tagIncest/TabooKicked Out with My Daughter Ch. 03

Kicked Out with My Daughter Ch. 03


Me and Amanda spent the whole day in bed, having hot sex, and only pausing to order food from room service. We had decided not to let my wife know when we were going to come home, preferring to let her worry about whether I was mad at her, since I told her the underwear she found belonged to our daughter. I fell asleep with my arms wrapped around my daughter as we talked about our plans to screw with my wife, and how to win the boxing match that was turning her into a cuckqueen.


This time I did not wake up to find my cock in my daughters throat, but instead I found the bed empty, and I could hear the shower running. I pulled the blankets off the bed, and stood up stretching. I had woken up hard, and wanted more sex, despite the long sex marathon from the day before. I quietly walked into the bathroom, and inched open the shower curtain causing water to spray on me. From where I entered I saw that the water sprayed away from the door, making my daughter face away from me. I took the chance to surprise her, and jumped into the shower behind her, wrapping my arms around her slippery body, and pressing my hard on against her butt. She jumped in surprise and let out a loud squeak.

"Hey Daddy," she said rubbing her butt against my cock.

"I know you just got clean, but I want to get you dirty again," I said while kissing the top of her head.

Amanda moved away from me, and turned around, she wagged her finger at me. "No shower sex for you Daddy. Don't forget the plan. We need to save your boner for sex in front of Mom."

"Oh sweetie I'm sure we can afford to have sex once this morning," I replied trying to grab her.

"Nope, I wanna wait," she said jumping out of the shower. I managed to swat her ass as she went out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

I stood under the spray of warm water, and closed my eyes with a sigh. I was rock hard, and wished I could empty my balls just once in her before going home to face my bitch wife. My daughter had wanted to claim my cock for herself though, and wanted to have our first round of sex today to be in front of my wife as she felt that would be the right way to start the rest of our life together.

As I soaped up my body I started to think about some of the reservations I was having. I was worried my wife would tell someone, causing trouble for me and my daughter, and causing our plan to backfire. Amanda felt that there was nothing to worry about, and seemed to think of an answer to every one of my worries. In the end, as I fell asleep, I figured it didn't matter either way since I was going to go through with her plan anyways.

I got of the shower, and came out of the bathroom towelling off, while still rock hard. Seeing my daughter back in her school outfit didn't help me get soft, but we hadn't brought anything else with us.


I stayed hard the entire drive home, so it was a huge relief when I finally pulled the car into the driveway. I turned off the car, and looked at my daughter. "You're sure you want to do this?" I asked.

"Yes Daddy, I want this more then anything," Amanda said.

I smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "Anything for you dear."

We got out of the car, and walked into the front door. The house was quiet, and still. We didn't hear anything as we took off our shoes. My daughter looked at me, and I shrugged. We moved toward the living room first. We figured she might not have been home when we got there.

My wife was asleep on the couch, and the phone was in her hand. She must have been trying to call us. At the sight of her mother Amanda got an evil smile on her face.

"Oh this is going to be so hot," she said.

I took the phone from my wife's hand, placing it on the stand, and shook her awake. She jumped awake, and wiped some drool from her mouth, she was dazed and it took her a second to remember what was going on.

Once she got her bearings she jumped up and hugged me.

"Oh I'm so sorry for yelling at you. I didn't realize that they belonged to Amanda. I had no idea she was buying such inappropriate things." I looked over my wife's shoulder to see my daughter giving me the thumbs up.

"It's okay Sarah. You didn't know," I replied.

"No Mike it's not okay. I should have listened to you," my wife said.

"It's in the past. What is important is the now. I think we need to talk to our daughter about her choices," I said.

My wife let go of me and turned to face our daughter. I was glad to have her away from me. Once I felt love for her, but after her outburst two days ago, plus my daughter's much better body, now I just felt repulsed by her. I now saw hints of premature ageing in her face, and I realized that most of her habits that I once tried to look past were annoying. If I didn't have Amanda I think I would have left my wife years ago, now that I realized my wife's behaviour repulsed me. Calling her a naggy busy body would have been too nice. That I could have put up with, but my wife didn't know when to shut up, and leave certain things alone, questioning every little thing, and annoying the shit out of me. I really tried to love her, but it felt like she didn't care about anyone else other then herself. She came first, and everyone had to dance in step to her song whether they liked it, or not. She was also extremely manipulative, something I didn't want to face until I finally gave into my desires for my daughter. How such a beautiful woman could come from such an ugly creature was a mystery, I didn't exactly have the same sort of good looks my daughter had, though some would say I had a rugged handsomeness.

