Kevin Got It All


He was starting to fuck her hard now, he knew he had to satisfy her before himself, his self control nearly got the better of him several times. But he held out as Tina came with a squeal and a cry, her legs and arms were wrapped so tight around him his own breath was in jeopardy.

He was driving in and out of her so hard and fast, his prick was unbelievably hard, rock solid, it was filled with so much blood, he felt the head swell and expand. That's when he came, he shot his spunk into her so hard it hurt. His spunk jetted into her like it was power pumped.

They stayed tangled together for a long moment before freeing themselves from each others grip. He slowly slid off her, and they both giggled and laughed with each other in the glow of after love. Both deeply satisfied and in the knowledge that it didn't get any better than this.

Kevin flopped onto his back, he was an experienced lover even for one as young as he, but this had been, and was going to be the best ever. He was going to have her to himself for more than 3 weeks. Although this thought and scenario had not crossed Tina's mind yet.

He turned toward her, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her like he had never kissed a woman before. It mattered to him that she understood that, and she did. Tina for her part had only ever known one man, her husband.

She had never even kissed another man in a loving way like this, yet here she was enthralled completely by her 20 year old boy lover He wasn't a boy really, he was young yes, but a man, a real man, who knew what a woman looked for and needed, he had it, and knew it, in abundance.

He was 12 years her junior, but light years ahead of her in sexual matters and needs. He was in reality a predator out of the top drawer. Top quality and he would make Tina rely on him for her love, sexual needs and gratification. But would return her to her unsuspecting husband. She would then be experienced, and demand from him the things she was going to learn from Kevin.

'Kevin?' She whispered, 'will you be staying the night with me?' 'You bet I am Tina,' he said, 'I'm not letting you go baby, I'm gonna love you like you have never been loved. Im gonna fuck you like you have never been fucked And I'm gonna want you, like you have never been wanted.'

His seductive voice washed over her, she was contented now, she didn't want him to leave her, not right now, she wanted more of what he could give her, and he was already like a drug in her senses.

He kissed her again, his taste was in her mouth, and his smell was in her nostrils. He was in her head, it pervaded her very being. He enveloped her; she was like a prisoner to his erotic charm.

They made love languidly, slowly yet powerfully passionate, neither had expected this, he was in love with her being, her way with him, she was in love with his entity, his body kept her on a high, her nipples were on fire, hard, resistant, giving, surrendering to his touch, and mouth.

Her body arched to him, in total surrender yet in complete command. She didn't know which way was up, which was down. She didn't know the bottom from the top, her head from her heels.

Her husband was going to find a changed woman when he got home, maybe he wouldn't like it, maybe he would adore it, but whichever way, he was going to have to get used to it, come hell or high water.

She wasn't aware she had fallen asleep. And nor was Kevin, they were both so exhausted, not only from the intense lovemaking, but from the intensity of arousal they had both endured. The morrow would bring a new day into her life, and one that would turn her inside out.

When Tina awoke she was spooned into John, in her fogged mind she thought it was him behind her, his arm around her cupping her left tit. She didn't realise it wasn't him until she looked at his arm, that isn't Johns arm she thought in some alarm.

Then suddenly reality came to mind, it was Kevin, 'Oh god, what have I done?' but she knew what she had done. She had made love and been fucked out of her mind by him, her nipples just as quickly reminded her because they yelped in some pain and desire at the same time.

Slipping from her bed leaving him asleep, Tina went to the bathroom, looked at herself in the mirror and said to the image there, 'you are nothing but a whoring slut!'

But her pussy never agreed, it twitched at her words and reminded her of the wonderful sensations it had experienced at the hands and cock of Kevin.

She entered the shower and began a rigorous washing of her aching body, the pain and pleasure her nipples and pussy delivered to her body and brain almost caused her to orgasm, such was the tingling messages they sent.

That's when the shower door opened and in stepped Kevin, His cock walked in before he did, long thick and hard, very hard, and it was looking for her, of that there was no doubt. It was the first thing she saw before she looked up into his hypnotising eyes.

'Hi there and good morning to you, you beautiful gorgeous sexy lady,' he said. He pulled her right into his arms and kissed her, any hope of resistance went in that one moment, her kiss returned to him all by itself.

