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Kiefer's Wild Party


I would like to stress beforehand that the events depicted in this story are purely fictional and have only occurred in the deepest and most wicked regions of my – sometimes twisted – brain. The story was written from the *perspective* of Kiefer being bi-sexual, not the *knowledge* thereof! I have absolutely no hidden knowledge of Kiefer's sexual preferences! For the benefit of the story, it was preferable to *make* him bi-sexual.

I hope you will enjoy the read and please, feel free to leave a comment. That includes you too, Kiefer, should you ever *stumble* across this.

Here goes!

Kiefer had been invited to a good friend's birthday party and he was looking forward to having a good time. He knew a lot of people who would be there and he hadn't seen some of them in ages. It would be great to spend some time with them again. He prepared in the usual way, a nice long shower followed by the ritual of finding the right outfit for the right occasion. It was pretty casual, but he 'dressed to impress'. He was going hunting tonight. He chose a black pair of pants, combined with a white shirt, leaving the 3 top buttons of it open. A black semi-dressed jacket completed his attire. He left about an hour ahead of time, to make sure he could talk with Tim before the other guests started arriving.

Tim was happy to see him early and they talked for a bit while setting up the outside bar. Tim assured him that there would be plenty of singles to choose from and wished him happy hunting. When the first guests arrived, Kiefer took a step back and kept an eye on the door. Everybody arrived nearly at the same time and pretty soon, the party was steaming. Loads of people everywhere, some of which Kiefer knew well and hadn't seen in a while; so he went from one to another trying to spend an equal amount of time with each. After a while, he spotted a young lady who was giving him a good look-over and he crossed the room to talk to her. She introduced herself to him as Cindy.

They talked for a bit and a few minutes later, another lady joined them, introducing herself to Kiefer. Her name was Janet. She went over to Cindy and they kissed, hugging each other tightly, making it clear that they were intimate. Kiefer was intrigued. Even though they were obviously a couple, they were both coming on to him very strongly. It flattered his ego and he responded to their 'efforts'.

They had been talking for a while and Kiefer was about to ask them if they wanted to join him for a little party of their own, when two young men approached. They said hello to Cindy and Janet and introduced themselves to Kiefer. It was pretty obvious Jake and Luke were a couple as well and Kiefer found himself in an even more intriguing position. It soon became clear that the men had joined them for one purpose only, to get away from this crowd and get down to business. Jake asked 'the question' after about ten minutes of small talk. Out of sheer curiosity, Kiefer accepted the invitation and the five of them left together. Tim saw them leave and a smile played around his lips. He knew Kiefer was about to get all he had bargained for, and then some.

The girls didn't have a car and they rode with Kiefer. The men took their own car and led the way. The trip ended in front of a fairly big house and Kiefer followed the car ahead of him onto the large driveway.

Once inside, Jake got drinks for everybody and they settled down in the cosy living room. Cindy and Janet were very cuddly and so were Jake and Luke, but Kiefer didn't feel left out. He had a good feeling about all four of them and was looking forward to what he knew was waiting. After a while, Cindy went over to Jake and Luke and they started kissing, making no secret of the fact that she enjoyed male company as much as she did female company. Janet invited Kiefer to join her and when he sat down, she took his drink from him and put it aside. She leaned over and her lips found his. Her kiss wasn't hesitant at all; she knew what she was doing and what she wanted him to do in return. His hands travelled around her body and Janet inched closer to him.

Her kiss became more insistent and when he parted his lips, her tongue invaded his mouth without hesitation. Her hands played through his hair and down his arms while her tongue danced around in his mouth; her hard nipples pressed against his chest through the fabric of his shirt. He was getting aroused and he let his hands disappear under her tight t-shirt, quickly located the strap of her bra and snapped it open with a quick flick of his fingers. She gasped at the ease with which he released her bra and pressed harder against him.

When somebody took his wrists and started pushing them aside, Kiefer looked up and saw Jake standing over them, a smile playing on his lips. He winked and Kiefer allowed him to take the lead. Jake simply brought his arms down beside his body and Kiefer didn't move them. Janet moved around a little and her hands travelled down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt on her way, tickling his skin with her fingernails. She planted wet kisses on his bared chest and he leaned back, eyes closed, enjoying her touch.

