tagIncest/TabooKeyleigh Ch. 02

Keyleigh Ch. 02


(Firstly I have to thank Violetlittle for editing this for me at such short notice, so a deep and personal thank you. Secondly, for those who liked the first Keyleigh and posted thier kind comments I thank you. Also those who sent me private comments asking me to continue the story of Keyleigh this is yours. Like it or hate it as you wish. In this story I simply try to show you that life can bite us all on the ass, even when we don't want it to.)

I would be a liar if I said living together was easy, we had to reacquaint ourselves with each other's habits and yes you guessed it. I still had Keyleigh shout at me when I left the toilet seat up, but that's what all couples living together do. Of course we had the advantage of being brother and sister, so perhaps it wasn't so difficult for us as it would be for other couples. Keyleigh always used to remark that I was the brains of the family; this coming from the same person who once she had started her nursing career ended up being fast tracked.

Within three years she was now a surgical nurse and came home with stories of blood and gore that would have me go green and threaten to throw up in her lap if she didn't stop it. As for me, I was doing well myself, every time the management raised the bar, I would simply better it. My salary was now better than I could have ever imagined and the company locked me into a contract that would see me there until I chose to retire.

Keyleigh's comment when I rushed home to tell her. "Not bad for a geek." She said.

I suppose I could always rely on her to keep my feet firmly on the ground. Yes I suppose all in all, our lives were good together. Keyleigh had a good circle of friends and one friend in particular. Amanda although call her that within earshot and you would have your head ripped off and handed to you. Mandy was a bundle of laughs and always had Keyleigh smiling throughout the day, like Keyleigh she was a surgical nurse and pretty soon, an almost permanent fixture at our house. At one stage I did offer to make up the spare room for her.

Not one to take a subtle hint she dragged me into the spare room and set about telling me how she wanted me to decorate it to her taste, I just shook my head and wandered off. Mandy had to pick Keyleigh up off the floor she was laughing so much. The summers were difficult, both girls set about teasing and generally making my life a sexual innuendo hell. They would both wear the skimpiest bikinis and sunbath in the garden or just wander around the house in them and little else. A couple of days they went topless until I told them that was enough. No man can take that and not wander around the house with a hard on.

Mandy stood about an inch taller than Keyleigh, she had jet-black hair that when she let down, hung to the small of her back and the darkest eyes I have ever seen. When I first looked into those eyes, I was fascinated with them, they seemed to be a total contrast to her personality, and her eyes were so dark it looked like there was no life in them, yet she was a larger than life person, so very strange. Mandy had the same broad shoulders that Keyleigh had. Her skin was naturally brown, she told me once her family had moved from Central America two generations back.

Her breasts were on par with Keyeigh's, but her hips, well what can I say, she just has hips that scream hug me and coupled with that real cute ass both just say take me and from behind. I did ask Keyleigh once about the type of men that chase Mandy. She told me all sorts of men do, almost all the single and some married doctors at the hospital already had, also guys on the street or as they walked around the mall, even women had been known to ask her out on a date. But she just laughs, politely declines and carries on with life.

We both watched and I suppose waited for her to tell us she was off on a hot date, or to come to the house unexpectedly one morning twirling her panties around her finger. Yet there was non of that, when the hospital held a dance or we went to some party she would always have a date with her, but we would never see her on a second date with him. I'm not sure when it happened, but when both women were sitting at the table one morning I called Mandy and when she looked up I tossed her a key. She beamed, my passing comment as I headed for work was that she spends more time here than at her apartment and I was sick of answering the door for her, she may as well have the key to the house.

Yes life settled into a boring domestic bliss and together we enjoyed every moment of it. As the years passed we seemed to have the company of Mandy more often than not, I didn't mind, it gave both of them 'women time' at the mall and the gym. As for me I got every opportunity to plunder Keyleigh's body not long after she comes back from the gym, she didn't take long to work out that she gets very horny after a session at the gym so now she comes home without bra and panties on. She says it's so she doesn't have to waste anytime taking them off, and who am I to argue.

