tagSci-Fi & FantasyKevin & Maggie

Kevin & Maggie


The BMW pulled up the gravel driveway, the late afternoon sun reflecting from its immaculate coat of dark blue paint. The driver's door opened, and out stepped a dark-haired man of slightly more than average height. He quickly moved around the front of the car and opened the passenger door for his female companion. Like him, she wore dark sunglasses to shade her eyes from the sun. Unlike him, she was decidedly smaller than average, the top of her auburn ponytail barely reaching his chest. Her form was petite, almost elfin. The ocean breeze swirled the hem of her sundress around her shapely calves and she moved toward the entrance of the bed and breakfast while he retrieved their luggage from the trunk.

This quaint establishment was a rarity in the Southern California costal town of La Jolla. Most of the private owned beachfront bed & breakfasts had long since been replaced by sprawling resort complexes.

He held the door open for his companion, then followed her through, still bearing their luggage. A clerk looked up as the pair approached her desk. "Welcome to Sea Breeze Inn. May I help you?", she asked cheerfully.

"Yes, I believe you have a reservation for us? The name is McCormick, Kevin McCormick", he replied, removing his sunglasses, tucking them in his shirt pocket, and revealing light blue eyes.

The clerk spent a moment looking at the screen of her computer, and then replied, "Yes, here it is. Weekend reservation for two, for a room with an ocean view. If you'll sign here, you'll be all set."

Maggie Callahan was only half-listening to the process, most of her attention drawn to the décor of the inn. Classic Victorian trappings, with typical eclectic SoCal pieces thrown in for emphasis. A good match, actually. As Kevin finished checking in, she moved to accompany him up the stairs. "This a lovely place. How did you find it?"

Kevin glanced back at Maggie and smiled. "Oh, a couple years ago I thought about making a trip here with someone special. Just never found the right someone. Until now."

Maggie felt a little patter in her heart. She knew how she felt about him, and was pretty sure he felt the same way. It always gave her heart a lift when she heard him actually say it. Even though they've only known each other for less than a week, and that was under unique circumstances, to say the least. But for all the oddity of how they met, it didn't change the fact that they were together now.

They reached the top of the stairs, and made a right. There was a door at the end of the short hallway, and Kevin promptly opened it with the key the clerk gave him. Again, he held the door for Maggie, and they let themselves in.

It was a small room, she saw. Well, perhaps small was an injustice. It was certainly cozy, but far from cramped. This was a room that was perfect for couples. From the balcony overlooking the beach to the fireplace opposite the bed, to the bed itself, it was a mix designed to encourage intimacy and togetherness.

Kevin placed the luggage in the closet and on the bench next to it, then sat down on the bed, sinking several inches due to the downy softness of the coverings. "Ohh... going to sleep like a baby tonight."

Maggie smirked and took a seat next to him, luxuriating in the softness as well. Until she remembered it was doubtful that she'd be able to sleep here with him. Squashing that bit of regret, she turned toward him and with a predatory smile said, "Well, I hope sleeping isn't all you plan on doing here."

Kevin tilted his head towards her, and softly brushed her lips with his. "Hmm... I admit, I had hoped other types of recreation, but I thought I'd act the gentleman and leave such matters up to you."

Again, Maggie felt that blossom in her heart unfold. Her eyes shut, she kissed him, once, then twice. Then resting her check next to his, she whispered in his ear. "You already have my heart and my soul. You can have my body anytime you wish."

Kevin arched an eyebrow at this, then smiled broadly. "And here I was thinking just the same thing. I think I'm getting the better deal, though." And with that, he leaned backward, pulling Maggie down on top of him. His lips caressed hers, softly at first, then with growing passion. His hands moved from her shoulders down to her waist, fingers going just a bit lower to glide over her bottom.

Arousal built between them, a spark, a lick of flame, before engulfing them both in a roaring conflagration. His mouth moved to the sensitive spot behind her ear and nuzzled her for an eternity, her hands roaming over his chest. Soon they were both panting with desire.

