tagAnalKharon Ch. 11

Kharon Ch. 11


Disclaimer: This story is fiction cast in the future. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Kharon is nineteen years old. She has blond hair and blue eyes. How does she measure up? Her "measurements" are: 35B-25-35. She is 5 foot 7 inches tall, weighs 127 pounds, and wears a size 7 shoe. Her IQ is 127 (with mean = 100 and s.d. = 16).

Severus walks into the outdoor café with a strikingly gorgeous young blond girl. Jean hurries out to seat the couple and take their order. She suddenly realizes that Severus's girl is an gynoid, a female android.

"Severus, you lecherous old goat!" Jean comments. "Talk about a mis-matched couple. The 'Young and the restless.' or is it 'The Hung and the Witless?"

Severus laughs.

"This is Anne," Severus remarks, "with an 'e'."

"Nice meeting you Anne with an 'e'," Jean continues, "You certainly are eye-candy for Severus."

"Thank you, Mistress," Anne responds.

"She doesn't understand insults or jokes, Jean. Otherwise she is the perfect female companion and sex object." Severus explains.

"Oh," gasps Jean. "Did you model her after Kharon?"

"Only for the physical measurements. Her IQ is no longer 127 but an incredible 157, the same as for that actress Sharon Stone," Severus replies. "By the way, how is that girl Kharon faring?"

"She is an anal girl," Jean explains. "Those girls have a limited clientèle; however, it is very loyal. Kharon is expensive since she requires time after a severe session to recover. It is hard to explain her serves by transcript or video. One should attend to her in person. She must be scheduled in advance. I see that Anne might be a surrogate for Kharon."

"And rightfully so," Severus agrees. "I did enjoy seeing Kharon overcome the electric shock in order to have an anal orgasm. I would like to explore her sexuality more, now that I have a suitable 'double' to experiment with. Do you have some streaming videos of her most recent sessions?"

"Yes," Jean replied, "We do. They are on the web, but for you, you may view for gratis. Just put in the promo code 'Kh11.'"

Drinks and snacks are ordered. Anne eats like a human, the ingested food held in a

"stomach" to be available to another or to some pet animal. There is indistinguishable chatter in the background as Jean scurries about, finding an available waitress to take Severus's order. They settle down to a conversation.

"I'm not sure that I understand about the workings of a gynoid, especially one with a microscopic Uncanny Valley such as Anne here," Jean confesses.

"Nor do I understand the psychology behind the so-called anal slave girls," Severus volunteers. "Surely there is more than the humiliation, embarrassment of public display and the discomfiture of multiple enemas and dilations. I understand that a girl with hemorrhoids or anal polyps is especially marked for surgery and recovery without topical Novocaine. Is this true?"

"Not with my girls," Jean rebukes Severus. "See, I have prepared a short video of Kharon. On intake she refused to spread her ass cheeks for the medical examiner, holding up the entire intake processing. She was stubborn and the mistress singled her out to be broken and learn to derive her pleasure from anal stimulation or abuse."

"Disgusting," Severus responds. "You asked about gynoids like Anne here. After the basic parts are assembled and wired into position as it were, the 'soul' is a body of subroutines called the Initial Program Load (IPL). This takes a long time as competing subroutines vie for attention from the Computer Processing Unit (CPU). Even with identical sets of subroutines, they often load in different priorities and arrangements. Now you are going to ask about 'pain'"

"Yes, how did you know, Severus?" Jean inquires.

"Lucky guess, I guess," Severus declares. "I do declare! Now suppose that some resistor or capacitor shorts out. The CPU will activate a search and route around the damaged item if possible. Redundancy is the shibboleth. This is best seen in military androids and warrior ants, which continue to fight even when decapitated. Seizing the CPU to execute mission success is the standing order. The gynoid will be severely affected if too much relocation of resources takes place. This 'survival' factor induces behavior akin to human pain. But why am I explaining this? You can go to City College and enroll in 'Androids, Gynoids, & Cyborgs."

Jean giggles. "I would rather have the 'professor' come to me."

"Anne here is building a persona with an underlying BDSM character. I am hoping to sharpen her skills as an anal gynoid. For sure she could both learn and mentor Kharon." Severus states matter-of-factually.

"Hm," Jean mulls, "that might help with revenue. Nothing is coming into the coffer while Kharon is recovering from some perverts handling. Not all are as gentle and considerate as you Severus."

"Thank you, Jean," Severus remarks.

A voice is heard from within the café: "Gentlemen, we have a showgirl this afternoon. Her name is Rita and she is to auction off twelve bare bottom canings. Let's start the bidding at 100 Euro."

Rita begins her strip tease while gentlemen bid on her offering. Severus is confused. "Why is she offering her body for punishment?"

"She needs money badly, Severus," Jean replies. Anne is carefully observing the event unfold. "She probably is adverse to sex, vaginal penetration. She may even be a virgin, willing to endure punishment, caning, to preserve her virginity."

