"Is there anything else I can get you beautiful?" asks Josh, her regular bartender with his mesmerizing dark green eyes, as he cast a furtive glance at Diana's cleavage. He picked up a glass and started drying it, focusing intently on the glass.

Glancing at the door and then again at her phone she sighs. 9:00 pm. "Thanks Hun, but I should get home. See you next week."

He reached out and touched her hand as she stood and went to grab her purse off the bar. "He probably got tied up at work. I'm sure everything is fine and he'll call later. " He smiled sympathetically, knowing it was her date night with David. They were his favorite regulars. They came in every Friday night and though she didn't realize it, David made sure Josh got a nice show when they went to their booth. She always sat facing the bar and David spent the night slowly raising the hemline of her skirt while they sat. Diana shot Josh a smile that she didn't feel and placed money on the bar.

As she made her way through the deserted parking lot she couldn't help but feel angry and depressed that David stood her up. She always looked forward to their date nights and he had never missed one in all the time they had been dating. But here it was, an hour after they were supposed to meet and he never showed, never texted and never called. No response to any of her messages. Nothing. She was bouncing between being worried and angry. It wasn't like David, but at the same time he had been acting strangely over the last week and wouldn't talk to her about what was on his mind. She didn't know what was going on but she was determined to get it out of him the next time he called.

Nearing her car she starts digging in her purse for her keys. "Fuck, I need a smaller bag." She mumbles near tears. It had been a long day at work and she is ready to go home and forget about everything. She and David had only been dating a few months she was completely in love with him. She had noticed him around for years and had always thought he was sexy but never got up the nerve to talk to him. They both had traveled in similar social circles but had never formally met or talked until she went to hang out with their mutual friend Brian. From that day they found time to hang out whenever they could. She couldn't imagine a reason why he wouldn't have shown up tonight.

Just as Diana finds her keys she senses someone approaching and straightens and feels a hand go over her mouth, as she is shoved against the car door. Her attacker pins her arms quickly between her body and the door and the keys are digging into her abdomen. Screaming against his hand, she pushes against the car, fighting to get free as tears stream down her face. "I can't believe this is happening to me," she thinks.

"Shut up, you fucking cock tease and stop fighting. The more you fight, the worse it will be for you. Though maybe you like it rough..." A deep voice chuckled lightly in her ear. "I saw you in there," he growls. "Teasing all the men in your fucking mini skirt and fuck me heels. Every week you come in and taunt all of us, well, now you'll pay." She had thrown on David's favorite jean mini-skirt and heels with her favorite plaid button up shirt that hugged her curves in all the right places. David loved her walking around his place in just the shirt and panties when they were done having sex and she loved the way he looked at her when she wore it. She loved the way she felt and was angry that this strange man was turning her favorite outfit into something bad.

Shocked and angry at his words she pushes back against her attacker as hard as she could making him stumble. Diana desperately tries to wrench free but he quickly catches his balance and growls before grabbing her arms and wrenching them behind her back. He quickly hooks his leg around hers and forces her to the ground placing his knee in her lower back so she can't move. Tentatively she tried only to have pain shoot through her shoulder.

Behind her she heard another voice chuckle, "Feisty. I like that. She will be fun to break in won't she? Hold her arms while I tied her up."

The voice sounded familiar but Diana couldn't place it. Whimpering she rests her forehead on the ground and tries to calm down and breath as they tie her arms and legs. "What do you want from me?"

"What you always promise when you walk in that door, a good time." He slipped a blindfold over her eyes. "Throw her in her car, "Joe"."

The guy he called "Joe" picked her up with ease and threw her over his shoulder. She could feel the muscles moving as he opened the back door of her car and carefully placed her in the backseat and buckled her in. Diana was confused by them buckling her in, though she supposed that they didn't want her hurt before they had their fun with her. Since she was blindfolded she knew she needed to rely on her other senses to try and keep track of where they were going.

Starting her car turned on her IPod and her favorite song Crazier by Taylor Swift started playing. She remembered the first time she heard the song. It was right after she had met David for the first time and tears started flowing down her cheeks again. The song brought back every feeling she had ever felt since meeting David and the thought of never seeing him again broke her heart. Shaking her head she tried to refocus and follow the turns so she wouldn't be lost if she managed to get away but it seemed like they were going in circles and after what seemed like an hour she was completely lost. Diana started working on the ropes but it seemed the more that she worked at them the tighter they seemed become.

The guy who had grabbed her chuckled from the front seat. "You can't get out of the ropes. Keep struggling and you are going to start cutting off your circulation. Don't want that now do we? Here we are Joe."

They put the car in park and someone carefully pulled her out of car and slung her over their shoulder. As her head rested on his back she was confused. The cologne triggered a memory that was sitting on the outskirts of her mind. Like the voice she knew it from somewhere but couldn't remember where. It had to be someone from the bar. At some point most of the regulars had offered to buy her a drink but she always politely declined. She never wanted to lead anyone on. Her heart was David's and there wasn't a soul in the world that could touch it.