Indeed life for us both was bliss, in my mind nothing could better this feeling, until one afternoon I got a call at work, when it was put through Keyleigh asked if I was going to be home on time, I agreed I would be and asked if there was anything wrong, she paused. I listened more intently now, then she told me that everything was better than I would ever know and to hurry home she needs loads of sex and the builders have gone home now so she cant ask them to cover until I got back. I roared with laughter down the phone and told her to leave next doors builders alone.

She got me as I came through the door; she was stood in the hallway already naked and said. "Give it to me now or I'm going to stand in the street like this and tell everyone you have a one inch dick and I need servicing by a real man."

Even as she was saying it she was already pulling my clothes off, I let her get onto her knees as she pulled my pants down, seconds later I was in her mouth her tongue and her head working overtime. I had never seen her so sexed up. Normally I could last a little while when she's giving me oral, not a chance today. She was using everything she knew about me to make me come and within minutes she had her hands on my ass forcing as much as she could get of me down her throat as I came. She looks up at me with a huge smile on her face.

"Well get the rest of your clothes off buster, your getting it here." She then lay back, opened her legs and with her fingers pulled her pussy lips apart as far and she could make them go. "Make me come and now, I will get your dick hard again later."

Now there was one invitation I was more than happy to accept. But in her highly sexed mood there was no chance of any foreplay, I was down there in seconds. She was just one big sweet tasting puddle, by now both of her hands were mingled with my hair and holding me between her legs, I was running my tongue up her slit pausing and then running it around her clit, still she wouldn't let go. I opened my mouth and sucked her clit in as far as I could. Her hips arched upwards and still she wouldn't let go.

"Bite it, please bite it," she said, her voice faltered slightly, giving away the emotions now coursing through her body.

I gently lowered my teeth onto her clit. Again her hips arched upwards, but this wasn't enough for her, she used the leverage she now had with my hair to run my teeth along her clit and she came so hard. I drank from that wet and willing pool for such a long time. Finally she let go of my hair and proceeded to push me onto my back.

"Stay on your back and take it like a man brother dear." She said with a grin on her face.

With that she again lowered her mouth over my penis, with all that had gone on so far there was no way I was soft so it didn't take her long before she lifted her head and without any grace or preamble moved up my body, straddled me and lowered herself onto me. Sighing as I disappeared into her ever so wet and abused pussy. Leaning forward as she did so. I grabbed one of her hardened nipples and sucked it deep into my mouth, then bit into that as well. She groaned as she slammed down hard on my penis, then slowly started to build up a rhythm, there was no stopping her now.

With eyes closed and her thoughts just rooted so deeply in pleasure she clamped her vaginal muscles as hard as she could and lifted herself as far as she dared, released and gently lowered herself moving her hips back and forth as she did so. She gathered pace as her own body got used to what she was asking of it, I felt her shudder through a mini orgasm, she denied it its place, she wanted everything from her body now and her demand was expected to be met. She rode me like this for a few minutes as I would thrust as hard into her as I could, both of us building up to an orgasm as I continued to bury myself so deeply into her.

Her poor breast and nipple looking so tender and sore now as I moved to the other one and repeated the process. With one final thrust upwards and with a deep sigh dropped her whole body down on my shaft so hard I felt like it bounced off her womb, Keyleigh let out a scream as her body took vengeance on her with her orgasm. I held her close to me as I emptied myself into her shaking, sweating body.

"We had better not do that to often." She said between gasps.

I leaned away from her so I could look at her; a warning bell was going off in my head.

"Do what to often?" I asked confused.

Keyleigh went red and looked away. That bell was getting louder now. I turned her face towards me and looked into her eyes.

"Please be happy for me, I'm pregnant." Was her answer.

I held her so tight, I felt her crying on my shoulder and fearing I had hurt her, I let her go. Her arms went around me and with a "don't you dare." Hugged me as hard as I had just hugged her. She then continued to cry.

Once I had got over the shock I was well up for it. Keyleigh also fearing the worst went to see her doctor and confessed. She took a blood test and tested me, after a few more tests and weeks of worry she told Keyleigh to look forward to motherhood. That was until her first scan. Then we both went very pale. Twins. Later on in the pregnancy we both wanted to know so we asked nicely and at another one of her scans we found out they were both girls. After yet more tests her doctor told her they were both fine, but she would keep an eye on her throughout her pregnancy. Just to put both our minds at ease.

