tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKiana Tom Gets Black Into Shape

Kiana Tom Gets Black Into Shape


Kiana is a very successful fitness model and just recently has moved into the movie business. She has worked very hard for her physique but there is one secret ingredient to her training that is, shall we say, unique and it started not too long ago.

A few years ago....

Kiana has just started to go into the business of modeling. She has that girl next door look that magazines love. She works out religiously and eats all the proper foods as well. Kiana was so excited just to get her photos in a local catalog or advertisement. Just starting out she had only a few model friends she knew and very little knowledge of how to expand her career.

One of her good friends, Susie, had modeled for quite a while and although she was not a supermodel had become a known model who was known for how toned and in shape she always was. At this time Kiana had a nice figure, but nowhere near the body she had today and always pestered Susie for advice. The answer was always the same "Kiana, you have to eat the right foods and do the correct mix of exercise and cardio, and you must be strong and commit to it long term." Kiana took her friend's advice and over the months she noticed a difference in her body and was proud of it, but she still lacked the body tone of Susie. Kiana worked out with Susie and was just as dedicated but the results were not the same.

After about six months Kiana asked Susie again how could Susie get what was obviously better results than Kiana and they were doing almost the same routine day after day. Susie mumbled something about the body's metabolism and how fast it works in some people and walked away. Kiana had a strong feeling her friend was holding a secret back and had to know what it was.

Even though Susie never said anything, she was frustrated the modeling assignments grew for Kiana week after week and all the agencies loved her. Susie had her regular work but she did not have the natural beauty Kiana had and Susie knew she never would. Susie really liked Kiana but also was jealous of her because of this. Susie didn't know what she should do, be a friend and help Kiana or not help Kiana and help her career. It almost tormented Susie until one night she had a brilliant idea and couldn't wait to tell Kiana.

At 1:00 AM Kiana's phone rings and Susie tells her that they need to talk immediately. Kiana tells her to come on over. Soon after Susie knocks on her door and almost yelling at her "Kiana I have the best idea ever for your career!" Kiana of course intrigued by her friends reaction asks what on earth could it be. The answer was "I want to become your full time agent."

"I like my agent he does a good job and I am getting more and more shoots each month, I might even get a national magazine ad soon." Susie smirks and tells her "Kiana is my secret weapon."

Soon after Susie set Kiana up with a personal trainer. "Why is this necessary, we have done almost every exercise imaginable."

"Kiana, I told you I would share every thing I have learned and if you want to get into the best shape of your life you have to go see this personal trainer, I promise results are 100 percent guaranteed." Kiana was very curious and couldn't believe anyone could get her into any better shape than she was in at the moment. Only if she knew in a few weeks time, the way she looked upon personal trainers would be turned upside down.

The gym where the trainer worked out of was a nice but small gym with the bare necessities but not much else. Susie told her the man training her was named Marcus but not anything else. Kiana walked into the gym on a Monday morning and saw only one other person working out. The man was very muscular and obviously worked out often, his face was facing away but his skin was very dark, so dark it shined. He turned around and with a big smile on his face said "you must be Kiana, Susie said you were a model but she didn't say a supermodel." Kiana blushed a bit and said thanks and couldn't help herself from being a bit attracted to him. "Do you where Marcus is" she asked. "You found him, I promised Susie to get you into the best shape of your life and always keep my promises." Kiana smiled at him and thought to herself how was Marcus' training any different from Susie's. She was going to find out very soon....

After a few weeks training with Marcus, she did notice small changes in her physique, but she still wondered how Susie could have the results that she did. Kiana decided to talk to Susie one evening and found out that Susie was working out at Marcus' gym. Kiana decided to go to the gym and see for herself if Susie's training methods were any different than hers.

About 8:00 Kiana walked into the gym and the lights were dimmed and no one was working out. She thought the gym was closed and was about to leave until she heard some voices in the back. Kiana was surprised as she had never even seen the room and she thought it was just a storage room. Kiana moved closer to the door and heard 2 distinct voices and she soon realized in was Susie and Marcus talking. Kiana couldn't help herself but started to eavesdrop into their conversation.

"How is Kiana's progress coming along, Marcus."