'Oh Kevin,' was all she managed to say before her senses shattered. She was up against the wall in seconds and his prick was finding its way in to her waiting wanting pussy. He lifted her off her feet and dropped her on it; her legs went automatically round his back, her arms around his neck.

They kissed again, this time it was a real and true lover's kiss, everything went into it from them both.

He fucked her hard on the wall, the tiles were hurting her but she didn't care, all she wanted was to be fucked now, and she fucked back as hard as she could, no quarter given, none asked, they both blew their loads in a very short space of time and hugged each other as tightly as possible.

His cock still in her, still almost as hard as it had been when he walked into the shower he hit the off button. He carried her back to bed, they were dripping water all over, but he flopped onto the bed on top of her and they began a fucking of galactic proportions.

The bed was soaked in minutes, but it didn't stop him or her, she wrapped her legs tight around him, her heels dug into his tight muscular arse, her nails were digging furrows in his back, and causing blood to run down his sides, causing him to moan in pain and pleasure.

This time the intensity of their collective fuckings went on and on, each trying to gain supremacy over the other, but failing until that moment of such powerful ejaculation that it stopped them both from moving another millimetre. They unknowingly emptied themselves of all they had left in their bodies; each was fully satisfied feeding off the other.

They lay there on soaking sheets trying to recover, and both burst out laughing in the feeling of utter satisfaction. Tina had never made love like this; Kevin had taught her in one night that the aggressive love making he was putting her through and teaching her was better than so good.

Her husband was going to get a shock that was for sure. He would find Tina submissive no more.

Later they removed the bed covers and had to stand the mattress up to dry too.

Kevin told her to go and make him some breakfast, he was famished and he needed all his strength to keep loving her. Tina was happy he used those words and not fucking, but she wasn't very happy at her orders. But she went anyway, and made him a pile to eat as well as herself, they had it in the back bedroom.

Kevin and she later showered together again, properly this time, it was midday now, and he said, 'Tina I have to go home for a while, I'll be back shortly, okay?' 'Yes Kevin, don't be too long though will you? She looked at him wistfully.

He wasn't, when he returned he dropped a holdall onto the floor. 'What's in that?' she asked. 'My gear,' he told her. 'Gear, what gear?' 'My clothes for the next three weeks, I'm going to live here with you until the family comes back okay?'

This stunned Tina, she hadn't even contemplated anything like this, and it mortified her. 'You can't do that Kevin, you can't just move in like this.' 'I can, and I am,' he told her, 'I've left a note for my parents telling them, I'm gonna stay with my mate for a few weeks, and not to worry. So here I am baby, all ready and willing for you!'

'But Kevin, people might see you, us?' 'No they won't, we'll be careful and you will take care of all my needs won't you?' He gave her a look that was obviously not to be questioned. And something inside her told her it was none negotiable, and that was that.

Meekly she nodded her head, he was moving in to her home, her life, the home she shared with her husband and son and daughter, for the next three weeks!

She put out her hand in a gesture of acceptance, he took it in his and kissed it, 'you are the hottest most wonderful fabulous woman I have ever met Tina, nothing can ever come close to you, or this,' he murmured in that lilting fashion that destroyed her mind.

'I don't want to be rude, but you are also the most glorious fuck I have ever had Tina, does John know about you?' 'Not yet, she giggled, 'but he will I promise you.'

'Come on,' Kevin told her, and led her into her sitting room, where they spent the afternoon, kissing cuddling and loving each other in a way only truly compatible lovers could.

That night at 9:00pm, the phone rang, it was her husband, and again apologising for his misdemeanour, she snapped at him to shut up about it and put the children on. They told her of all they were doing, and she assured them that she wanted them to fulfil their holiday and do everything they could.

As she was saying her goodbyes, Kevin came up behind her and started tweaking her sore bare sensitive nipples. She shuffled to try and get away from him but failed, he was building her arousal again, she could feel his prick pushing into the crack of her arse.

That's when her husband returned to the phone, he asked her why her breathing seemed heavy? 'Heavy? What do you mean heavy?' She replied, but Tina knew what he meant. 'Oh I don't know, maybe I'm imagining it,' he said. 'Mmmm I think you are,' but he wasn't, it was real. 'John, I've got to go, something's come up,' she almost laughed.

