tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKerina's College Humiliation Pt. 16

Kerina's College Humiliation Pt. 16


(The following story is fictional and is more non-consent than reluctance. Please send me your feedback, including what you thought and what you would like to see happen.)

Chapter 27 - Kerina is exposed in High School

The halls echoed to the feet of students rushing to class. The Bell had just rung and the hallways that were previously ominously silent had burst into a cacophony of sound. Jim and Marty walked from class, confident and self assured, they walked through the crowd as students rushed, swirling around them. They were discussing an event that had happened about two weeks ago now, but which had never been far from their minds, the time when they had met Kerina.

They turned left down the hall and walked along the long hall that lead to the medical centre, ironically the same hall that Jenna decided upon to lead Kerina to the nearby room in which she would commence the necessary tests on Kerina.

The exam room was small and harshly lit. The whole room was visible through the door from the busy hall and as Jim and Marty passed, they looked in curiously....

...and saw nothing. If they had been five minutes later they would have seen Kerina, but this wasn't the case. If it had been, the story may have gone in a whole different direction. This just goes to show in this big universe that you never can tell.

Unfortunately this is not to say that everything went well for Kerina. She has enough problems, that avoiding the attention of Marty and Jim wouldn't give her much joy. Particularly as she wasn't even aware that she had missed them.


Kerina blushed red as she stumbled after Jenna, one hand held firmly by Jenna as she was pulled through the waiting room and down a dull hallway. Her free hand scrabbled at the back of her robe, trying to hold the back together. She couldn't believe Jenna had just pulled her out of the doctor's office like this.

"Sorry about this Kerina," Jenna said lightly, "Dr Cartwright has a lot of patients to see and he doesn't have time to do the whole physical, but don't worry. I will get you sorted out babe."

Kerina looked down at her bare feet padding along the cold hallway, listening to Jenna explain the situation, leaving Kerina feeling so detached, feeling ashamed and exposed, but feeling silly because she even had those feelings. This was just a standard exam; everything happening had a logical explanation. And yet...here she was in a surgical gown, walking down the school hall.

Kerina jumped as a loud bell rang, shattering the silence. Jenna glanced back at her and just gave a small pitying smile.

"It's ok babe. It's just the class bell."

"Oh, uh, sorry," Kerina said.

In the distance the sound of people talking and walking floated to them, and not far ahead of them at an intersecting hallway, a stream of students could be seen, walking back and forward. Kerina balked, but Jenna pulled her firmly onward.

"Come on slow poke, no chance for dilly dallying," smiled Jenna, ensuring that Kerina kept up.

As they reached the upcoming hallway, the stream of students fortunately thinned, however, as many had now reached their class. Unfortunately for Kerina there were still a few stragglers and she received a lot of strange looks and muffled comments.

Kerina hung her head embarrassed as they passed four girls standing chatting in front of their lockers. Kerina felt their eyes following her as she walked past and then a chorus of giggles receding behind her. Kerina's hand pulled the back of the gown together harder, desperately trying to hide herself better.

"Here we go," Jenna said as if nothing was happening as the arrived at a room. Looking in, Kerina observed a large wooden desk, some smaller desks and a blackboard and an old skeleton missing an arm.

"Uh is this the right room?" Kerina asked worried.

"It sure is. I know it isn't real pretty, but we have pretty tight budgets here. The room also gets used for some smaller tuition classes I think," Jenna chatted as she led Kerina in.

Kerina walked in and stood there nervously.

"Ok, up on the desk please," Jenna said opening a case she brought in. Kerina walked over to the desk, turned and sat. The robe parted as she slid onto the desk and her bare bottom sat directly onto the uneven wooden surface, not even with the robe to separate her ass and the wood.

Kerina sat there worried as Jenna snapped on a pair of plastic gloves and walked over to face Kerina. Jenna pulled the top of Kerina's robe down, baring her breasts. Jenna's fingers started probing the soft flesh of Kerina's young breasts, prodding, groping, and twisting the small sensitive nipples.

"Owww," yelped Kerina.

"Settle down honey, I am just doing your breast exam, surely you have had these before?"

"Well I guess," admitted Kerina, who had not however endured such a painful one.

