Kidnapped Daughter???


"What? That's bullshit."

"I looked forward to my weekends with you. Dressed like a little slut. Let you see me naked by accident. You were my first crush. You didn't even notice."

"But...jesus, you were just a daughter," I protested.

"I didn't understand then."

"Is that where all that crap came from?" I asked, remembering again the threat my sixteen year old daughter had made.

"Yes...maybe...I don't know. I wanted a man so bad. You. You called me a slut that day," she said as we both remembered the day I'd hit her. "You wanted to spank me. Remember?" she asked.

"I should have," I grumbled.

"Spank me now daddy," she asked, getting down on her knees between my legs.

"Stop it," I warned, aware of the sudden rush of blood to my penis.

"Or what?" she challenged. "You always wanted to spank me...when I was bad."

"You're crazy... I just said that...once... when I was mad."

"I wanted you to. I wanted you to put me across your knees and spank excited me," she said as she pushed me back against the edge of the boats wide, bench seat. I sat. Her engorged sex was inches from my eyes as she stood up between my knees.

She lay across my lap. "I'm still bad," she lured.

"Patty!" I begged hoarsely, my mouth suddenly dry.

"Please," she whined.

"You love it, don't you? Pissing me off."

"Yes. Spank me," she asked again, wriggling her bum in my face.

"You're an adult."

"Hit me."


"I didn't even feel it," she complained looking back over her shoulder at me, a mischievous look in her eye. "I've been bad. Punish Patty, make me cry."

"God, you're a little bitch." SLAP...SLAP...SLAP. Three quick hits in succession, just hard enough to sting. I realized I liked doing it. Her bum was firm but oh so soft. I let my fingers linger after every slap.

"I thought you were strong," she mocked. "Make my bare bum pink," she demanded.

"Harder...harder," she ordered as my blows started to rain down. I knew she could feel my erection through my bathing suit. Suddenly wanted her to. Knew I wanted to fuck her. My own daughter.

"There," I finally panted, pushing her off my lap and onto her knees between my legs, embarrassed at what I'd done but with my erection tenting outward in my bathing suit.

"My turn," she whispered as her hands grasped the top of my suit and slowly pulled it down.

"Don't Patty," I begged softly as my shaft jumped up and hard against my stomach.

"Oh my gawwwwd," my daughter intoned as her hand snaked out and grasped my throbbing erection, "No wonder."

"No wonder what?" I asked as I watched her fingers moved urgently on my cock.

"Why mommy lasted thirteen years with you. You're ...huge! I knew it," she exclaimed.

I wanted to push her away. Wanted to hate this feeling that exploded inside of me. "Oh Baybeeee," I simply groaned as her tongue found the underside of my cock and licked upwards from its base to its head. Moved a hand to the back of my daughters head after she'd popped my cockhead between her lips.

I finally pushed her off me, then watched as she lay down on her back between my legs and spread her engorged sex with her hands. My cock, covered with Patty's saliva, was a rampant, mindless pole demanding only one thing.

"Fuck me!" she ordered as I slid down between her legs.

I did. Just lifted her ass in my strong hands and pulled her towards my thrusting cock.

It was just sex. Great sex yes. Extraordinary in fact. Thirteen years of hate and love exploded between us as my cock filled her stretching, grasping cunt time after time.

"Oh fuck daddy," she screamed as her first liquid orgasm erupted from her centre after just a minute of deep cocking. Seconds later I prematurely started to spew inside my grunting, crying daughters cave.

"Jesus...oh jesus," I moaned as I shot strand after strand of hot cum towards Patty's womb.

We both watched each others eyes as I lay panting heavily on top of her after I'd come, and then I slowly felt her vagina clench even more tightly on the thick shaft still hard inside of her.

"More," she simply demanded as her ankles locked around my back.

"Baby," I groaned as I drove again and again into her female perfection.

We lasted longer the second time, each of us quickly falling into a rhythm with the other, continuously matching the other in a symphony of demanding lust.

We came together in a grand finale, our animalistic roars of gratification carried away across the water as I filled her again.

Almost dazed I pulled out my sticky cock and stood, and then looking down from above and with a last drop of semen falling from my cockhead onto her stomach, I watched as my flood of my cum seeped from between Patty's legs and oozed down her thighs and onto the floor of the boat.

