Disclaimer: This story is fiction cast in the future. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Kharon is nineteen years old. She has blond hair and blue eyes. How does she measure up? Her "measurements" are: 35B-25-35; 127 lbs; 5'7"; and shoe size 7. Her IQ is 155. An avatar, Kharon, has been created with ultra-high definition graphics.

The Internet Cybersex Prison was destroyed. Some of the staff managed to escape and start anew. This is the story of one such BDSM haven, where Doms and Dommes sate their dark, depraved desires. This place is referred to as "The Club." It has alcoves for perverse pleasures and cages (kennels) for the slave girls.

Taunus (not his real name) is the Information Technology (IT) guru for The Club. This is no small job. Taunus has never figured out the logic behind persons doing business with The Club. They seem to exhibit an attitude that ripping off The Club is socially acceptable, as it deals with Bondage, Domination, and Sado-Masochism (BDSM). Files have to be archived, Internet fees paid, employee salaries must be paid, and dues collected. Taunus frequently feels on the outside looking in. Then one of the slaves attracted his attention. Her screen name is Kharon.

The management became aware of Taunus's interest and made him an offer. Taunus is to be given a free session with Kharon on her "sanitary day." One day each week each girl is cleaned and groomed. This is called her "sanitary day." On this day a girl will be taken from use and have her head hair and pubic hair sheared off, her fingernails and toenails cut, and her teeth brushed. She is given a chemical bath to kill parasites and bacteria. Following Kharon's weekly grooming, she is taken to a room with a ceiling chain. Blindfolded and ball-gagged, Kharon has her hands tied high above her head and her legs spread apart. Taunus is given an hour with the bound, naked beauty.

Taunus is a crusty old curmudgeon. Parsimonious to the point of being niggardly, he would never spend his personal money on a girl. But the experience of touching real flesh, as opposed to vicariously viewing high resolution (hires) avatars, is simply irresistible.

Mr Spike, The Club manager, shows Taunus the way to Kharon's "examination room." He gives a bit of instruction.

"Taunus, I know that you are one of the IT nerds," Mr Spike begins, "so let me get out front with some of the details of the examination room. First, never remove her blindfold. Remove her ball-gag if you want to. But those of us in administration don't want to be identified. Those in procurement and processing are a different matter altogether."

"The girl is bound for optimal exposure and punishment," Mr Spike continues, "You will notice that she will not clench fast her buttocks. She has been trained using the most severe techniques never to inhibit the insertion of fingers or other objects into her rectum. Moreover, she will not cry out or scream if her bare bottom is caned. The maximum number of cane strokes for her is fifty."

"Oh, my," Taunus interjects, "I would never cane a girl."

"She is expecting to be used, Brother," Mr Spike retorts, "do not disappoint her."


Taunus opens the door with a posted warning: "No Cameras, No Cell Phones, No Recording Devices." He leaves Mr Spike and enters a darkly lighted room.

Taunus can scarcely believe his myopic, astigmatic eyes. There, in the center of the room, is Kharon, naked and bound. She is gagged and blindfolded, her hands tied high above her head and her legs spread apart. She is shivering in her restraints, either from the chill of the room or in anticipation of the next event to be unfurled.

Taunus is also quivering and shaking in anticipation. He has never seen a BDSM girl in the flesh before. His usual interaction is done via avatars on the game grid. He approaches her and catches her first scent. It is the atavistic animal attraction, chemically induced in sex slaves to enhance their animal magnetism. Taunus reaches out and runs his fingertips down her unprotected, vulnerable, available underarms down to her hairy armpits. He gathers some of her perspiration of arousal and sniffs her female fragrance. His mind is aflame with crass carnal craving.

Kharon tries to pull back against her restraints. She mutters something into the ball gag. Taunus cannot resist the temptation; he kisses and licks her hairy armpits and runs the rough blade of his tongue against her erect nipples and puckered areola. He notices her pussy. Honey nectar coats her vulva and a droplet streaks down her creamy inner thighs. This is her oil of submission, carefully induced and trained into a sex slave.

Kharon has an exceptionally high Intelligence Quotient (IQ). This makes her valuable as a conversationalist as well as a sex object. Taunus removes her ball-gag and speaks to her: "You are beautiful beyond all my expectations, Kharon."

