Kevin Got It All


Kevin just sat there open mouthed, he was not only stunned but joyous, he wanted to fuck Anne and now here she was demanding it, he kept his face straight, but inside he was more than elated.

'But Anne how can we, you want to do that, I don't want any part of it!' Tina said.

Anne thinking quickly on her feet, and to stop any more dissension from Tina, Kevin just went with the flow, Anne said. 'It will be easy Tina, you are on your own most of the day, I am certainly on my own now with Terry out of the door.'

'We just work it between us, simple.' 'Tina, we can do it, I don't want to take him off you,' she said, speaking as if Kevin wasn't there or if he was something on a shop shelf.

Kevin was more than happy at this turn of events, so said quietly, 'Tina, I don't think we have many options, you are both best friends, she only wants what you already own?' His choice of words knocked her equilibrium sideways, 'what you already own' they rang in her head.

She sat down on the bed next to Kevin, Anne being the very wily woman she was, sat next to him on the other side. Her hand came to rest on his strong thigh; he knew what she was up to, even if Tina hadn't guessed it yet.

His prick began to rise as he hoped it would, alerting both Tina and Anne to its ascension. 'Oooh Kevin, what's going on baby?' Anne cooed. Tina unable to contain herself said, 'Kevin please don't do this?' 'I can't help it Tina, as soon as you sit next to me, you know I get a hard on.'

His use of her presence calmed her, Anne reached out and took hold of his cock and it grew even bigger and harder as she did.

'Tina, please agree to this, I won't hurt you honey?' Anne pleaded. Tina gave in and nodded her head while never taking her eyes of Kevin's huge prick, as Anne's hand worked it lovingly up and down, knowing what it can and still would do to her, and now Anne!

Anne knowing she had and was going to get what she wanted, suddenly bent her wanton head and sucked his cock, Kevin put his arm lovingly around Tina's shoulder kissed her passionately.

He leaned back now, and lay on the bed, he was going to fuck both these gorgeous women today, and they were his.

Anne jumped up, stripped her clothes of in a flash and jumped on Kevin, 'Oh my god Kevin, what a wonderful prick,' she chanted. She was bouncing up and down on him, while he held Tina in a crushing embrace and kissed her so passionately lovingly.

Tina's mind was in a whirl, she was getting excited, she pulled from Kevin's kiss and looked down their bodies to see Anne, eyes closed, mouth a perfect 'O' fucking herself rotten on Kevin's wondrous prick.

She silently screamed when she came, her head thrown right back, her proud tits sticking up in the air. Tina saw her do it, her cum washed out of her pussy along with Kevin's as he came with her.

Tina's pussy was on fire at this spectacle, in less than 2 weeks she had gone from a loving housewife to a fuck loving slut of a housewife. She couldn't wait for her turn with Kevin now, and she couldn't wait for her John to come home to change his and her lives for the better.

She watched in utter amazement as she saw her hand reach up and squeeze Anne's nipple. Anne moaned in response and opened her eyes to look directly back into Tina's. She smiled a smile of delight and gratitude at her orgasm, knowing Tina knew what she was feeling.

They all moved up into the middle of the bed with Kevin lovingly placed between them.

They both leaned over him to kiss and love him, Tina felt a pang of jealousy, but it was for the best she realised. This would assist in saving her marriage she thought, she would never want that to end, she loved her John despite all this, and that was that.

Kevin didn't know it but his card had been marked by Anne, she had some wealthy female friends, or rather her soon to be ex husband did. And they would take great delight to have a lover of his prowess, they were always alone and lonely as their husbands made more and more money.

And he would be the beneficiary; soon he would be driving a BMW7, and own his own swanky apartment.

Kevin, within 2 years was going to become a very highly sought after gigolo. His reputation would spread far and wide as more and more very wealthy women sought his services, Princesses, Ennobled women, Sheiks wives, and wives of billionaire's. He would be flying 1st class around the world, staying in the best of residences and hotels.

But he still knew where his roots were; he would call Tina and meet her at Anne's house now and again, where they would rekindle their love along with Anne.

They all now had the best of loving lives, Anne was to marry a very rich man 15 years her senior, and Tina was still madly in love with her husband.

And Kevin loved them both.

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