tagNonHumanKieran Takes Tristan Forever

Kieran Takes Tristan Forever


Tristan shuddered as Kieran's cock pounded her pussy. Just as she orgasmed, Kieran's fangs extended and slid into her sweet vein in her neck. She screamed as white-hot pain sizzled through her body and Kieran drank deeply. Kieran fucked her rabidly and then came, shooting hot seed deep within her core. Tristan remembered Kieran pulling his now limp cock out of her and then her world went black.

Tristan woke up with a pounding headache. She didn't know where she was or what happened last night, all she remembered was the mind blowing sex and someone vaguely biting her neck. Biting her neck? What the hell? She knew everyone got a little crazy around Halloween, but she didn't know people actually tried to live like that. She was always fascinated with vampire lore, but she also knew that it was all make believe. She got up feeling a little dizzy and walked to the bathroom. She flicked on the light and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was in disarray, her naked body shivered with the chilly air and her nipples tightened with the breeze. She looked a little hung over still, and she noticed two teeth marks on her neck. What the hell?

Tristan looked around the massive bathroom. It had a clawfoot tub and a stand up shower. The sink and toilet looked like it was antiques. Tristan decided to take a shower and freshen up. She turned on the water, adjusting it so it was just right and stepped in. She let the hot water flow down her body. She relaxed her tense muscles and the water massaged down her head, over her full breasts, down her tummy between her legs and to the drain. She let her hands trail over herself, lingering on her nipples, making them erect. She closed her eyes and thought about last night. She thought about Kieran's thick rod slamming in and out of her drenched pussy. She shuddered as her juices pooled between her legs. She kept her eyes closed as she worked the shampoo into her hair. She was so entranced in her thoughts, she didn't notice the shower door opened. She gasped as Kieran slid his hands around her breasts. His thumbs flicked her nipples as they hardened painfully. She let a soft moan escape from her lips. Kieran's hard cock pressed against her ass crack. He slowly started to hump her ass crack and he moved and pressed her up against the wall.

Tristan closed her eyes and pushed up against Kieran, her need for him building up through her body. Kieran kissed the back of her neck and licked her pulse. Tristan felt his tongue and shuddered with pleasure. Her heart beat faster and she moaned again. Kieran's hand moved from her breast to her pussy and slowly massaged her clit. She cried out with pleasure and humped his hand. Kieran knelt on his knees and dove into her pussy. He licked, sucked, and gently bit her sweet cunt lips. She moaned in pleasure almost fainting from his mouth. He grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks apart, his tongue licked her slit to her asshole lubricating her. He slowly slid his tongue into her tight little rosebud and she cried out in pain and pleasure. He slid his fingers into her pussy and massaged her clit, as he fucked her asshole with his tongue. Tristan was overwhelmed with the pleasure of him finger fucking her and fucking her sweet little ass with his tongue, that when Kieran bit into her vein in her thigh, she barely noticed the pain. All she knew is that it felt incredibly good and she screamed as her climax hit her hard.

Kieran drank deep from her sweet life giving essence. He felt Tristan getting a little weak and withdrew his fangs. He licked the small marks with his tongue and they closed over. He then stood up and bent Tristan over. He positioned himself at her entrance from behind and with one quick thrust he entered her tight fuck hole. He slowly began thrusting his hips into her already swollen pussy. As Kieran fucked Tristan's pussy, she met him stroke for stroke, reaching down and playing with her clit as he grabbed her tits and pulled them roughly. Tristan's pussy clenched as another orgasm hit her. She quivered and grunted as her pussy pulsated as shock waves of her orgasm swept through her body. Kieran was now close to cumming also. He fucked her with a passion like no other and then it came to him. He grunted and thrust his hips into her ass louder and faster. Kieran released his load of cum deep within her pussy walls. Cum dribbled down her legs and spiraled down the drain. They finished their shower and got out.

Tristan had so many questions for Kieran. Why did he always bite her? What were those marks on her neck? But deep down she knew the answers. For some unknown reason, vampires did exist. They really did. She turned to look at Kieran and he knew she had the realization.

"Tristan, let me explain it to you," he said softly.

"Fuck you, you asshole! You led me to believe that you were a nice guy and then fucked my brains out. Drank my blood without my permission and you think I'm not going to be mad? You're right Kieran, I'm not mad. I'm fucking pissed!" Tristan yelled at him as she fled into the bedroom, scrambling to find her clothes.