As the bidding continues, the announcer writes the high bid, writing on a chalkboard. "Two hundred! Come on gentlemen, she is young, beautiful, and unblemished. You can cane her here or in a privacy of an alcove."

There is renewed interest among the well-heeled patrons as Rita removes the last of her clothes revealing her milky smooth thighs and her carved ivory buttocks. Her legs part slightly exposing her vulva to the open air. The fact that her legs part naturally, displaying rare tone and firmness, makes her exceptionally sexy. Her perfectly proportioned mammary draws every man's fancy. She could easily be a model on the runways of Paris, Milan, or Rome.

Several men gasp at her unexpectedly gorgeous physique. One man softly hums in the background: "Tall and thin and young and lovely the girl from Ipanema goes walking and as she passes each one she passes goes 'ah.'"

At last the bidding ends and a mature, groomed gentleman takes the stage. The announcer brings a chair and Rita bends over the chair, exposing her blemish-free, flawless rear end.

"You know the rules, Rita," the announcer remarks. "No screaming, or receive a penalty stroke. Understood."

"I understand," Rita answers. "Please use this girl, Sir."

And he does.

The first stroke makes Rita jerk and exhale. She obviously is new to the cane, especially when yielded by a male. She counts and comments: "One, Sir, thank you Sir, may I please have another stroke. Pretty please."

"[It is] My pleasure to grant a beautiful woman her request." Having said that, the gentleman strikes again. The pattern continues until the eleventh stroke. At that time the caner takes a riding crop. The severity inflicted breaks Rita down. She cries out and catches her breath, giving the count, thanks, and desire.

"Rita," the announcer calls out, "prepare yourself for a penalty stroke." She does, standing up, legs, spread apart, and her hands behind the nape of her neck. She positions her tits forward, making them available for the riding crop.

The gentleman applies all his masculine strength to the blow. Rita is allowed to scream during a penalty stroke, and she certainly does, without hesitation. After receiving the stroke, she bends over the chair and speaks: "A girl is ready, Sir, for another. Please hit this girl hard so that you may make your image remain in her memory."

Anne processes the event and cross-references the girl Rita's behavior.

"I am certainly surprised that the authorities permit such brutality," Severus opines. "I thought that BDSM was universally proscribed."

"Money talks and cash shouts," Jean interjects, "and bullshit walks. Shall we go to the dungeon?"

Anne speaks: "I am a manufactured gynoid, requiring first and foremost a source of energy from an electrical source. Failure to maintain my energy load will result in my entering a power-saving state or 'sleep' mode. In such a state I will be unable to perform my duties. However, when powered up again all memory up to the entry to the sleep state will be restored and accessible. I do require some small amounts of other substances, mainly lubricants, scents, fragrances, odors, aromas, and smells. Failure to lubricate may cause friction at metal-to-metal joints. You know that that can result in overheating and metal-to-metal abrasion. Looking over my notes and recordings and doing correlation analysis, your opinion is supported. The human animal requires water, food, shelter, medicine, as well as a compendium of elixirs, potents, tonics, and other nutrients."

Anne continues: "I understand your survival necessities for a girl. The fact that so much is demanded to continue to maintain a girl in general and a slave girl in particular requires a high maintenance relationship. For sure money is required as your society is no longer agrarian or rural. Even air and water are necessary commodities in many communities and cities. I can relate to your girl's thirst, hunger, and medicinal needs. The fact that a girl may require money to purchase her necessities and that the usual customary means of obtaining such requires a job or other methods of trade. Your laws on prostitution are vague and confusing to the gynoid mind. The fact that a girl may permit pain from scourging or whipping seems unfortunate and non-productive to the society in general. Anything which tends to destroy the health or degrade the physical strength of an individual should be prohibited. It should not be necessary to enact legislation or laws to control such dark depraved desires and crass carnal cravings."

"You just don't get it Anne," Jean interrupts. "To obtain money a girl must do what a girl must do. Understood Anne? You will be billeted with Kharon for a while."

Kharon nods her consent.

Kharon is grateful for the companionship of Anne, albeit she is merely a sentient being and not "flesh and blood." Jean has set limits on the topics that the two may discuss. Kharon is not to divulge the full name or other unique identifier of any of her "Johns." Desecration is the shibboleth. Anne is curious as to why some adult male should be shy or reticent about his name or social position. However, the rules are clear. Human society has customs and mores that should be observed. This is true doubly so as a girl is used for whipping, caning, or otherwise made to suffer corporal punishment. Of particular curiosity to Anne is Kharon's obsession and affection given to her anus and rectum. Anne merely regards that as a waste disposal outlet or facility, certainly not as a place of pleasure and desire. Kharon sums it up in the words of a song: "who am I to disagree?"


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