A soft cloth slid across his face, covering his eyes and a voice whispered a few words in his ears. Kiefer simply nodded and allowed the blindfold; he was going to play along with this game. Meanwhile Janet's hands had reached his waist and she was unbuttoning his pants with one hand, while her fingernail played around the growing bulge in his pants, sending shivers along his spine. He smiled at her teasing touch. Soon her hand slipped inside his pants, but not inside his briefs. She stopped teasing though and gently rubbed his hardening cock through the fabric. Kiefer moaned softly and slid a little further down to accommodate her; which she took as her cue and she moved her hand under the edge of his briefs. She rubbed his cock and gently pinched the big vein. Another moan escaped him as his cock twitched in response to the touch and Janet tickled the vein all the way down to his balls, cupping them and rolling them gently in her hand. A smile played on Kiefer's lips as she continued her gentle expedition, going beyond his balls, trailing the vein to where it disappeared, finding that one spot that made him gasp for air when she put pressure on it. She retrieved her hand and slid both of them around his waist, reaching for the waistband.

"Let's get you out of these." she said softly and Kiefer lifted his hips a little so she could pull his pants down and out of the way. When he settled back, he felt somebody touching his shoulders and moving to the middle of his chest, playing with his chest hair and slowly reaching down. Janet was tickling the inside of his legs with her fingernails and the other hands slowly moved towards his crotch. He had no idea who it was, but he didn't really care. The touch was gentle and because of the blindfold, Kiefer only focus was what he felt. It excited him more and he couldn't hide it, even if he had wanted to.

Cindy's hands moved slowly from his chest to his belly and found his cock, stroking it gently, playfully teasing. Then she pulled her left arm away, and kept only one hand on his hardening cock while Janet pushed up again; finding that super sensitive spot once more. Kiefer gasped for air as they both put pressure on him at the same time, a soft moan escaped him as he shifted a little on the couch tilting his hips forward.

Somebody cupped his chin and tilted his head back. He didn't resist it and felt lips press against his. When he parted his lips, the soft kiss became more intense. While they were kissing, one of the girls closed her mouth around his cock, making him harder yet. Slowly, his entire length disappeared into the warmth of the mouth. As a reaction to it, Kiefer's kiss became much more passionate and he raised his left hand, playing his fingers through Jake's hair. He knew it was one of the men kissing him, because both girls had mid-long hair; this was short. It didn't make a difference. Kiefer kissed him eagerly, getting even more excited at the idea of kissing a man again. It had been too long since he had been with another man.

Janet was giving him a blowjob while Cindy continued to play with his balls. Janet worked her mouth around his entire length, licking and sucking passionately. Cindy put pressure on that little spot just beyond his balls each time Janet's mouth slid down over his cock and it sent waves of pleasure through his body. After a few minutes, Jake pushed up and away from him and walked around the couch. He knelt down beside Janet and nodded to her. She slowly moved away from Kiefer, licking his cock right to the very tip of it, only to be replaced by Jake, who took half of the big cock into his mouth, closing his lips tightly around it.

Kiefer gasped and brought his arm up to caress the head that was giving him this pleasure, but someone stopped him. He dropped his hand back to the cushion and enjoyed Jake's mouth around his cock. His kiss had been great, but his blowjob was even better. He sucked on Kiefer's cock for a while then locked his teeth behind the rim pulling on it a little and swallowed the whole of him in one big gasp. Kiefer dug his nails into the cushions each time the mouth came down, moaning in delight. But his delight was countered when Jake got up and stepped back, leaving Kiefer wanting.

"Don't stop." Kiefer whispered.

"Patience." came a soft voice, "We don't want you to come just yet."

"Don't worry, I'm not about to." Kiefer replied.

Seconds later someone put a hand on his knee, trailing a fingernail from his kneecap all the way to his balls, sending shivers through him. Soon Cindy's tongue trailed its wet way from his balls to the tip of his cock. She let his cock-head slip between her lips, gently nibbling it and licking around his shaft. She slowly made her way down his throbbing cock until she could go no further and licked around it again. Then she moved up, turning her head from side to side, rubbing his cock with her lips and tongue. She stopped short of letting him slip out, but flicked her tongue across the vein, just beyond his cock-head and felt it twitch repeatedly. Kiefer brought his hand up to run his fingers through her hair and nobody stopped him this time. He tried putting a little pressure on her head to make her go down again, but she resisted and he didn't insist. He had nothing to say and that was ok with him; as long as everybody enjoyed themselves and nobody got hurt, he didn't really care what happened.