"Tristan, you don't understand. I need you. You are the light to my darkness. I see colors when I'm with you," he said all in one breath.

She looked at him and stopped for a moment. She had read all those novels, but those were just made up. But right now she didn't know. She looked at him right in his emerald green eyes and sighed. She turned and continued putting on her clothes.

"You can't really believe this junk, Kieran, do you?

"JUNK? Come on Tristan. There are hundreds of us in society, living like regular people. We are so advanced in science, we can survive daylight, crucifixes, holy water, and whatever else you humans come up with. Why don't you see it?" he replied.

"I do. I just don't know why you couldn't have asked. It's a matter of respect Kieran," Tristan stated matter of factly.

"I'm sorry Tristan," he said looking at the ground. "I really am. But there was no other way. If I hadn't taken you, I would have died. I needed your blood. Your life giving essence flows through me, restoring me, filling me completely. I belong to you. You belong to me. No other can have you. Ever. You are mine. You can either live a life as a human and die in another 50 years with me loving you every day. Or you can give yourself to me and let me turn you. I can make you like me. I can give you immortality. You would be like me. Not dead, but not fully alive."

Tristan sat on the bed, lost in her thoughts. She was scared, but she did love this man. Even only after knowing him a day and fucking his brains out. She thought this was just physical. But thinking about their lovemaking, she realized it was not. When Kieran's cock filled her body, she felt connected with him. She felt him deeper than physical, she felt him in her mind, heart, body, and soul. She knew that if she was the one for him, he was the one for her. As long as he fucked her like this for the rest of their lives, she would be okay. She motioned for him to come sit by her and she looked deep into his eyes.

"Okay Kieran. I choose you. I choose to let you turn me," she said as she breathed deep.

Kieran saw in her eyes the passion and meaning behind her words. He kissed her passionately and embraced her. He took her into her arms and his hands wandered her body. He tugged at her breasts and her nipples tightened into hard peaks. In an instant their clothes had disappeared and they are laying on the floor where a fireplace mysteriously appeared. Kieran was laying in between Tristan's legs feasting on her breasts. He licked the right nipple and brushed the left one, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. Tristan moaned as electricity flowed from her nipples down low in her belly. Wetness began pooling itself between her legs, some of it flowing down her thighs. Kieran's cock hardened and he began to rub himself in Tristan's slick juice. Kieran then sat on his knees, grabbed Tristan's hips, and with one quick thrust entered her sweet haven. Kieran began a slow rhythm and starting sliding his cock in and out bringing the tip almost all the way out and ramming it back into her sweet hole.

Kieran kissed Tristan's throat and licked her pulse. Tristan squirmed beneath Kieran as he picked up the rhythm, slamming his hips into her pussy. Sweat beaded on Kieran's back and tummy as he worked his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Kieran knew Tristan was going to climax soon, and he kissed her deeply. She moaned in his mouth and ground her hips into his. Kieran fucked Tristan's pussy faster and released her from the kiss. Tristan's hips bucked beneath Kieran's body as her orgasm ripped through her body. Kieran's fangs extended and he bit Tristan and she screamed as white hot pleasure sizzled from her neck adding to her climax. Her pussy clenched and unclenched and pussy juice expelled from her cunt.

Kieran knew it was time. He sealed up the marks on Tristan's neck and he scratched his neck quickly. He then pressed Tristan's lips to his small wound. She hesitated and then quickly succumbed to the spicy taste. She moaned as he continued to pound his thick cock into her tight fuck hole. She drank and drank, and then Kieran finally came. He screamed his pleasure as she drew in his life giving essence and spurted his hot jizz deep within her pussy. Tristan released her lips from Kieran's throat and ground her hips against his as she came again, her juices flowing freely. Kieran kissed her with passion and gazed lovingly as they lay together, his cum and her juices mingling scenting the air with a spicy aroma. She fluttered her eyelids and they drifted off to sleep together.

Tristan woke with Kieran's hard cock pressed up against her ass. She pushed up against him and rubbed her backside on his long shaft. He shifted and moaned.

"You're trying to kill me aren't you," he said as he humped her crack.

"I could try, but I doubt that would happen," she replied coyly and grabbed his member and guided him into her again.

Kieran growled and laid his claim on her.

"Mine. Forever." And they made love again and again and again, deep into the next night.

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