Something had come up; it was Kevin's terrific prick nudging at her pussy. 'Okay Tina, talk tomorrow darling, I love you.' 'Love you too,' she said but was looking at Kevin through the mirror. And as he slotted his prick into her now bent over body, she slammed the phone down.

He fucked her over the small table in the hall; he was looking down at her little brown puckered arse and wondered if she had ever had it up there?

He would find out later, but in the most extraordinary way. Upstairs later that night after their dinner, he shoved her husband's clothes out of the way and hung his. Tina watched in fascination, but accepted his domination.

As they lay in the now dried bed, and clean new sheets, they talked and touched and loved. They shared secrets, Tina wanted to know about his conquests, he told her of some, including a teacher at his school before he left, also of one woman who lived down the street and still wanted him.

Tina knew her and was amazed at his revelation; she was a proper school ma'am type. But he assured her she was a tigress in bed, but had wanted him to move in with her, so he had ended it.

Kevin asked Tina how many times she had been unfaithful, she was astonished he had even asked her, he was her very first, and would certainly be her last she chided him.

The next question stunned her. 'What about your friend Anne, she's a great looker isn't she, does she put it about?' 'Kevin!'

'Well she looks at me when she's here, and I can tell she likes what she sees, just like you did, and do.' 'Please Kevin, don't talk like that?' 'Why not, it's true isn't it?' 'I, I, I don't know, not really,' she was admitting it.

'I bet she isn't any where near as good as you are baby?' he whispered to her. He was making her jealous, and he knew it, it was his intention, Anne was well worth fucking, and if he could he would!

'Please don't Kevin, I don't think I like this,' Tina almost sobbed. Don't worry Tina, I'm here with you aren't I? He said. Tina said, 'yes you are, and you are mine for the next 3 weeks and don't you forget it!'

'You got me Tina, all of me okay?' Now Kevin put his hand between her legs and made her gasp. His thumb found her clit, and his middle finger pushed up into her arse surprising her totally.

'Kevin!' She squealed. He held her tight as she tried to get away. 'Stop that right now Kevin,' I don't like it. 'No no Tina,' Kevin said, 'I like it too much not to do it, don't tell me you haven't had it up there honey?' 'No I haven't, and I'm not going to either, get off me!' 'Sorry baby, it's something I, we have to do okay?' 'No its not okay, stop right now, I mean it!'

Kevin's finger was now past the second knuckle, Tina started to fight him and he had to hold on, they struggled on the bed, but she couldn't dislodge his finger.

'You bastard,' she yelled, 'leave me alone!' 'Sorry Tina, I've started so I'll finish.' They twisted this way and that, Kevin tried to get her over on her stomach, and Tina gainfully resisted every move.

He was a lot stronger than her and she knew she would lose this fight, but she would not give up the struggle. As she tired he placed her in what wrestlers call a full nelson.

Now he turned her onto her stomach, she pulled her knees as high up as she could. Kevin was loving the fight, his cock was as hard as it could be. He hooked a foot over Tina's legs and just pulled them straight down. He held her there as she fought for breath, got his knees between hers, and started to probe for her opening for her cute brown hole.

He was on top of her now, his body weight holding her down, his hips on hers, knees between hers, she was hopelessly held. 'Please Kevin don't,' she moaned. But then as he probed once more, Tina gripped her cheeks together and that told Kevin he was at her little entrance, he pushed.

Tine let out a muffled scream as his cock head popped in, her mouth was rammed into the bed covers. 'Please, please, please Kevin, stop,' were her muffled pleas, but it was to no avail. He kept up the pressure without forcing it further in, he wanted her to accept it, and then give it to him.

His cock was pulsing he could feel it, she began to settle down, he waited a little while longer, then pushed in, she squealed again, but this time not so hard, again he waited.

He was giving her as much leeway as he could, there was no way he was giving up now, he was going to fuck her here and she would have to like it. And he was determined to make her like it, even love it.

He eased his prick back then in again, a slow soft moan emitted form her lips, that's better he thought.

Tina now was fully accepted of her anal rape, knew there was nothing she could do to evade it now. He was too strong, but then an amazing thing happened, her pussy tingled, signalling arousal.