Then Cindy repeated her slow descent on his cock and he gasped for air when she gently pinched his balls while doing so. This time, she went back up at once; she didn't linger for a second and her head moved up in a flash. Kiefer took a short breath and held it, trying to stay in control of his body. She didn't wait for him, but took him deep into her mouth again, quickly now. And back up. Kiefer kept his hand on her head but didn't try to control her and that was obviously appreciated.

When Kiefer's moans got deeper, Jake whispered something to Cindy and she slowed her pace again. She finally let his cock slip out of her mouth and planted a wet kiss on the very tip of it.

"Still not about to come?" Jake whispered into Kiefer's ear, but he only got a soft moan as an answer.

"So, you're saying your ready for one more?" Jake continued.

Kiefer nodded slowly.

"I'll give you the ground rule and you can tell me if you still want to go ahead." He paused a moment, but Kiefer gave no reply; he was waiting. "If you come now, you're banned from the rest of … how should I say … the 'activities' for tonight. If however you manage to hold off, you can then accept or refuse the next test." He paused again, giving Kiefer a moment to think.

"Banned?" Kiefer asked.

"I kick your ass off the property." Jake replied coldly.

"That wouldn't be good."

"No, it wouldn't be."

"So, are you ready for one more?" Jake asked after a few seconds.

"Yes." Kiefer answered.

Seconds later, his cock was gently lifted and licked from balls to tip and back. The grip around his cock tightened and Kiefer wondered for a split second if he had been wrong. His thoughts were interrupted by the suddenness with which Luke took his cock in his mouth, still keeping a tight grip on the base of it. Luke rubbed him hard and flicked his tongue around the throbbing shaft. Kiefer's breathing became heavy and more laboured as he tried hard to stay in control. Jake leaned down beside Luke and whispered a few words into his ear after what Luke picked up the pace. In response, Kiefer dug his nails into the cushions and pushed his head back, grinding his teeth.

"You don't want to get off in Luke's mouth, my friend." Jake said, smiling.

One of the girls sat down next to Kiefer and pressed her lips against his, forcing him to kiss her back, which he did. He quickly invaded her mouth with his tongue and pulled her close to him, his left hand was on the back of her head, his right hand in the small of her back. Her firm breasts pressed against his bare chest and her hands played with his nipples. He kissed the girl passionately and his heart pounded in his chest, but he didn't lose control even though Luke never lost his rhythm.

Minutes later, Luke slowed down and after only a few slower strokes, he moved away. Leaving Kiefer with a rock-hard and furiously throbbing hard on. He was glad he managed to hold on, because this was too promising for him to want to miss out on any of it.

"How close was it?" Jake asked softly.

Kiefer rolled his head in response and whispered only one word "Very."

Jake tapped him on the shoulder.

"Why don't you take a minute to catch your breath, we'll prepare the next test meanwhile."

Kiefer nodded but saved his breath. His heart was slowing down little by little and his lungs pumped hard, it was at times like this he cursed himself for smoking so much. Once the rush of blood in his ears had eased up, he tried to focus but heard nothing. He stayed where he was; he didn't want to disturb anything or anybody. They said there was another test and Jake said he could accept or refuse it. He was wondering what it would be. Minutes later he heard voices approach.

"We're ready for you now," one of the girls said, "take my hand and stand up."

Kiefer felt her soft skin against his and took her hand, following her lead.

"Get rid of your shoes and pants." she said.

He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants and briefs.

"The shirt." she said.

It slipped off his shoulders and down his arms and dropped to the floor with the rest of his clothes.


She took his hand again and led the way. Kiefer followed her, trusting her not to put him in harms way.

They entered a room and she stopped, letting go of his hand.

"That's far enough." "Now, your second test is made up of 2 parts. First you will get down on your knees and make me hard." Jake said. He paused a moment. Kiefer didn't move or react in any way; he was waiting for further instructions. "Do you accept to take this test?" Jake asked.