Hearing a giggle Kerina looked up surprised to see that Jenna hadn't closed the door and the four girls they had seen down by their lockers were now walking slowly past looking in at Kerina's bare breasts being prodded by Jenna.

Before Kerina could complain, Jenna leaned away, "Okay that is all alright, now lets get rid of that robe so we can check out what's between your legs," her voice carrying loudly into the hallway.

Kerina's eyes opened wide, but Jenna simply pulled the robe away and stepped over to another desk to put the robe down.

"Now hun, I need you to pee in this cup please," Jenna smiled, handing Kerina a plastic cup.

Kerina wanted to complain but she was speechless, her hand limply received the plastic cup.

"Come on dummy, move your fat ass, squat down on the floor to pee," Jenna said lightly smiling.

Blushing Kerina slid off the table and squatted on the floor, positioning the cup between her legs. The girls in the hallway had stopped and were giggling and looking in. One had pulled out her camera phone and seemed to be aiming it at Kerina!

"Jenna, please," Kerina pleaded as she crouched nude on the floor, her bare breasts sitting pertly from her body, her legs slightly splayed displaying her neatly trimmed pussy between them, as Kerina held a small plastic cup unsteadily under her. She was exposed and even posed lewdly like this!

"Shh Kerina, just concentrate on getting some pee out of that little sex hole of yours," Jenna smiled again, looking a little less friendly this time.

"But there are some..."

"Kerina, shut up and pee. From how much I have heard you put out, surely a bit of your skanky urine isn't much to ask."

Kerina went pale, looking up at Jenna as the words sank in. Her bladder released and a stream of urine spurted out of her pussy, splattering on the floor a little before she could guide the cup into place. The electronic sound of a camera was dulled out by the words Jenna had just said.

"Wh-what do you mean Jenna?" Kerina groaned weakly as the urine kept flowing, helpless she knelt there on the floor, being watched in one of the most defenseless positions she had ever found herself in.

Jenna knelt down briefly, so their eyes were level and looked at her for a second, as Kerina crouched there naked, exposed to the door and the hallway, pee flowing strongly from her pussy, now overflowing from the cup and pooling onto the floor.

"You fucked my boyfriend you little slut, in the store on Lewis Street."

The look of shock and guilt that crossed Kerina's face confirmed the whole thing for Jenna, and any trace of uncertainty fled from Jenna's mind. Her face went hard as she stared at Kerina's young face and looked on silently for a few more seconds.

"But, I can explain," Kerina said weakly.

"Tell you what hun," Jenna said standing again and looking down on Kerina's naked ashamed floor, stepping back as the pool of pee expanded a little, "why don't you shut your little whore mouth and let me finish doing what I need to do to examine your disgusting slut body? Ok?"

Jenna stood there smiling a fake smile at Kerina.

Kerina looked up wide eyed and ashamed, feeling guilty and humiliated at what Jenna had just said to her.

"Now get up on the exam table again alright, on all fours please," Jenna asked turning back to her case.

Kerina stood up, stepping primly through the pool of her own urine. She walked over to the table and climbed on, nude and ashamed. On all fours she looked over at Jenna wide eyed. She was horrified to see that in this position her pussy and ass were pointing toward the door but at least the doorway was empty no, the girls had apparently moved on.

"Okay Hun, I am going to take your temperature, open up," Jenna said happily.

Kerina opened her mouth nervously and then suddenly felt a hand on her ass. She couldn't work out what was happening till a sharp pain shook her as something shoved roughly into her tight ass.

"Owww," Kerina squealed as Jenna stuck a rectal thermometer viciously into her, deep and hard.

"K hun hat's perfect, now I just need this for the file. Smile."

Kerina looked at Jenna stunned as Jenna pulled out a small digital camera and took a few snaps of Kerina, kneeling on all fours on the desk with something sticking in her ass.

"Okay now I just have to go and get a few papers I forgot, don't move, that needs 80 seconds for an accurate temperature okay? I will be straight back."

Kerina knelt there on all fours horrified, in her own private world of pain, stars flashing before her eyes. All she could do was moan.

Smiling Jenna slapped her on the ass and walked out, leaving Kerina kneeling there, alone, nude helpless, ashamed, fighting with her thoughts, that Jenna thought she was a slut and hated her so much, that she was exposed here in the middle of this strange place, the pain from her ass wracked her young pretty body but she was totally unaware that Jenna had taken the robe as she left.