"Kiana is coming along great, I can see why you think she has a big future, she could have a great career ahead of her." Kiana beaming with pride, didn't want to intrude into their private conversation but she then heard something that made her very curious. "Marcus, is Kiana ready for the final step."

"Baby, I think she was ready the first time she walked in here." Kiana was surprised by Marcus calling Susie baby and she didn't know what the final step was, but Susie was a attractive woman and Kiana wouldn't be shocked if there was a little sexual tension between Marcus and Susie. She thought maybe they were even a couple. Then Kiana heard the words that made her mouth drop. "Baby, I can only hope Kiana can suck my black cock like you can."

Kiana was shocked and couldn't believe what Marcus said and soon after she heard Marcus start to moan and grunt and heard him tell Susie "damn baby, you have always been the best cocksucker, deep throat me." Kiana noticed the door was not entirely closed and her curiosity got the best of her. As she slowly cracked the door, she saw her friend sucking the biggest cock Kiana had ever seen. Also the room was not used as a storage room, the only thing in the room was a king sized bed. Susie was sitting on the bed with Marcus standing in front of her and Susie's arms wrapped around his lower back pulling him deeper into her throat. "Um um um, god I can't ever get enough of this black dick" as Susie's mouth was filled with Marcus' black cock.

Kiana was spellbound watching them and couldn't help from being aroused. Although Kiana had never been with a black man, she had no reservations about it if she was attracted to him. And she had to admit there were a few black men, especially some bodybuilders, whom she was very attracted to. Soon after Susie laid back and Kiana could finally see how truly large Marcus was. "My god it is like a baseball bat" Kiana softly spoke out loud not meaning to say the words. It was almost a foot Kiana thought and she saw Marcus was about to put it inside her friend. Susie, who was the most in shape person Kiana ever met, was petite, maybe 5'3" at the most and no more than 110 pounds. Kiana thought that there was no way Marcus' cock would fit any more than a few inches inside Susie. Then Kiana saw something she couldn't believe. The moment Marcus' cock touched Susie's clit her entire pussy just magically opened up. "Baby, I just love the way you know when it is time for you to get fucked" Marcus spoke with a smile on his face. "I guess after a few years of fucking you my body has almost gotten used to your size."

"Oh really, am I not big enough for you" as he slid his cock all the way into Susie. "DAMNNNNN, you are the perfect size, you know I only want big cocks now" as Marcus slowed his pace Susie whispered "I only meant that it is not as hard for you to enter me as when we first started fucking."

"I do remember the first time you saw my cock you almost ran away, lucky for us you didn't." Marcus soon put his lips to Susie's and started to fuck her fast again. After a few minutes Marcus was ready to explode and let out a primal yell as Susie's fingernails dug deep into his back.

"Damn baby that will leave a few scars, but I can forgive you."

"I thought you might forgive me, but then again your back has so many scars from me, and your other girls" with Susie letting out a laugh. After a little small talk Susie was getting dressed to leave and asked Marcus when he was going to introduce Kiana into the magic of black cock. "I am going to leave Friday night open, set it up with her." Kiana at this point hurried out and wondered what should she do. As she went to sleep she didn't know whether to cancel her appointment with Marcus or show up and see what happens. When she woke up the next morning after dreaming all night of Marcus hovering over her, watching her every move, and then dreaming of Marcus and Susie again, Kiana knew she was going to see if Susie's dark secret would work for her as well....

Friday night finally came and Kiana had no clue what do expect when she opened the door at the gym. She had her usual workout gear on and was not expecting anything like what she saw. The gym had been transformed into a one table restaurant. There were candles everywhere and all the gym equipment had been stored away. She stood in amazement and then saw Marcus dressed in a tux with a large bouquet of roses. She started to say something but Marcus put his hand over her lips and led her to the table. "Kiana, if you don't feel comfortable with this, let me know and we will end it right now and we never have to discuss it again." Kiana with a wicked grin "well ok, but before I go how about a little dinner first."

