tagLoving WivesKick it up a Notch Ch. 04

Kick it up a Notch Ch. 04


My jaw dropped open about six weeks later when I yet again got home from work a little later than usual. Sitting in the family room with John and Ann were Gwen and Martin, people who had fucked next to us the night we went dogging. I politely greeted them, but as I did I wondered what Ann was up to, and how far she intended to take this new acquaintance relationship.

Ann said, "I thought we needed to spice things up a little, so I called Gwen. We've been talking on and off for the past few weeks."

I wondered why Ann hadn't shared with me that she'd contacted Gwen. I had about three guesses, and they were all probably correct and involved illicit sex.

Ann went on, "So, I invited the two of them over tonight to join us."

I gestured upstairs to where the kids might be asleep.

"The kids are over at their Nana's. No school tomorrow; some sort of special holiday because the teachers need to have a training day or something."

I nodded and gestured to the kitchen, and gave her my 'You'd-better-come-and-explain' look.

Ann caught my look and responded, "Oh, I forgot, I have a light dinner saved for you. Let me help you." She excused herself and followed me into the other room. John, Gwen, and Martin continued their conversation.

In the kitchen I turned and whispered so the others couldn't hear, "What are you thinking? We don't know these people? How far are you intending to go with them? Sex? Fucking?"

Ann blushed and put her arms around me to try to calm me down. "I am thinking we can go as far as we want, or do nothing at all, although they probably are here expecting something to happen. If you're asking if I'd fuck Martin, the answer is yes, so long as he wears a condom. He's nice and I know you'll like him. I think it'd be fun for you and John to do Gwen too. She's cute, and ... well, you watched her get fucked a few weeks ago and it made you really hard. They're both very innocent, like we were not too long ago."

"Give me a minute to get my head around this. What do you know about them?"

"I've learned that Martin is a marketing guru of some kind for GE. He's a professional and has to wear a tie to work just like you. Gwen is his fiancée, and she teaches eighth grade social studies in Dillon. She's very nice to talk with, and I can see us being friends with them for a long time, even if we don't do anything. I was just getting to know Martin better tonight before you got home. I only knew some of the details about him through Gwen. She and I have talked for hours on the phone over the past month. The only other thing I recall about him is that he has a wicked looking cock that I'd love to sit on." Ann laughed at her own audacity. She added, "I wanted their first visit with us to be a surprise for you. Relax."

As we talked, I wolfed down a cold steak sandwich made with leftovers from the night before. Just the thought of food was making me feel better. I wondered if I was hypoglycemic.

I finally said, "OK, but I hope this doesn't start a trend where you want to fuck anybody that looks interesting."

Ann teased, "And what makes you think I'm not?" She teased before she gave me a peck on the cheek. "I may be a closet nymphomaniac."

I gave her my most skeptical look, got another kiss, and then Ann walked back in the direction of the family room. Ann's response made me harden just to think of her being a slut in that way, but it also gave me that gut twisting feeling whenever I thought of her having sex with someone else - even John, and now the possibility with Martin.

I went and shed my business suit, and rejoined the others five minutes later in casual clothes.

When I rejoined the four of them, Ann stood, came and kissed me, and then dimmed the lights to 'romance level' where we could see every detail across the room without feeling we were in a hospital operating room.

Ann went and pulled Gwen up so they were both standing. Gwen was shapely, and the mini-skirt and top she wore amplified her finer assets - assets that I recalled were very fuckable from when I watched Martin plowing into her pussy and feeling her breasts when they fucked next to us on the hood of my car: long tapered legs that I could stare at for hours, a beautifully shaped body that nicely matched, an ass that I wanted to hold forever, and a face that a model might envy. She looked so innocent as she stood.

Ann said, "Gwen, meet Jim. Jim meet Gwen. Now, why don't the two of you kiss like you really mean it?"

Gwen looked at me shyly, but then came in front of me and put her arms around my neck as I moved to hold her too. We tentatively kissed, and then got a little more into it on the next one, and by the tenth kiss we were searching out each other's tonsils with our tongues. By the twentieth kiss, my hands were all over her body, and she was trying to grab ahold of my erection through my thin slacks.

