tagAnalKharon Ch. 02

Kharon Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This story is fiction cast in the future. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Kharon is nineteen years old. She has blond hair and blue eyes. How does she measure up? Pretty good.

Taunus has been waiting all week and looking forward to his hour with Kharon. The day has finally arrived; it is her "sanitary day." On her sanitary day Kharon is brought from her cage, commonly called her kennel, and taken to a grooming station. There her fingernails and toenails are trimmed short, her teeth are cleaned and brushed, she is bathed in a disinfectant solution, and her head hair, eyebrows, and pubic hair are shorn away with clippers. The hairs in her armpits are left to grow-to add humiliation to degradation.

After Kharon has been prepped, she is taken to one of the punishment rooms. There she is bound, hands above her head and legs spread apart. From this position, pussy and tits are unprotected, vulnerable, and available. She is also blindfolded and gagged with a ball gag. She is left in the room until Taunus comes to visit her for an hour. Today she is slightly suspended, her legs spread more than uncomfortable, and she must stand on the balls of her feet to avoid the stress and strain on her wrists and shoulders.

During the week after their first session in the punishment room, Taunus reviewed Kharon's dossier. He also surfed the web looking for abducted or missing girls in her age group. He then micro-examined her prison and dungeon records. Her intake tape had been preserved. On this video a dozen girls are being in-processed. At first it is routine, banal, boring. Young girls undressing and ashamed of their naked state. Lined up in a queue, first their teeth are examined. Then one-by-one the girls in all their naked splendor have a steel speculum inserted into their vaginas. Their pussies are spread and a Radio Frequency Identification Chips (RFID chips) are implanted in their uteri.

The RFID chip enables the Information Technology guru to locate and assess each girl's activities. The captured information can then be relayed real time to the girl's user and/or observer. Simply stated, there is no way that a girl can fake an orgasm or conceal a sexual climax. Pity the poor girl who is having her period during this ordeal. Likewise, the girl with an Intrauterine Device (IUD) has another challenge. The assistant administering the speculum and chip insertion is in no way gentle with the girls. Kharon reacts badly to the process; the other girls have to restrain her.

The next station is proctoscopy. A large proctoscope is inserted into each girl's rectum, dilating and stretching each girl's anus. When it is Kharon's turn she refuses to submit, clenching her buttocks tight. The technician is frustrated and the other girls are annoyed at this unexpected delay. This event will be used again and again in Kharon's training. The attitude is of particular interest to some clients who wish to see the training and final resulting slave.

Taunus enters the punishment room and sees Kharon. He sees the blond beauty in distress, alternating from standing on the balls of her feet and holding her weight on the wrist constraints. He sets the leg spreader bar six inches in to afford her ankles and hips some relief. Then he loosens the overhead pulley chain to permit her to stand flat-footed on the floor. She mutters something into the ball gag.

Taunus removes the oversize ball gag and rapes Kharon's sore lips with a passionate kiss. Despite the soreness induced by the ball gag, Kharon manages to gingerly French kiss Taunus. He strokes her near bald head. On her "sanitary day" her head hair is trimmed to about one-sixteenth of an inch-just enough to reveal her natural hair color. He rubs the stubble where her eyebrows were. She is embarrassed by the loss of her eyebrows, once one of her defining facial features.

He playfully kisses her slender neck and shoulders. Then he breathes on her ears. Drops of her honey nectar drip from her glistening vulva. She is so unused to tenderness and affection that she is aroused to the verge of having a sexual climax-a climax that she is allowed only by permission.

Kharon begs: "May a girl cum, Sir?"

"No," replies Taunus. "A girl must hold her orgasm."

"Yes, Sir," Kharon whispers.

Taunus continues to work the girl. He kisses her arms from her wrists to her armpits. She shivers in arousal; her pussy is soaking wet now. Once at her armpits he licks them, conscious that she is unshaven and having her own natural scent. Deodorants and perfumes are forbidden to the girls in the kennels. There is a certain animal attraction of the natural female. Two outstanding attributes of female arousal that interest Taunus are: one, the garlic-like scent of her breath; and, two, her orgasm face.

Taunus works her nipples and areola with the rough blade of his tongue. He gently presses his teeth to her nipples and nibbles around the breast body. Sucking and licking her tits arouses Kharon even more. She struggles to avoid her pending orgasm.