At least, that's all it was for Kevin. Maggie had other concerns, however. Ever since she was turned into a living guinea pig and experimented upon, she was limited in one very important way. Her respitory system had been altered so that instead of using lungs to breathe the air, she now had tiny gill slits on her neck, and they required water. She could use them to breathe air for about an hour, but after that she had to submerge herself or risk suffocation. Even with the breathing suit that Kevin had made for her, and even now wore under her sundress, she couldn't go more than 4 or 5 hours between immersions. And she was getting close to that limit.

Torn between the playing and ravishing and the need to breathe, she regretfully chose the latter. She disengaged herself and sat up. "Kevin... I need to stop for a bit... Getting a little too dry for comfort."

Kevin sat up as well, concerned. As well as aroused. But that could wait. He'd seen her in worse straits, but there was no reason to push her limits when it wasn't necessary. "Well, we do have the whole ocean out there. How about little swim before supper?"

Maggie's eyes brightened up, and nodded, her breath coming in small gasps. "Sounds good to me, love. *Gasp* It's been too long *gasp* since I've been submerged. The suit helps, gasp, but it has its limits."

She slipped out of her sundress and peeled off the breathing suit, gasping harder as she uncovered her gills. Now exposed to the open air, they felt dry and itchy. She knew from previous experience that in a couple minutes they'd feel like they were burning, and she'd be unable to breathe at all.

She filled a cup with water and inhaled it, using a towel to dab at the water that dribbled out her gill slits. Twice more she filled her cup and inhaled the contents. Now, she could at least last long enough to reach the beach. Her skin was another matter, but she could deal with that for a few minutes longer with no ill effects.

As she refreshed herself, Kevin slipped out of his khakis and into a pair of trunks. A warm pool of arousal settled in her stomach as she stared at his nude reflection in the mirror. And it was obvious that he'd been quite aroused recently, and still remained so, at least a little bit.

She dressed in a teal bikini, and draped a beach towel around her neck. It was slightly uncomfortable, due to both the stuffiness and the coarseness of fabric around her very sensitive gills.

Now outfitted, they both headed down to the main floor and out onto the beach. Here, the stretch of sand was a good 20 yards wide. Setting down their towels and kicking off their flip-flops, the couple waded into the cool Pacific waters. Maggie gasped as the water reached her nipples, then dove beneath the waves.

Irrationally, she held her breath. Mostly out of habit, but as she hovered beneath the surface, she finally let go and took in a deep breath of water. The salt tingled, but felt strangely comforting. She could also see quite clearly, without any of the wavering and blurriness that usually accompanies human sight underwater. She planted her feet on the sandy bottom and stood up, rising next to Kevin.

"So, how was it?", he inquired.

"Well, if nothing else, I guess I could join the Baywatch team. I'd probably have to get implants, though."

Kevin laughed and marveled at her. No matter what happened, Maggie never lost her sense of humor. That enduring optimism was just one of the many reasons he loved her. "Feel free to swim to your heart's content. You are the last person I would be worried about at the beach."

"I think I'll do just that. For the first time in a week, I feel perfectly at home. It's weird, but it's also invigorating." Again she dove beneath the waves, making use of her new traits as Kevin bobbed and floated in the rolling waves. Going to the sandy bottom, she sped quickly across it, then angled upwards. With her momentum, she broke the water like a leaping dolphin, then splashed back into the sea.

"Wow! I had no idea you could move so well." Kevin exclaimed.

Maggie swam next to him and gave him a hug and a wet kiss. "Neither did I. But I feel so free, and it seems to natural. I wish we had a nice big pool at home. I could do this forever."

Kevin grimaced. "I think that was the whole idea, actually", he said, causing Maggie to frown. Her changes weren't the worst of it. It was that they did this to her without so much a 'please' or a 'thank you'. If someone had asked her to volunteer, she might have said yes. But to kidnap her in the dark, and keep her for days on end to make their little experiment, that did, and always would, stick in her craw.

The glowing orb of the sun began to slip beneath the horizon, adding a fiery red tint to the breaking waves. As it started to grow darker, they made their way back to the beach to dry off and return to their room.

Upon reaching their room, they shared brief shower, rising off the salt and sand. Of course Maggie loved it, as she did anytime she got a chance to wet herself down. But Kevin being there with her was a very welcome bonus. He couldn't resist the opportunity to caress and fondle her breasts, or kissing the back of her neck.