The weeks slowly rolled into months, I got used to waking up in the morning with Keyleigh looking in the full-length mirror moaning that she was fat. Finally in retaliation I sent Keyleigh and Mandy on a pamper weekend at a posh resort, they both came back with a glow about them so it must have worked. There was one conversation I tried to broach with Keyleigh; Telling the parents. She was having non of it, she spent the next few hours giving me the silent treatment and slamming doors, so I figured that was a closed subject.

Keyleigh's birthday was looming, she is a nightmare to buy for so I just cut out the surprise issue and just ask her what she wants now. When I asked her, I fully expected her to ask for something for the twins when they are born or even a new wardrobe when she comes out of the hospital, even another pamper weekend. Yes I had braced myself for any or all of those, yet I was finding it increasingly difficult to get a sensible answer out of her. With her birthday now less than a week away, I sat her down and ask her right out what she wanted. She looked at me long and hard, a look I had seen a few times before and that in itself put me on my guard. I had a voice in my head telling me this was going to cost me big.

"I want us both to have a joint birthday present." She said.

Now that didn't sound too much to ask, I was still on my guard. I felt like I was getting let off to easy here, somewhere in all this there was going to be a 'but.'

"Do you love me?" she asked.

Somewhere in the back of my mind those alarm bells were ringing themselves silly. When men get asked that question, we know were now in for a world of hurt and pointed directly at us. I held her hand and looked into her eyes, we both knew the answer, and I just wished I knew in advance what I was letting myself in for.

"With all my heart." Was my only reply.

"Enough to give me. I mean us a joint birthday present that we will both remember?" Keyleigh asked.

My mouth went dry and the hairs on my neck started to stand, this conversation was all wrong. I knew she was ready to deal her final card, I prayed with all my heart that I could give her what she wanted.

"Keyleigh you need to tell me what you want, before I can answer that." Was the only reply I was willing to give.

She took a deep breath and told me, I really don't think she had a chance to draw breath again; she wanted to say it so fast and get it all out before I had a chance to intercede and stop her.

"Ok from midnight the start of my birthday to midnight the end of your birthday I want us both to have Mandy any way we want, whenever we want. I talked to Mandy and she has agreed as long as you agree." Came her reply.

"Are you insane?" I stood up and started to pace the room. "Keyleigh. Mandy isn't a piece of meat, she's your friend and you want me to agree to go two up on her for two days?"

She nodded her head and reaffirmed it by saying, "yes."

"Well it's sick and I will not do it, I'm sure it may be every mans dream but it isn't mine." I said while trying hard not to be so very angry with her.

Keyleigh stood and held her now bulging stomach. The doctors were monitoring the progress of the twins and had told both of us that they would be calling her in to the hospital sooner rather than let the twins go full term.

"It's sick for Mandy and I to want to do this and both of us wanting it to be with you, yet it's not sick for you to have sex with your sister for the last five years and said sister to be having your children. You have interesting moralities brother dear." She spat back angrily.

I stopped pacing the room; the look on her face said so much. I was wrong to say what she had asked for, as her birthday present, was sick. I knew that. I sighed, shrugged my shoulders and walked over to the couch, pulling her back onto it so we could continue our talk, this time without the unnecessary and hurtful remarks.

"Tell me why you want this, make me understand your reasoning for even asking it of both Mandy and me." I said.

At first I was dead set against this, I firmly believed my resolve and decision on this issue would stand. What I had failed to take into account was Keyleigh's logic. She went on to remind me that she was a virgin and I was her first and as far as she was concerned her only man. But she wanted to know what it felt like to be with a woman, but not alone. She wanted me there as well to enjoy the events as much as she planned to. With the twins now so close to birth, penetration for her was difficult and painful. I blushed when she told me that she was frustrated that all she could give me was hand and blowjobs.