Sarah turned to our daughter, and produced the underwear, that had caused the fight, seemingly out of nowhere. It was a pretty tiny thong. "Is this what you're spending your father's money on young lady."

"Yes," Amanda said.

"I thought we raised you to be a good girl," my wife said.

"Why would you want to wear something like that," I added.

Amanda looked into her mother's eyes and said, "I wanted to wear something that all the boys would like when they saw me go up the stairs at school or when the watched as I lifted up my skirt while the teachers weren't looking." The gloves were on, the boxing match had started.

My wife's face turned red, and her lips moved like a fish, but no sound came out. The idea that our little girl was showing off her body to boys was something she couldn't deal with. Despite knowing full well what teenagers got up to my wife had been a huge prude, even though she always encouraged her daughters to go on a date, since she wanted grandchildren, she couldn't imagine anyone from a good family actually having premarital sex. I didn't even get to have sex with her until we were married—though her sister, Amanda's aunt, agreed to help me with my blue balls that Sarah gave me a lot before we married—and our daughter admitting her acting in any way that wasn't considered prim and proper by her mother, hit her mom like a train. Now I suspect that if I hadn't had my daughter I would have had married the wrong sister.

Sarah looked at me wanting help, as she was unable to speak from shock. I nodded at her, and looked at my daughter who was giving me her fuck me eyes, while her mom was looking at me.

"Amanda I cannot believe you would say such a disgusting thing to your mother. Where is your decency?"

"Oh Daddy, it's just me having some harmless fun with the guys at school. It's just me putting on a show. It's not like I'm having sex with them."

My wife's head swivelled to look at our daughter.

"Amanda I did not raise you to be a cock tease. If you are going to get a boy hard you better finish the job," I said. The first hit of the boxing match that was me and my daughter trying to turn my wife into a unwilling cuckqueen.

"What!" My wife screamed in a shrill voice. It took all my self control not to laugh at the shock on her face, so I focused on my daughter while I felt my wife's eyes burning me. "Mike, how could you say something so disgusting."

"You heard me Sarah. Our daughter should know better then to be a cock tease. I'm honestly shocked she would turn a boy on without finishing the job. She needs to be punished." I reached for my daughter.

"What.. What the fuck.." My wife weakly says. I was kind of surprised that I had already made her feel speechless. She had a sharp tongue, always able to find something to say that would sting, and could tear anyone down. One of the reasons I was happy my daughter wanted to tear her down a notch or two in the family order. Her jumping to conclusions that I was cheating was the straw that broke the camels back and made me realize that it was time to stop pretending my wife was anything other then a stuck up bitch.

I pulled my daughter by her ear toward the couch, and I sat down. I hadn't wanted to be rough with her but she assured me she wanted it to hurt. It would make her wet.

I sat down on the couch and pulled my daughter onto my lap. My hard on hadn't gone away and I knew she would feel it poking against her crotch. I wasn't sure, but it felt like she ground against it a little once she hit my lap.

I looked my wife in the eye as I lifted up my daughters skirt, and grabbed a handful of her plump ass while squeezing. "I think we need to start being stricter parents. She's gotten away with too much in this house. We should never have let her gotten away with this kind of behaviour." Smack! My hand came down on my babygirl's ass as I spoke. She moaned as I hit her again making my dick throb against her.

"Mike, what are you doing?" My wife asked.

"Why punishing our daughter," I smacked her ass again. "I think I made myself clear about my expectations of having raised her better, that she should know not to be a cock tease." I smacked each cheek to punctuate each word. Amanda's butt was turning bright red, but like she said to me the night before she was enjoying it. I could feel her pussy leaking it's juices onto my pants and making my crotch damp.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Are you not hearing yourself?" My wife ran toward me and grabbed my hand before I could bring it down again. "You're acting like a pervert."