I watched her as she turned over and crawled towards the bench seat, watched as she climbed up and knelt with her still pink bum in the air waving invitingly back towards me. Saw the sperm sticky in her crack.

"More daddy," she demanded as she looked back over her shoulder at me.

She was sopping, her pussy open wide when I pushed into her from behind, pulling her hips back towards me even as I thrust. I grabbed her tits, then squeezed them and stretched her long nipples as I pounded back and forth with my pulsating, throbbing cock.

"Harder...deeper daddy," she pled as her insides spasm-ed moistly around my invading, bucking maleness.

I finally pulled out, watched as my dripping prick slowly softened and fell half limp between my legs. She sat down on the bench and just stared at the disappearing organ

"C'mon, you better get dressed, it's late, we gotta get going," I told Patty when I finally pulled my bathing suit up my legs.

"Can't we stay here for a while longer...maybe overnight?" she asked as one of her arms circled my legs and tried to pull me towards her.

"It gets dark early...we've got to get back, it can be dangerous out here," I answered, shuffling backwards towards the steering wheel.

As I untied the boat from the dock and then started the engine I watched her, sitting naked on the bench, her knees spread wide, my sperm still oozing from between her legs and lying stickily everywhere on her thighs and stomach and breasts. Unhurriedly she dipped a finger inside herself and then brought her cum laden big finger to her mouth and pushed it between her lips.

"C'mon, get dressed," I cajoled as her pink tongue flicked out, "we'll be meeting other boats as soon as we enter the channel."

Languidly she rose and approached me. Then standing between the steering wheel and me, she eased my suit down my thighs as I sat immobile in the captain's chair, again releasing my cock.

Then put her finger inside herself again and then pushed its juice covered end into my mouth. "Taste me," she whispered in my ear as she climbed into my lap and straddled me. "We have time," she said as she directed my cock into her dripping cunt as she lowered herself over it.

We just hugged each other, letting the continual slap of the waves against the speeding hull do the work for us. Each time the thirty foot sportsman crashed down on a wave my prick was stuffed even deeper inside my girl. Again and again as we raced across the bay we smashed together. It became almost too painful as our orgasms approached. We were both crying (from the wind in our faces?) as my cum exploded upwards and bubbled into her center.

She was still naked, dripping sperm onto my thighs as we approached the Miami Beach Marina.


We didn't talk as I drove her towards her grandmother's condo at the tip of South Beach. Sex was easier than words for both of us.

"Wait for me," Patty ordered as she jumped from the car when I stopped in front of the highrise.

"What?" I asked, hoping she meant what I wanted.

"I'm here for another week daddy. You're not getting rid of me that fast," she said as she looked down at me in the car.



"What did mom say?" I asked when Patty reappeared with her suitcase.

"She's all excited. Thinks this may be the first step in our reconciliation. I told her I finally got you to talk to me a bit. That you were angry, hateful...your usual stupid male self...but that at least we talked. That I embarrassed you into putting me up for a few days," she said, laughing as she jumped into the car.

"I told her I was going to take you on a shopping expedition to Bal Harbor, that I'd teach you to shop," she said giggling.

"That must have impressed her."

"I let her tell me all about her years in the jungle last night; I oohed and aahed at all the right places."

"You'll try to manipulate anyone, won't you?" I accused

"Look who's talking! She told me to listen to you...that I can't just live my life for my own pleasure...the same old Scouries 'help the world' crap," Patty said as her fingers found my hard-on through my shorts.

"You are a little slut."

"What? You wanted me to tell her we spent the afternoon fucking?" she asked as she lowered my zipper and freed my manhood.


We made love for the first time later that night. It's hard to easily explain the difference between what we'd done on the boat and what we did in my bed. The difference between sex and making love.

Love? A feeling? An approach? There was still thrust and counterthrust. Still our needs, her orgasmic juice, my sticky sperm. was different. It was good.

There were caresses. Kisses. Soft kisses. Hungry bites. Hugs. Tears. Anger still. Accusations.

We started the slow process of accepting the other. Of acknowledging that we wanted to be in each others life. The sex was just the first step, the easy part.

We knew we had ten days together. Ten days to start to know the other.

We hesitantly, reluctantly tried to talk. Small bits of conversation between bouts of physical loving. We slowly traded secrets. Tried to become friends.


"It doesn't bother you," she asked one afternoon as we lay entwined on the balcony overlooking the beach.