The center mass of Kharon's breasts are hard. She is rapidly approaching a point of no return for an earth-shattering orgasm. She needs to do something to avoid being disobedient. She whispers to Taunus: "Please slap a girl's breasts."

Taunus ignores the girl's plea. Instead he focuses his attention on her back and buttocks. Her back is scored with lashes from some narrow whip; her buttocks have been caned recently as well. He doesn't speak but slides his face down to her groin. He spreads her pussy lips to kiss and lick her clitoris, but notices a hard red swelling.

"What is this, Kharon?" He asks, careful to disguise his voice.

"One of the clients has been inserting catheters into a girl's bladder, Sir," she replies. "He uses a larger one each day. A girl was not to cry out, but the pain the last day was so intense and severe that she moaned in pain. For that she was given twenty cane strokes on her already abused ass. She tolerated them well, not crying out or screaming."

"Ah," responded Taunus. "Does it hurt to urinate?"

"Yes, Sir, a maximum," Kharon answers. "But the real pain was to her anus."

"Let me see," Taunus asks as he parts her glorious hemispheres and examines her rosette, her Glory of Glories. She is bruised and swollen. Taunus goes to the medicine chest and fetches a 10% hydrocortisone hemorrhoid suppository and inserts it into Kharon's anus. She is instantly relieved. "Why were you not treated by the staff?"

"They insisted on scrubbing me," she answered. "I was told to keep my ass cheeks spread and my anus available for scrubbing. A client sodomized me with a ginger root for crying out while being whipped with a narrow whip. It hurt a lot."

"And you endured the scrubbing?" Taunus inquired.

"A girl has been trained to submit, Sir," Kharon responded.

Taunus kissed the small of Kharon's back. She was immediately aroused again.

Kharon begs: "I can't hold off on this orgasm, Sir. Please slap my breasts. Or press on my sore pee hole. A girl begs you."

Taunus rubs her clit and orders her to cum, a command that she enjoys obeying.

Taunus is so excited over the time spent with the girl that he scarcely notices the time. As she cums he loses control and creams in his jeans. At that self-same moment guards open the punishment room door, expecting only the girl to be present. Taunus is embarrassed and departs at once.


One of The Club's directors, Faustus (not his real name), pays Taunus a visit. Taunus is The Club's IT guru.

Faustus: We need to have a sit down, Taunus.

Taunus: Is there a problem with the game grid?

Faustus: No, your work has always exceeded expectations. It is about a girl.

Taunus: The girl that Mr Spike set me up with, Kharon?

Faustus: Yes. Your first session-with the butt plug-was excellent. The second session, not so good. You are spoiling the girl. You should have gotten her to cum, then assessed a penalty.

Taunus: What? The punishment room (also known as the examination room) isn't supposed to be recorded! I didn't know eyes were watching.

Faustus: Not client eyes. But we monitor our own. We don't want a mutiny. In particular, Kharon has her sights set on you. Caution is advised. I hope this topic doesn't come up again. Also, you treated her anus. We use her bruised and swollen anus as a selling point. She earns a premium having to serve in that condition-tumescent and engorged-soft to a penetrating penis. This club is capitalistic.

Faustus: Good bye.

Taunus: Wait a second, are you taking Kharon away from me? My hour?

Faustus: No way. We don't want to break our word! Bye.

Taunus: bye, be well.


Taunus is frustrated and angered at Faustus's warning. He is even more humiliated at having, what he considered private moments, observed. Kharon was once an articulate, erudite, intellectual woman. Now she is a "cunt" at The Club. But she still has a perfect physique-a statuesque, heavenly body. If only he could figure out some way to communicate with her without oversight.

It was after midnight when Mr Spike, The Club owner, knocked on Taunus's door. He stumbled to the door, sleep still in his eyes, thinking that the grid was down or some IT emergency. There was a naked woman standing beside Mr Spike on a leash. Since nudity is the norm for slaves, her naked flesh was not conspicuous.

Taunus was perplexed; Kharon was not blindfolded. Mr Spike explained that Kharon was too publicized to be kept with the other girls. She was to be kenneled with Taunus and required from time to time to be caned, whipped, or paddled. If Taunus agreed. Of course he would. But seeing his girl on the pillory would not be easy.

Kharon leapt forward and kissed Taunus. "I will gladly take punishments for you, Master."

"Good," Mr Spike exclaimed. "Tomorrow, before breakfast Kharon will be caned with fifty strokes on her bare bottom. Sleep well you two love birds.

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