If she couldn't be the receiver of penetration she wanted to watch her friend get some. Then I laughed out loud when she then added that she would also get a better view of what it looks like this time around of me penetrating a pussy. She said that she felt cheated, because I got the good view. Yes, okay she was happy with the feelings and sensations that sent her to enough orgasms to fill a stadium, she just felt that view wise, she always got the cheap seats. Now she wanted to see what I see and with Mandy on the other end, she would also get to see what she felt like when she gets it as well. I felt for her and as always I couldn't fault her brand of logic.

I was tide in a knot inside, her logic was simply Keyleigh logic and no one can change it. I loved her with all my heart and although I like Mandy, I treated her as a friend; I never looked on her as anything else. Keyleigh had my heart and no woman no matter how good looking could ever change that. But now she wanted to broaden that to add Mandy into our sexual adventures and I was uncomfortable with this. Keyleigh may be my sister but she is the one person I will always remain faithful to. In my mind, I had already forsaken all others the evening I put her on my back and took her to my bedroom, five years ago.

I got up and again paced the room, Keyleigh looked on anxiously. As I paced the room I got closer to the door, without Keyleigh having a chance to open her mouth and shout a warning I quickly opened it. Mandy still had hold of the door handle and me pulling it open pulled her in, she tripped and fell onto the floor. She desperately tried to gather her composure. Yet failed miserably, every one in that room knew she had been listening to the whole thing. I knelt beside her, looked squarely into those deep dark eyes of hers.

"Why?" I asked.

She blushed and looked at Keyleigh, I held out my hand I didn't want her to speak on Mandy's behalf. I wanted her version. Mandy gulped tried to straighten up. I held her shoulder, she wasn't getting up until I had her answer, and we both knew she was desperately trying to buy time. Now she had no choice.

"I've known all along you're related," she looked at Keyleigh and she nodded her head in support of her friend to continue. "Keyleigh is my best friend and I would do anything for her."

"You're a good looking woman why haven't you got your own partner?" I said

There was anger in her now, in some way I didn't understand. I had already pushed this conversation to far. Mandy got up and sat with Keyleigh. Both had their arms locked around each other.

"You don't get it do you, the trouble with you is you're on the inside looking out. Not me I'm on the outside looking in. I have seen the way you two look at each other. No man or even woman has ever looked at me like that, when Keyleigh asked me, I jumped at the chance, if I could have even a fraction of what you two have. I would be happy, even for the memory."

"You know I'm not comfortable with this, don't you?" I asked.

Mandy nodded her head, "Yes I understand that, but it's only going to be a couple of days of fun for all three of us and besides, it's my joint birthday present to you both, not to mention it saving me a fortune on wrapping paper."

That comment sent Keyleigh into fits of giggles and a smile that just shone from Mandy's face. The joke passed me by I still wasn't convinced. Here I was being given the chance to bed two beautiful women and I'm thinking of turning it down, most men would be sizing me up for a straight jacket by now for even thinking about it rather than pulling his pants off then and there. Just in case the girls changed their minds. Keyleigh always told me. One of my failings was that I over think things, perhaps she was right and that's what I was doing now. Yet I couldn't shake the feeling that one of us will pay a very hefty price for this.

Eventually I agreed, both the girls bounced around the room until I stopped them both in there tracks. I told them both that it was going to be one night and that was it. Never again as a birthday present or a treat for anyone. They both then proceeded to again jump up and down; I assumed they thought they might be able to change my mind later. The other condition was we would do it tonight, I didn't like the thought of Keyleigh being so sexually active so close to her due date, especially with the trouble she was having of late and the test they were putting her through.

I expected either Mandy or myself to be at the alcohol before we did this, I think if anything Mandy was to preoccupied with looking forward to the evening and the talks between Keyleigh and Mandy became very animated as the afternoon drew to a close and the evening started. When I walked into the bedroom Keyleigh had already tied Mandy to the bed, I was shocked at this sight, it was purely my own momentum that got me as far as the middle of the room and came to an ungraceful stop. Jaw open, totally speechless. This really was a side of Keyleigh I had never seen before. Both were already naked and I felt so overdressed in just shorts.

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