"No," I answered quickly, understanding her question.

"Me neither. I know it should. Everyone says its wrong...a father and his daughter."

"It's just sex."

"I know. I feel the same. I'm not ashamed. Maybe it's because we're doctors...we understand anatomy... it's just a process. Or maybe it's because we've both had so many partners. We're jaded."

"No, it's that we both love sex. We're good together," I answered seriously. "I've never..."

"Never what?"

"Nothing. It's also better than being completely without you. I want more...but if this is all you'll give," I whispered as I moved my hand over her bush and then slipped a fat finger inside her.


"Uh huh."

"You missed me?" she asked and then let out a long groaning wail as a second finger filled her.

"You never answered one letter...for years."

"I read them," she whispered. "And there's at least one part of you that I'm in love with," she added with a leer, her hand closing around my fat shaft.

"Is there?"

"I'll show you," she promised, her moist lips dipping towards my urgent need.


"I'm a virgin...there," she said feeling my soapy finger lightly brush her anus.

"I want you to be first," she added when I didn't answer her comment.

"I'm too big, besides I prefer your little pussy," I said as I slipped my finger down her ass crack and then up and into her cunt.

"I want it to be you," she insisted as she moved her soapy, pointed breasts against my chest.

She shrieked when, five minutes later, I pushed my lubricated cock into her bum, cried, then moaned as I reamed her cute, tight ass.

Cried in pleasure and pain as I fucked through her tight anal ring as my hands squeezed her tits and manipulated her clit.

"Ohhh Dadddddy," she finally groaned in ecstasy as her bum was flooded with warm cum for the first time.


"I'm going to get married," Patty suddenly blurted one morning as we lay in bed, telling me even as my cock was thrusting inside her moist, clenching sleeve of sex.

"Do I know him?"

"You'll hate him. So will grams," she answered as her ankles locked together around my back.

"Why?" I demanded as I continued to slam between her legs.

"Later...oh pleeeasss...yessssss," she screamed as a first hot rope of semen erupted inside her quivering channel.


"He's rich. Good looking," she started as we lay panting on our backs minutes later. "Harvard Law. His daddy's a titan of finance, Wall Street. Worth millions...probably hundreds of millions."

"You should marry his old man if he's got the money."

"Chris, Christopher Jones-Smith IV, that's his name by the way, is tall, blond...kind," she said even as her fingers lightly moved over my again throbbing sex. "A great lover...a good athlete," my daughter continued to enthuse.

"A big yummy cock," she said, her eyes locked on mine as she ran her tongue up my straining shaft.

"So when's the big date?"

"I haven't told him yet," she giggled, then engulfed my cockhead between her moist lips. Swallowed me. Finally pulled away from my erupting prick when her mouth was overflowing with jism. Kissed me with open mouth, pushing my cum back into me even as my cock continued to buck up more creamy sauce.


I'd eat my little girl. For minute after minute until she was writhing under my tongue, then I'd lick her as her sweet sex juices spewed out and over my tongue. Then, as she lay spent on her back, her engorged, flowered sex open, I'd mount her, fill her with my throbbing manhood, fill her with my seed.


"We'll never do this know that don't you daddy?" she asked as we lay in bed fucking three hours before her plane was scheduled to leave.

"It was better than nothing."

"Maybe we can talk know, phone...or you can write...or e-mail me," Patty stammered, a plea in her eyes. "I might even answer your letters," she promised.

"Between cocktail parties and shopping sprees?" I asked but she heard the small smile in my voice. "You'll visit?"

"I don't'll overwhelm me...I'll want you, I won't come...not for awhile," she said in sadness.

"I might just come for you," I warned.

"Don't daddy...please," she begged as I sent my last load of seed deep inside her


"I'm engaged," I heard down the line a couple of days after Easter.

"Are you?"

"A huuuuggggge diamond," she laughed. "We're getting married next their winter home in Palm Beach."

"Do they know your father's a radical do-gooder?"

"Chris wants to meet you," she laughed. "I told him not yet...that you have to be approached carefully."

"Ha, ha."

"Mommy doesn't think he should ever meet you. She thinks you should be banned from the wedding."

"The bitch! She probably wants Jean-Pierre to give you away."

"You'll be there daddy. Won't you?"