Kiana and Marcus had a wonderful dinner and talked for what seemed like an eternity. They talked about their families, where they had lived, and other similar experiences. Marcus then put on some soft music and asked Kiana to dance. As they danced Kiana mind went into overdrive with thoughts of passion for her personal trainer. Kiana had always thought Marcus was an attractive man, but after this evening she begun to see Marcus in a whole new light. Soon after Marcus held Kiana close and started to kiss her. Kiana responded and asked Marcus if he would like to go into the bedroom in back. "How did you know about that," Kiana shyly admitted "well the other night I overheard you and Susie and watched you together."

"If you and Susie are together I don't want to come between you two."

"It is nothing like that Kiana, Susie and I have been friends for many years and often just like to share each others bodies, we are not a couple, just good friends." Marcus started to laugh and Kiana gave him a funny look, "I am just laughing, if I had known you knew what this night was all about, I would have ordered take out" as he bent over and picked up this beautiful woman who was about to share his bed with him.

As they reached the bed Marcus could not help but have feelings of anticipation, although he had bedded many Asian women (and truth be told he had only been with asian women for the last 5 years), Kiana was the most beautiful asian creature he had ever seen. The first time he saw her, he was overcome by her beauty. He could not believe his good fortune that one of his regular bed conquests, Susie, would set this up for him. He knew that very soon he would have to thank Susie properly. Marcus and Kiana laid on the bed and started to kiss passionately as Kiana started to moan. Marcus got on his knees right above Kiana and started to remove her top. He did and saw Kiana in the sexiest white bra he had ever seen. He could feel himself harden just by looking at her. Kiana's bra came off next and Marcus reaction was to start kissing and licking her breasts. Kiana laid back and enjoyed Marcus' touch and was amazed, she could feel his cock hard against her leg and even though she had seen it, still couldn't comprehend the size of him.

"Kiana I want you to suck my cock, I want you to make me hard, I want to fuck you like no man ever has or will again." Kiana almost in shock, reached up to unzip him and saw the big black cock she had been dreaming about up close for the first time. She knew he was huge, but had no idea how thick he really was. As she took him in her mouth, Marcus stared at her and still couldn't believe this beautiful asian was in his bed. Kiana did not take very much of him at first but after a few minutes she took what she thought was 7 or 8 inches in her mouth. It actuality it was more like 5 or 6 inches, it just felt like much much more. Marcus knew he was about to come and he wanted to fuck Kiana so bad so he was about to pull out. "Oh no, please don't leave my mouth, I want to taste your seed"

"Kiana I want to come inside you, I want to fuck you so bad, I"

"we have all night, I want you to take me in every way a man can, I want to swallow your seed" Marcus put his cock back in this angel's mouth and had the best orgasm of his life.

Kiana got Marcus to lay on his back and for 20 minutes or so slowly stroked her new man's cock until it sprung back to life. The second it was hard, she got on her back and told Marcus she was ready but he had to go slow, she had never been with anyone his size before.

"Kiana, it will be ok, after a few times, your pussy will expand so my cock will enter you much more easily than tonight."

"I believe it, I saw how Susie's pussy stretched wide open the moment your cock touched her."

"Yes, Susie, was almost as tight as you at first and now I doubt she would even feel any cock less than 10 inches, she would never tell me but I have spoken to a few of my friends and I know she is almost exclusively sleeping with black men for that reason."

"Marcus, I can't wait, I want to be able to take you like that." And with that Marcus put the first 6 inches into Kiana and she started to scream. "Baby are you hurt, I will take it out."

"Please don't do that, just don't move for a minute" Kiana slurred. They laid there for a few minutes and Marcus very slowly started to fuck Kiana. Just barely moved but with each move Kiana's entire body shook. "IIIII ammmm cummming" Kiana yelled and her body responded like it had never had before. Marcus could not believe how Kiana responded to him, every time he pumped her body started to shake. He loved how Kiana came again and again. And ever so slowly, his cock started to disappear into Kiana's ever expanding pussy.

Almost an hour later Marcus knew he could not hold out any longer, he had almost eight inches inside Kiana and he wanted to bottom out inside her the moment he came. As he looked at her sweat soaked face, he saw she was in heaven, she had a smile on her face, at least when she was not gasping with pleasure. "Kiana, this may hurt a little, but I am about to cum and I want you to take my cock where no cock has ever been before." Kiana just placed her arms and legs even tighter around him said those words Marcus never tired of "cum in me Marcus." The moment he felt the first stream of cum exit his cock he thrust into Kiana with all he had and she dug her nails into his back almost weapon-like.