How could I be getting turned on she thought? But she was? Kevin sensed the change and thrust in a little harder, this caused a guttural moan from Tina, one he already recognised as her arousal mode.

He smiled and said. 'Hello darling,' into her ear. Tina could only turn her head slowly and smile back at her lover, her dominator, her anal rapist that was beginning to give her unknown pleasure.

'Oh Kevin, oh Kevin darling, do me please, but gently.' He did, he fucked her softly for a few minutes then sped up, he couldn't wait any longer, he had to give her both barrels.

He told her he was coming, and Tina said. 'Yes yes yes, give it to me!' Kevin let loose a thunderous jet of cum that blasted into Tina's exposed arse. It was so hot she thought it was going to burn her insides; her own orgasm knocked her into a stupor.

He realised he was still on top of her, and lifted his body up to free his encapsulated prick, it plopped out and he lay beside her, and held her in a lovers hold.

Tina lay there for quite sometime, regaining her breath and her composure; this was the most wondrous feeling she had ever had. She loved sex, but this was something so different, yet exactly the same, she was more than stunned.

She turned to Kevin and said, 'I hated what you were doing to me, what you were forcing on me, but it was fantastic in the end, I loved it, but not too soon again hey?' and she laughed. Kevin laughed too, and told her, 'I knew you would lover, I knew it.'

They settled into a lovers paradise, they explored every avenue, of themselves and each other, he allowed her to tie him up and have her way with him, making him cum more than once in her hot mouth.

She got used to being arse fucked too, but one of her favourites was being tongued, he was so good at it, he drove her almost insane, the intensity of her orgasms caused her to faint at times.

But at the end of the second week things changed, they had had a night of none sex, both needed the rest, but this didn't stop them from sleeping in each others arms, but they both slept the night away and most of the morning.

She knew Kevin wasn't in love with her, and she wasn't in love with him, they were certainly in lust! But not love, they both knew it and it was the best way to be. She knew that life would have to return to some normality when her family came back, but also knew she would probably never stop seeing Kevin again at times of opportunity.

They were comfortable with each other now to discuss it rationally, and both agreed on the future as they saw it.

Then the door bell rang, Tina looked at Kevin, this was the first time anyone had called, they had plans laid for this event, but it still panicked them. Kevin shot upstairs to what they called 'our bedroom' now.

Tina quickly went around the house downstairs to make sure there was nothing untoward on view. Then she went to the door, she opened it and there was Anne. 'Hi,' she said, 'I thought you and me were going shopping?' 'Oh I'm sorry Anne I forgot.' 'Never mind,' Anne said as she brushed past Tina.

'Get the kettle on Tina, I'm parched.' Tina did so and made tea, Anne was in her front sitting room. As they were talking Tina had railed again about her husband. Anne mentioned Kevin, and asked her if she had, 'done the dirty deed with the lovely sexy boy?'

'Anne please stop, I am happily married okay?' 'Yes I know you are Tina, but still?' Just then there was a clunk from upstairs. Anne said, 'what's that?' Kevin who had been silently looking though Tina's drawers and cupboards had stubbed his little toe very hard on the corner of their bed.

He couldn't help but hop to the bed side, thereby making more noise. And before Tina could stop her, Anne was racing up the stairs to challenge a burglar.

She charged in shouting into the bedroom to scare the person there, and came to a dead stop, as she looked upon a very naked Kevin sat on the bed holding his bruised toe.

For once in her lovely life Anne was stopped for words, she tried to speak, but nothing came out of her mouth, stunned was the operative word to use.

Tina followed her quickly into the bedroom, and all 3 of them just looked at each other, finally Kevin broke the silence. 'Well hello Anne, nice of you to barge in, I mean come up to say hi?'

Anne found her tongue, turned to Tina, and said, 'I knew it, I saw it in your face when I was here before, so don't even bother to try and deny it now!'

'Anne please, I don't know what to say?' She said. 'Nothing you can say Tina really, but I will, you are lucky bloody sod!' Then Anne said the words that stunned Tina, and changed her relationship with Kevin forever. Anne said. 'If you want this kept quiet, and you don't want John to know, then I want in Tina.' 'I want to be part of this and share him with you!'

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