The presence of her gills had turned that area into a very sensitive erogenous zone. One he took merciless advantage of, brushing his lips and the tip of his tongue over the moist gills. With her breasts in his hands, he teased her nipples, gently pinching them with his thumb and forefingers. Warmth and desire flooded her body, and another part of her was now moist.

But they both felt the need for something in their bellies. They had been on the road for a good part of the day, and the little hamburger place they had stopped earlier hadn't provided enough sustenance to see them through the upcoming ravishing.

Kevin reached around her and turned off the shower, then held out a towel for Maggie. She took it, and thought for a moment. "Well, since we're eating downstairs, I'll skip the suit. I've been in it all day, and it's not really that comfortable to wear all the time." At Kevin's frown she added, "If we go somewhere, I'll wear it. But it's cool out, and we're only a floor away from our room. I doubt I'll have any difficulty."

Kevin nodded. "Ok love. I mean, you did get along without it before now. And as you say, we're just going downstairs. Get ready, and I'll call down and have a table saved for us."

20 minutes and 3 glasses of water later, Kevin escorted Maggie into the dining room. With it being a few weeks away from the start of the regular tourist season, they were currently the only couple staying in the inn, and had the entire dining room to theirselves.

As the wine and salad arrived, Kevin looked out the window to the Pacific. "I'll make a call to the institute tomorrow, and see if I can set up an appointment with Dr. Alderson. Nominally, he's employed at Sea World, but he also chairs a department at Scripps Institute. I don't want him to think we're a couple of loons, so we'll probably have to show him exactly what he needs."

Maggie took a small sip of the wine, noting how it tingled her gills and sighed. "I just hope we can trust him. I really don't want to be publicly known as a freak of science. But, I don't want to remain this way forever. I guess we have no choice, really."

"Cheer up, lass. I'll set up the appointment and feel him out. No one at Orkon even knows about me. If he seems on the up and up, then we'll arrange a meeting with you."

Just then the waiter entered with their meal, and conversation slipped to more mundane subjects. For all they've shared in the last few days, they've each lived full lives before their meeting. It was quite surprising to see how much they had in common. Same tastes in music, movies, TV shows, even books.

As the night wore on, Maggie began to feel less and less comfortable. Even with drinking water, and using it to moisten her gills, it was becoming apparent to her that it wasn't enough. After breathing in a small sip of water, she began to feel short of breath a minute or two later.

"Kevin? I think I should get back upstairs. Now. *Gasp* Getting very hard to *gasp* breathe."

Concerned, Kevin stood up, and escorted Maggie up the stairs to their room. Every couple of seconds, he could hear her pant, and air whistle through the slits on her neck. He knew she was pretty close to her limit. But in the pit of his stomach, he felt a stirring in his loins. There was something about her helplessness that excited and aroused him. He wasn't sure how to confess that to her, or even if he should. But what was in his arms wasn't a product of his fantasies, but a real woman, a woman he loved. And she needed his help.

Maggie was in a similar conundrum as well. She may be choking, but that didn't mean she was blind. She could tell exactly what kind of effect she was having on Kevin. She was somewhat confused as to how she had that effect. But as a part of her thought about it (the part that wasn't choking), she felt his arousal began to feed hers. It wasn't just a physical reaction. But the sum of all of his feelings for her, and her feelings for him. How could she not react when faced with the obvious physical signs of his love for her?

Once inside the room, she decided to put it to the test. "Kevin? Just fill my water bottle, will you?" She made her way, shakily, to the bed and laid down. Kevin looked at her with confused expression on his face, but did as he was asked. Handing her the now-filled bottle, he sat next to her. "Are you sure love? I thought you wanted to soak for a bit?"

"I do, but I want something else first." Maggie lowered her gaze to the buckle of Kevin's slacks, causing him to blush. "I find it very arousing that you are excited and turned on. And I think it has something to do with my choking and having trouble breathing."

Caught, Kevin could just stammer. But after a couple moments to collect his composure, he nodded. "Yes... Just the ideal of being a damsel in distress... And I can be your white knight, charging to the rescue."

She took a small sip of water, just enough to sustain her a couple minutes. "Well, then... Helpless I am, and you can have your way with me." She laid back, and closed her eyes, trembling from excitement and anticipation.