Marcus didn't feel it as his cock was draining into Kiana, but soon after he felt those sex wounds into his back again. "Damn Kiana, Susie does the same thing when I cum inside her too."

"So do you think I will be able to get the body Susie has?"

"Baby with the way you respond in bed, you will soon have the body you always wanted, I promise." Marcus then said "That is the secret you know, didn't Susie tell you."

"She didn't at first but over the last few hours, I have started to realize that might have been it." Michael gave her a soft kiss "yes it is Kiana, you should ask Susie what she looked like before she started training with me, you would not have believed it, she was still pretty but instead of the 110 she is now, she was more like 140." Kiana was stunned but understood that the way Marcus fucks, you could not help but to get into the best shape your body could.

The night passed all too quickly for them both, but not before Marcus dropped another 3 loads of black cum into Kiana's asian pussy, and Kiana had countless number of orgasms. As Kiana left she looked almost sad but Marcus told her "Kiana I am still your personal trainer, and we will still train just like before, but you do need to understand I have other clients and my special ones have a relationship much like you and I now have."

"I want you to understand my obligation to my other women, but know that you are the most stunning woman I have ever been with and hope you will understand and we can still share many nights of passion in the future."

"Marcus, I understand, and I now know why Susie kept you a secret for all these years. I want to continue are relationship as well."

"Kiana we have an appointment for twice a week for an hour and if you want we can do what I do with my special clients, once a week but you come over after dinner and leave the next morning." Kiana gave Marcus a passionate kiss and told him she can't wait for next week.

As the weeks went by Kiana and Marcus continued to work out, in and out of bed and Kiana's physique started to change. Her body molded into the figure you see today on many fitness magazine covers. She is one of the most well known fitness models today and she still continues her special workout with her personal fitness trainer. And by the way, Kiana is happy that unlike the first time, she can take a cock up to 13 inches. Although she wouldn't tell Marcus she has another man she regularly fucks who has an even bigger cock. He is one of the most well known bodybuilders today, and also black...

to be continued...

After months of Kiana's weekly meetings with Marcus, her black personal/sexual trainer,Kiana's career started to skyrocket. She was becoming one of the favorite fitness models in the entire fitness industry. She seemed to be on one magazine after another every week. By the way if you have never seen Kiana, she is 5 foot 3 inches 99 pounds, and is a asian goddess. She could have any man she wanted, she not only is a beautiful woman, she is also one of the sweetest women you could meet. And only her very closest friends had any idea that she was having sex weekly with a black man.

Kiana and Marcus continued there training sessions overnight at Marcus' gym and he wore her out, with weights and even more in bed. Kiana's sexual appetite and her willingness to try new things grew after each meeting. As Marcus promised, Kiana could handle Marcus' black cock much easier than their first experienced. Kiana would still have multiple orgasms each and every time. The more of Marcus' black cock Kiana had, the higher her sex drive became. Kiana and Marcus had a great sexual relationship, but as Marcus told her, he still saw other women and Kiana started to wonder what it might be like with other black men. She had yet to try to hook up with a different black man but she knew the day would soon come when she could.

Because of Kiana being on many different magazine covers, she was invited to many different fitness related events. They were mostly autograph and photograph opportunities for fans of hers and other fitness models. She became friends with a few of the other models, and she was tempted to ask a few of them if they too had ever slept with a black man. Kiana was ecstatic about the way her career was going, but an opportunity was soon to arise that would change everything.

During one of Kiana's autograph shows, a promoter for a Mr. Olympia contest was going around inviting a few of the models to appear at the national Mr. Olympia contest. The promoter was looking for a few of the top models to come to the contest, mainly for eye candy for the male fans. The promoter made sure to ask Kiana if she was free for that weekend of the contest and made her a very lucrative offer for a couple of days of stress free work. Just a few hours of autographs with fans was all she was obligated to do. Kiana was very excited and accepted the offer. The contest was a few weeks away, as was the next chapter of Kiana's sexual awakening.

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