He carefully put her down on a chair once they entered the house. She could feel someone running their hands over her body in a way that was almost soothing. Leaning near her ear he whispered, "Relax and you may even enjoy this. We know you better than you think." Then he sank his teeth in the most erotic spot on her neck at the base from behind and a jolt of pleasure shot through her body and she softly moaned before catching herself. If she had been standing, her knees would have buckled. It was like he knew exactly what spot to bite on her body to turn her on. Her body was getting very turned on by the hands caressing and massaging her body. A second set of hands began to slowly undress her but was limited by her ropes. To her surprise she felt a third set of hands removing her shoes before running their hands up the inside of her creamy thighs. The fingers deftly maneuvered under the elastic of her black boy short panties before slowly starting to tease her pussy lips. Someone began slowly circling her nipple with their tongue before sucking it into their mouth and biting. By this point Diana was completely lost in the feelings. Her pussy was dripping and aching for a cock to plunge into it. She didn't know who the guys were but she was longing for more.

"Stand up." A voice commanded as a hand slipped under her arms to help her as she moved to obey. "If you will be a good little slut we will untie you. But one move to take off your blind fold, run or fight us and you will be punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Diana whispered.

"Yes, what, my dirty little whore?" said one while grabbing her hair and yanking her head back forcefully.

"Yes, Master?" she said hesitantly.

"Perfect." He chuckled and then bit her on the nape of her neck before letting her go.

They cut off her ropes and quickly pulled off the rest of her clothes. The men took a step back and smiled at each other. On a cue from the newest guy the two men pounced and began playing with Diana. They pulled her over to a pile of blankets and pillows they had set up earlier and lowered her to the floor. They began devouring her body, licking and sucking. One began eating her pussy, teasing and sucking on her clit and pussy lips while fucking her pussy with a finger while teasing her ass with another. He slowly lapped at her opening savoring her juices while the second began biting and sucking on her nipples up to her neck leaving a trail of marks while unzipping his jeans and slowly slipping them off. He grabbed her hair and tilted her head back and her mouth opened instinctively as his cock touched her lips and slipped in. Her tongue caressed the top of his cock and she moved to take it fully into her mouth. He felt his cock bottom out, his dick in her throat as she swallowed and he almost came. She started moving her head slowly and he moaned in pleasure, happy to just kneel while she worked his cock.

"Fuck she is an amazing cock sucker Joe. I bet her pussy tastes amazing."

The man lapping at her pussy just moaned in agreement before kneeling up. "Don't cum too soon Bob. You have two more holes to fuck." He then proceeded to quickly disrobe before positioning his cock at her pussy. She could feel him resting there before slowly starting to tease her pussy with the tip of his cock. She tried her best to arch and get more of his dick in her pussy but was unsuccessful and moaned in displeasure. As she was bringing Bob's cock out of her mouth to breathe she shoved his dick into her cunt, causing Bob's dick back into her mouth and a scream of ecstasy to escape from around the dick lodged in her throat. Both Bob and Joe started fucking her mouth and pussy, finding a rhythm that caused her to cum. Her pussy convulsing on Joe's dick and her moans of pleasure almost sent both men over the edge and the both pulled out leaving her desperately wanting more.

She felt hands help her up on her knees and guide her to straddle someone while they guided their cock into her dripping pussy. She started to slowly ride the cock; it filling every inch of her aching pussy. A hand grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her in for a deep kiss while someone kneeled behind her and started pressing the tip of their dick into her ass. Her back arched and she gasped as the tip slipped into her ass and she pushed back feeling both cocks filling her ass and pussy at the same time. After a moment a third cock touched her lips and she happily started sucking on it as all three cocks started fucking her simultaneously.

Her body was on sensory overload as she started cumming hard and the man below her chuckled. She felt like every nerve in her body was on fire. As her pussy was milking the cocks Joe started to cum in her ass and he leaned down and bit her neck hard causing her orgasm which had just started to slow to start in full force all over again. He slowly pulled out of her ass and moved to sit down to relax for a few minutes.

"Fuck, she's gonna make me cum moaning on my cock like that." Bob said.

"Go ahead." Said the man below her and Diana gasped. It was David. The third man was David. She reached up and ripped off the blind fold and looked into the eyes of Brian and he smiled.

"Hi." He said before unloading his cum into her mouth as she started swallowing. Once he was done cumming in her mouth she looked down into the eyes of the man she loved.

"I love you sexy." He said smiling before flipping her over onto her back and fucking her until he filled her pussy with his cum. Lightly kissing her neck, he nuzzled her and whispered, "I hope you don't mind. I know it has always been a fantasy of yours and I just wanted to make it come true."

She peered around him and saw Josh. He smiled at her with a twinkle in his eyes. "I told you everything was fine."

She reached over and threw a pillow at Josh before laughing and covering her face. "I can't believe you guys did this." David rolled onto his side and kissed her lightly on the lips, before she sat up, looked around at her living room and smiled at the guys. "You are all nuts. What if I didn't want it? What would you have done if I fought? What if someone saw you?"

"We would have let David deal with it," Said Brian smiling. "Actually that is why I wore a little extra cologne and why Josh didn't try and change his voice. We hoped you would realize that we were people you knew and that you were safe. David spent a long time planning this for you."

Smiling at David she leaned over and kissed his cock before lightly sucking the tip of it into her mouth. "Does that mean I get you boys all night?"

Moaning happily David said, "I take that you are happy, so most definitely yes."

Both Brian and Josh's cocks started getting hard as they started stroking their cocks getting ready for a night full of fucking.

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