Unfortunately for her, she became very aware of this a few minutes later as Jenna paused some way down a nearby hall and pulled on the fire alarm and all hell broke loose.

Chapter 28 - Things hot up.

Shouts of "Fire, fire," echoed around the hall and the sound of running feet began.

Kerina didn't want to get seen like this, but at the same time she had been told to stay here and let the thermometer work. Kerina's brow creased as she tried to work out what to do, her current position doing a lot to distract her. She swiftly decided, however, that the threat of fire was more important than any other considerations, so she reached back and painfully drew the thick thermometer out of her tight ass.

Leaving it on the desk she looked around frantically for her gown... it was gone! She stood there indecisively, she had to get out of here, but she didn't want to be walking around naked. Outside the sounds off footsteps died down and went quiet. Presumably everyone had left.

Kerina was about to take a look when she heard the sound of a nearby door closing. A few moments later another closed. Someone was checking the rooms!

Kerina looked around desperate for somewhere to hide, but there was no where. Before she could think further, the door opened and a tall man, who only looked in his mid twenties, looked in and stopped shocked.

"What are you doing, there is a fire alarm, you have to get out! And, uh, where are your clothes?"

"I-I don't know," Kerina answered honestly, too embarrassed to continue on with her explanation properly.

"Well you have to get out of here," he said grabbing her wrist and pulling her into the corridor, "we have to get to the meeting point."

"No! Please don't do this," Kerina yelped, feet sliding along as he dragged her down the corridor, "please you can't take me out there naked."

He slowed looking at her uncertainly, "I am only a student teacher, I have to get everyone to safety."

Panicking, Kerina desperately fought for something to say, "Well if you take me like this, then they are going to think you are having sex with students."

"Yeah, it could look bad I guess," He said thoughtfully, "well the supply closet with lost and found is just around the corner here, "We could quickly grab something for you to wear," he said pulling her around the corner after him.

Kerina stumbled along again, helpless, but at least happy he as talking about clothing her. They reached a door and he pushed it open into a small room. He grabbed a box in the corner and upended it. He grabbed the only girls clothing, which were 2 skirts, both in school green, and a school blouse and a t-shirt which had been ripped almost in half. He handed them to Kerina, "Come on, quick then."

Kerina blushed as she pulled on the blouse in front of him, swiftly buttoning it up hiding her pert breasts, the she pulled on the first skirt, but it was tiny and wouldn't go over her hips. Blushing Kerina slipped it back off, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy to him again and then pulled the other on. It also was tight but it was able to fit. It was short though, and didn't even fall half way down her thighs. Kerina zipped it up thankfully, but feeling very dirty, having just dressed in front of this older guy.

Kerina looked up and was surprised by the change in the look the guy was giving her now.

"You are very, um, developed, aren't you?" he asked in a strained voice.

"Uh well, you see, its kind of hard to explain.."

"How old are you?" He asked getting a little closer.

"Uh 18, but I, but I don't think..."

"18? Well that's perfect then," he said, his hands grabbing onto the sides of Kerina's slim hips.

"What are you doing?" she asked shocked, but at the same time he ignored her and lifted her up onto a desk, her legs parted, the skirt riding up lewdly displaying her neatly trimmed pussy, her lips parting slightly.

"Pl-please, I don't think we should," Kerina pleaded

"Shhh, just be quiet now," he hissed as he reached down and undid his pants, and pulled his briefs down quickly, his long thin cock popping free.

"Look, don't, I don't want you to.."

"Shut up bitch, I can imagine what you were doing alone and naked in the other class room anyway, now shut up while I do this."

Kerina gasped as he shoved her roughly on her back and thrust forward with his hips, his cock pushing roughly between her pussy lips, plunging deep in her. Kerina struggled weakly and he held her on her back, pulling at the front of her blouse as he started pumping his cock into her lovely young plump pussy.

"Hey what the hell?" a female voice shattered the silence behind them.

"Oh shit," the guy fucking Kerina said looking over his shoulder.

