Kerrie's Special Treatment


"Hold on tiger, these walls are not that thick!" Kerrie said as she lowered her lips down to Ann.

Kerrie started to slowly kiss Ann; however, Kerrie could tell that Ann was definitely ready for more than just soft kissing. Ann kept pushing her tongue into Kerrie’s mouth and grinding her pussy into Kerrie’s fingers. She started to insert first one, then two, then three fingers up into Ann’s and kissing her deeply. The whole time she never took her eyes off of Ann as she stared into her lust filled eyes and gave Ann everything she wanted and had been missing.

Kerrie briefly pulled back from Ann and lowered her lips to her clients delicious red nipples, leaving her other hand at Ann's lips for her to suck on. She wanted to keep that mouth busy, because this woman was definitely a moaner. Kerrie loved that; however, this was not the place to just let it all go. She bit lightly at Ann's nipples and sucked them into her mouth. She continued to rub her fingers over Ann’s wet clit and into her pussy as Kerrie stared into those gorgeous eyes. Ann reached her hand up and first held the back of Kerrie’s head, then moved it down to Kerrie’s skirt. She reached under the skirt and ran her hands up and down Kerrie's inner thighs. They were silky smooth and she continued to rub Kerrie’s sexy thigh and move her fingers closer to Kerrie’s treasure.

This set Kerrie off to suck Ann’s nipples even harder and to rub her even faster. Ann was out of control and she loved every minute of it. Screw her husband! Screw the bitches at the club! She was going to love every minute of this. Ann she up and moved her finger aside into Kerrie's wet panties. She felt another woman pussy for the first time, and loved it. In fact, she noticed Kerrie’s pubic area was completely shaven, something she had always wanted to do but could never muster the nerve. Ann began rubbing Kerrie's pussy with the inside of her palm and pulled the girls face back up to her lips to kiss her deeply.

They rubbed each other like that for another minute until Ann felt her body start to pounce and her pussy getting ready to explode. Kerrie was fucking her with her fingers and kissing her deep. The louder Ann moaned, the deeper Kerrie shoved her tongue until Ann felt she was going to explode. Finally, Ann totally stiffened up and just erupted in climax! She tried to pull Kerrie's fingers out of her pussy, but her young lover just kept on pumping and rubbing her clit. Again and again Ann orgasmed!

Hoping not to arouse curiosity from others in the salon, but also not giving a damn any more. Ann was pumping Kerrie's pussy as fast as she could and the younger woman stared into her eyes. Kerrie felt a huge orgasm coming on as well, but she wanted more. She hopped off Ann, pulled her skirt up, slid off her panties and hopped up on the table and placed herself in a 69 with Ann. She started to really lick into Ann’s wet pussy hoping her new friend would get the idea and take a taste of her cunt.

At first, Ann just stared and rubbed the bald pussy above her; however, she was entranced by it and started to slowly lick Kerrie's pussy with slow, deep strokes. Ann could tell by her new friends muffled moans and grinding that she was doing this right and she was even more turned on. Ann thought about what a prude her husband always said she was. If he saw her now he would jack off on the stop as he watched his wife. Both women continued their assaults on each other until first Kerrie felt her orgasm fast approaching. She started grinding her shaved pussy as far into Ann's tongue and she started nibbling and sucking on Ann’s engorged clit like it was this set Ann off again and she really started to moan loudly.

Kerrie lowered herself all the way down on her lovers face and hoped she would not suffocate her. Ann and Kerrie continued to love on each other until both of the women orgasmed with a bang! Ann body was convulsing under Kerrie and the stylist lifted herself up. At first thinking she had almost smothered her new lover, but then realizing that Ann was in heaven. Ann pulled Kerrie’s pussy back down to her mouth though and started fucking her all over again with her tongue. Kerrie sat up over Ann and let her have her way with her and she reached down to Ann’s wonderful nipples and started rubbing them between her fingers as she licked away at Kerrie’s clit.

Ann pulled Kerrie’s other hand to her wet, hot pussy and rubbed both hands onto them. At first Ann tried to get Kerrie to rub her wet cunt; however, Kerrie kept putting Ann's hands back down to her own pussy and rubbing it in. Ann got the picture and started to fuck herself with her entire hand. Kerrie was just mesmerized by this once timid suburban wife who was eating her bald pussy out and fucking herself of with her own hand. Both women were now complete messes. Sweaty, cum covered messes! Soon, Kerrie climaxed over her lovers tongue again and watched as Ann bring herself with a deep moan to climax one last time.

As the two women cooled down, Kerrie pulled herself off Ann and leaned over the table. Ann who was more sexually satisfied than she had been here whole life looked up into Kerrie's sexy eyes and replied,

"So this is the “Special Treatment” huh?" Ann said as she laid back to rest up “Wow!”

“Well, we forgot the wax and shave,” Kerrie said as she caressed Ann’s smooth stomach and played with her pubic hair. “We can reschedule that for later in the week if you like."

Ann kissed Kerrie deeply and smiled lustily, “Definitely!"

With that both women put themselves together and snuck back into Kerrie's booth.

"You think anyone heard?" Ann said as Kerrie fixed her hair.

"Well, I am not sure. I am sure if someone did they will let me know about it, Kerrie said “Monday’s are pretty slow in here and I think there are only a few people here right now anyway."

"Will you be fired? I'd hate to be the reason for that," Ann said.

"This booth is mine and I have a 25% stake in the salon. Besides, you were definitely worth it if they tried to run me off it was worth it," Kerrie kissed Ann deeply. She could taste and smell her own aroma on Ann’s face. Intoxicating!

Ann offered to pay Kerrie for her style, but she refused saying that Connie had taken care of everything.

"So you and Connie...........?" Ann said smiling. “That little turd!”

"Oh yes! and then some! She is my oldest client and you might say a charter member of “Kerrie’s Special Treatment,” Kerrie said with a wink.

"Well I hope to get my name on that list on a regular basis now," Ann said as she arose from the chair and embraced Kerrie one last time.

"VIP for you! You sexy lil thang!" Kerrie said as she kissed Ann deep and ran her hands over her body one last time.

Kerrie escorted Ann up to the front past the receptionist and watched her walk out. The pretty young receptionist looked up to Kerrie and replied,

"I heard some noises as I took the trash out the back coming from the massage room. Was everything okay?"

Kerrie smiled at her and replied as she walked back to her booth, "It was perfect! I guarantee you she definitely loved my “Special Treatment” and she will be back for more.”

“What exactly comes with the “Special Treatment" Kerrie?” The receptionist asked innocently.

“You cum with the “Special Treatment” sweetie!” Kerrie said with a wink as she turned to head back to her booth.

The receptionist watched Kerrie saunter off and it finally occurred to her what she meant. She smiled to herself and thought that maybe she could get a “Special Treatment” someday.

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