"Me the pervert?" I asked my wife as I pulled my hand out of hers. "I'm not the one who is getting turned on by her father hitting her." I said as I put my hand between her cheeks, and slid my finger down to her pussy, spreading her lips apart. "Look at this, she's soaking wet. She's getting off on this."

"No Daddy! Don't touch me there! That's my no no spot!" My daughter yelled out.

"Quiet dear," I said before giving her ass a smack with my other hand. I continued rubbing my fingers between her pussy lips. "If your going to be such a cock tease then I am going to have to teach you a lesson." I pushed Amanda off my lap and stood up turning my back to my wife. I really wanted to see her reaction, but I had to sell what we were doing.

I undid my belt, and pulled it out of my pants. From behind my wife grabbed my arm. "You can't be serious. Your not going to beat our child," she said.

"Don't be ridiculous. I'm not going to do such a thing when she would just get off on it. I'm going to give her a baby. If she's too busy raising a baby then maybe she'll learn not to be a cock tease," I replied to my wife as I dropped my pants to the floor. I grabbed my daughter as she tried to move away from me. I lifted her up and turned her around so she would be draped over the couch, in the position for doggy. I pulled my hard cock out of my underwear, and poked it against her entrance.

"No Daddy! Please don't! I'm sowwie! I promise to never be a tease again just don't enter my no no spot!" Something about my daughter saying no was just making me harder, which I think she knew, and I violently pushed into her. My cock going deep inside her tight pussy as my wife shrieked in shock.

"Mike what the fuck are you doing!" She screamed while I started to thrust in and out of our daughter.

"No Daddy don't," my daughter moaned while her pussy squeezed my cock.

I looked at my wife, "She did this to herself. It's time she learnt her lesson."

My wife backed away from me, horror on her face as I fucked Amanda and made her moan.

"If you don't stop I'll call the cops," Sarah said as she turned around to grab the phone off a side table.

That was when my daughter changed her tone, "Go ahead. Who's going to believe you?" My daughter said.

"What?" My wife said. Her hand inches away from picking up the phone.

"Oh mom you're such a dumb bitch," Amanda said, "No daddy don't! Ha! Go ahead and tell them all about how Daddy is raping me. When they get here they'll just take you to the nut house for making up stories about a sweet father—who could do no wrong—raping his daughter." My daughter was really tearing into my wife and I couldn't be happier.

"How dare you talk to your mother like that!" My wife finally found her spine.

"I'll talk to you however I want. Daddies mine now and I want his cock, and his seed. You can feel free to leave if you want, but I'm not raising any kids so I'll just give them up for adoption. If you want to see your grandchildren you will not pick up that phone and you will come here and get on your knees while you watch your daughter get fucked by your husband," my daughter was in charge now. I looked at my wife and smiled as she gave in and knelled, clearly not wanting to, but not seeing any other option once my daughter brought up the threat of grandchildren.

"Good job baby girl," I said, and then leaned forward while my daughter turned her head around to kiss me.

"Cum for me Daddy." She moaned as she squeezed down hard on my cock. I thrust harder against her getting closer to cumming.

"You ready for Daddy's cum?" I asked her knowing the answer.

My daughter clamped her pussy down in reply and started cumming. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Was all she could say as I started to squirt a hot load of cum inside my daughter.

I pulled out and looked down at my wife kneeling beside us. Tears streaming down my face. "Well are you going to obey your daughter or you going to try and tell people your crazy stories?" I asked.

"Fuck you!" My wife said turning her face away, it was red with anger.

"Wrong answer mom," my daughter said. She grabbed her mother's face and forced her to look back at me. "Open wide mom!"

"What?" Was all she could say as my cock went into her mouth as soon as she opened it. She never gave me blowjobs and although I never wanted to fuck her again, my daughter thought it would be good for her to suck me hard before we had sex again, in order to teach her where she now stood in the family dynamic.

My daughter held Sarah's head so she couldn't pull back, and leaned down to whisper in her ear. "That's it. Get Daddy hard again. He has a lot of fucking left to do if you are going to get the grandchildren you want."

I shoved my cock deep inside my wife's throat making her gag. Though I doubted she would know how to give a blowjob to make a virgin hard, her gagging on my cock soon made me rock hard. I pulled it out and she coughed hard.

