She went back to reading but soon she was starting to drop her head as sleep overtook her. She fought a little while but within ten minutes she was sitting there at the table, her face lying on her books.

Jack approached her cautiously.

"Kerina?" There was no response.

"Kerina?" He asked again reaching out to shake her shoulder, but there was still no response. Jack looked around, thankful that Kerina liked to study in such a secluded part of the library. Quickly he moved onto the next part of his plan. He reached down and unbuttoned the front of Kerina's blouse, his hands found the buttons easily, but in his haste he accidentally pulled the top button off. Jack gave a low whistle as he opened the front of her blouse, showing the plain white bra she wore beneath and the smooth fair skin of her stomach and chest.

He hiked up her skirt and lifted her up so he could reach under and he grabbed the elastic of her panties and tugged them down. It was a clumsy struggle and eventually he decided to slide her onto the desk further, face down and then grabbed the back of her panties and pulled them down as her legs dangled over the edge of the table. He caught some nice glimpses of her neatly trimmed pussy, but he kept his mind on business. There would be time for her pussy later on.

Jack ran his hands through her hair, messing it up a little. He pulled her back into her chair, pushed her legs apart, pulled the skirt up to her waist and pulled a dildo from his pack. He slid this into her young pussy and laid her hand over it. He then undid her bra and let it fall into her lap, her firm young breasts bouncing free.

Jack then grabbed her bra and panties and stuffed them in his bag. Looking around again to see the coast was clear; Jack disappeared up the aisle way again and left the library.

"Excuse me!' A loud voice penetrated Kerina's consciousness.


"I said excuse me miss, what the hell do you think you are doing??"

Kerina blinked blearily trying to focus on the person in front of her. "What? Uh ...what?"

"What...are you on drugs?" the voice asked.

Kerina blinked again until the semi familiar image of Kylie the Library assistant came into focus. There was an unfamiliar guy standing next to her, he was staring for some reason.

"Oh, I must have fallen asleep, don't worry" Kerina said still feeling dizzy.

"Don't worry! Don't worry! Young lady this is a place for study, not for..for..for your filth!"

Kerina looked around uncomprehending...as she glanced down however she suddenly felt sobriety wash over her...she could see her breasts. For a moment she couldn't understand what she was seeing but her mind quickly told her.

"Ahhhhh" Kerina squealed in shock.

"Right that's enough young lady, you have always been well behaved so I won't call security. You are, however, going to leave right now."

The librarian grabbed Kerina's arm and jerked her up out of the chair and started to pull her down the aisle.

"B-but miss...please, my bag, my books."

"You can pick them up from the front office tomorrow, if you leave without a fuss, otherwise you can pick them up from security."

Kerina suddenly realized she was being dragged to the front door of the library, her skirt had fell back into place, so no one could see she had no panties, but her breasts were still bouncing about on display! She desperately tried to do up her buttons, but Kylie had her right arm firmly in her grip dragging her toward the doors. Kerina fumbled with her left hand but couldn't get them done up.

Kerina yelped as Kylie pushed the door open and thrust Kerina through the doors, straight into a group of black girls walking past. Kerina sputtered apologies as she ran into one of them heavily knocking some books she was carrying to the ground.

"S-sorry, sorry," Kerina said looking dishevelled, grabbing for the front of her blouse trying to do up a button.

The black girl grabbed her and spun her around, "Why don't you watch where you are going...what the hell! Why you got your boobies all hanging out for girl? You some kind of freak?"

"N-No I am sorry," Kerina begged as her fingers scrabbled for the front of her blouse to do the buttons up.

She suddenly felt someone grab her shoulders and she was pushed heavily to the ground. Kerina looked back scared from the ground as one of the other girls yelled at her. "You little freak, pick up Leticia's books. I don't know what freaky shit you are into, but you ain't gonna disrespect us."

Almost crying, Kerina grabbed the books, on her hands and knees in front of the girls, her blouse open, and her breasts crudely on display for a few guys who had stopped to stare, finding it hard to believe what they were seeing.

Kerina got all the books and offered them to the first girl, eyes watering with humiliation. The black girls took the books and walked off laughing at the stupid little freak girl. Kerina scrambled to her feet, very conscious of the stares around her and ran toward her dorm, only remembering half way there to hold the front of her blouse closed.

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