Kevin sucked in a breath, and responded by kissing her softly on the neck, tongue flickering over her gills. Electric tingles shot through her body, and with a raspy moan, felt herself reach the peak of arousal. The first of several, that is. Again and again pleasure wracked her body. His hands started to do wonderful things to her breasts and thighs, and she didn't resist at all when he started to remove her clothes from her.

In short order she was down to just panties, and Kevin was using his mouth to nuzzle and suckle on her breasts and nipples. Again the waves overtook her. His hands and lips traveled all over her body, leaving molten pools of lust in their wake. All over, save one special place. And she became more aware of the growing need for attention there as the minutes passed.

Kevin would pause in his torments from time to time to make sure her gills were still moist, and sprinkle a little water on them if needed. But not only did he want her helpless, he wanted to drive her crazy, to have her beg him. And he proceeded to do just that, when he started to kiss and nibble the insides of her thighs, his fingers and lips traversing the edge of her panties.

"Oh... please... more...", she gasped, both in need of breath and pleasure. He ignored her pleas this time, and instead nuzzled and kissed her belly button, delighting in her moans and the way her body writhed and shivered. Finally, he thought she'd had enough.

He took the waistband of her panties in his teeth, and began to pull them down over her hips, revealing the delicate flower of her womanhood. When it was exposed to him, he used the tips of his fingers to gently separate her petals, and take a long, slow taste of her folds, circling and teasing the tender nub.

Again and again he drove her crazy, feeling her twitch and moan as pleasure after pleasure overtook her. Eventually, even he had had enough. Teasing her further, Kevin began to slowly remove his garments. After another eternity, he was nude before her, and his excitement was very evident.

"Come here.." she asked, pleaded. She wanted him so very badly, but she wanted to try something first. Seeing a drop of moisture glisten from the tip of his manhood, she took him in hand, and guided him to her mouth. Slowly, hesitantly, she began to kiss and lick him, using her lips, tongue and hand in a similar manner that he had used on her just moments earlier.

She could taste the saltiness of his moisture, and it reminded her of her time in the sea earlier. Her gills felt the weight of the dry air upon then, and using her lips to collect just juices, she inhaled them. It wasn't much, yet, but it would help for a few moments.

Kevin's moans grew more pronounced, and she judged him to be as close to his peak as she was to hers. "Please... take me... now..." she asked, freeing him from her hand and lips.

Kevin laid over her, covering her petite form with his masculine one. Guiding himself between her thighs, he slowly slipped with her folds, her moisture providing more than enough lubrication to assist him. Deeper and deeper he sank, until several heartbeats later he was buried completely within her.

"Ah.. Ah... Now!" she cried. "Again! Again!", Maggie exclaimed as he began to move, sliding back and forth. Slowly at first, until his need built to a fever pitch, then with frantic rushing, losing control and patience. Pools of fire grew in her loins, and climax after climax ripped through her body like lightening. She could feel the dry air smother her, causing her to gasp harder and louder, but she didn't have the presence of mind to say anything, lost in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

Darkness grew around her, and the rational part of her mind realized that it had been several minutes since the last bit of moisture graced her gills, and even her skin burned and itched from dehydration. The rest of her was a slave to her pleasure, though. And exclaimed with joy and victory as she felt Kevin twitch, then a flow of warmth filled her, releasing one final climax from the pit of her being.

As she came back to her senses, she knew she needed water immediately. Her gasping was constant. The dryness combined with the exertion had placed her on the edge of suffocation. "Kevin" *gasp* "can't breathe" *heave* "need moisture" *gasp* "now!".

Maggie felt a twinge of disappointment as Kevin slid out of her. But as she saw his semi-erect manhood, glistening with their combined juices, her lust had one more idea for her. "Wait.", she asked. "Let me" *gasp* "taste you again" *heave* "I want to use" *heave* "your moisture." *gasp* "An experiment."

Kevin complied eagerly, and placed himself within reach of her lips. As she tasted and licked him, using the moisture to sustain herself for a few moments more, he felt himself start to become aroused again.

Slightly refreshed, Maggie sat up. "Next time, I'll want to try that when you climax, instead of after. But that can wait. I really need to soak for awhile." She then looked up at him, and cast her eyes downward, bashfully. "I'd really like some company."

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