"Good job mommy. You made Daddy hard though your technique needs work," my daughter said as her mother puked on herself, as she had no gag reflex. "Now clean yourself off and make supper. Me and Daddy will be very hungry from having sex in our new bed. Also if we see you puke again I'll make your fat ass very sore and force feed you any puke that gets on me or Daddy."

We walked out of the living room toward the stairs. I kept moving when my daughter stopped and turned around to speak to her mother. "By new bed I mean the bed you used to sleep in with Daddy. You can sleep in my old room or on the floor for all I care. You no longer get Daddy. Don't try calling the cops either. I got a good sob story planned if you do that about how you're an abusive mother and wife," my daughter said. "You can leave anytime you want as well, it just means I won't have someone here to look after our babies so I'll just give them up for adoption."

I looked back at my wife. The look on her face was one of pure misery and horror. My daughter had broken her mother. She knew that her mother wanted Grandchildren, always excited if Amanda was spending time with a boy, even if it was just a male friend. It had drove me crazy because I wanted to keep teen boys away from my baby girl. Now I owned her cervix and wouldn't have to worry about boys trying to get in her pants again.

"Lets go Daddy." My daughter said as she grabbed my cock pulling me up the stairs by it.

We walked down the hallway with her guiding me by my cock. She opened the door to the bedroom that now belonged to me and Amanda. "I'll have to move stuff from my room into here if that's okay Daddy."

"Whatever you want Babygirl. I'll help you," I said as I kissed my daughter. We kissed deeply and she moaned pushing her body into me. We snaked our tongues into each others mouths as we ground against each other. She then pulled down my boxers and I stepped out of them, though I was still wearing my shirt and she was wearing her school uniform. I grabbed her body and lifted her up, her legs wrapped around my body and I carried her to the bed holding her ass. I threw her onto the bed and climbed on it. Crawling toward her I got between her legs and leaned forward to keep kissing her while she lifted up her skirt for me.

As we kissed she reached for my cock and guided it into her tight pussy. I moaned as I felt the tip slip into the entrance and I thrust inside her as I tore my shirt off and threw it on the ground. Amanda wrapped her arms around me and grasped my back.

"Pound me hard Daddy. I want to see how solid our bed is." She moaned into my ear while bitting it.

I smiled and I pulled almost all the way out, so I could then thrust deeper inside her. She moaned in response and her cunt tightened on my dick as I violently thrust back in.

"Oh I love your tight cunt baby girl. I'm going to fill it up," I moaned, then I clamped down my teeth on her neck and started biting it hard.

"Oh yes Daddy." She squealed at my bite. I was thrusting in and out of her at a fast pace and we were rocking the bed. "I loved how hard you spanked me Daddy! Make me sore!" At her encouragement I picked up the pace even faster. Pushing against her violently and pushing my wight onto her. I didn't let up with the biting and was covering her neck with teeth marks. Her tight pussy was squeezing me, and I was hitting her cervix opening with each thrust. Despite how much I've came the past few days I was already on the edge. I had great control though, and just ignored the need to cum in order to keep thrusting in her.

My daughter started scratching my back as I was thrusting in her and in reply I bit her neck harder. I may have gone to hard because I tasted the metallic taste of blood, but she didn't care. It just made her shake and go crazy, the bite causing her to cream all over my cock as she scratched my back, causing me to bleed in return while she thrust back against my cock

We were building to an intense climax, and she was dripping juices, soaking the bed. As good as my self control was my daughters tight pussy was breaking it down. I couldn't hold back much longer and I moaned in her ear, "Oh baby daddy's gonna cum soon."

"Yes Daddy! Cum for me! Give me a incest baby daddy!" My daughter moaned.

"Fuck!" I moaned into her neck as my cock stiffened and started to spray hot cum into her cervix. In reply her pussy clamped down tight preventing me from being able to thrust anymore and sucking the cum out of my dick. I filled her with my seed, and if I hadn't yet gotten her pregnant there was no way that this time something didn't stick. We collapsed into each others arms and fell into a doze for a while.

The smell of food woke us up. We looked at each other and smiled. I kissed my baby girl, and then we stood up. She tore off her school uniform which was soaked with sweat, and juices from our love.

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