"What's the second part?" Kiefer asked in response.

"You'll see. If at any point you don't want to go on, we will stop and you can go. Nobody here will force you to do anything against your will. Do you want to take the test?"

As a reply, Kiefer knelt down. The four of them smiled and Jake approached. He put his hand on Kiefer's head and played through his hair. Then he tilted Kiefer's head back a little and pressed his lips against Kiefer's, kissing him passionately.

"Make me hard." Jake whispered when their lips parted.

Kiefer's hands found Jake's legs and trailed along them, all the way up to his ass cheeks, squeezing them a little. Then he brought one hand to Jake's waiting cock, stroking it gently, feeling it grow under his touch. Jake was about to say something when Kiefer leaned in, parted his lips and took Jake's cock into his mouth. The young man gasped for air when Kiefer swallowed his cock in one go and he staggered for a second; then put his feet wider apart for balance. He was running his fingers through Kiefer's hair, following the steady rhythm at which he moved, his blood pounded through his veins and after a few minutes, he stopped Kiefer.

"You've aced this part of your test." Jake said in half a whisper, "Are you ready for the second half?"

Kiefer nodded.

"Stand up and step forward."

Kiefer pushed up onto his feet and took a few steps.

"That's it. There's a table in front of you, lean onto it."

Kiefer's hand found the edge of the table in front of him and did as he had been instructed. Jake came up behind him and put both his hands on Kiefer's ass cheeks, caressing him. Then he moved his right hand and brought his middle finger to Kiefer's ass, putting a little pressure on it. Kiefer sucked the air in through his teeth in response to that touch.

"This is the second part of your test." Jake whispered, "If you agree to take it, lie down on the table. If not, you can take off the blindfold and leave."

He kept some pressure on to show that he was serious and Kiefer leaned down. With his chest on a pillow he relaxed, anticipating what was about to happen. Jake inserted his finger and Kiefer remained still on the table, enjoying the feeling that he hadn't felt in such a long time. Jake started to move his finger around and inserted a second. After a few moments, he withdrew his fingers and stepped closer, bringing his hard cock in contact with Kiefer's body.

"Last chance." Jake offered.

"Quit playing." Kiefer replied under his breath.

"Okay, I will." Jake said, smiling.

He pushed forward and his cock slowly disappeared inside Kiefer's waiting body. He was totally relaxed and Jake easily penetrated him. Once he had entirely penetrated him, he stopped and gave both of them a moment to adapt to each other. Then he moved back a little, pulling out slowly and taking possession of the eager body in front of him in one quick thrust. It made Kiefer gasp and he grabbed the edge of the table, clenching his hands tightly around it. Jake moved back and forth more slowly now; teasing, giving Kiefer a taste of what lay ahead. He penetrated as deep as he could and leaned down, his hands on Kiefer's shoulders.

"Do you want more?" he asked.

"Definitely." Kiefer replied in a thick voice.

He hadn't felt this way in a long time and he was craving for more. They had given him a taste and he wanted to finish the dish. All of it.

"Take off your blindfold and follow us." Jake said as he withdrew himself.

He pushed up from the table and joined the others who were standing by a double door. Kiefer took off the blindfold and pushed up onto one elbow, looking at them. The sight of them made him lick his lips and he pushed up, dropping the blindfold onto the pillow. He walked over to them and Luke opened the doors leading the way to the next room. It was big, 2 king-size beds on one side, a long, wide bench with low back and wide armrests lined the opposite side. Luke and Jake walked over to one of the beds, motioning for Kiefer to follow them, which he did. They sat down on the edge and the softness against Kiefer's bare skin confirmed the sheets were silk ones. Cindy and Janet walked towards the middle of the room where they stood waiting for the men to be ready for them.

Jake picked up a remote control and pushed a few buttons. The first one dimmed the lights somewhat, the second turned on a hidden radio. The soft and sensuous music came out of hidden speakers all around the room and bathed them in the tempting rhythms. Cindy and Janet started to dance. After a few moments they drew closer together and started touching one another. The sight of the girls touching each other and kissing aroused Kiefer even more and he became hard again. Jake was still hard and both he and Luke were slowly stroking themselves during the little show the girls put up.

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