"Brian what is with you and, oh you are having sex with a student? You are a slime bag. You will get fired for sure this time," the voice said smugly. Kerina was whimpering as his cock relentlessly kept pumping her, as she lay there legs open, breasts popping out on the desk.

"Get away from her now, you sick bastard," the voice said getting closer, Brian was shoved out of the way and a hand grabbed Kerina's hand pulling her up into a sitting position.

"Are you okay...what the??"

Kerina sat there, legs apart, skirt riding up around her waist, blouse open with her young pert breasts hanging lewdly out, looking into the face of Haley!

"Haley?" Kerina asked confused.

"Kerina? What are you doing here?" Haley asked stunned, "Why are you dressed as a student from here?" Haley continued after a few moments.

"Uh, w-well you see, I was here for a physical. Uh and, and I was taken to a room for an exam and then the alarm went off , and I was there by myself and I couldn't find my robe..." Kerina trailed off as Haley's pretty brown eyes turned from confused to annoyed, "uhh, what are you doing here?" Kerina finished lamely.

"I am a doing a student teaching placement here, the same as your boyfriend here Brian is doing. I don't know what is wrong with you Kerina, seriously when you were first at College, you were so nice and quiet and now you have turned into this slut who just sleeps around. You are pathetic and I am sick of it. Don't let me see you around here again or I am reporting you both," Haley stated angrily, turned on her heel and walked off.

"B-but you don't understand.." Kerina pleaded weakly as Haley walked away.

"Now where were we babe?" Brian smiled and pushed Kerina back roughly, pushed her legs apart and slid back inside her.

Kerina lay there helpless as he fucked her roughly, and grunted loudly and came inside her.

"That was great babe, we should hook up again another time," He said grinning as he stood up and zipped himself up. He looked down at the pretty Kerina, laying there legs apart, pussy gaping from the fucking it had just received and her breasts red from where he had been squeezing them. He grinned and walked out.


Kerina weakly did the clothes back up and headed out the door. He had really fucked her hard and she was walking uncomfortably, but she was desperate to get out of there. Fortunately the fire alarm, while turned off, was still taking up everyone's time as classes were counted and the teachers ensured everyone was there. Kerina used the opportunity to leave via a small side door and she walked slowly back to her Dorm room.

With out her belongings again, Kerina knocked hopefully on her door and was relieved as Lisa opened the door for her. Kerina limped in, disheveled in a too-small school uniform, and realized that Lisa's boyfriend was there.

Kerina was too embarrassed to even talk. "Wow, looks like Kerina has been at it again," grinned Ben.

"Well, we were just going," Lisa said, picking up her keys.

"What? No we weren't" Ben said confused.

"Well we are now," Lisa said angrily and stormed out, Ben followed grinning back at Kerina before he walked out. Kerina went and sat on her bed dejected.

A flashing symbol on her phone led Kerina's attention to her cell phone. A message was awaiting for her. She dialed the number and listened. The manager from the department store had left a message offering her the job, asking her to come in on Thursday afternoon.

Kerina sat there miserably. Unable to face any more she lay back and drifted off.

She was roused as she heard knocking on the door. Sleepily she walked over, thinking Lisa had locked her self out. Opening the door she looked confused at the two figures standing there nervously.

Seeing her standing there disheveled in a little school uniform, Morie grinned.

"Hi there Kerina, we hadn't heard from you from you for a while and we were in the neighborhood. Well come on, are you going to invite us in?"

Kerina stood there shocked by the two foul smelling bums at her door.

"P-please, you have to get out of here," she hissed.

Big Johnny looked hurt at her comment, "You gonna throw us out when we were so nice, you remember?"

"Yeah," grinned Morie, "remember when you were running naked from the police," he said getting louder.

"Shhh shh, okay, okay come in," Kerina said horrified looking out down the thankfully empty corridor.

"See, I knew she would treat us nice," said Morie, "look she even dressed up for us. I always wanted to fuck a schoolgirl.

The evening was a haze after that, but suffice to say that Kerina was soon back on the job. Bent over her bed, skirt hiked around her waist, Morie finally took his turn at fucking the luscious 18-year-old.

In fact he had a couple of turns and so did Big Johnny. When they left about an hour later, they were both very satisfied and went out to search for something to drink.

To be continued...

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