Near us, Ann was engaged with Martin in similar kisses and body stroking. John was helping Martin to un-do some of Ann's clothing.

Gwen whispered, "I wanted to fuck you the night we met, but that was the first time Martin and I had ever done anything even close to that. I ... I mean I'm not a slut ... this is really crazy ... and I look forward to breaking out of my mold and doing something daring with you."

"So, you're all right with me making love to you - John too, while Martin does the same with Ann."

Gwen nodded shyly. She whispered, "Yes, please. I know you'll think I'm a slut, and I'm even feeling that way and appreciating it. Overtime, if you'll get to know us better, you'll see we're just like you and Ann. I've never done anything like this before. Heck, you'll be the fourth person I've fucked in my life ... so far." She gave me a weak little grin.

I pushed any reservations about what was going on aside as I carefully unfurled Gwen's beautiful thin body, removing each piece of clothing with a lot of accompanying kisses and words of praise for her beauty. When both of us were nude, I got her on the sofa and ate her out through two orgasms, and then I stood and penetrated her even though she offered to reciprocate with a blowjob. Unless she was really good at faking it, she really got into what we were doing and continued with another series of orgasms as I fucked her and stroked her clit.

John came over and joined us. Gwen sucked on him as I fucked her, and then we changed places. Ann looked like she was having a good time with Martin, and I watched them move through a progression of Ann's favorite positions to fuck, ultimately culminating in Martin cumming and filling the condom he wore.

I came in Gwen about then, and John painted her face with his cum. Ann had put washcloths in the coffee table drawer, and she tossed one to Gwen to clean herself with. Initially, Gwen ignored the washcloth. She had reached over to Martin and pulled the condom off his deflating cock. In an act that made Ann, John, and I come to a standstill, Gwen held the condom to her mouth, and then made a show of emptying the cum bag into her mouth, even holding it way above her head and catching the drips that flowed from inside with her extended tongue. Some splashed onto her face. Eventually, she showed us the mouthful of cum, and then made it a point to swallow. She then reached to her pussy where my cum was leaking and brought some of that up to her mouth, and then repeated the condom 'trick' with the one John wore.

The three of us all said, "Wow."

Ann added, "If you'd let me know that was on the agenda, we could have shared by snowballing his cum back and forth."

Gwen coyly smiled and said, "Next round, maybe."

Not that we were rushing, but the next round did seem to go faster despite the men seeming to take longer to cum. I did Gwen again, feeling increasingly closer to her as we made love. John dithered between Ann and Gwen, when either Martin or I would give him an opportunity.

John, Gwen, and Martin left about eleven-thirty. Ann and I had one last fuck after that in our own bed. Ann was enthusiastic about our lovemaking, and kept a string of dirty talk going as she related how Martin fucked, what she felt, what we looked like fucking Gwen, and all the other nasty things she'd like to do with the couple.

The next day I ruminated about the previous evening, and about Ann's ever-escalating penchant for sex beyond what we'd been doing for most of our marriage. The thoughts took me all the way back to the discussion eight months earlier when Ann announced she wanted to kick her friendship with John up a notch.

I felt badly because Ann must have become really bored with our sex life - possibly with our entire marriage. She'd either planned or blundered into various situations that spiced everything up, and gave her a sex life now almost too wild to describe.

I loved the sex and all the things we were doing that had to do with sex, but they came at a price. I knew we were already paying for our lifestyle in some subtle ways, and I still wasn't sure what the ultimate price would be but I felt like it'd be costly.

* * * * *

The next day Ann asked, "So, what'd you think of Gwen?" She plopped down next to me on the porch couch where I'd been reading a pile of papers from my briefcase. She wore short sleeves and a skirt, a sure sign that spring had arrived.

"Nice," I replied. I snorted to myself about giving her a one-word answer to a complex question. I knew I couldn't get away with that, but I liked to tease my wife. I waited for her follow-up request.

"Elaborate, please." Ann poked me in a taunting way.

"OK. She can fuck like a mink. She has a snapping pussy that devoured my cum. Her tits jiggle in amazing ways regardless of the position I was fucking her in. She can do that same little rotation thing you do with your hips when you're on top of me. She told me she really liked the feel of my cock. She was orgasmic - I think I got about ten big ones out of her in the second round. The texture of her skin is amazing; I really could kiss and lick her all over. Her pussy juice tastes divine. She likes to drink cum - now that's a very erotic thing; I think we were all turned on when she did that. Let's see, what else can I say?"