"You think I'd miss my chance to mix with the rich and famous? To meet Donald Trump. Miss Hilton? Are panties going to be mandatory for the bridesmaids?"

" protect them from you," Patty joked back. Then, "The President's father is coming."

"Great...maybe we can all go out and play golf at the Polo Club. Or maybe the Everglades Club."

"Do you have any clubs Daddy?"

"One I'm saving for only you sweetheart," I warned.

"I'll be married."

"We'll see," I said ominously.

"I've missed you...I love you daddy," she whispered before hanging up.

"I bet," I answered to the dead line.



"You were right."

"I was?"

"Yes, I do hate him," I told Patty as we stood at the gate that led to the plane that was taking her and her husband to-be back to New York.

"I knew it," she said merrily, "gram doesn't like him either."

Patty and Mr. Wonderful had spent the Labor Day long weekend visiting gram and I in Miami.

He was good looking, friendly, smart, a good conversationalist, rich, polite, interesting. Most fathers would have welcomed him with open arms. I wanted to drown the prick...might have if my daughter hadn't watched my every move and had never let her hubby-to-be alone for a second with her old man.

A lawyer, he was a twenty-seven year old 'Wealth Management Executive', already a V.P., at Goldman Sachs. How this pretty boy Wasp ended up there was beyond me.

It had been an uneventful three days. Except that is for Saturday night. Chris got drunk. I pretended I was matching pretty boy drink for drink as we partied on South Beach. Patty and I finally got him home around one a.m. I helped her undress her passed out beau in spite of her protests.

Saw his prick lying small and flaccid on his thigh. "You better go now," she tried to order but I could see the need in her eyes. So I simply lifted her and carried her to my room and bed.

"We can't," she protested as I slipped her dress from her shoulders, baring the tits I'd been dreaming of for nine months. Ripped the red, silk boyshorts from her loins.

"Dadddddy! Please. No daddy," she continued to protest as I pulled my shirt roughly over my head, then undid my belt and zipper and let my pants slide down my legs.

"Oh god," she moaned as her eyes hungrily took in my rampant pole.

She fell back on the bed when I pushed her gently, then lay watching, legs spread as I climbed up between her legs.

Moaned when I pushed my hardness into her waiting, already moist and aroused centre. Chris was forgotten as I fucked my girl, and it was only the depth of his drunkenness that allowed him to sleep through the orgasmic cries that echoed loudly through the house for the next four hours.

Six times I came, twice in her vagina, then fucked her tits, then let her swallow me, her ass, then finally again her cunt. We were like rutting animals, oblivious to everything but our satisfaction. Patty finally slipped back to join Chris around dawn, slept next to him with her fathers cum sticky on her everywhere.

And then they were leaving to go home. But as I watched her walk away from me towards her waiting beau in the dimly lit airport, I knew I'd never let her marry him. A plan started to grow in my mind. Patricia Ellie Cooperman would be going on a trip with her father, I thought, smiling as the two disappeared through the gate.

Xmas 2006

"Are you ready?" I asked my beautifully gowned daughter.

"Daddy," she squealed when she saw me, then put her hand over her mouth to hide her smile.

"What?" I growled.

"Nothing," she giggled as she ran her eyes up and down my elegantly clad body. My perfectly coifed hair. "I never thought I'd get you dressed up like that."

"Christ, you chose it," I grumbled. "Now c'mon, let's get this show on the road."

"We don't have to be at the church for forty-five minutes, it's only ten minutes away," my daughter protested.

"Hell, the limos here, lets go for a ride," I said offering her my arm.


"You surprised me daddy," Patty said as the car rolled away from the house.

"How so?"

"I just thought you'd never go along with all this."

"You sound disappointed."

"Maybe I am."

"You didn't give me a lot of choice. You, your mom and the effing Jones-Smyth's didn't give me a lot of say in the proceedings. Show up and give your daughter away, those were the orders, weren't they?"

"The great James Scourie just buckles under now does he?" she teased. "Where is that driver taking us anyway?" she asked as she looked out the window. We're going the wrong way."

"We got lots of time."

"Christopher really is a nice guy daddy; he'll make me a great husband," she said, but in a tone that indicated that even she wasn't convinced.

"He's the son of a crook who's the son of a robber baron."

"That's not fair....Why's this idiot turning in here...Driver, driver," she started to call impatiently while tapping on the glass that separated us from the front seat.

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