"A girl is a mere slave, Sir," Kharon replies. "She is your cunt to use and abuse as you deem fit, Sir. Thank you for your compliment, however."

"You are also a genius," Taunus states.

"A girl is a cunt for you, Sir," Kharon responds, "she is honored to serve you in any way you desire." She wiggles her carved ivory derrière seductively.

"I understand that you have had special training in the use of your anus, Kharon," Taunus remarks. "Do tell."

As Kharon begins to elaborate on her special training, Taunus puts on a pair of green latex gloves and applies a liberal amount of K.Y. Jelly. "A girl was stubborn at first and would clench her buttocks tight to protect her sensitive anus. She was deprived of sleep and starved until she no longer had the will to resist. The Doms were very proud of their handiwork."

"I noticed you wiggle your ass, Kharon," Taunus comments. He walks behind Kharon and spreads her ass cheeks apart. There is a moment of voluntary tightening of her anal sphincters, but it is transient and passes quickly. Taunus smiles at the girl's obedience. He puts his right middle finger atop his right index finger and pushes the two against her anus, which offers no resistance. Once in her rectum, he aligns the fingers side-by-side, stretching and dilating her anus. She gasps a sigh but offers no resistance. He curls his fingers and pulls against her anal sphincter muscles. She squirms and wreathes.

"Has a girl experienced the butt plug?" Taunus asks.

"Oh, yes Sir," Kharon answers. "If a master desires."

"I have one with a different geometry, Kharon," Taunus remarks. "It is called an 'indwelling butt plug' and offers several challenges."

"Oh!" kharon shudders as she sees Taunus retrieve a huge black butt plug.

Taunus pushes the raindrop (or teardrop) butt plug against Kharon's Glory of Glories. This turns out to be a challenge.

"Relax girl," Taunus orders, "allow penetration."

"A girl is trying, Sir," Kharon replies. "May a girl be allowed to bend over. This position makes it difficult."

"No," Taunus demands and pushes harder. He watches her anus slowly stretch to allow entry of the tapered, black butt plug. Realizes that he only has an hour with Kharon, and that only one day a week, he redoubles his effort and sees the black beauty slip into her rectum.

"Now is your challenge, Kharon," Taunus says, "push it out girl!"

Kharon strains and presses. She makes little progress.

"Push, push, push," Taunus demands, "two minutes left. Push girl."

Her armpits are wet with sweat and likewise is the nape of her neck and the small of her back. Taunus takes a moment to lick her before continuing to urge her on.

"Time!" Taunus shouts. "You will suffer a penalty: six strokes with the cane." Taunus pulls the plug out. Removal was easy, insertion difficult, expulsion was-a challenge. Only a select few girls were able to expel the butt plug.

"Is a girl ready?" Taunus asks.

"Yes, Sir," Kharon replies, "May I have a stroke, please, Sir."

Taunus strikes her glorious hemispheres. The girl has been trained not to cry out or scream.

"One. Thank you, Sir, may I have another, please." Kharon begs.

"My pleasure," Taunus responds. He strikes again.

"Two. Thank you, Sir, may I have another, please." Kharon pleads.

There are two red whelps on Kharon's ass. Taunus strikes harder.

"Three. Thank you, Sir, may I have another, please." Kharon begs. Her knees wobble.

Taunus canes the girl's bare bottom again.

"Four. Thank you, Sir, may I have another, please." Kharon asks, recovering some of her resolve.

Taunus strikes harder, hoping that she will scream and earn a penalty stroke.

"F... Five. Thank you, Sir, may I have another, please." Kharon says.

Taunus strikes will all his masculine strength. Kharon shakes and wreathes in pain. She struggles not to yell out.

"Mmm, Six, Thank you, more please," Kharon answers neglecting the "Sir" and earning a penalty stroke.

"Good girl," Taunus remarks. "You know how to please a man." He swats her red, bruised ass with a penalty stroke.

"Thank you, Sir," She shouts.

"My time with you is short, Kharon," Taunus mentions. "Offer a kiss."

Kharon puckers up and Taunus kisses her lips with a passionate kiss.

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