"Did you even talk to her?" Ann's tone was sarcastic but teasing. She knew I had, but wanted to get my reaction.

"We communicated on many levels, and yes, I talked to her. I asked her whether she wanted to on the bottom or top."

Ann poked me again indicating that my humor wasn't appreciated.

I continued, "She's smart - probably brighter than I am. Her undergrad degree is from Wellesley, and she was summa 'cum' something." I chuckled at the emphasis I put on the word cum. She has a nice personality, adapts well to others, is a caring and loving person, and I'd like to know more about her."

"Do you want to see her again - them? I liked Martin for some of the same reasons." Ann sounded hopeful that I'd say something positive.

"Physically or intellectually?"


"Good. Invite them back."

"You were OK with me messing around with Martin?"

"As much as I'm OK with you messing around with anyone you deem acceptable and not an asshole. What'd John think?"

Ann said, "John thought it was cool and hot. He told me he liked watching me fuck other people - you, Martin. Are you unhappy that I play with John ... Martin?"

I continued, "Sometimes. Is it sexy and arousing? You know it is, and it appeals to the part of me deep inside that's insecure and gets off being a cuckold. But there's another side of me that ... I can't articulate it yet. I've been struggling for months to be able to have a vocabulary about what we're doing and how I feel ... anyway, let's just say all we're doing feels uncomfortable. I've told you before, I worry about our marriage and what's happening to us."

Ann pulled me close to her and hugged me. "I assure you that you are my number one man, by far. John has his drawbacks. The more I hang around him, the more I see them - he's stubborn, opinionated, bull-headed, but he's also fun to be with, creative, and he loves me. I have a more balanced opinion of him now that we're through our honeymoon phase."

I chuckled, "How would you describe me?"

Ann answered in a more serious tone that I expected. "You love me more than you even know, and I know that. I'm trying not to abuse that. You're dedicated and hard working, and you love our children like no other father I know loves their kids. I wish you'd pay me more attention; I had wished you'd stay out of your man cave, but all this sex has certainly pulled you out of there. I know you brood about things, and I guess I've given you a lot to think about, and I wish you'd share your thoughts and emotions more, even when they're ill-formed.

Ann added, "Jim, I love you truly, madly, and deeply. Anytime you want to stop any of this, just say so."

I nodded, and gave her a loving kiss. I didn't say anything because I still didn't know what I wanted from everything that was going on around me. It wasn't just what had happened a few nights before, it was everything that had been going on for months. The sex was a huge plus, and the worry, concern, and feelings of loss were the huge negatives. I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to stop or not.

* * * * *

We had Martin and Gwen back repeatedly, and they became regular guests at least once a week. About two months and many small group sex sessions later we all decided to take a weekend vacation together. To our surprise Carol joined us for our long weekend away where the six of us went up the seacoast to a cabin on the rocky shore of Maine. The view was spectacular, the water too cold to swim, and the air had too much of a bite to it to be outside without a jacket.

We had a six-person orgy in front of the fireplace in the rental cabin. We pulled the mattresses from a couple of the beds and made a massive 'fuck mat' that we used for the three nights we were there. I had never cum so much, and in so many pussies in such close proximity to each other. We were lewd, crude, and everyone got screwed eight ways from Sunday. We were also caring and loving, and extremely turned on. I think all our sex organs were magnificently sore when we headed home on Monday evening.

Martin really bonded with Carol, and I could tell there were deeper feelings there than Carol and I ever shared. That said, Carol and I had several interludes where we made love and did connect on many levels, unlike when she'd been with me almost a year earlier.

Gwen and I did a Vulcan Mind Meld. Not only did we share our bodies with each other, we also connected in mind, body, and spirit in a way I'd only connected with Ann previously. We ended the weekend in love with each other. We'd even whispered the three magic words to each other.

In a lucid moment when we were alone, we shared that we still loved our partners, but that we now had expanded that love to include someone new. I was emphatic about not wanted to break up her relationship with Martin, or even influence it in anything but a positive way.

As I spoke to Gwen, I found myself using some of the words that John had told me about his interaction with Ann and me - not wanting to hurt our marriage, but actually wanting to strengthen it. I used some phrases Ann had used too, about love multiplying when we gave it away. Gwen was of the same mind.

Gwen and I talked about how we might see each other more, not in secret but in a way that would be pleasing to everyone in our circle. While we reached no conclusion, I could see Ann becoming increasingly infatuated with Martin, so I guessed that having them over more often wouldn't be a problem.

We saw Gwen and Martin more like twice a week after the Maine trip over the next few months. We were all busy at work, our kids took up a lot of early evening and weekend time, and both Ann and I had some business travel - Ann usually going with John to teach new customers about some of the features of her company's software.

I got home from a three-day, two-night trip about nine-thirty on a Friday night. I pulled into the garage, and was so fed up with work I just left my briefcase and suitcase in the car. A good thing as it turned out. I came into the kitchen and walked into the living room.

There were four nude people fucking. Ann and Gwen were next to each other holding onto the back of the sofa with their asses pushed out. Martin was fucking Ann, and John had his cock buried in Gwen. Everyone seemed very worked up and eager for their orgasms.

Ann gave me a slight smile, but I could tell she was near an orgasm. She didn't look worried that I had caught her and the others in a compromising situation.

Gwen gave me a bigger smile and blew me a kiss. I heard her say to me, "I want you too. We just got started."

I blew a kiss back at her and said, "I'll be right back." I raced up the stairs, checked and the kids weren't home - that meant they were probably at their Nana's overnight. I tossed my clothes aside, pulled on some clean running shorts, and went back downstairs.

Just as I got to the living room, Ann came. How did I know that? She told the entire neighborhood with a loud moan, and some dirty talk about how that was the best fucking orgasm of her life - except for the ones John had given her earlier that evening.

I dropped my shorts and gestured to Martin, and he extracted his long cock from my wife's pussy. Ann had her head down and her face buried in the seat cushion. She pleaded, "Oh, Martin, put it back in. It feels so good. I want to be fucked all weekend."

I plunged my cock into Ann in one hard thrust. I had about seventy-two hours of built up sexual frustration to give her. She was so wet with her own lubrication and Martin's sperm that I knew I hadn't hurt her one bit.

"Oooooh, fuck, that feels so good. Do that again." She wiggled her ass back into my hardness.

I repeated my hard thrust, this time hammering into her repeatedly. She looked over her shoulder. "Oh, I knew it was you. You are so good to me. I love you." Ann was panting and obviously in the place where she had body-consuming orgasms.

I went about two minutes, and then gestured Martin back into place to continue fucking my spouse. He looked happy at the prospect, and muttered, "Thanks," as we made the changeover.

Next, I went to where John was rooting into Gwen. I could see her cum running down the inside of both her thighs, and even a couple of drops on the shiny wood floor beneath her.

John greeted me as he extracted his purple-headed cock from inside Gwen's hairy slit. "She's really worked up and orgasmic. We started about five minutes before you came in, and I think she's had ten orgasms in that time. Take over."

I pulled Gwen up to me for a frontal nude kiss. She grabbed for my cock, "Oh, Jim. I need this badly. I love you too."

I led her around to the other side of the yellow sofa. I laid her back, and she immediately spread her legs. I dipped my head into her quim, my tongue lapping up the girl cum she'd been leaking. She tasted like a rich mixture of delicious mushrooms and fluid nectar all mixed together into liquid gold.

I plunged three fingers into her sodden cunt. I curled them up to her G-spot, and stroked about a dozen times as I focused my tongue and sucking on her clit. Gwen came, slamming her legs shut around my head as her hands pushed my face deeper into her cunt.

"Oh, God. You know I love you, and now I know you love me," Gwen gasped. "Now, come and make love to me. I want your cock in there and not your fingers."

I moved up and plunged into her. The velvet warmth of her body surrounded my shaft and I practically came right then. I slowed to a stop as I showered Gwen with kisses, and we French kissed. When I started to pump a half-a-minute later, the urge to cum had past, and I had a little more staying power.

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